Shameful: Republicans Block Bill to Expand Healthcare and Education for Veterans


bernie-sandersOne of the biggest problems I have with Republicans is their blatant hypocrisy.  They’ll portray themselves as the party of “small, fiscally conservative government” while advocating for laws which are the complete opposite.

Their rallying cry of “we support our troops” is another that’s a clear misnomer of exactly what policies they support.  Republicans frequently support sending our troops off to war and often oppose funding for programs which helps our troops when they’re not deployed to war.  To say Republicans “support our troops” is a blatant slap to the face of every man and woman who has served our country.

Hell, even their push to cut SNAP benefits impacted millions of families of those serving in our military.

Granted, the Republican party does overwhelmingly supports massive defense spending, but that’s not the same thing.  Defense spending favors big defense contractors far more than anything or anybody else.  When it comes to supporting spending for programs that actually help our brave men and women in uniform or those veterans who honorably defended our nation – Republicans are often much more hesitant to do so, or demand something else in return for doing so.

See, they’ve misled their voters into believing that massive defense spending is the same as massive spending to support our military.  Which isn’t true at all.

A perfect example of this was how Senate Republicans blocked a bill supported by Democrats called the Comprehensive Veterans Health and Benefits and Military Pay Restoration Act.  This bill would have expanded healthcare and education programs for veterans.

By a vote of 56-41, with only two Republicans siding with Democrats, the bill failed to advance thanks to Republican opposition to the bill.

Essentially Republicans opposed the bill because, while helping our veterans is important, they were more concerned with how much it might grow our deficit.

Some also seem to think this is the Republican retaliation for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid refusing to allow a vote on new Iran sanctions in the midst of ongoing nuclear peace talks with the Iranian government.

Because nothing says “we support our troops” quite like playing politics, or worrying about a ridiculously small deficit increase, instead of helping them with the funding for programs they need.  No matter which excuse Republicans want to use, it’s absolutely reprehensible.

I don’t care if it increases our deficit or not.  Helping our active members of our military, or our veterans, should never come with the question of, “Well, how much will it cost?”  These people put their lives on the line to protect us – I don’t care what it costs, help them! 

And if it is because of their push for new sanctions on Iran, shame on them.  To blatantly block a bill that would help our veterans because you felt like throwing a temper tantrum over pointless Iran sanctions that stand no chance at passing is absolutely pathetic.

Thankfully Harry Reid didn’t let this disgusting display by Republicans go without having a few choice words:

“I hope all the veterans groups have witnessed all the contortions the Republicans have done to defeat this bill.  Shame on Republicans for bringing base politics into a bill to help veterans.”

Sadly, I doubt many conservatives will care about this.  I’m sure Fox News will spin it against Democrats, and being that conservatives typically watch no other news but Fox, they’ll never know the truth as to why a bill to help veterans was blocked.

That’s if they report on it at all.

This is just another example of the party of hypocrisy, the Republican party, contradicting yet another one of their key talking points to play partisan politics.

Because when it came down to supporting our veterans, or supporting the Republican party’s own self interests, Republicans chose themselves.

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Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • CherMoe

    Republicans aren’t concerned about the “deficit” being created by the Veterans bill. They were worried about the trade-off and what they wanted Democrats to give up in EXCHANGE for taking care of Veterans. Like with everything else, THEY HAD THEIR RANSOM in the bill. They want to put sanctions on IRAN in exchange for allowing help and care for Veterans. So it is their PUSH FOR MORE WAR that is paramount to them. That’s how they operate. I’ll let the doctor fix your leg, if you let us remove your arms in exchange. That’s Republican greed and IN-humanity.

    • American Proud

      You are right Republicans are not so concerned about the deficit, but the True Conservatives, Tea Party and Libertarians are..

      • Rosemarie Turner-Constantin

        Too bad they weren’t worried when Bush was tanking the economy.

      • glmmsm

        The economy tanked when banks were required to give these big loans to people they knew couldn’t/wouldn’t pay them back. This was in the name of equality and look what it did.

      • Tad Richard

        Banks were never forced to loan money to anyone. The fact is that the banks lobbied the Democratic congress (at the time) to reduce restrictions on loans to a greater number of borderline cases — and made billions from it.

      • Stephen Barlow

        There ya go!

      • Richard

        Yes Tad, that happened, do you believe they went to Congress and laid out their plan on how they would screw over Americans. These banks had real estate companies selling to illegals with no credit by using the name of a person that matched and sold the house, first hand info, not me , but from the horses mouth. There were other scams…biggest hoax on American taxpayers ever. The reason there was a democratic majority is because the people realized that republicans caused the mess then turned around and put the Fox back in the chicken coop. Why, because they based their vote purely on ethnicity !!!! Show me where I’m wrong…please !!!

      • Stephen Barlow

        PRetty much everywhere.

      • Stephen Barlow

        NO ONE was FORCED to do anything. CHoices were made and REGULATION was ignored, what little there was left after the Bush Regime reduced the STAFF to oversee the PLANNED destruction of three generations of hard working people’s wealth, and the upward redistribution of wealth to the 1%.

      • Shawn Johnson

        Regulations were dropped by the Clinton administration.

      • Stephen Barlow

        During, not by.

        And that was within a year of an election.

        The killer restriction was that Derivatives cold not, by law, be examined, regulated, supervised nor controlled. THAT was all Bush Buddy Phil Gramm’s personal inclusion.

        Remember, it was the 462 TRILLION in CDS’s sold by AIG, Lehman and Bear Stearns that crashed the economy. Because the Republican senator exempted those ‘derivatives’ from regulation. Meaning there was ZERO collateralization necessary to sell all of those they could to insure all the faulty mortgage scams written by people who wrote them to FAIL.

        You don’t read much that doesn’t reinforce your delusions do you? Most likely WHY you are so short on facts and so long on investing in propaganda.

      • TEDjosa


      • James Kaelin

        You sound Black and that damn sure wasn’t Bushes fault for that!

      • louexis

        You sound like a “Red Neck, Cracker White guy” that “HATES NIGGERS.” I’m sure you have a “Conceal / Carry” permit to go along with your “Magnum 357”

      • James Kaelin

        I think everyone should Own at least two of em, I got your Cracker Swinging! One thing is for sure Mr. Keyboard Hero, You don’t have the Balls to say that to my face!

      • louexis

        Your right !!!! I don’t have the balls to say that to your face because you are so full of Road Rage and probably have that 357 loaded and ready to use it.

      • James Kaelin

        Little Girls carry 357’s

      • louexis

        Big Bullies Conceal Carry.Have some TEA

      • James Kaelin

        You must have killed your wife with Kindness! you are such a smart man.

      • marinemomof3

        He needs a penis pump~

      • louexis

        How about putting the penis pump on your pointed head

      • louexis

        sorry I put the penis pump on the wrong head. It belongs on that dick head named Kaelin.

      • marinemomof3

        I do. YOU are a cracker and the phallus symbol is for your envy/smallness that you just can’t handle, LOL

        Get a penis pump. Maybe then the only brains you posses will be larger then a pea, and the connection between the banks and Bushes go back to Hitler and Prescott MORON !!!

      • James Kaelin

        LOL, You are such a big person behind that keyboard aren’t you! lol….I stopped feeding the MONKEYS a long time ago, I’m surprised your still alive!

      • louexis

        put the penis pump on the wrong head. It belongs on that dick head named Kaelin.

      • Paul Larkin

        fuk you sonny ,usmc vet 57/63

      • Robin Brownell

        That started with Reagan, Clinton just finished the job

      • Shawn Johnson

        Educate yourself. Clinton did everything except threaten them to give loans to anyone who applied for one.

      • Stephen Barlow

        Well, no backround check, unverified applications was the ‘banks’ sleight of hand.
        The 3 year ARM…Wasn’t a homebuyer’s idea. i was a BANKSCAM.

      • James Kaelin

        90% of those bad loans were either Black or Hispanic and those ARE FACTS!

      • Stephen Barlow

        Your problem is not that you haven’t got the facts straight, it’s that you bought your ‘facts’ from Fox News!!!! You don’t HAVE any facts! You are selling propaganda.

        The economy tanked because derivatives were mandated by law to NOT be supervised or regulated. How else would $462 TRILLION DOLLARS in Credit Default Swaps be written PROTECTING BANKS agains loans they KNEW were likely to default!

        THAT was the iceberg bear Sterns and Lehman Bros hit. The main seller of these and the Collateralized Debt Obligations used to segment mortgages into multiple owner pieces (which made them immune from court restructuring because you have to get ALL the owners of a property to agree), Goldman, Sachs was the ONLY company to PROFIT from the crash.
        Their previous CEO Hank Paulsen (Sec of Treasury) DESIGNED BOTH of these derivatives… and cashed in $485 million in GS stock TAX FREE when he took the Cabinet Post.

        Didn’t you find it the least bit STRANGE that in 1991, it took Paulsen 9 months to develop the Resolution Trust, yet from the day he announced the financial system was about to fail, he had legislation PREWRITTEN and ready for a Congressional Vote WITHIN TWO WEEKS!!!!

        Yes, it did not pass, that took another week or so. but the POINT IS, the crash was PLANNED by the most successful banker in American and personal friend of the General Bush regime.

      • Shawn Johnson

        Clinton backed ANY loan for someone to buy a house……ANY LOAN!!!

      • Stephen Barlow

        That is a flatout, straight off the shelf, Fox quality LIE!

      • James Kaelin

        Clinton didn’t inhale and Hillary didn’t Swallow! THAT’s a fact Jack!

      • Shawn Johnson

        You’re ignorant

      • Stephen Barlow

        Ignorant of Republican Ass Covering.

      • yellowdogdemocrat

        He laid ALL the truth out there for you to see but you’re SO blinded by Faux Spews that you can’t handle the truth. Sucks to be you pantywad.

      • Alana Marie Woolard

        Yeah, thanks to Barnie Frank, who, imight add is a democrat!

      • Stephen Barlow

        Thanks to General Bush, who unfunded the SEC and FHA, cut jobs by 27% in those agencies and denied supervision over the bank mergers GLB allowed.

        Bet you even believe that Bush’s WALL actually curbed illegal immigration?

      • Alana Marie Woolard

        No! Thank’s to the Dem’s, as they are the one’s that negotiated the easing up of qualifying for home mortgages! You hesitate to mention the Dodd/Frank Bill! GET YOUR FACT”S STRAIGHT!

      • Stephen Barlow

        The LAW says “lend to QUALIFIED BUYERS in minority neighborhoods”. It DOESN’T say “SCAM the system and milk every dollar you can from the loan guarantees by insuring loans that you KNOW will default with Credit Default Swaps.

        THAT was the Republican scheme!!!

        And the last minute amendment that PROHIBITS the supervision and regulation of ALL DERIVATIVES by Republican Phil Gramm (who got Bush his job) was the REASON the Republicans could game the sabotaged system carte blanche.

        Sorry you aren’t so proud of your accomplishments as you are of the 7000 WAR DEAD! All lost hunting mythical Weapons of Mass Destruction.

