10 Conservatives who Make Me Question My Faith in Humanity

headdeskWe’re all guilty of saying some pretty dumb things from time to time. The left isn’t exempt. However, it seems like lately I’ve come across a lot of pretty idiotic things that conservatives have said and done, which has truly made me question my faith in humanity. Sometimes it feels like I’m in an episode of The Newsroom:

“Ideological purity. Compromise as weakness. A fundamentalist belief in scriptural literalism. Denying science. Unmoved by facts. Undeterred by new information. A hostile fear of progress. A demonization of education. A need to control women’s bodies. Severe xenophobia. Tribal mentality. Intolerance of dissent. Pathological hatred of the U.S. government.”

Unfortunately, the truth is always stranger than fiction.

Also,  for the purposes of this article, I am NOT referring to statements made by elected officials; these are quotes from random people who I assume are American, but can’t be certain. But, in all fairness, I will acknowledge that elected Democrats and Republicans have both said some pretty dumb things in the past. This, however, is NOT what this article is about.

Are we clear on that? Of course we’re not. Guaranteed at least one person (probably more) will post a Bidenism in the comments like, “”Look, John’s last-minute economic plan does nothing to tackle the number-one job facing the middle class, and it happens to be, as Barack says, a three-letter word: jobs. J-O-B-S, jobs.” So, I’ll save you the trouble – here’s a whole list.

Moving on… in no particular order…

1. The guy who lives in Texas but has no clue where the state capital is.

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2. The woman who believes that 15,000 troops were capable of arriving in the US from Russia without every media outlet in the country covering the story.

Author Unknown. Edited by facebook.com/politicallypreposterous

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3. The guy who 1st circulated this patently false rumor around the internet (and everyone else that believed it).

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4. The Tea Party guy who wants to file a class action lawsuit against homosexuality.

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5. The person who put this blatant lie on his van.

6. The woman who doesn’t understand the law… or that President Obama is not an OB/GYN.

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7. The guy that clearly slept through civics class.

Revenues (taxes) are raised and lowered by pieces of legislation that start as bills and then are passed into laws.

8. This guy…. ’nuff said.

Posted on a conservative Facebook page.

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9. The woman who thinks a pregnant, diabetic woman fainting while President Obama is speaking is a “mind control” conspiracy.

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 10. The guy that’s just plainly and overtly racist.

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Ilyssa Fuchs

Ilyssa Fuchs is an attorney, freelance writer, and activist from New York City, who holds both a juris doctor and a political science degree. She is the founder of the popular Facebook page Politically Preposterous and a blog of the same name. Follow Ilyssa on Twitter @IlyssaFuchs, and be sure to check out her archives on Forward Progressives as well!


Facebook comments

  • bartap

    On number 7, the Supreme Court ruled that the ACA was a tax (which is how Roberts found his way to deeming it constitutional).

    • adcbeast

      Except the ACA …. IS … a LAW ….

    • Ilyssa

      A TAX IS A FORM OF A LAW!!! You need to go learn civics!

      • Angela Walker

        A tax is not a form of law, pumpkin. Jeez. I know the right wing media has been feeding you that idea and you apparently swallowed it eagerly. Check what Al Hubbard below said and then go buy yourself a few books on how government works. 😀

      • Clint Notestine

        “A” law “A” law “A” law Federal Insurance Contributions Act is a tax!!!! laws can TAX people. and im pro taxes

      • Ilyssa

        Ummm I’m a lawyer and what you just said is pretty dumb. All taxes are raised and lowered through pieces of legislation aka laws. In this case the individual mandate is part of a law and that part of the law is a tax. You need to go buy yourself some books on government if you believe anything otherwise.

      • Ilyssa

        Also the right wing? I’m a liberal blogger and a political scientist on top of being a lawyer. I’ve spent 10+ years studying and writing about law and politics. I find it offensive and utterly ridiculous that this simple concept that all taxes come from laws eludes people. Let’s get the record straight once and for all. All revenue raising bills (taxes) are pieces of legislation. They must be passed by both houses and signed into law by the President. No different than any other law. It’s not brain science.

      • StuntManMike

        Can you tell me where the legislation mandating income tax is located and when it was passed?

      • Ilyssa

        Revenue Act of 1913. Google it… or just google 1913 income tax law… If I post a link in the comments it won’t work.

      • Brian Frang

        Are you high? Of course taxes are laws. That’s why you can go to jail for not paying them. Because paying taxes is the law. That’s like saying that an ale isn’t a type of beer.

      • Donna Cox

        OOO, you got told!

    • Al Hubbard

      No. the SCOTUS determined that the individual Mandate (part of the ACA Law) is a tax and therefore legal and constitutional. The ACA is law and was passed by Congress and signed by the President.

    • TerriGeer

      What was ruled a tax was the fee imposed if you don’t have health insurance by the end of 2014. And that is part of the ACA law.

  • MonaLS

    The “patch” on the pregnant woman’s arm could be part of a continuous monitoring system for interstitial glucose levels.

    • mickey

      or maybe she could pick up mental waves from the prez telling her to faint. lol

      • David Schoelen

        No. They secretly pasted it on her when she went through the security check. I saw something similar in the movie Wolverine when the host guy made Wolverine drink this robot spider thing that sapped his powers. She was a patsy so Obama could look like a hero.

      • Dale Allen Platt

        I sincerely hope your joking!
        If not, you are what this article is All about!

      • Ilyssa

        I’m pretty positive he’s joking.

      • Sam Brosenberg

        He didn’t trink it, the evil doctor slipped it into his body via CPR. Get your facts straight! lol

    • Sherry

      Or a Hello Kitty Bandage from where she bumped her elbow that morning…

  • Angela Walker

    Oh the humanity!

