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Trump and Other Hypocritical Conservatives Bashing CNN’s Retraction are Out of Their Damn Minds

One thing that's certain in life is that nobody's perfect. At some point or another, some of us much more often than others, we're going to make mistakes. Of course, some mistakes are worse than … [Read More...]

Trump’s Neurotic Obsession Goes off the Rails During Tuesday Tweeting Tantrum

I know writing about a Twitter tantrum Donald Trump's gone on seems rather redundant, but as long he continues to use social media as his main form of communication, as long as his daily meltdowns are relevant, … [Read More...]

Paul Ryan Brags About Trumpcare Giving People a ‘Choice’ to Live or Die (Video)

Without a doubt, Donald Trump is the dominant figure in today's political world. Unfortunately, for all the wrong reasons. That's bound to happen when a completely incompetent, emotionally unstable … [Read More...]

Conservative Analyst Cracks Up at Suggestion Trump’s ‘Matured’ (Video)

Since much of Donald Trump's behavior is completely indefensible, yet many Republicans have chosen to try to support him anyway, it's created an environment where I've heard some of the most asinine excuses for … [Read More...]

Morning Joe Hilariously Mocks Trump’s Unhinged Obama Obsession (Video)

You know we're living in strange times when MSNBC's "Morning Joe" Joe Scarborough seems like a rational moderate when compared to today's Republican Party. Especially when you consider that, not too long ago, … [Read More...]

Father’s Moving Story of Young Son’s Death Showcases How Trumpcare Could Kill People

I make no qualms concerning my position that health care should be a right, not a privilege. I don't believe that a person's ability to take care of their own health, or that of their family, should be based … [Read More...]

Trump Completely Melts Down in Humiliating Monday Twitter Rant

Donald Trump's behavior has always been rather erratic and neurotic, but it's never been as bad as we've seen it over the last few weeks. As the on-going investigations into his campaign's ties to Russia (as … [Read More...]

Trump Lashes Out at Obama in Embarrassing Saturday Afternoon Rant

Among the many things Donald Trump is, one of them is most definitely a blatant hypocrite who doesn't feel as if he should be held to the same standards as everyone else -- including those he personally … [Read More...]

Judge Sanctions Head of Trump’s ‘Voter Fraud Commission’ for ‘Deceptive Conduct’

While Donald Trump continues his whining about the "witch hunt" he claims is being orchestrated by everyone from Barack Obama, to the U.S. intelligence community and even his own Justice Department, an actual … [Read More...]

Trump’s Stupidity on Full Display, Essentially Confirms Comey Told the Truth (Video)

Donald Trump's incredibly lucky he's supported by millions of gullible people who are too ignorant to realize what a con man he truly is. Otherwise he wouldn't be able to get away with many of the ridiculous … [Read More...]

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Donald Trump Epitomizes the Republican Perversion of Real Christian Values

For years I've written about my belief that most Republicans aren't Christians. As a Christian myself, I'm offended by these hypocrites who've warped and distorted my faith. This is a political party supported … [Read More...]

Donald Trump Has Once and For All Exposed Many Republicans as “Christian” Frauds

I've made no secret of┬ámy disdain concerning the Republican claim that they're the party for "Christian values." This is a party that pushes hate, fear, racism, bigotry and vilifies the poor while absurdly … [Read More...]

So, I Decided to Respond to a Christian Friend’s Pro-Donald Trump Post

While I normally don't comment on too many political things my friends and family post on social media, I've made a bit of an exception for this election. All I've really been doing is fact checking and … [Read More...]

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Right Off A Cliff

Republicans: Defenders of the Rich, Pushers of Hate, Bigotry, & Fake Christianity

The modern day Republican Party is a cesspool of most of the worst aspects of humanity. It's an organization that preys on fear, paranoia, hate, bigotry, and religious manipulate with some faux "patriotism" … [Read More...]

The Conservative Media is Mostly Nothing but Con Artists, Frauds, & Sociopaths

When most people think of the "conservative media," the first names or sources that come to mind are likely Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Bill O'Reilly, and Ann Coulter. Granted there are … [Read More...]

Exposing the Truth About One of the Main Cornerstones of Conservative Hypocrisy

When it comes to pushing propaganda and manipulating their supporters into being blind, can't-think-for-themselves hypocrites, almost nobody does it better than conservatives and the right-wing media. Like true … [Read More...]

I Have a Few Words for Jill Stein and The Green Party

I am absolutely sick and tired of this "holier than thou/idealistic purity" bullshit from the Green "Tea" Party. These folks aren't bringing effective, constructive dialog and debate to the left -- they're … [Read More...]

How Trump’s Silence, Especially on Twitter, is Another Way He Pushes Hate

Whether any of us like it or not, and even as much of a running joke as it's become on some level, Donald Trump's use of Twitter is still significant. No matter how his administration, or even his lawyers, want … [Read More...]

8 Tips for Debating Trump Supporters Which Will Leave Them Baffled

While I don't suggest doing it often, I understand there are times in our lives where, inevitably, almost everyone reading this is going to find themselves in a debate with a supporter of Donald Trump. At one … [Read More...]

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