10 Conspiracy Theories That Prove Republicans Think Obama is the Most Powerful Human Who’s Ever Lived

president-obama-11While looking through a few articles today, I ventured down into the comments section of several of the ones I read. It’s typically something I avoid doing because often the stupidity that quickly takes over the comments section on most articles is maddening. If it’s not the “trolls” out there just trying to validate their existence by ticking people off, it’s the people who are so mentally disturbed it’s shocking that they’re not locked up in a mental hospital.

But while perusing through some of these comments sections, I couldn’t help but notice how many conservatives seem to honestly believe that the first case of Ebola found in the United States is somehow linked to President Obama. I read outlandish comments that suggested he brought him into Texas to “wipe out conservatives in the South,” or others who believed the government was lying about this individual flying over here from Africa to cover up the “fact” that he’s really an illegal Mexican immigrant.

It never ceases to amaze me how evil and powerful conservatives think President Obama is. Honestly, if you listen to these people, he belongs in the same category as Hitler and Stalin – only much more powerful.

There’s seemingly an endless list of conspiracy theories linked to the president. I think it’s clear, conservatives seem to believe that Obama is the most powerful human who’s ever lived.

In fact, I decided I’d list 10 conspiracies theories to prove my point.

1) He became president even though he’s not really an American: Somehow President Obama managed to forge two different forms of his birth certificate; a birth announcement from over 40 years ago; fool every government intelligence agency that could easily verify his citizenship; and get countless officials (both federal and in Hawaii) behind the scenes to go along with this ruse.

2) He rigs our monthly jobs reports to make himself look better: Yes, a man who has no connections to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics managed to infiltrate the process by which they calculate jobs numbers so that they would make the economy look better on his watch. And he’s done this for nearly six years without a single member of the BLS exposing his deceit.

3) He faked the death of Osama bin Laden: Not only did he fake his death, but he got al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden to go along with this hoax, considering Osama hasn’t been heard from since 2011 and the terrorist group confirmed he had been killed by American forces.

4) He’s going to confiscate our guns: Any day now it’s going to happen… just watch. Actually, the fact he hasn’t confiscated our guns, or passed any laws to control gun violence, is all part of his master plan to take our guns – during his third term as president…

5) He’s going to run for a third term as president: Considering that this would take a massive change to our Constitution, or an even bigger violation of it, this would prove just how powerful he truly is. I guess we’ll find out soon when he announces he’s seeking another term as president.

6) He’s working with the Muslim Brotherhood: And he’s managed to hide any and all ties, visits, communications and intelligence swaps with the group from every single intelligence agency we have. Oh, I know how he’s done that. He’s managed to seize complete control over every intelligence gathering agency we have to ensure that his dastardly ties to the Muslim Brotherhood will never be found out. Makes sense now.

7) He faked the 8 million Obamacare sign ups: But he didn’t just fake these millions of sign ups. He then conspired to make 7.2 million Americans actually pay for these health care policies.

8) He’s responsible for millions of jobs being lost: But not only that, he managed to cause the economic crash that was responsible for those millions of lost jobs nearly a full year before he was even elected.

9) He’s covered up the truth about Benghazi: Though he didn’t just cover up the truth about Benghazi, he also got the Republican-led House Intelligence Committee to help cover up his lies by officially finding in their investigation that there was no conspiracy to cover up what happened that night.

10) Is soft on illegal immigration and encouraging illegal immigrants to come here so they’ll vote for Democrats: This one is good. Somehow he’s managed to be historically “soft” on illegal immigration, while currently being on a pace to deport more illegal immigrants than any president in history. He also apparently forced George W. Bush to sign the 2008 law that determines how we must treat immigrants from non-contiguous countries. And I’m absolutely certain he’s the one who caused more illegal immigrants to come here in the 80’s during Reagan’s administration than during his own.

And honestly, these 10 only scratch the surface. There are so many others that it’s really impossible to keep up with. From the IRS, to climate change to his falsifying school records while in college. There’s seemingly no end to the list of outrageous conspiracies conservatives have come up with as it relates to President Obama.

Which leads to only one conclusion: Republicans think President Obama is the most powerful human who’s ever lived.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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