  • Adalberto Cervantes Rodriguez

    Calderon and Fox used the international legal and illegal security network in USA and
    Mexico against me, after a comment on line in Excelsior and Universal about the
    issue of two plagiarisms of Fox in Mexico at Universidad Iberoamericana for hic
    Bachelor´s degree and also in his thesis presented at an American University
    for his PhD. It was long time ago but since then he has been using the
    international legal and illegal security network in USA and Mexico against me
    for almost three years, as a personal issue. Also I used to work in Hildebrando,
    Calderon´s family business and both of them decided to use this international
    legal and illegal security network in USA and Mexico against me because of my comments on line about the plagiarism of Fox using government documents as Theses. The Lazies are winning over the world. They only copy or stole the copyrights of others. The Lazies are using fake educational level. They do not have any degree.

    • lj


    • Wayne Bassett

      ok…Can anyone explain what is being said here? Anyone? Please…

      • Steve Wascher

        I gave up after 3 or 4 sentences.

    • shopper

      So many words that say nothing that makes sense……..??????????

    • Taperat

      I’m a psychology major and this sounds like schizophasia, or ‘word salad’ to me. It’s a common symptom of psychosis, so lj’s prescription isn’t far off. Maybe start out on something less potent.

      • Steve Wascher

        IDK, haldol sounds like a good idea for that guy.

      • JoeBS

        But I’m enjoying his crazy. If you give him drugs, he might stop.

    • tom lowe

      Hell, you are as dumb as a board.

  • Adalberto Cervantes Rodriguez

    Indian IT companies were invited by Calderon, to start their frauds in PEMEX, The Indian consultants monopolized the project in SAP, no mexican was involved in this project. It smells fishy and with tax money worse. No a mexican american involved in the project. Smell like a fraud with tax money. Indians work together and they protect each other, but they do not support other kind of people that could disagree with them, allowing that the fraud in government and Corporates. No indian alone has done a complete implementation os SAP in LATAM, You do not know spanish well, legal requirements, you do not know the economic system. I do not want LATAM to suffer as USA for all these IT fraudsThis is a international problem, Corporates supporter for IT indian companies are not paying taxes legally as it suppossed to be made. Countries should look for the consultants to put them in jail. This is like FOBAPROA in Mexico, Obama copied it from Mexico. This is a total fraud- The bail out is totally a fraud. Americans believe to much in their government, Another fraud.

    • lj


  • Adalberto Cervantes Rodriguez

    NSA, CIA applying high tech against Mexican and USA citizens. Full implementation of the NSA system to have in place the Fake New Order in Mexico and USA. Several countries are behind China, India, Germany among others .The NSA system is a diabolic system created by lazies, science was not applied at all and it is done by high school workers without educative documents. It is a system that eats other systems like television, radio, internet, telephone among others. Attacks several targets at the same time using CIA techniques of dealing with different groups. This system protects operations of the agencies including in the system, it is not only USA, but also India that supplied more of the technical support. Indians is kind of race without ethic at all. Everything is in real time. Its weakness is the low level of technology used, because IT science was not applied, because they preferred domination of the technicians. Again the son that it is hated by illuminaties, indians, homosexual and CIA ter We have to be careful with the media, banks specially owned by Jewish and Islamo Nazis Be united to stop the illuminaties in Mexico

    • lj


    • Mark

      I didn’t order the word salad.

    • JoeBS

      Somebody’s been watching Person of Interest.

      Question: If this “system” is really running everything, then why do you call it a “Fake New Order?” Seems to me the order in charge is pretty much the REAL New Order.

    • TerriGeer

      Other than the fact that you have misspelled quite a few of the lables, the ACA covers mental health care. I suggest you use it instead of reposting cut and paste scripts.

  • Adalberto Cervantes Rodriguez

    The CIA is helping mexican, indian, chinese illuminaties to destroy our economy to be millionaires
    The CIA supports Dictators of course to be millionaires.
    Obama has to be in jail with all their CIA partners. International justice. They are millionaires killing people and making frauds.NSA and other agencies are to protect their own criminal acts, they are getting millionair making frauds and killing. La CIA is starting to control everything in Mexico and USA to hide their killings in both countries. They are making a lot of money for their families only. Really a lot of money for theses lazies for their criminal acts..They are millioners for their crimes had done. It is Istlamo Nazi pólice already on place and ready, that it is the only job done by Obama, he does not care about americans

    • lj


      • Sue Roediger

        off your meds?

    • Steve Wascher


    • handsomejack47

      That’s nice, dear.

    • JoeBS

      LOL – “La CIA.”

      I think that’s the name of a street in downtown L.A.

  • Darrell West

    Help Us All Lord.

  • I hope the right wing conspiracy that Obama has FEMA camps ready and waiting is true so the wingnuts can be rounded up and stored there until we say they can come out.

    • Collean

      How about we just put a fence (something electrified) around Colorado and store all the wingnuts there.

      • Tracy Higgins Slager

        I think we should store them in Arizona. Colorado is such a nice state.. and the wingers would have such a fit being housed in a pot friendly state.

      • handsomejack47

        Just be sure to keep them away from Tucson, because we’re not batshit crazy like the rest of the state.

      • TerriGeer

        Since I have family in both states, and will be living in NM, lets not. 😉

      • As long as they’re stored in coolers in Colorado I’m all for it!

      • CherMoe

        How about Texas? Maybe it’s big enough to hold all the wackos from the red states and the gun slingers from the rest!

  • Personally I think the majority of these are Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar’s children. Wouldn’t surprise me a bit.