      • Alana Marie Woolard

        Yes, that’s what it said, but they made loan’s to people, including illegal immigrant’ss knowing that there not qualified! That was upon the insistance of the Dems as part of them agreeing! You forget the Dems were in charge of both the House and Senat at the time! I don’t agree with alot of the thing’s the republican’s did, at least I can admit it, unlike you, you are a sheep! You are braindead if you think WMD’s did not exist!

      • hardwroc

        Alana, reread the post you just responded to. YOU totally ignored an entire sentence, changing its meaning entirely. Is this just a GOP trait? The goal was opening loans in areas that were previously redlined. It in no way directed them, to IGNORE buyers qualifications for loans. They used the directive for cover, to loot Americans, by loaning to anyone, getting THEIR bonuses, KNOWING the bad loans were hidden in derivatives, and not holding the loans themselves.

      • Shawn Johnson

        Clinton went to ridiculous lengths to increase the national home ownership rate. It promoted paper-thin down payments and pushed for ways to get lenders to give mortgage loans to first-time buyers with shaky financing and incomes. It’s clear now that the erosion of lending standards pushed prices up by increasing demand, and later led to waves of defaults by people who never should have bought a home in the first place.

      • Stephen Barlow

        It changed the down payment from 20% minimum to 5% if special circumstances were met. it also allowed for mortgages to be written for 125% of current market value. Considering the century long trend of real estate value growth @ 100% over 30 years… it made SENSE to cut the credit debt BOOM of 100% growth in only 8 years to be folded into a mortgage at 1/4 the interest rate, with the benefit to lenders of a COLLATeRALIZED debt in the home.

        What Reagan did was make STUDENT LOANS a commodity by privatizing them @ 6-10% and bankrupt proofing them so students GRADUATED with a massive debt load on their first day of work @ their first professional job.

        Gotta love the scheming power of the Republitilian mind.

      • James Kaelin

        Hey Moron! I didn’t borrow a Dime! I worked two jobs AND STILL WENT TO SCHOOL!

      • Alana Marie Woolard

        Your wrong, they were directed to ease the qualifications, even writing loans that supercede the value of the home by as much as 25% for people who were taking out second mortgages! BTW, it is not a republican or democrat thing! It’s an American people thing!

      • Michael Peterson

        lmao typical you don’t even know proper grammar. (your what is wrong??)

      • Alana Marie Woolard

        Sorry Michael, i am passionate about my Country an get a little carried away typing too fast! Did the mispelling really bother you that much?

      • Stephen Barlow

        THANKS! For admitting YOU WERE WRONG!!!

        “but they made loan’s to people, including illegal immigrant’ss knowing that there not qualified!”

      • Shawn Johnson

        As directed by Clinton.

      • Stephen Barlow

        CLINTON DIDN’T WRITE THE LAW!!!! 2 Republicans and a Democrat did!!! Congress voted it vetoproof and Clinton signed it. It would have become law WITHOUT his signature.

      • Jim McCormack

        Frank and Dodd wrote the law, Clinton signed it.

      • Alana Marie Woolard

        You don’t know as much as you think you do Stephen Barlow! The Bill was Dodd Frank! Get off your high horse and quit blaming all this on thee Republicans! FYI, it was Bush that pumped up the VA Budget, do your homework. It was Obama who put a halt to the VA benefits because he thought it more important to give illegal aliens the Dream Act than come up with a budget in December of 2013! Illegals have more rights than we do! Obama has taken this Country 3 steps backwards with his idealogical illusions! I have a son who is in the Navy, I lost a brother in VietNam, and my father was a World War II Vet. In addition, I have many other family members in the Military and I strongly support our men and women in Uniform, something of which, Obam’s Idealogical sense won’t allow him to comprehend! I am totally disgusted by this President’s policies!

      • Lee Arsenault

        Alana…What a c you are, born that way = ?

      • Alana Marie Woolard

        Lee, you obviously are lacking a brain! Don’t you know that cussing/name calling is a sign of a weak mind trying to express itself forcefully? Something my parents taught me!

      • pequerhead

        Your parents are dumb asses. “Like parents, Like daughter”

      • James Kaelin

        Alana, I like you 🙂 We lost Vietnam because The Democrats cut off funding. There were several Units who not only didn’t have any ammunition! we didn’t have CRATS either, We had to depend on the Locals for food.

      • Michael Peterson

        such BS

      • marinemomof3


      • Stephen Barlow

        A little TRUTH for ya honbuns:

        106th Congress (1999–2001)

        Congressional Profile

        Total Membership:

        435 Representatives

        4 Delegates

        1 Resident Comissioner

        Party Divisions:*

        211 Democrats

        223 Republicans

        And the crew who WROTE the Gramm-Leach Biliey Act were the previous Congress.

        105th Congress (1997–1999)

        Congressional Profile

        Total Membership:

        435 Representatives

        4 Delegates

        1 Resident Comissioner

        Party Divisions:*

        206 Democrats

        228 Republicans

        1 Independent

        Remember the Hastert Rule?
        ” NO bill goes to a vote on the floorUNLESS it advances Republican Policy.”

        Dennis Hastert was the Speaker of the House in BOTH these Congresses.

        Thanks for letting me nail you bitchbuns. hope you liked taking it hard and deep.

      • Stephen Barlow

        WMD’s were used in the 80’s by Iraq, on it’s own people. If they are in the desert, Exxon will sink a well into them soon enough…
        … after all wee DID fight the war for oil companies on the taxpayers dime and debt.

      • Stephen Barlow

        HOW does ANY OF YOUR MENOPAUSAL RANT justify YOUR REPUBLICANS scuttling a bill to give the Vets YOUR REPUBLICANS MURDERED WITH A LIE Healthcare and Education?

      • Stephen Barlow

        Couldn’t ANSWER THAT could you? BEcause you secretly believe those volunteers deserve to be dead.

      • moablivin

        They did find WMD’s but they were expired from when W’s daddy and Reagan sold them to Iraq. W knew they had some but forgot how old they were because he’s an ignoramus. I’m pretty sure they had a US logo on them when they were discovered early on after W sent troops in.

      • marinemomof3





        YOU OWE THEM !!!

      • James Kaelin

        Lady you are full of SHIT! and yes there WERE and ARE WMD’s still there. Your Talking out your ASS on the lost Souls of our great Military! NAME ME ! JUST ONE! WAR THAT WAS RIGHT!

      • Alana Marie Woolard

        You are a liar and you bviously don’t want to admit the truth! They did find the makings of WMD’s, (yellow cake, uranium,etc.), deal with it! My son fought, my brother fought, my father fought! What have you done?

      • Shawn Johnson


      • moablivin

        Have you not watched “Inequality for All” yet?

      • hardwroc

        And you look into the Gramm-Leach-Bliley act.

      • Stephen Barlow

        That is EXACTLY what I am talking about. She just thinks what all Foxbots repeat, The Clinton law…

      • Stephen Barlow

        Gott’em. keep shoving your shoot in ’em TOO!

      • Jim McCormack

        The Whole thing started with passage of the “Community Reinvestment Act” forcing banks to loan to nonqualified buyers. I was a broker when it was passed under Clinton, authored by Dodds- Frank. We all could see the horror show coming and it did. The derivatives and all the other trash is always a by-product of hedge funds and futures traders. Bush begged for tighter regulation of Fanny May but was rejected. Most all tjhe crap written in this blog is bulls hit trying to blame conservatives for this debacle.

      • TEDjosa


      • marinemomof3

        Phil Gramm, is a REPUBLICON stupid biatch !!!

      • Alana Marie Woolard

        Dodd Frank was the Bill, not phil Gramm!

      • Michael Peterson

        you are delusional

      • Alana Marie Woolard

        Be specific Mr. peterson?

      • Stephen Barlow

        Exactly HOW? I mean an INTELLIGENT, FACTUAL (meaning with documented EVIDENCE) prosecution.

        Not just puking Hannity and Beck from last night.

        Put up, or admit your fraud you ancient who*re

      • Stephen Barlow

        Dodd-Frank established new government agencies such as the Financial Stability Oversight Council and Orderly Liquidation Authority, which monitors the performance of companies deemed “too big to fail” in order to prevent a widespread economic collapse. The new Orderly Liquidation Fund provides money to assist with the liquidation of financial companies that have been placed in receivership because of their financial weakness. Additionally, the council can break up large banks that may pose a risk to the financial system because of their size. It can also quickly and neatly liquidate or restructure firms it deems too financially weak. Similarly, the new Federal Insurance Office identifies and monitors insurance companies that may pose a systemic risk.

        The new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is tasked with preventing predatory mortgage lending, improving the clarity of mortgage paperwork for consumers and reducing incentives for mortgage brokers to push home buyers into more expensive loans. The CFPB has also changed the way credit card companies and other consumer lenders disclose their terms to consumers. It requires loan terms to be presented in a new, easy-to-read-and-understand format.

        The Volcker Rule, another key component of Dodd-Frank, restricts the ways banks can invest and regulates trading in derivatives.

        The goal of the new SEC Office of Credit Ratings is to improve the accuracy of ratings ”

        Are you saying you WANT unfettered banks, investing and the SAME CRAP NON-REGULATION that created the Bush Depression>

      • TEDjosa


      • bzz

        CONNECT THE DOTS>> You can not fault in fragments

      • Stephen Barlow

        Wisdom? in HERE? NO sho*

      • 1_other

        Uh, that was G W Bush that protected his cronies . Please know what you’re talking about “Ohio Republican Mike Oxley (the bill’s author) said: “The critics have forgotten that the House passed a GSE reform bill in 2005 that could well have prevented the current crisis. All the handwringing and bedwetting is going on without remembering how the House stepped up on this. What did we get from the White House? We got a one-finger salute.”

      • Stephen Barlow

        Kinda tells a story when a RED prez kicks his RED Congress in the nuts like a football

      • hardwroc

        glmmsm, they were NOT required to give loans to “unqualified” loan buyers. They were directed to lower standards, to open the market, NOT sell to totally unqualified buyers as they did, (getting their bonuses for doing so, and concealing the KNOWN bad loans as good) Given those actions, how hard is it to recognize that they knew they were rigging the game? And let’s not pretend Bush didn’t FURTHER de-regulate the banking beyond what Clinton did, even calling himself the “deregulator president” at the time. And BTW, when Clinton signed the repeal of Glass-Steagal, it was a bill, written by two Republicans, with support of the GOP Congress at the time.

      • Guest

        hahahaha!!!!! Required? REQUIRED?!?!!?!? YOU ARE FUCKING IDIOT!!!! Show me ONE LAW that REQUIRED banks to make loans to people they knew couldn’t pay the loans back. In fact, BOA just paid a $17

      • James Kaelin

        Again (guest) 90% of those home loans were made to Blacks and Hispanics DUH! who’s the FUCKING IDIOT?

      • digitlburn

        hahahaha!!!!! Required? REQUIRED?!?!!?!? YOU ARE FUCKING IDIOT!!!!
        Show me ONE LAW that REQUIRED banks to make loans to people they knew
        couldn’t pay the loans back. In fact, BOA just paid a $17 BILLION settlement because they defrauded people!!!!

