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Republican Lawmaker: ‘Plausible’ Obama Behind Violence in Charlottesville

Everyone reading this probably knows that conservatives are extremely fond of buying into ridiculous conspiracy theories. The far left certainly isn't immune to this, as I've pointed out before, but over the … [Read More...]

Katrina Pierson Melts Down on Fox News, Leaves Fellow Guest Nearly Speechless (Video)

Even though she's not making news nearly as often as she did during last year's campaign, Katrina Pierson is still out there making herself look like a complete idiot by saying incredibly ridiculous things on a … [Read More...]

One Recent Tweet Perfectly Exemplifies What a Ludicrous Loser Trump Truly Is

Despite most supporters of Donald Trump viewing him as some "tough-talking, confident alpha male," he's nothing of the sort. In fact, he's quite possibly the most fragile, insecure, thin-skinned individual I've … [Read More...]

Fox News’ Shep Smith: Network Couldn’t Find Anyone to Defend Trump (Video)

It's not exactly a secret that Fox News is mostly nothing more than the media propaganda arm of the Republican Party. While there are a couple of people who work for America's most-watched conservative … [Read More...]

Jake Tapper’s Response to Trump’s Jaw-Dropping Insanity on Tuesday was Flawless (Video)

Over the last few months, CNN's Jake Tapper has made quite the name for himself as someone who hasn't shied away from being candid when calling out the never-ending chaos surrounding Donald Trump and his … [Read More...]

Trump’s Tuesday Press Conference Was Bizarre and Repulsive to American Values (Video)

Leave it to Donald Trump to take what should have been one of the easiest moments of his "presidency" -- emphatically denouncing and condemning white supremacy, the KKK, and Nazis -- and completely screw it … [Read More...]

What Trump Didn’t Say About Charlottesville Matters Much More Than What He Did

Midday Saturday I received a text from a buddy of mine, someone who isn't a fan of Donald Trump, saying he was giving the "president" credit for speaking out about the chaos that took place in Charlottesville, … [Read More...]

Republican Lawmaker’s Unbelievable Hypocrisy Absolutely Stuns MSNBC Hosts (Video)

As I've said before, when people are forced to defend the indefensible, that's when the excuses they come up with start to become preposterous. Such as Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ) arguing that Robert … [Read More...]

Without a Doubt, Thursday Was One of The Most Insane Days of Trump’s Presidency

To be honest, on most days, I could have written an in-depth article about each and every one of the following issues I'm about to discuss -- that's how completely insane Thursday's news cycle has … [Read More...]

New Humiliating Report Reveals What European Officials Really Think of Trump

Even though supporters of Donald Trump refuse to believe that he's turned the United States into a laughingstock, that doesn't change the fact that he most definitely has. Since he was sworn into office, our … [Read More...]

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Donald Trump Epitomizes the Republican Perversion of Real Christian Values

For years I've written about my belief that most Republicans aren't Christians. As a Christian myself, I'm offended by these hypocrites who've warped and distorted my faith. This is a political party supported … [Read More...]

Donald Trump Has Once and For All Exposed Many Republicans as “Christian” Frauds

I've made no secret of my disdain concerning the Republican claim that they're the party for "Christian values." This is a party that pushes hate, fear, racism, bigotry and vilifies the poor while absurdly … [Read More...]

So, I Decided to Respond to a Christian Friend’s Pro-Donald Trump Post

While I normally don't comment on too many political things my friends and family post on social media, I've made a bit of an exception for this election. All I've really been doing is fact checking and … [Read More...]

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Right Off A Cliff

Here’s Why Pushing for Trump’s Impeachment is the Wrong Strategy

A day doesn't go by where I'm not inundated with comments, messages, or people on my Twitter timeline calling for Donald Trump's impeachment. I've even written a couple of articles where I've expressed my … [Read More...]

Dear Republicans: What the Hell Happened to You All?

By our nature, progressives and conservatives are always going to disagree on many issues. That's fine as long as those disagreements are based on a subjective take on factual information. There's nothing wrong … [Read More...]

I Have a Few Words for the Fake Republican Outrage Over Trump’s Racism

I haven't given Donald Trump credit for much, and for good reason. However, one thing I will admit is that he is who he is. Despite the fact that he's a pathologically-lying con artist who's almost never honest … [Read More...]

The Analogy That Left a Trump Supporter Defending His Racism Speechless

For the most part, I avoid political debates with personal friends and family members who I know aren't very sensible. I've found that if you want to keep these people in your life, it's best to avoid … [Read More...]

5 Words the Media Needs to Start Using When Describing Donald Trump

Even though I have my issues with how the mainstream media covers Donald Trump, I fully understand that folks who work for media entities such as ABC News, CNN, MSNBC, The Washington Post, and The New York … [Read More...]

Lost in All of Trump’s Lies, He’s Been Proven Right About One Key To His Success

It's not every day you'll see me say Donald Trump was right about anything (mostly because he rarely ever tells the truth), but when he called his supporters mindless idiots who'd support him no matter what he … [Read More...]

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