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Former Trump Advisor & Current Fox News Analyst Sebastian Gorka Assaults Reporter (Video)

While much of the Trump administration, including this "president," couldn't care less about facts or reality, former advisor Sebastian Gorka often took things to a whole other level of delusional … [Read More...]

Trump Tweets One of the Most Absurd Things He’s Ever Claimed About Russia

Donald Trump saying something completely ridiculous isn't exactly "breaking news." Hardly a day goes by that this "president" doesn't say something absurd that often defies the laws of reality. Trump honestly … [Read More...]

Fox News’ Smith Blasts Trump for Being Too Much of a Coward to Condemn Russia (Video)

On Friday it was revealed that Robert Mueller had issued indictments for 13 Russians and 3 Russia-backed groups for their roles in interfering in the 2016 election. Since then, Donald Trump has criticized the … [Read More...]

There’s Another Reason Trump Poses a Risk to Our National Security Which Few People are Discussing

In my opinion, Donald Trump poses a national security threat for many reasons. From his sheer incompetence to his emotional instability and unprecedented insecurities, I could write an entire book based on … [Read More...]

Trump’s Budget Steals From the Poor and Elderly to Make People Like Him Wealthier

"I’m not going to cut Social Security like every other Republican and I’m not going to cut Medicare or Medicaid." -Donald Trump, May 2015 That's what then-candidate Trump said about supporting cuts … [Read More...]

Trump’s Infrastructure Scam Amounts to a Massive Tax Hike on Poor & Middle Class Americans

While Donald Trump mentioned "rebuilding America's infrastructure" throughout his campaign, he didn't really talk about it all that much during his first year in office. That all changed this past week when he … [Read More...]

People Who Elected a Reality TV Star Want Athletes to Stop Discussing Politics

When it comes to Donald Trump, the GOP, the conservative media, and their supporters, it's not difficult to find glaring examples of jaw-dropping hypocrisy and irony that I might not believe if I wasn't … [Read More...]

Maddow Brilliantly Mocks Trump Administration’s Embarrassingly High Rate of Turnover (Video)

Donald Trump has frequently bragged that he picks "the best people" with whom to surround himself. Throughout his entire campaign he promised that, if elected, he'd surround himself with "the best people" to … [Read More...]

Trump’s Response to Russian Indictments Proves He Couldn’t Care Less About Defending This Country

In a rather stunning, though not-at-all unexpected move, on Friday it was revealed that special counselor Robert Mueller issued indictments for 13 Russians and three Russia-backed agencies for being part of a … [Read More...]

Fox News’ Smith Rips Trump, Conspiracy Theorists Calling Russia Story a ‘Hoax’ After Mueller Indictments (Video)

While most of the on-air talent over at Fox News couldn't seemingly care less about the truth, I've always found Shep Smith to be fair and honest in his reporting. He's also someone who hasn't been afraid to … [Read More...]

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Pastor’s Defense of Roy Moore Preying on the ‘Purity’ of Young Girls is Unbelievable (Audio)

It should come as no surprise that those who've tried to defend Roy Moore have come up with some pretty ridiculous excuses for his behavior. That's what happens when you try to defend the … [Read More...]

Donald Trump & Roy Moore Have Exposed the Disgusting Hypocrisy of ‘Evangelical Christian’ Frauds

With the election of self-admitted sexual predator Donald Trump, and the continued support of alleged child molester Roy Moore, can we finally say, once and for all, that evangelical "Christians" are frauds, … [Read More...]

Trump’s Rise Has Proven Once and For All That Most Republicans Aren’t Christians

Republicans don’t get a lot of things, but they really don’t "get" Christianity — because it’s not what they follow. Sure, they like to claim that they're the "party of Christian values," but there's almost … [Read More...]

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Right Off A Cliff

Out Of Everything Maddening About Trump’s Presidency, This is What Frustrates Me the Most

While talking politics with a progressive friend of mine who often likes to "pick my brain" whenever the subject is broached,  he said what many others have said to me since Donald Trump was elected: Your job … [Read More...]

The One Question That Left My Gun-Loving NRA Friend Completely Speechless

Normally I don't seek out my Republicans friends or family members for political debates because I know doing so is a futile endeavor that's just going to waste my time. However, I made an exception today when … [Read More...]

Arming Teachers is One of the Dumbest Ideas in the History of Dumb Ideas

Like many people reading this I know quite a few people who are currently teachers or were at some point. A high-stress, vastly underpaid (and underappreciated) profession, year after year teachers are burdened … [Read More...]

The Parkland Massacre Has Put the True Depravity of Many Conservatives and Gun Nuts on Full Display

We're now living in a society where it's apparently acceptable to criticize, attack, and push conspiracies against survivors -- most of whom are teenagers -- of a massacre that left 17 human beings … [Read More...]

Dear Trump Supporters: He Doesn’t Give a Damn About You

Alright Trump supporters, let's have a real talk. Do you all really believe Donald Trump gives a damn about you or this country? Do you think if push came to shove and Trump was forced to screw himself over for … [Read More...]

The Next Time Someone Blames Gun Violence Solely on Mental Illness, Show Them This

Like clockwork, whenever there's some high-profile mass shooting that doesn't involve a Muslim shooter, Republicans regurgitate the same three things: "Thoughts and prayers." Claim now is not the time … [Read More...]

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