      • captaincameron

        In fairness, the economy did not tank when banks were required to give big loans that would never be paid back. The economy tanked BECAUSE banks were required to give those loans; it took several years for the damage to be felt. And then, even though it was a program initiated by Jimmy Carter and then reenacted by Bill Clinton, it somehow became Bush’s fault. Words that are still said today–almost seven yeas since he has been out of office–and also about things that had nothing to do with Bush.

      • strayaway

        The tea party movement peaked in 2010 when tea party rallies shouted down and turned out a few big spending Bush Republicans. It didn’t even exist between 2000-2008. Being non-existent during most of the Bush administration helps explain the lack of worry.

      • Stephen Barlow

        The TP is a Koch Bros invention.

      • strayaway

        The Koch Brothers jumped in with their money more or less after the tea party movement had peaked trying to redirect the movement toward their own ends. They did not invent it. For invention, the 2008 Ron Paul campaign had a “tea party” which raised millions of dollars in one day. There are still some home made YouTube videos around of that event. As hugely successful as that fund raiser was, other Republican campaigns tried the same thing in 2010. The imagery caught on and was borrowed by the tea party movement at the same time. That’s when the Koch Brothers started trying to play catch up.

      • Richard

        Thank you strayaway, I suppose that’s correct, but the tea party is still the nut cases. One point, the Koch brothers are very smart, they may have invented the tea party in a covert way, they are schooled well in that process. Not disagreeing, just a thought. I bet it didn’t take long for them to catch up…

      • Lorraine George

        Richard you really believe that Tea Party people are all nut jobs? How in the hell do you come up with that crap? MSLSD?

      • JoanInGA

        Because he is totally misinformed.

      • Alana Marie Woolard

        Lorraine, I came in on this conversation just now and I can’t believe the BS coming from Stephen & Richard?

      • Alana Marie Woolard

        When did George Soro’s jump in with his money?

      • glmmsm

        Koch VS Soros!!!! Tit for tat!

      • Stephen Barlow

        What political SHAM did Soros INVENT, MANUFACTURE, CONJURE UP….?

      • Richard

        Stephen…thank you !! The person that accused Soros on that subject thinks anything that’s not illegal has to be invented, manufactured and so on. He measures values from the republicans view, can’t help himself…………..he can’t think on his own, buddy pressure, good ol’ boys !!

      • delores001

        EDUCATE YOURSELF…..seems to me dems are only good at paroting talking points….they sound like a broken record

      • Stephen Barlow

        BEnghazi! IRS!

        Boehner: “We are for jobs and I REFUSE to allow ANY jobs bills on the floor for a vote (because the NintheWH will get credit for them).”

      • Alana Marie Woolard

        Richard, I think you have that mixed up! It’s the far left Dems that can’t think for themselves.

      • delores001

        soros owned the voting machines and he also had a hand in the counting of those votes in spain….funny how that happened….dead people and illegals brought in with soros money to make sure obama won and to make sure we turn communists….when a dem needs to win a district soros is there… do not give that amount of money unless you get something in return….NOTHING IS FREE, NOT EVEN FREEDOM…

      • Stephen Barlow

        In SPAIN? And this is “evidence” of what sort in ANY American ‘voter fraud’ FRAUD perpetrated BY Republicans to SPECIFICALLY suppress the vote of NON-WHITES. To be Republican is to BE APARTHIED!

      • melloe

        LOL, You have been had.

      • Richard

        glmmsm, , they both contribute, but research the Koch brothers and see where and how much they give on record and try and find out how much they give by forming dead head corporations. One example, A small town, ///WHERE, ???..IT MADE NATIONAL NEWS, the Koch brothers had a company store operation. They backed up some of their employees to run for school board, won, then his school board… employees, voted to have segregated schools. The parents raised hell and the next election, the Koch people lost. .back to sanity. iMAGINE THE STRIFE IT CAUSED IN THAT COMMUNITY…families torn apart, lost friendships all be cause of company store leverage. Those people would have lost their jobs if they didn’t play the game!! Sounds to me like a Nazi mentality. Of course , you know their father made his money suppling the Germans war supplies during W. W. I. THESE BOYS WERE INDOCTRNATED by their DADDY !!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Alana Marie Woolard

        Richard, why the BS? Name the town where this happened?

      • Lorraine George

        No no no-How about Koch against the idiot guys called the Steyer Brothers in Calif?

      • Richard

        Stephen…THANK YOU..!!!!! I’ve had people tell me that the Koch brothers spent their money on good things for Americans, I can’t spell it correctly, philanthropic, What, it’s correct, looked it up.

      • Lorraine George

        Wrong. It was a grass roots movement all the way. I was one of the ones who first saw this mess coming. I decided to make a banner and go to my downtown area in protest like 7000 others and no one had to be invited. I did not even know who the so called Koch brothers were and neither did most of us. We were livid over the Obamacare mess and all of the massive spending that the Dems were pushing without any serious thought process about future generations.

      • Stephen Barlow

        STILL mainlining FOX Fraud and 60 minutes. You think Ted Cruz should be president? And Rand paul for VP? Or Louie Gohmert?

        Rubio defected from the Latino community when he STOPPED pitching immigration reform and sold his race out!

        YOu are talking about the nonexistant death panel mess? or the 8 million who now can get healthy at cost? or the reality that 115% turnnout in the first 6 months for tells a future enrollment of 20 million next year and 35 million in 2016?

        What is amazing is not that goals were met and exceeded. It is the FACT that they were done DESPITE 50 votes to sabotage healthcare for citizens, 26 States roadblocking and sabotaging Federal LAW, and a billion dollars in propaganda advertising and subversive, seditions groups harassing citizens and legislators.

        The Koch Bros just take the biggest tax deduction or their racisim. Meaning YOU pay for THEIR political agenda.

        The funniest part of your OBAMAHATE is not that Mitt Romney’s proudest moment in life was the success of a rough draft version of the SAME LAW, it’s that the REDEST of Repthuglican organizations, pioneered and championed EXACTLY WHAT CONGRESS PASSED and SCOTUS APPROVED into law.

        YEP! You are HATING your own RED Party policy. Since 1996.

      • JoanInGA

        Gee, I wonder where that 115% came from? Could it be that most of that 115% were the same 7 million that lost their healthcare due to Obama care, and were forced into the exchanges. After all, we all know that the whole thing was orchestrated to do just that, otherwise it would have failed miserably and probably still will. What a hollow victory. I just can’t believe you people have such short memories. Also, do you not realize that a very large percentage of the people that didn’t have healthcare were too tight to pay for it on there own? That’s right! I provided my own individual healthcare for 20 years, to the tune of $500 per month, but I knew many who made considerably more money than I did and chose to spend it on fancy cars, jewelry, designer clothing . . . you name it.

      • Stephen Barlow

        I am glad that you can admit to being such a fool with your money. I have no idea of how useless your healthcare policy was for 20 years, but the way YOU are selling the story is that your premiums NEVER went up when on average premiums rose 242% over 20 years, the policy NEVER changed and you most likely never used the very limited coverage you were wasting money on.

        Bully for you.

        Show Me WHERE in the PPACA it MANDATES the canceling of policies. WHERE?

        What it DOES mandate is specific minimum standards of care that must be covered by insurance companies.

        Contrary to your bullsh*t … “After all, we all know that the whole thing was orchestrated to do just that,”… 9/10 of the Fox News ‘HARMED BY OBAMACARE” clips were chumps who actually SAVED MONEY and got BETTER BENEFITS from the PPACA policies. NINE OUT OF TEN FALSE FOX STORIES DEBUNKED AND PROVEN WRONG !

        In FACT, several admitted during follow up interviews that “even if it saves me money, I am not buying what that N*gg*r is selling”. it’s not about the LAW with you people, it’s race hate for one specific person, who has time and time again PROVEN HIMSELF to be a better man that any of those attacking him.

        You have, to quote you, “failed miserably and probably still will. What a hollow victory.

        DO you have ANY PROOF for this statement: “Also, do you not realize that a very large percentage of the people that didn’t have healthcare were too tight to pay for it on there own?” NO!! you do NOT! Because none exists.

        NO one LOST anything because of PPACA. United Healthcare in California CHOSE to cancel a million policies. It would have been just as easy to make routine changes during the last 4 years that would have made those policies PPACA compliant. it was a MANAGEMENT CHOICE, not a Government Mandate.

        And remember, United Healthcare is the largest, for profit healthcare business in America. They ALSO cancelled ALL their medical insurance for EVERY AARP member. It was a financial decision on their part and had NOTHING to do with government or the law.

      • delores001

        mandates are socialist….demanding everyone pay for maternity and drug rehab….I am 60 yrs old and being forced to do this….that is against my rights as an american period….it’s called a free society… not get it for ‘free’. what needed to be addressed was the insurance companies and the PILL INDUSTRY, BOTH ARE MAKING TRILLIONS….

      • Stephen Barlow

        So! You agree with Me that MANDATED PREGNANCY (which is what abortion revocation IS) is SOCIALIST!!!


        AND you BENEFITTED from the previous generations of ANCIENT OLD FARTS when you were 40. But NOW you wanna welch on the deal. You wanna STARVE CHILDREN and keep them uneducated because you want your tax deductions.


        You are certainly welcome to mor to the Cayman Islands or The Russian Federation if you NO LONGER WISH to be an ACTUAL AMERICAN CITIZEN.

      • Stephen Barlow

        I do agree that the industries you mentioned have COMPLETE REPUBLICAN support and are more important than the needs and desires of the ONLY ENTITIES in America that have a RIGHT TO A VOTE.

        But then again, with your potential used up and your being just excess baggage to the WORKING AGE citizens.. then perhaps we SHOULD consider forming DEATH PANELS.

      • hardwroc

        Delores, how do you view the national highway system, power grid, police/fire/national defense provided by what amounts to “socialism”? What about the draft system, that provided soldiers for WWI, WWII and Korean and Viet Nam wars, which were mandated service by American men

      • Jeanette Howard

        Are you saying a man who buys insurance should not be sold an insurance policy that would cover a hysterectomy or mammogram or treatment for breast cancer? Do you think your healthcare costs are less than a healthy 21 year man or woman? The way insurance works is to spread the cost over a wide pool of people, both young and old, men and women. It would be cheaper to have a single payer system but there was no way to get comprehensive healthcare passed without the private insurance getting their cut of the action. It is ridiculous that we spend far more than any other industrialized nation on healthcare yet we have the sickest population. 1 out of 2 men and 1 out of 3 women will get cancer in their lifetime. How many could afford cancer treatment without some kind of coverage?

      • Alana Marie Woolard

        You are so full of it Steven!

      • Stephen Barlow

        If you weren’t such a Refucklican, you might have a smidgen of truth in you. BEing FULL OF THAT is something I am VERY PROUD OF.

