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Here’s Why Trump’s Embarrassing Approval Rating is Worse Than Most Realize

When it comes to Donald Trump’s first few months in office, you’re either someone who thinks they’ve been very successful and some of the most productive in history — or you believe in facts. Trump’s administration has been an ineffective joke, plagued with a growing list of scandals and incompetence unlike anything we’ve ever seen. […]

New Report Reveals Donald Trump Wants to Sabotage Special Counsel Investigation

Growing up, I was always taught that if you do the right thing and tell the truth, then there’s no reason to lie or try to hide anything. It’s a simple philosophy based upon the idea that as long as you’re an honest, decent person, then there shouldn’t be much to worry about if anyone […]

Paul Krugman Pens Crushing Takedown of the GOP’s Defense of Trump

When history looks back on this time in our country, and what I think will eventually be Donald Trump leaving office before his four years are up (whether that’s via impeachment or resignation is still anybody’s guess), he’s clearly going to be the main focus of many┬ádiscussions. While understandable, I think we’ll be doing a […]

Rather Humiliating Report Reveals How World Leaders View Donald Trump

While Donald Trump’s supporters clearly live in some alternate version of reality all their own, their avoidance of facts doesn’t change what is or isn’t true. And the truth is, Trump is a national embarrassment who almost nobody actually respects. I would love to be a fly on the wall in the offices of these […]

David Gregory Says Exactly What Everyone Who Opposes Trump is Thinking (Video)

For the better part of the last half century, the GOP has been the party of hypocrisy — among other things. Whether it’s claiming to be “fiscally conservative” while every president from their party adds trillions to the national debt, or claiming to respect “religious freedom” while trying to shove their religious views on the […]

Here’s What I Think Donald Trump’s Ultimate Plan is Right Now

As much as I detest Donald Trump, he’s a fantastic con man. He’s a master at identifying the types of people who are gullible enough to believe him, figuring out what they want to hear, and selling them on his endless stream of b.s. and lies. As Trump’s quoted as saying in his book,┬áThe Art […]

There are Only 2 Possible Reasons Why Trump Gave Highly Classified Intel to Russia & Neither are Good

It’s abundantly clear that most Republicans are more than willing to put this entire country at risk to defend someone who they damn well know isn’t fit for office, all because Donald Trump’s a member of their own political party. Cowards. Monday we found out that Trump willingly gave highly-sensitive classified intelligence to Russian officials […]

Fox News Analyst Gives Unbelievably Sad Excuse for Trump’s Russia Screw Up (Video)

One of the bigger stories on Monday centered around a report from the Washington Post alleging that Donald Trump revealed highly-classified information to the Russian foreign minister and ambassador during a controversial meeting just a few days ago. A meeting that had already come under fairly intense scrutiny as it occurred right after the unprecedented […]

Chris Wallace Calls Out Fellow Fox News Host’s Hypocrisy Concerning Donald Trump (Video)

Say what you want about Fox News (and there’s plenty to say), but there are a few people working for the network who actually have the courage to call out the hypocrisy, contradictions, and outright insanity that’s been emanating practically non-stop from the Trump administration and the GOP. In particular, Shepard Smith and Chris Wallace […]

Dan Rather Gives Spot-On Critique of Trump’s Unprecedented Incompetence

If you’re not following Dan Rather on Facebook, you’re sorely missing out. His critiques of Donald Trump, the Republican Party, and the unprecedented chaos we’re currently witnessing are some of the best you’ll find anywhere. That’s to be expected from one of the best journalists in our nation’s history. What I enjoy most about his […]