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Everything Facebook’s Doing to Combat Fake News is Only Making the Problem Worse

I'm a nobody, therefore I never expect to be face to face with Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg to discuss the best way his company can go about combating the epidemic of fake news that gets posted and shared on social media. In … [Read More...]

Summarizing Trump’s Defense for Links to Multiple Potential Crimes: I’m Incompetent

For a man who likes to have his name on damn near everything in which he's involved, and doesn't hesitate to try to take credit for any positive news he can spin to make himself look good, even when he has nothing to do with … [Read More...]

Rick Wilson Hilariously Mocks Mike Pence’s Embarrassing Flattery of Trump (Video)

While most of our attention is focused on Donald Trump and his ever-growing list of scandals, controversies, and disgusting behavior -- with many people calling for him to be impeached -- a lot of people seem to be forgetting … [Read More...]

Even Trump’s Innocuous Tweets Seem to Prove His Cluelessness

It's no secret that Donald Trump loves Twitter. Like a petulant tween desperately using social media to get attention, Trump's Twitter tantrums have become a daily embarrassment. That said, one tweet he sent out on … [Read More...]

5 Reasons Why Donald Trump’s Bullsh*t is So Difficult for Rational People to Combat

It should come as no surprise that most of the political questions I've been asked by people over the last couple of years revolve around Donald Trump. They tend to follow a pattern of bewilderment by those who -- like most … [Read More...]

Top Fox News Legal Analyst: Devin Nunes Putting U.S. at Risk Playing Politics with Classified Intel (Video)

How Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) still has a job -- or at least isn't currently under investigation -- is baffling. As the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, he's spent the last year serving as Donald Trump's stooge … [Read More...]

Why Our Enemies Might be Trying to Help Make Donald Trump Look Good

Since Donald Trump's election in 2016, a lot hasn't seemed right. The fact that such a horrific human being could ascend to the highest office in our land is still an embarrassing disgrace. However, something else more … [Read More...]

With One Move, Trump Destroyed the Credibility of the United States

There's a saying I'm sure most people reading this have heard that a person is only as good as their word. Well, following Donald Trump's announcement that the United States will be openly violating the agreement we struck … [Read More...]

There’s Only One Reason Why Trump Has Decided to Violate the Iran Nuclear Deal

Anyone who was surprised by yesterday's news that Donald Trump will violate the nuclear deal with Iran obviously hasn't been paying attention. Since the moment he took office, it wasn't a matter of if this was going to happen … [Read More...]

This is a Simple Trick Republicans Use to Con Millions of Americans Into Supporting Them

I had a friend ask me the other day why it seems like Republicans "win" more often than Democrats despite the fact that they're obviously the party with out-of-date ideas, heavily fueled by racism/bigotry, and they're clearly … [Read More...]

Trump’s Comments on Giuliani Show How Ignorant Someone Has to Be to Believe Anything He Says

I wish I had more respect for supporters of Donald Trump -- I really do. But I simply can't respect them when they continue to believe this "president" is an honest and trustworthy person. Just a couple of days ago … [Read More...]

Dear Media: Stop Saying Sarah Huckabee Sanders ‘Lost Credibility’ — She’s Never Had Any

Following Thursday's rather disastrous press conference where White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was forced to answer questions concerning Donald Trump's lies about the Stormy Daniels payout, I've seen … [Read More...]

GOP Rep. on Stormy Daniels Scandal: If Obama Had Done This ‘We’d Be Waving a Bloody Shirt Right Now’ (Video)

It's not every day that we get some candid truth from a Republican, but that did happen on Thursday when Rep. Charlie Dent (R-PA) told CNN that the GOP reaction to a Democrat being accused of lying about paying off an adult … [Read More...]

Bush’s NSA Chief: Republicans Will Never Impeach Trump, Even if Mueller Proves He’s a Criminal (Audio)

It's not exactly a secret that the vast majority of the GOP has been absolutely spineless when it comes to standing up to Donald Trump. Even some of the few who have spoken out against him, such as Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN), … [Read More...]

Nicolle Wallace Perfectly Mocks Trump: He Goes Through Lawyers Faster Than Wives (Video)

Despite being a Republican, MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace is definitely no fan of Donald Trump. One of the few conservatives who've refused to sell out to our country's biggest national embarrassment, Wallace is one of this … [Read More...]

Trump’s Former Quack Doctor Plays the Victim, Spills the Beans on Trump’s BS (Video)

Last summer I wrote an article where I said that Donald Trump was really no different than an organized crime boss. He's someone who always claims everyone is out to get him, always denies he's done anything wrong, and often … [Read More...]

Trump Supporter ‘Outrage’ Over WH Correspondents’ Dinner Further Proves They’re Hypocritical Snowflakes

By now most people reading this have probably heard that there was quite a bit of controversy following Michelle Wolf's performance at this year's White House Correspondents' Dinner. Personally, I didn't care for it. … [Read More...]

Sen. Marco Rubio Admits Trickle-Down Economics is a Scam

Most folks reading this are probably aware of what the term "trickle-down economics" means. It's the belief held by some that cutting taxes for the rich will result in a "trickle-down effect" to average Americans by way of … [Read More...]

Proving He’s Sick and Lacks the Ability to Feel Empathy, Trump Criticizes Paralympians: ‘Tough to Watch’ (Video)

In the past I've written and talked about how Donald Trump's clear lack of the ability to feel empathy makes him a very dangerous individual. Someone in his position, with as much power as he has, needs to have the ability to … [Read More...]

No, Donald Trump Doesn’t Get Credit for Peace Talks Between North and South Korea

As much as I absolutely loathe Donald Trump, I'm not someone who changes the rules on how I view things simply because reality and facts don't back up what I want to be real or true. To me, being a progressive is about … [Read More...]

CNN Analyst Mocks Trump’s Constant Attacks on DOJ: ‘You Hired Them!’ (Video)

It's not exactly a secret that Donald Trump doesn't take the blame, or any sort of personal responsibility, for anything. Case in point, Trump's asinine -- and constant -- whining about the Department of Justice that's … [Read More...]

Trump Supporters ‘Diamond’ and ‘Silk’ Called Out for Lying During Congressional Hearing (Video)

Lynette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson, better known as "Diamond and Silk," are two social media figures who've made quite the name for themselves being extremely vocal supporters of Donald Trump. The two are facing … [Read More...]

Trump’s Insane Fox & Friends Interview Proves He’s Scared and Losing It More Every Day (Video)

Okay, okay -- to be fair, Donald Trump lost it a long time ago. In fact, I'm not even sure he's ever "had it" to begin with. A neurotic, self-absorbed narcissist, Trump's spent the vast majority of his life obsessing about … [Read More...]

French President’s Speech to Congress Was a Huge ‘Middle Finger’ to Donald Trump (Video)

If you have some time I would highly recommend that you watch French President Emmanuel Macron's speech he gave to Congress on Wednesday. Not only was it a fantastic speech, but it's a great reminder that, while we might be … [Read More...]

Karl Rove’s Advice to Donald Trump: Stop Acting Like You’re Guilty (Video)

Since Donald Trump's rise to the top of the GOP, and eventually the White House, the attitude from his supporters is either you're 100 percent on board with him or you're "out to get him." That sentiment is constantly … [Read More...]

Top Fox News Legal Analyst: Comey’s Memos Weren’t Classified but are Damning for Trump if True (Video)

Despite having a history of saying some rather absurd things, including apparently being the main "source" for Donald Trump's accusations that Barack Obama had his building illegally wiretapped, Fox News legal analyst Andrew … [Read More...]

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