      • Alana Marie Woolard

        Again, Stephen, you are full of BS! The Healthcare companies did cancel them because of the Obama Mandates as it would cost an arm and a leg to cover everyone with all the addition’s from the mandate! Why did Obama tell everyone onNational TV, “If you like your Plan you can Keep your Plan”, when he knew that was a blatant lie? Face it Stephen, he screwed up the Healthcare system royally! And by the way, quit using Fox News as your scapegoat!

      • hardwroc

        Joan, your meme, would suggest there were no cancellations of insurance policies prior to the ACA. That’s wrong as wrong could be. Millions were cancelled before, because they got serious illnesses, hit their lifetime limits, lost their jobs, and a myriad of other reasons. We know many had policies dropped, because the failed to meet standards of good insurance. Is it really worthy of scrutiny to now decide we need to learn whether the sign ups were previously insured or not? The goal was met, deal with it. OR, would you prefer the “good old days” where premiums increased annually, with no connection to the real world economy, you got cancelled for getting sick, denied for having once been sick, or losing ones job.

      • Alana Marie Woolard

        Stephen, I can’t believe all your BS information! You are truly brainwashed! There’s no 115 %, and that 8 million figure is made up of people who transferred from State medicaid program’s, people who were dropped by companies because of Obama’s new rules for insurance companies! Where do you get your info?

      • Stephen Barlow

        Do some math with that tax payer funded education you are so smug about not using.

        EIGHT MILLION is 115% of the 7 million enrollment goal for the first year of the PPACA.

        THOSE already enrolled in Medicaid were NOT counted as “NEW” enrollees. They were already clients of Medicaid.

        ONLY the NEW clients enrolled under the EXPANSION of Medicaid. If you count the 5.2 MILLION who would have enrolled had the 26 GOP States NOT denied healthcare to them and their children… then 13 MILLION would have enrolled. And WITHOUT the politically motivated OBAMAHATE the GOP denies any and ALL benefits to the voters with…

        I CERTAINLY didn’t get it from Glenn Beck or Fox Lies.

      • Alana Marie Woolard

        Again you are wrong! The States that opted out of obamacare didn’t affect the number of enrollee’s as they could still go online and enroll in Obamacare thru the main website! Healthcare was not denied to anyone, the state’s just opted out of administering it! Don’t be so smug!

      • Stephen Barlow

        SO, in your mind, a mother who doesn’t cook for her children isn’t DENYING THEM, she’s just motivating her toddlers to fend for themselves? I mean the food IS THERE, right on the top shelf of the cupboard!!!

        In YOUR mind, the GOP refusal to ALLOW Federal Tax Dollars to pay 100% of the Medicaid Expansion for 5.5 MILLION citizens is OK. Even if that REFUSAL is the reason 3200 Americans might DIE in those Republican States because they were DENIED HEALTHCARE that was easily and readily available FOR FREE to those 26 States.

        UH, Hate to PROVE you are an idiot, but WITHOUT the Medicaid EXPANSION, the OLD Medicaid requirements apply and THUS….if they didn’t qualify last year, in those 26 Republicans States, they STILL DON’T QUALIFY in those 26 States.

        THIS is HOW the politically motivated Republican OBAMAHATE harms the voters. By keeping women and children SICK when it would cost them ZERO-DOLLARS to make them well.

        That’s 5.5 MILLION people “Good Christian Republicans” like you, Rick Scott, Rick Perry et al are DEVOTED to KEEPING SICK @ the Maximum Taxpayer Expense.

        SO PLEASE USE your taxpayer funded education for GOOD, not promoting RED MENACE Propaganda.

      • Alana Marie Woolard

        So in your mind, it’s the government’s responsibility to take care of the people and the people have no responsibility at all? What rock did you crawl out from under? You are the one that is the hater! And I am here to tell you that no one is denied healthcare! I don’t know where you live and really don’t care but you need to check out some of this information you are spewing? Why is everyone else wrong nd you wright?

      • John Normile

        you need to do some research as to how the ACA actually works, it was designed by rethuglicans, and Insurance companies make out quite well with it. If you read as much as you post,you’d realize you’ve been lied to.

      • Rafael

        Hey Stephen, I stopped reading your post when you said Rubio sold his race out. So Latino is a race now? You stereotypical ignoramus.

      • Shawn Johnson

        Oh please shut the hell up.

      • gina

        The point is made yet goes right over your head. You admit you knew nothing of the Koch bros and therefore believe that somehow proves you weren’t being manipulated and orchestrated through their propaganda. We understand that most of the Tparty crowd has no idea they are tools for the Koch bros. Of course you were “livid” over the “Obamacare mess” and the “massive spending” – that’s the propaganda you are being fed – BY THE KOCH BROS. you just aren’t bright enough to figure it out.

      • You are braindead

      • Stephen Barlow

        The Tea Party began in 2009, peaked in one year, and has been all but disavowed by the GOP since.

        But the main concept is almost EXACTLY what the Heritage Foundation Plan outlined for reforms published in 1996… in an effort to crush the Clinton Success Story.

        lil’ secret: The Heritage Foundation CREATED the Tea Party with funding and management.

        In ALL of history, name ONE single movement that IMMEDIATELY achieved it’s prime goal? Other than the Tea Part WHEN can a “grassroots” organization handle it in 365 days?

        These guys are like Devout NAZI’s, they are loyal to death and will goose step in their graves! Only a seriously corrupted mind could be as fearfully swayed as those who are all Koched up.!

      • strayaway

        I agree with your first sentence but you are into conspiracy land by the time you completed your third paragraph. Your last paragraph goes off the deep end. Wikipedia defines the main emphasis of the tea party. “The Tea Party movement is an American political movement known for advocating a reduction in the U.S. national debt and federal budget deficit by reducing U.S. government spending and taxes.” That’s hardly the stuff of goose stepping NAZI’s.

      • Stephen Barlow

        Read their own publication , their manifesto from 1996 that dETAILS the Tea Party Plan, even down to eliminate 7/12ths of the cabinet, and only providing DEFENSE, Justice, Congressional amd Supreme Court funding through taxes.

        ONLY a Military even for 10 year olds in the hitler youth was what adolf DID. Sounds pretty Tea Party to me.

        Ask yourself this HONESTLY: “Where did the newly formed tea party get enough money to buy an election through attack ads and other propaganda in one year?”

        Publisher’s Clearing House? the Powerball?

        the Koch Bros through superPacs.

      • strayaway

        Stephan, you prove that conspiracy theories are not the sole property of the right. The first time I ever heard any reference to the Boston Tea Party was in 2007-2008 Ron Paul fund raiser campaign ads some of which are still online. The successful fund raiser was emulated in wider Republican circles. Then there was the tea bag thing; conservatives having no idea that ‘tea bagging’ was a sexual activity embraced by the left.

        When did any tea party movement, funded by the Koch Brothers or not, suggest a military for 10 year olds? Really Stephen, you must get a grip on your imaginary conspiracies.

      • Stephen Barlow

        This is NOt a Conspiracy Theory. It’s simply a behind the scenes manipulation of true believers like you. YOU have NO idea who funds what. But you are SURE AS YOUR POOP STINKS that the Koch Brothers and the Heritage Foundation are MOST CERTAINLY NOT!

        Which is how I know I am dead right.

        Lemme ask you this:

        1) How does reducing Federal Revenue reduce the debt? IT DOESN’T! It PROLONGS THE DEBT. Just like taking a paycut extends your debt horizon. So cutting taxes BEFORE the debt is paid is a fiscal error.

        2) Do you think Obama is a socialist nazi communist tyrannical dictator?

        I know you avoid the truth at ALL possible costs, but at least answer the last question.

      • strayaway

        My poop stinks? Then move your nose.


        1) Where did I advocate “cutting taxes BEFORE the debt is paid”? Excessive spending rather than “Federal Revenue” is the problem.

      • Stephen Barlow

        2) The Constitution SPECIFICALLY GIVES the power to the president to use military force if he deems American interests are in danger. They were and you are full of shit.

        The Al Quaida terrorist he droned out of existence, the guy who renounced his citizenship by his defection to Yemen?

        1) YOu aren’t even coherent enough to remember your own bullshit. lemme help you old bitch.

        ” “The Tea Party movement is an American political movement known for advocating a reduction in the U.S. national debt and federal budget deficit by reducing U.S. government spending and taxes.” ”

        …reduction in the ..debt..and deficit.. by reducing .. TAXES. Reducing taxes is CUTTING taxes

        2) The Constitution SPECIFICALLY supports all laws (THINK PATRIOT ACT) voted and signed into law. DEFINITELY a Patriot Act sanctioned move. GWB was planning on using that for more than terrorists. Do you know how many AMERICAN CITIZENS have been detained without warrant, representation of even a hearing?

        High 4 figures. We don’t know how many were killed. But yOU would tell Me that BUsh had reasons to after 9/11, right?

        WHy are you not blaming BUSH for starting the universal spying. obama cut it back by 90%. And just recently cut it back further 90%. BEcause you are either a racist or a GOPFascist. Pick one.

        We are done here. Reply all you want, I an done wasting life on you. You shall go to your grave never admitting your racism, nor your blind dogmatic allegiance to a failed ideology. have a quick and safe trip there.

        If I have to do the thinking for both halves of this conversation, then I might as well talk to the mirror and have an worthwhile experience.

      • strayaway

        Please point out the wording in the Constitution that “SPECIFICALLY GIVES the power to the president to use military force if he deems American interests are in danger.” I’m open to something new. I can however point out the wording that give Congress the power to declare wars.

        The Constitution does not support all laws. Laws must be consistent with the Constitution.

        You must mean “(the alleged) Al Quaida terrorist he droned out of existence” who was US citizen. Sorry, but US citizens are still allowed their day in court; or at least should be. Back up your point that he “defected” or somehow otherwise lost his citizenship. Are you making stuff up as you go along?

        Re my own words: ” by reducing U.S. government SPENDING and taxes. ” Not the word “spending”. When spending is reduced enough to pay the bills and there is a surplus, cutting taxes is an option. It’s odd that you are such a supporter of Bush’s Patriot Act. Unlike you, I am not a fan of the Patriot Act and don’t think much of Bush either.

        Obama has maintained and expanded Bush’s spying. His appointee James Clapper lied to Congress. Every time you write something, you appear less and less knowledgeable. What’s your secret?

      • Stephen Barlow

        Funny how THAT was the N in the WH’s fault too.

      • Alana Marie Woolard

        Still blaming the Bush Family! Get a life! In all your spewing above Stephen, you forgot to mention Barnie Frank, Who set up Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac to begin with! You didn’t mention all the kick backs he got from all the housing loan’s? They started back when Bill Clinton was still President! It all came tumnling down when George Bush was President! Bush had nothing to do with fannie mae and Freddie Mac!

      • Stephen Barlow

        Do you have ANY EVIDENCE of kickbacks? EVER? To ANY ONE from Freddie or Fannie?

        Then why isn’t the King of WElection Fraud John McCain calling for SENATE hearings on them???

      • artisanr

        Steve, i applaud your effort. saved for future reference

      • Stephen Barlow


      • Joanne Dorlando

        I still find it funny in a snarky way that when Clinton was POTUS….it was all Happy Days for the economy.
        W takes office….ker-ashhhhhh.

