10 Facts Republicans Don’t Want Voters Realizing Following Trump’s ‘Hot Mic’ Moment

While Donald Trump’s disgusting comments about women have made most of the headlines, I’ve pivoted away from that a bit, heaping my scorn toward the spineless Republicans who are now pretending to suddenly posses some sort of moral compass that prevents them from supporting him.

I no longer respect either Trump or the GOP, but at least he’s fairly transparent and open about being exactly who he is — an egotistical, sexist, vile, racist, probable sociopath. The only people saying they’re “shocked” by Trump’s comments are those who either haven’t been paying attention — or they’re lying.

Nobody who’s been following Trump over the last few years, and especially during his campaign, should be surprised that he said these comments about women.

But the truth is, Republicans don’t want voters really thinking about the party’s involvement in all of this for several reasons.

1. While they might not have known about the comments from 2005, he’s made plenty of sick comments during interviews throughout his life — especially on Howard Stern’s show — that they most certainly knew about. The GOP is well aware of Trump’s sexism and his less than “conservative” interactions with women throughout his life.

2. The likely reason they didn’t bring out any of this during the GOP primary is because they were afraid it wouldn’t matter, he’d still win, and they’d be left supporting someone they publicly tried to bring down (via other GOP candidates) with claims of sexual harassment, sexism and lewd comments toward women.

Because of his popularity, they really had no choice but to avoid bringing it up, hoping that someone might be able to defeat him during the primary.

3. If this video didn’t exist, and it was just some random woman saying she heard Trump say these things/do these things to her, they’d be rushing to his defense, painting her as a liar sent by the Clinton campaign to slander Trump.

4. Part of the reason why several Republicans are pushing for him to end his campaign (it’s too late to get any other candidate’s name on the ballot) is because the party is actually afraid he could still win — then they’d have to openly support him no matter what. Their only real “hope” right now is for him to lose, then do their best to act like he was a fluke, not a true representation of millions of their voter’s values.

5. Most of the Republicans pulling their endorsements are more worried about how Trump’s comments might impact their careers, they don’t really care about what he said.

6. While it’s the most outright grotesque thing we have evidence of Trump saying, it has competition for being the worst thing he’s done that we know about. Mocking a disabled reporter; degrading POWs as “not heroes”; attacking Gold Star parents; lying about how much money he had raised for vets until he was busted by the media; and accusing an American-born federal judge of being unable to do his job because of his Mexican heritage are all awful — yet most of them endorsed him anyway.

7. They happily embraced Trump no matter what he did, for years, with most of their politicians seeking out his endorsement prior to running for president this year.

8. Don’t forget, in mid-September, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus (the same man who defended Trump’s sexism a few months ago), publicly threatened the careers of Republicans who were still refusing to endorse the GOP’s candidate.

9. Donald Trump once tweeted that the military should have “expected” sexual assault cases to rise when they mixed men and women, which seems to fit in very well with his apparent belief that men have the right to sexually assault women whenever they feel like it — because they can’t control themselves.

10. This is the party that claims it’s driven by “Christian values” that has as its presidential candidate someone who:

  • Has cheated on at least one wife.
  • Was just discovered on video admitted to at least trying to cheat on his current wife (the same year they were married), with a married women.
  • Believes he has the right to sexually assault women.
  • Has been divorced two times.
  • Is on his third marriage.
  • Has five children with three different women.
  • Appeared in a soft-core adult movie.
  • Told Howard Stern that it would be okay to call his daughter a nice “piece of ass.”
  • Said flat-chested women can never be a “10.”
  • Called a former Miss Universe “disgusting,” said her weight was a “real problem,” and told his Twitter followers to go watch her non-existent sex tape.
  • Told a female contestant on The Apprentice that she would look good on her knees.
  • Said a woman came at him “like a b*tch.”
  • Basically called Carly Fiorina ugly.
  • Sent out a tweet where he mocked Ted Cruz’s wife’s looks.
  • Called Rosie O’Donnell “fat” and “disgusting.”
  • Has avoided rumors that sealed inside his divorce documents from his first wife are allegations that he raped her while they were married.

And those are just some of the things related to Donald Trump and his treatment of women as the candidate for the “party of Christian values.”

If you want a more extensive list showing how vile he is, click here.

So, while Republicans are scrambling to put out the party’s PR dumpster fire known as the Trump campaign, don’t let them fool you, these are ten facts (though there are more) that they really don’t want voters thinking about.

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Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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