      • James Kaelin

        You don’t know what the Hell your talking about!

      • Stephen Barlow

        All three of them?

      • littlelizard25

        That is such a load of bull.

      • Stephen Barlow

        And those 7 people would actually be…???????

      • melloe

        No they are not, if they were the tax loop holes for the rich and pay backs Pig oil, pig phama, and on and on in the Billions would be closed to pay fro a few million for the troops. The deficit means nothing to them except a talking point./..never has, never will. And it only comes up what a Democrat is in power. When they are in, they spend like there is no tomorrow.

      • 1_other

        AP, no they aren’t. Tea Party antics have COST millions i.e. government shut down, repeated ACA repeal votes, debt ceiling intransigence, all this has cost tax payers huge amounts of money, while accomplishing nothing. A fitting epitaph for the Tea Party.

      • Escef

        The Tea Party also seems to want to regulate who people have sex with. And the Libertarians are opposed to the federal government serving almost any purpose at all.

      • Bill Chamberlain

        “True Conservatives” Have no backbone, except to “Obstruct” legislation for middle and low income Americans!!!! True Conservatives work to increase the income gap, the health care gap, the educational gap, and increase the PROFIT MARGIN GAP, by not paying taxes, banking “Off Shore” and utilizing “Slave Labor” from 3rd world nations…… Then add BIGOTS, WHO BELIEVE THEY ARE SUPERIOR TO OTHERS, AND YOU HAVE A “TRUE CONSERVATIVE”

      • moablivin

        I wish that were true but it truly is not.

    • Stephen Barlow

      Caring for our VOLUNTEER warriors should NEVER EVER be a compromise.

      • Alana Marie Woolard

        Stephen, you still don’t know what your talking about!

    • JoanInGA

      You have no idea what you are talking about. Nobody is pushing for more war and there is not one Republican that doesn’t want Veterans taken care of. The current administration has treated Veterans, in general, like 4th class citizens. Too call this ransom is stupid and immature. There’s give and take to everything. Unfortunately the Dems take, take, take, and spend, spend, spend, not in the name of charity, but in the name of buying votes. They are spending this country into oblivion.

      • delores001


      • modera8

        To/Too/Two. Fortunately, Democrats know how to spell properly.

    • Alana Marie Woolard

      Don’t fall for that crap! Arn’t you sick of Obama blaming everyone else but himself? Do you know where he is now and has been? Wasting taxpayer dollar’s funrising with his cronies in CA. He is going to be there 3 day’s fundraising for the Democratic Party! As far as I’m concerned that shouldn’t be done on company time! I couldn’t fund raise at work, I’d get fired! He[s traveling on our dime, tking Air Force I, now that’s a crime, or it should be! As far as your comment above, the republican’s, at the time obama didn’t come up with a budget because he refused to make any cut’s and we went inot sequestration, told him to reinstate the Veteran benefit’s and Obama refused to do it unless Boehner reinstated everything else! Get a clue, Obama hate’s the military period!

    • bzz

      bottom line the voters have the power..they just need to use it in an informed way. Otherwise they will learn the hard long way

    • ronwf

      Sanctions against Iran are the exact opposite of war. It’s what the Democrats keep telling us they want to use INSTEAD of war.

    • bobina519

      Always gotta have that “pork belly” on the end. It’s sickening. When the rich white men go to war their corporations make money. They get money building machines and vehicles- munitions and oil. The rich war profiteers!

  • Sam

    Vote them out, vote them out, vote them out. That is all we can do, and we MUST do it! VOTE THEM OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sandy Greer

      Democrats, in particular, stay home from Midterms.

      But it’s too important. We can’t be complacent. Can’t assume everyone knows, and sees, the mean-spirited haters begrudging the least help for folks fallen on hard times.

      For, in truth, it’s not just vets. Food Stamps, Unemployment, Healthcare, Education…a whole host of issues:

      Dems ask what can they do to help. Repubs ‘begrudge’.

      Whatever else we do, we must VOTE 2014.

      • Richard

        Sandy….Thank you, and I know you spread the word. republicans are being recognized for what they really are, like Cher sang, It ain’t Me Babe

    • battlepriest

      Getting out the vote won’t achieve much, I’m afraid. Congressional districts have been gerrymandered to the point that almost no seats are really in play.

      • Richard

        battlepriest, you have to try, your point is valid , again, we have to try..

    • WJ

      Yes, let’s get more people in office who will vote for bills like the Affordable Care Act without even reading it or knowing what it will do overall. That’s what we really need! NOT!
      What we REALLY need is people who realize they represent all of us, and do what is needed to be done within the constraints of a budget that is fiscally sound. Where do we find THOSE people, because NONE of them are in Wash, DC right now?

      • Pizzaman Deliveries

        Did you read the Affordable Healthcare Bill? Just curious.

      • American Proud

        The question is have they (congress) read it now after it was passed?? Guess not, since they seem to be Shocked as the truth comes out about all the lies we were told since day one..But then that seems to be the norm with the Democratic party..They see nothing, Hear nothing, and say I didn’t know about everything..

      • Joe

        Guess you didn’t read it either.

      • American Proud

        Well considering I lost my insurance due to Obamacare and my daughter lost hers, I live the effects of it..Just to get the Bronze plan it will raise my premiums by $700.00 and my deductible was $300 before and with this SHITTY Bronze plan it will now be over $5,000..So you tell me how well it works for the middle class..

      • Richard

        You are a liar Joe. You are a republican trying to make Obama look bad. Put the reason and the facts of how that happened, why and what caused that increase. From $ 300.00 to $5,000.00, come on, some thing had to be a factor, not just Obama care. Divorce, child, or some real reason. Stupid..

      • corey

        Does it have to be a lie are you kidding me, if your really going to try and tell people that the system is working your on crack. If it was working so great would the White House have really changed there description of the plan, it’s obviously not what they said all along, the difference is those of you who bought in from the start can never be wrong and will take this bullshit to your death. ..

      • Richard

        Corey, yes it is a lie, proof…Republican…you see it every day, they keep poking them selves day after day !!!!!!!!!

      • Rosemarie Turner-Constantin

        Sorry cupcake, not buying your t bag lie. If you lost your junk plan blame your insurance company. If you REALLY were a proud American you’d want all your fellow Americans to have health insurance. The fact people like you begrudge it to those you deem unworthy is a national disgrace.

      • Richard

        I wish there was a way you could prove that ! Did you go to another job, get better insurance, what are the details and why did your daughter lose hers. Parents can carry their children for more years now. I truly would like to know what caused this !… I’m not saying I do not believe you, truly concerned as all of us should ! Maybe I’ll catch your next comment…Sincere….

      • JoanInGA

        That is not the point . . . wake up, Joe!! Nobody read it before passing it. Criminal!!

      • Richard

        Proud American, I would like for you to list the lies and if you think the republican party has a right to say they are Proud Americans, list their good points….leave out the part how they vote against our Vets…because that’s not good no matter what you think. Then, if you will, see what the amendments are they wanted to attach and didn’t get, so they vetoed against the people they so proudly wrap their ass around in the flag. Republicans expose them selves every day, conservative…my royal flush…They will go into a deficit for the War Machine but not to have Americans prosper in any situation. Major Corporations and God do not let the Halliburton Corporation go broke ! And let’s not forget the Major Oil Corporations that move head quarters to Switzerland that pay no federal taxes and still receive billions of dollars of Corporate” WELFARE “. more ” WELFARE ” in one ” YEAR ” than ” AMERICAN CITIZENS RECEIVE in ” SIX YEARS “……You like apples….how bout dem apples ????????…Proud Americans, by definition, are not Tee Potty Parasites !!!!!!!

      • JoanInGA

        No, he probably didn’t and those that past the law didn’t either. Morons!

      • Richard

        WJ, correct, but if you think that if we hade all the right people in Washington that would solve the deficit, never happen. Our monetary system is set up to always be in the red. We borrow from the bank to pay off the interest then borrow to pay back the loan and so on it continues. The reason China will never call in it’s markers is because they like it that way. It creates jobs for them and they suppress their workers pay to where they get the work. Now, how we benefit, we don’t…You know the rest of the story…Thank you…I do wish as you do. When America went off the Gold Standard ( Nixon )..the decline was started…

  • Guest

    These republicans won’t even lay down their arms to support
    the men and women that have risked their lives for freedom. They didn’t have to
    stand on that wall and now they want to back petal on the agreement to care for
    our vets that have done so much for us. NO; THIS IS COMPLETELY UNACCPETABLE, WHAT EVER WE MUST DO TO PROVIDE FOR OUR VETS, we as a people must do! There
    is NO trade off when we are talking about our commitment to our vets.

  • Gerald Tubbs

    These republicans won’t even lay down their arms to support the men and women that have risked their lives for freedom. They didn’t have to stand on that wall and now they want to back petal on the agreement to care for our vets that have done so much for us. NO; THIS IS COMPLETELY UNACCPETABLE, WHAT EVER WE MUST DO TO PROVIDE FOR OUR VETS, we as a people must do! There is no trade off when we are talking about our commitment to our vets.

  • Michael Fish

    Since when did serving our country require retirement entitlements. Im. Democrat and i fail to see how vetetans of any age cant return to society unless ill with PTSD. I find this article bias and opinion of the writer. I value each man and woman that signs theor life for service. But it doesnt make it my choice to pay in deficite for them. Republicans are penny pinching and even as a democrat i understand that. For those who want to oppose this view a reminder politics is for the masses not the survival of a few.

    • Bea

      without “those few” how would the rest of us be surviving??? Going back to WWII how well do you speak German, how about Chinese or Russian. Just saying. When you retire do you get retirement benifits??? and during your working life how many people fired weapons in your directions? How many times were you deployed away from your family (for how long 6 months, a year)? How many of your children’s birthdays did you miss (1, 2, 6)?? How well did your wife fare while you were away for a year and then readjust to your return? Yeah there is a big readjust for both soldier, spouse, and children. A lot of folks just can’t take the life of a soldier. Moving every year or two, ( personally 18 times during husbands 30year career) changing schools, making new friends, not to mention deployments. They need more help than just supplying weapons. And you don’t think they EARNED a retirement benifits! Watch the History channel about the wars our active duty and vets fought, go visit the battle grounds in Europe check out the military grave yards check out the number of grave stones then say thank you) and tell me they didn’t earn a retirement benifits (after protecting us over a 20 years of service) or medical help when they come home.

    • Raylusk

      What an ignorant view. You have no clue about the military and what they do and go through. Do you know that veterans have the highest unemployment rate in the US? Do you want to know why? Both physical and mental issues. I know several police chiefs that have tried to higher veterans and have been unable to do so because they fail the psychological exam. I personally know a veteran that spent a year in Iraq and a year in Afghanistan. He is having a terrible time integrating back into society. We owe these veterans a great deal more then they are currently getting.

      As far as the GOP being penny pinching that is simply not true. They are happy to pay Boeing $35 billion to build military air tankers yet allow them to get away with paying no taxes in 2013 despite being very profitable. They will pay their corporate masters huge sums of money, allow these same corporations to pay little or no taxes, and yet crap on veterans.

    • Aloanstar

      Uh, I think you need to sign up and then talk about benefits.

    • SSipe

      Ignorance knows no bounds.

    • Pizzaman Deliveries

      Not all military service people get a retirement. That isn’t the issue here. Only those that serve 20 years of more get a pension. Just like you get if you retire, if you work for a decent company. Do our military personnel deserve healthcare and education? Absolutely. In many cases these people are kids that decided out of high school, to serve our country. They put their lives and their college education on hold to serve the American people in defense of our freedoms. The pensions aren’t the issue here. You are wrong! You should do some research on what the people who fight for your freedom really get when they return home. It isn’t much. And do these people deserve help in getting a job? Absolutely. Unlike most Americans, they fought for your right to have the life you enjoy. Did you?

  • TaxPaying American Voter

    Vote Democrat and fix this.

    • Pizzaman Deliveries

      Unfortunately, we can vote democratic all we want. But the fact remains that the republicans have gerrymandered the districts so much that even if we had a 100% turnout, they could feasibly still hold their seats. They live by the theory that if you can’t win; cheat.

    • strayaway

      Voting Democratic for decades worked in Detroit.

  • DaMom

    Hypocrisy, you say??? Bwahahaha!!! My active duty son has had the ALL time WORST pay increase since this Administration took over!!! (Owww, I can’t stop laughing…..)

    • Anon

      And you can blame that on the Republicans! But I am sure you won’t. Military families blame everything bad on the Democrats. Been going on for years. Stop listening to, and believing Fox News. Biggest bunch of liars on the planet.

      • DaMom

        Well, I sure can’t blame your stupidity on the Republicans!!! Who’s the hypocrite now? You just showed your lack of support to our military! By the way, the long sentence says, “active duty” sooooo…….true to life!! (No Fox News or any Networks involved.) Imbecile in the house!!! Owww, but, then again what site did I get into!!!????

      • Raylusk

        And you will notice since the GOP overtook the House all they have been for is cut, cut, cut. No increases in revenue. Despite companies like Boeing who receive billions in military contracts and paid no taxes in 2013. Yet the GOP refuses to correct this.

      • Pizzaman Deliveries

        That’s because corporations like Boeing throw kickbacks to those who contribute to their profits. It’s not hard to figure this out. Nobody fights as hard as our politicians fight for a job that pays 175,000 a year and spend millions to get it. Not only that but over 60% of our politicians are millionaires coming in. They have to vote the way they do to protect their own interests when it comes to either profits for their companies, or the returns on their stock market investments. If people can’t see this, they’re not smart enough to vote in the first place. This is why term limits are important. We take back control of our governmental power, and the representatives don’t sit in office reaping all of the rewards of selling us out.

      • PIbber Seventy

        you do know that the president doesn’t write the budget, he can only sign off on it. if the people who control the house don’t fund the military, that’s who you have a problem with. guess who runs the house, right now?

      • AKYwoman

        Yes, why DID you you get on this site. Merely to troll. Just like ALL the re-puke-likins do. It’s all they’re capable of doing. But you make absolutely no sense, you’re not even a good troll. Crawl back in your hole now. The grown-ups are talking

      • Anon

        I am not stupid, but you are ignorant. I know the real truth and the facts. You, and maybe your son, also, need to stop trashing the President, and realize that he has tried to help our veterans, middle class, the poor, unemployed, etc. and he has been constantly railroaded by the GOP. Your anger is misplaced. And how dare you say I don’t support the military. My Dad was a proud WWII veteran, who served our country also. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT before posting on here, and if you deserve some sympathy then you will get it.

      • Pizzaman Deliveries

        Obviously the site that wants to support the military personnel of this country. All you need to do is read teh posts and you’ll see that we are the ones that are willing to give up our hard earned dollars in taxes to support the people who serve for us. But I guess you are somehow missing that. It’s pretty sad that you somehow missed that point. We are the people who are fighting for the benefits for our personnel. The only ones I see fighting against it are the republican voters and the uneducated democrats who don’t bother to know what’s really going on.

    • Aloanstar

      You can stop laughing, because you don’t have clue about how pay increases in the military work or what you are talking about. I only got mine as I was promoted and very rarely and very little, if not promoted. No one promised us a mega bucks, but we had a free rent, food, medical, school, training, travel and on top of all that, we were given a higher self esteem and a good reason to be proud of what we were doing. No other job covers all that. But if you signed your 24/7 life away for any number of years to serve, the very least you can expect when you come home, is some assistance getting back into civilian society….but apparently chicken hawks don’t see it that way and feel the need to block the help.

    • Pizzaman Deliveries

      Congress approves spending, not the administration. And if you look at who is controlling Congress, you’ll find your answer. The President CANNOT authorize spending without the approval of Congress.

  • Calli

    The burden on society is their wage! How many of these voting members actually knows what is going on in the military?

  • Jason Scheuring

    Being a Veteran and 3rd generation so I have a little insight. Yes we do get specialized training no others get. When I got out at 22 years old I was turned down for every single job I was truly qualified for because and I quote from many top people in a technology field “at 22 you have more experience than our senior tenured technicians”. “If you had a degree or any degree we would hire you”. I even heard “there is no way a 22 year old can have that much experience”. Because our market place is made up of fresh out of school no experience people they cannot fathom that a 22 year old who spent over 3 years working 100 hours a week for 10 months out of the year after having 2 years of college compressed into 11 months would be and is qualified. I can tell you even with my GI bill I still owe $38,000 for my degree and I am currently working making $40k a year

    I know why veterans need this benefit it is because we make the common coward who wouldn’t serve look foolish. Those narrow shouldered people who use us to get another vote couldn’t stand us making them look as small as they truly are. Because no matter what they do they can never say they were in our shoes or know the honor you feel when every day raising and lowering that flag makes a tear come to your eye.

    • Sandy Greer

      What is a veteran?

      A veteran is someone who, at one point in his life, wrote a blank check to the USA for an amount ‘up to, and including, his very life’.

      Something too few of us know, understand, or do anything more than pay lip service to.

      I’m grateful for your ‘blank check’, and thankful you came home.

      • Rosemarie Turner-Constantin

        Thank you for your service and God Bless all of you. My husband served in Korea.

      • Sandy Greer

        Jason is the vet, not me.

        Sorry for the misunderstanding.

    • AKYwoman

      Thank you for your service. God Bless You

    • Richard

      Jason, well said…proud of and for you. My dads side of the family were all lifers, not me, but one thing my dad told me when I asked why not stay another 4 years and draw a better pension, he answered, it’s time for me to be paid full time instead of the half pay being in the service. He was an officer ,did well but it was time for him to make the money in the private sector he was worth. That’s
      some of the things people do not realize, pay for military for the first 15 to 20 years is not close to what private sector jobs pay. You earned the right to have those jobs. You have paid your dues . You paid more dues in 2 or 3 years over seas than 95% of our fellow Americans will ever pay in a life time.!!!!…Love you ” MAN “…And thank you !!!!

    • Alana Marie Woolard

      You are so right Jason, Thank God, now veterans get preferential hiring at all government installation’s, thank’s to the Republican’s!

  • republic84

    Sad. Block a bill to support those who risked their lives to give you the right to be an a**hole. I bet they wouldn’t have denied a bill to fund ANOTHER pointless war. GOP, America’s own Third Reich.

    • Pizzaman Deliveries

      Here is who they think. If the funding goes to building bombs that will make profit for some corporation, it’s good. If it goes towards helping the military personnel that have already served; screw ’em. It’s pathetic that so little value is place on those that serve this country so that we can enjoy the life that we live here in this country. I equate the treatment of our soldiers and our veterans to that of slave labor. They have no say on their own lives anymore. They can’t leave or they face being jailed for doing so, and they are paid less than minimum wage to do the job they do. All the while risking their lives to do that job. The republicans need to wake up to the fact that without these military personnel, this country fails. It’s that simple.

  • Deb

    Since when did the Republicans care about lowering the deficit, they are the ones that created it.

    • Aloanstar

      When they weren’t in the WH anymore.

    • Pizzaman Deliveries

      I don’t think most republicans know the difference between the debt and the deficit. Debt is what we accrue. The deficit is the shortfall of money needed to pay the debt. There is a difference. And what the republicans are failing to tell the American people is that the deficit has been cut in half in the last 5 years.

  • Rose Flood Mierbeth

    The last 15 years have left veterans limbless, blind, dead, and families ruined forever, And our government is denying them healthcare and educational benefits. Let’s try not sending billions of dollars that we don’t ‘have to China and others countries. We must start taking care of our own and our own country at home. I’m a Vet from the 80’s, I did not have to go to war like so many men and women are over the 10 to 15 yrs.

    • Raylusk

      We need to stop blaming government and start blaming the politicians and the voters that elect these politicians for the problems. And these politicians are overwhelmingly republicans. Here are some fun facts. Boeing receives tens of billions in military contracts including a $35 billion contract for air tankers. Yet despite being very profitable they paid no federal income tax in 2013. GE who also receives government contracts made $1 billion in profit in the US in 2011 and paid no federal income taxes. I could go on and on but you get the point. The republicans refuse to raise any revenue from these companies in order to pay for programs to help veterans. If every American stood up and told Republicans that there would never be a vote for them again if they don’t agree to make sure these companies paid their fair share so there would be money for veterans and other priorities, they would finally do what is right.

      • battlepriest

        Uh – you can’t stop blaming government and start blaming politicians – politicians ARE the government. By definition, anyone who runs for office is a politician.

      • Raylusk

        The politicians we elect run our government so it is correct to blame both the voters and the politicians. The politicians that have overwhelmingly allowed these corporations to avoid taxes and voted against supporting veterans are republicans. So the blame rests with those republicans and the voters that elected them. I’m sorry that there are those like you that try and shift the blame to make it sound like it’s the republicans that aren’t responsible but the vote on this bill proves that to not be true. Facts don’t lie no matter how someone tries and to shift the blame. If voters want changes in our government it starts with voting for politicians that will make our government work.

      • Pizzaman Deliveries

        In the case of this vote though, the republicans were the ones that filibustered the bill. Not the democrats. And if you look at the use of the filibuster over the past 3 and a half years, you’ll see that the republicans clearly do have a problem.

      • Pizzaman Deliveries

        The politicians are the representatives. WE are the government. WE need to take our Governmental powers back. The politicians are elected by us to do what we ask them to do. Clearly they have shown that they are incapable of doing that job, but are in the business of business. So much so that business has been determined to be people. Something the founding fathers were very much against. We need to step in to the voting booths and let these politicians know that we are going to govern ourselves the way we want to be governed. Not the way they want to govern us. There is a difference, and only WE have the power to send that message to our elected representatives. Remember, we need to do this on the state level as well. If we don’t, we lose all of our power and become puppets to the masters. If we stop and realize we are the masters, the puppets start sitting on the other hand.

      • strayaway

        Your post is an interesting interplay between what is going on in the present, written in present tense, with a Democratic Senate and President (Boeing, GE) and only blaming Republicans. Bush hasn’t been President for 5 years and for two of those five years we had a Democratic House, Senate, and President. Why is this still going on with Democrats? How can this be? Wasn’t GE’s CEO Obama’s jobs czar?

      • Raylusk

        And your post leaves out key details. In those two years the Senate had a veto proof majority for just over 12 months. Add to this that they were working on health care overhaul in order to tackle our long term debt problem that is in large part driven by a health care system that saw increases well above inflation and there simply wasn’t time to tackle tax reform. The Democrats and Obama have clearly said for some time now they want to reform the tax system but the GOP has been opposed to their call because the GOP insists on it being revenue neutral. Heck we have seen over the last week when GOP Rep Camp released a tax overhaul plan that most of the GOP is opposed to it. The a GOP has clearly shown over and over they have no interest in making corporations pay their fair share. Yet you seem to want to shift the blame. 26 large and profitable corporations paid zero federal taxes for 5 years yet the GOP doesn’t see a problem.

      • strayaway

        Truman:”The buck stops here”

        Raylusk: Despite controlling both houses and the executive office, it’s the Republicans fault that GE and Boeing are (present tense) getting huge government subsidies and GE isn’t paying taxes because Democrats were so busy implementing a health care plan designed by Liz Fowler, an insurance company lobbyist, that would make 5M Americans (so far) lose their policies, caused the price of average policies to climb. and will cost the economy 2M jobs (CBO estimate).

        I prefer Truman’s stance and do see a problem realizing that both the Democratic and Republican party leadership are responsible. I would like to see the end of all corporate government subsidies, import taxes, the follow through of Simpson-Bowles (another broken promise by you know who), and a reduction of middle class income taxes. Bad guess on your part.

        I’m glad, at least, that you stopped short of endorsing the banana republic dictator “I’ve got a pen and a phone approach”.

      • littlelizard25

        For those 2 years the Dems controlled the Congress they only had a super majority for 27 Congressional working days. After that the R’s started filibustering every bill that came on the floor of the Senate. In 5 years a record number of filibusters. Over 440 of them. So yeh, it was, and is, the R’s.

      • strayaway

        So basically you disagree with Truman and are more into excuses as if Obama was the first president ever to have to deal with an opposition party while his own party controlled both houses and the presidency. How does that explain Obama walking away from the Simpson Bowles plan to balance the budget after he promised to abide by their recommendations? He didn’t even try.

        Getting back to the bill this article is about, “The Congressional Budget Office score of the bill shows it would cost roughly $24 billion over ten years. As drafted, the bill would be paid for almost entirely from the overseas contingency operations (OCO) fund, which is not recognized as a real savings by the CBO.” The OCO fund, as I understand it is a DOD slush fund for supporting wars. In other words, this new expense will not be specifically budgeted by Congress. Instead, it will just be scraped out of existing piggy banks such as other defense needs. It’s more like draining Social Security or government pension coffers coffers. Maybe if this laudable initiative was funded instead by shutting down some Democratic pork barrel programs, Republicans would be more receptive.I have some candidates.

      • littlelizard25

        So..$24 billion over 10 years is to much money to spend on our vets? Is that what you are saying? Repubs didn’t have a problem spending $24 billion when they shut down the govt. Are you ok with that? They don’t have a problem with spending billions on subsidies to big business. Are you ok with that? They didn’t mind spending trillions on wars based on lies, but not a penny for the very troops they sent to fight their wars. Are you ok with that? What “pork barrel” programs are you talking about? Name them?

      • strayaway

        It isn’t just $24B. This is an additional $24B and I’m fine with spending it. However, how about including an honest way of paying for it as part of the bill instead of looting another government fund that would have to then be replentised? I fully support ending all subsidies to all corporations. The (un)ACA is largely a subsidy program for insurance corporations. Liz Fowler, the former VP of Well Point wrote it. We could include that after ending the subsidies to GE, Boeing, Monsanto, etc.. We should also turn out Obama for his unconstitutional bombing of Libya if you want to mention wars.

        Don’t forget that Democrats just cut the pensions of veterans. At least Republicans came up with a way of funding continued pension benefits. Republicans offered a bill to reduce funding for illegal alien welfare benefits. Democrats rejected that idea because supporting illegal aliens is always more important to them than supporting vets.

  • john Goodwin

    We should rally the troops, and have them to sit down until they decide Veterans were given a promise.. this just makes me sick

  • Dennis Daugherty

    This is a fine example of why we need term limits in congress The 2 party system and our bought and paid for congress had failed the people once again.

    • battlepriest

      The 2 party system has been just fine for most of our country’s history – all you’re saying is that you don’t like either party. Well, it’s YOUR responsibility to change the situation if you don’t like it. Get up on your soapbox and start asking for votes. Stop waiting for George to do it.

    • Raylusk

      No this is a fine example of the need for voters to hold republicans responsible for their failure to support our veterans. Term limits won’t change that as long as voters continue to elect people who vote against our veterans.

    • Guest

      No, we don’t need term limits… What if you have a really good senator or congressman that serves the people well? You wanna let them go after a couple of terms and risk having some lame ass in their place? Folks need to vote. Plain and simple.

      • Pizzaman Deliveries

        Yes, we do need to send them packing. Regardless of how they perform. First of all, it would eliminate the pensions of the people in Congress. It would also put control back in to the hands of the people. Remember, what you see as good from a representative, might be the opposite to someone else. If you have a republican representative that is doing all that a republican voter might want, that negates what a democrat might want; which is exactly what happened with this bill. If we limit the terms, we get to decide who makes our policy and the career politicians don’t sit in office collecting the money from the lobbyists who know which representative to run to to get their agenda passed. This is a simple concept. Someone who sits in a seat in Congress too long, starts getting too much power. Cleaning house every few years eliminates this. And the taxpayers would save millions, if not billions of dollars on pensions for people who only served 5 years in Congress.

    • sorrylew

      No… we don’t need term limits. Why push a good one out? If they suck, them vote them out of office.

    • Rosemarie Turner-Constantin

      We already have term limits at the voting booth

  • artisanr

    remember remember the 5th of november

  • Steven Reed Sr.

    Very well said Sir! My hat is off to you Mr. Clifton! keep up the great writing.

  • Aj Vesce Jr.

    Faux Noise will be too busy reporting on Bengazi to mention this.

    • Pat

      Plus, they will have misogynist Bill O’Reilly trash talking women in general, and talking about Hillary’s age. She scares the pants off of all of them, that’s why they are constantly talking Benghazi. That news station is so full of shit they should be sued daily for their lying propaganda.

  • Curtiss Robinson

    It is amazing how many of you are completely cluess about Veterans and benefits. No offense to anyone…just stating that as a 24 year veteran about to retire who has 2 combat tours…you guys are just following your party as ignorantly as the republicans are. Did you know combat veterans have full medical benefits with the VA upon separation…especially wounded warriors? Here is a neat idea…STOP pandering for votes and just keep the original promises made. In essence…how about fixing the VA instead of trying to make something new and shiny to dangle in front of the voters (Both DEMS and GOPs are guilty).

    I just completed over a week of Congressionally mandated separation briefings and associated exercises/training to ensure I can return to the civilian sector. These classes go over everything from resume writing, interviewing for jobs, goal setting, budgeting and financial planning. I also attended additional classes on running a business (Boots to Business). There are franchises just ripe for the picking for vets. There are programs like Hemets to Hardhats for troops going into construction. Troops to Teachers for those who want to go into education…Heroes for Hire…and pretty much every State, County, and Federal Job offers a vetran preferance to get hired. We have benefits ladies and gentlemen…we don’t need new programs…we just want the original promises kept. That will honor your VETS.

    Now I am not unappreciative of anyone who really wants to help Vets. Everyone loves a shiny, new toy but seriously…do you guys think we Soldiers need more hand outs? Yeah the job market is tough but why not support a few businesses so we can get hired instead of pandering to us with SNAP benefits, freebies, and empty promises just to win a few lousy votes?

    So what about education? man we have VEAP from the Vietnam era, Montgomery GI Bil from the 1990s, and the post 911 GI bill since 2001 era. We have VOC Rehab, work placement, and new skill training like you wouldn’t believe. These are good programs that our tax dollars support and yet somehow you guys think these new, poor conceived…shabby bills that Congress is dangling like a carrot? What will they do other than waste tax dollars. Don’t be fooled by the media. Go back to the first paragraph…you guys are saying the same thing the Republicans are saying. It is all BS.

    So what can be done if I happen to be right?

    Well lets come together to fix real problems. I don’t care if you think the economy is about to explode or if you think it is doing just great…there are things that have to be addressed to help Americans (Vet and civilian alike) and that is employment first and foremost. VETS want jobs like our civilian counterparts. Help provide them and demand politicians get out of the way so it can happen. We need a strong economy so that whatever income we make as Soldiers, Retirees, or Civilians actually has a chance of covering our bills…guys that means we have to fix the deficit and the debt and at some point reconcile the tax problems across the board.

    Look I don’t care how you spin it…debt is bad…not paying the bills is worse…and ignoring this for the sake of a few votes is just the ultimate in ignorance. Come on…throw rotten tomatoes if you like but in the end your Veterans want the orginal promises not pandering. We want opportunities not these weak bills meant to go nowhere. We want unity across the nation which means breaking down the walls of Red and Blue to get quality work done.

    Your help is much appreciated!

    • American Proud

      They also had VRAP, Veterans Retraining Assistance Program..You are right, sir, what is needed is fixing the existing problems within the VA..Thank you for your service..

  • Thomas Leigh-Kendall

    Their day is coming in hell, the none military serving Congress, controlled by a Canadian, Texan Cruz. The voters is pushed aside.

  • American Proud

    It’s funny how you Google the name if this supposed bill and all you get is this blog??

    • Sandy Greer


      S. 1950: Comprehensive Veterans Health and Benefits and Military Retirement Pay Restoration Act of 2014

      ^^^You can pull up, and read, the entire bill. Links don’t work here, or I’d point you there. But I found the bill on both Gov.Track and CBO. It was easy.

      Funny how you couldn’t. Maybe skepticism got in your way? 😉

  • Bill D

    Shame shame! I only hope everyone remembers this shit in the next elections! Talk about abandoning the Veterans! WOW!

  • Elizabeth

    Photo is misleading. Bernie Sanders is one of the most supportive politicians for veterans.

  • realdancerMN

    In reality this should come as no surprise. For as long as I have been alive and before any legislation designed to give a government assistance or safety to the needy or veterans has been either blocked or had “riders” attached by the GOP to serve their masters. Social legislation always has attachments that are like saying “We’ll give you aid except for….” or “Yah but what are you going to do for me and my fat cat donors?” There has always been some GOP quid pro quo ask for in any progressive/liberal legislation. Members of the GOP find it impossible to let any clean legislation pass. If you want to talk about pork look no further than the GOP legislators. As the article says supporting military spending does not mean supporting the troops. When government waste is spoken about look no further than the military contractors. There is massive waste. These military contractors get huge subsidies for government contracts. After a GOP legislators public life is over they often go to work or become lobbyists for these same military contractors. WAKE UP! THE WOLVES ARE AT THE DOOR!

  • Here is a nice idea – we should rename the Tea and Republican Parties the “Sand Bag Party” and strip all tax benefits from businesses who made huge war profits from the recent past and current wars they score big profits supporting and give it the money to the returning veterans.

  • Badgerboy70

    When I read the comments of varying political philosophies, all I really hear is that our political system has evolved to a point where very few are satisfied with its’ performance. It seems to me that if you have a failed system, the logical thing to do is to change the system … not reelect or elect people to a structural failure. So, let’s all try to look past Bush and Obama and focus on the system itself. What do you think is wrong with the system? The money, incumbency, jerrymandering, Citizen’s United or something else. It is time to quit falling for the things the powerful do to keep you at each others throat and FIND COMMON GROUND to take your government back.

  • Brian

    The US should not sign contracts it cannot honour.

  • Stephen Barlow

    WHY wasn’t this clotured into another “Ted cruz” fucks the leadership stall?

    Remember how Bush got the tax cuts? AS A RESOLUTION. MAKE THE OBAMA POLICIES TEMPORARY, and when they work, the REDS can take credit for making them permanent.

    THAT would be a PROPER ‘shoving it down their throats!!!” as they claim the PPACA was jammed up their butts.

  • Jim Bean

    I have to ask; why would Democrats let our veterans be deprived of these benefits in order to protect Iran from sanctions?

    • gian keys flat mom

      u spin with the best of them jimbo

  • Christine

    Really? Have you all read what they really voted on? Read the bill summary-they voted against, “Motion to waive all applicable budgetary discipline with respect to the measure” rejected in Senate by Yea-Nay Vote. 56 – 41. Record Vote Number: 46. (consideration: CR S1210); not the bill itself. Get real and tell the whole story. They have not officially voted on the bill. One of this countries biggest problems is that we are all ready to do away with budgetary discipline-just do it and figure it out later. How does that work for you in your every day life? Can you really do that and think things will “just work out”?

  • Stephen Barlow

    REDS used ‘sanctions on Iran’ to scuttle several much needed bills this last 12 months. The MAIN reason is that if Obama can succeed in reducing the Iranian (not really a threat nuclear threat) and stabilizing the middle east…
    1) oil prices will come down, making Tar Sands oil expensive again
    2) military contracting will become less profitable because it will be less ‘necessary’
    3)Obama will have embarrassed all the paranoid warfreaks like McCain and Cruz.

    VERY heavy prices for the NEW SOVIETUBLICANS to pay for an AMERICAN VICTORY FOR PEACE!

  • Karen Mclean

    i am embarrassed by the republican party i have been one all my life now i will only vote for someone no matter the party who only has America and its best interest at heart. No one in the White house meets my standards right now. If you want my vote better shape up

  • Alana Marie Woolard

    I can’t believe you guy’s believe this trash! This is so untrue! When we went into sequestration, the republican’s told Obama to reinstate the Veteran’s benefit’s and Obama refused to do it unless Boehner reinstated everything! Obama still hasn’t come up with a buget!

    • gian keys flat mom

      hey Alana,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
      having a tough time with facts???
      56-41 vote: 2 repubs voted yes
      care to cry some more??

      • Alana Marie Woolard

        1No crying here! just deal in fact’s

      • gian keys flat mom

        they recite the vote for me here so I can see u are doing what U claim

      • gian keys flat mom

        oh: bytheway,,,,,,,,,,
        u look kinda yummie

  • 2Texayn

    Every single Republican voting to block this bill needs their name published and every one of them needs to be primaried. This is more Democrats in Republican clothing. I don’t care how many R’s they have behind their name

  • Edward Krebbs

    Who could have forseen that a military invasion of 2 countries would lead to a need for more medical care for wounded veterans (more funding for the VA ?)

    And why can’t the public connect the dots as in between long waiting periods to get to be seen in the VA and underfunding of the VA system ?

  • Richard Tucker

    hmmmm Democrats have a nuclear advantage in the Senate………and they were short of votes to pass by 10…..and 2 Republicans voted for it …WHICH MEAN 12 DEMOCRATS ALSO VOTED AGAINST. Which means there must be more of a problem than what is reported because the Dems couldn’t even carry there own members. So whats really going on??

  • Brinney

    How many democrats voted against it? Just curious.

  • gordonsoderberg

    Memorial Day Extortion. by any definition is what Republicans have committed against veterans , their families and all Americans that truly wish to support the troops this weekend. We won’t pay their ransom rather, we will all remember the troops on election day.

  • Todd Tarzia

    This is how we support the troops? Really?

  • Kevin

    Zeal for any good cause is admirable, but, if common sense is cast aside in the process, what is truly accomplished? Both sides of an argument must be examined. First, opposing this legislation is rational given its’ composition and what it actually accomplishes. Compare it to Obamacare; an 1100 page bill, sold as a Cadillac but was actually a lemon. Second, the main sponsor, Bernie Sanders, is a self-avowed Socialist. Knowing the insidious nature of Socialism which, historically, has been proven to enslave people and cause economic stagnation and failure, I would do a microscopic examination of ANY legislation he proposes. Thirdly, opposing a bill does not mean opposition to the underlying idea that the bill seeks to address. For example, when every Republican opposed Obamacare, they did it because they rightly felt, and were PROVEN correct, that the remedy was worse than the problem and NOT because they opposed Healthcare reform, as Democrats claimed. There was a better way to improve Healthcare, and Republicans, at the time offered, and STILL offer, alternative methods to improve our Healthcare system. The same situation exists here….a better solution can be found.

  • desertson57

    This has always been the GOP’s MO… themselves first, then the public.

    • BigOrangeJeff

      “This has always been the GOP’s MO… themselves.”


  • Chas Mcarty

    If the government would eliminate the contractors and return the intelligence, supply, and other traditional jobs back to the military. Taking the tremendous profits now made by those firms and putting it back into the services as well as paying down our debt service. We would be that much ahead. So would the service men and women who learn real world job skills. Its well known that we aren’t getting all we pay for from those who are more loyal to the dollar than to the nation..

  • Shawn Johnson

    I love how my links about how Clinton started the housing mess, keep getting deleted. Way to go mods, let’s not let any truth ruin your fun.

  • Dartsblaster2011

    I wonder if the republicans are going to feign shock when the peasants come for them and they holler for the military to save them and then discover the military persons they spent decades screwing over are in with the peasants? My pitchfork is sharpened.

  • Thomas John Bembenek

    As one of those veterans for whom you all think that you showing concern, let me add my two cents.

    The House controls the purse strings of this nation… their job is to ENSURE fiscal responsibility in our government… this sometimes leads to unpopular choices that affect a lot of people.

    We have a National Debt that exceeds our GDP by a $Trillion. We borrow money from our creditors so that we can pay THEM the interest due on what we owe. Each payment adds to the National Debt because all we are paying is the INTEREST, nothing on the principal.

    So lets quit playing the blame game with respect to who is failing the American people. We finally have a Congress convening in January that will be able to get something done… Harry Reid sat on more than 370 bills passed by the House.

    He did not bring a single House bill up for a vote in the Senate. Oh! BTW, the cuts addressed in this article were OVERTURNED by the Republican House… but that bill hasn’t seen the light of day because of King Harry.

    Blaming politicians for their failures does not make any difference with respect to how it affects the lives of American citizens… but let ME just say that the LEFT carries the biggest burden of failure to America since 2009. Share that information if you are looking to share something FACTUAL!

  • Blondie Blue

    Amen!! Great story!!

  • Donna Bird

    i wasn’t able to find this bill , can any one help me find this bill as it is discussion on facebook and I would like to read the full bill and see who voted for it and who voted against it

  • Thad Guisbert

    well I bet if you read the bill it was so pork filled and had so many other things attached to it that it wasn’t a workable bill and is just a political ploy were it was titled as a vet bill but was actually something else that is a dems favorite ploy into dooping people into believing the repubs are terrible but hay with OBAMA CARE we shouldn’t need it the way it was toted by the Dems

  • timgoes

    22 veterans commit suicide every day, About 1 every hour. Or 8000 every year. Could they use more help?

    Months after this vote a scandal broke. Lies about appointment wait times of 8 months so people could get bonuses. The new guy in charge say they need 2800 more doctors and thousands need to be fired. But there are tight rules to fire people so in till then they were told to stay home so they don’t harm more veterans.

    Lets thank the Republican for voting no new money so the super rich keep tax loopholes. The super rich paid the Republican for that. The criminals are running everything.

    Obama campaigned on cleaning things up But he Prosecuted more Washington whistle-blowers than All of the last 8 presidents put together before him.

  • moablivin

    This thread got way off topic. I knew this was going to happen. As a mental health counselor, someone told me recently the VA will be expanding their care to make up for the crap that was uncovered this year about the poor service the VA was providing. I told that person to keep watching as the republicans will cut funding that the VA was hoping for to make those improvements. I didn’t even know this bill was on the floor.

  • Steven Clark

    You can’t believe anything on the internet. Here’s a story says the dems did it


    As a veteran myself, I have to wonder why the Democrats are pushing for a bill after Obamacare failed to address any VA issues because they didn’t read it before passing it. The government (Democrat majority) told veterans they didn’t have to do anything more because the VA already met the Obamacare standards. So either Obamacare stinks and needs legislative repairs or it doesn’t.

  • Maestro Happy Valentine

    In spite of all the distracting comments, republicans dropped the ball for veterans and the nation. People will argue because they want / deserve some control but our broken government isn’t going to give them that. Read the Green and / or Libertarian platforms. Whatever we do, we have to remove the money (or a bunch of it) from our electoral process. Corporations (especially foreign) should not be making or influencing policy.

  • michael zello

    both partys are a bunch if liers why join the service id never join i got drafted id leave the country if i had to go if i was young again .

  • RobS

    Meanwhile, the Democrats have put the Republican Bill on the Senate calendar since February, 2014 and not taken it up. The Honor Our Promises Act introduced has been stuck since then. So, frustration sure, but to say both sides don’t play this out in politics is a bit silly.

    And seeing that this article was written before we had the “VA Scandal” topics come up… basically looking for more money for the VA when it wasn’t doing things right in the first place. Hopefully this new leadership will go in, kick some butt and get the VA running the way it should.

    Just the fact that AMVETS and other Veteran organizations actually oppose this bill makes me step back and wonder, “just how good is it?”

  • reginabee

    YET THEY WILL GIVE TAX BREAKS TO THE KOCH BROTHERS AND THIER CRONIES. US, get your pitchforks ready, it is going to be a bumpy ride.

  • James Kaelin

    Hey Mom! You might just like my Penis Pump! but in the mean time, when GOD poke that hole between your legs all your BRAINS FELL OUT! bet that didn’t take long!

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  • mnyama

    They simply don’t need the veterans once their military industrial complex is finished with them…They barely wanted to equip them to fight. They certainly don’t want to keep spending to educate, feed or care for them. These people are seen as cannon fodder that needs to evaporate once their tours of duty are over….

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