10 Indisputable Facts that Debunk Nearly Every Ridiculous Gun Nut Talking Point

When it comes to the debate over gun and gun regulations, there’s a whole lot of garbage propaganda that gets used by pro-gun fanatics to try to defend their positions. For instance, their claim that guns have nothing to do with gun violence, that anyone pushing for sensible gun regulations is trying to destroy the Second Amendment, and (my favorite) “the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun.” Odds are everyone reading this has heard these (and many others) uttered by people who are staunchly against any new gun reforms.

At the heart of this irrational obsession with guns is the fact that this attitude is fueled by the NRA, the conservative media and the billions of dollars the gun lobby has spent over the last few decades buying the Republican party. This creates a problem considering tens of millions of Americans in this country view these three as credible sources of information, however, none of them will report on indisputable facts about guns and gun regulations that don’t support their pro-gun propaganda.

So, I thought I’d list a few of these indisputable facts that these fanatical pro-gun folks hope tens of millions of Americans never hear about.

1. Conservative hero and icon Ronald Reagan supported the 1994 ban on assault weapons that gun fanatics and most Republicans now vehemently oppose: They can try to spin it however they want, but the “go-to guy” Republicans worship would actually be on the side of Democrats, liberals and President Obama when it came to the fight to ban military-style assault weapons.

2. Nine of the ten states that lead the country in gun-related homicides per capita are pro-gun, “red” states: So much for the argument that gun regulations do nothing but increase the likelihood of gun violence while lax gun laws keep people safer.

3. The majority of Americans support banning military-style assault weapons: Sorry gun fanatics, but 57 percent of Americans think selling these guns should be against the law.

4. Ronald Reagan signed the law that banned fully-automatic weapons: Yes, not only did Reagan support the 1994 ban, but he was the president who signed off on extremely tight regulations on fully-automatic weapons that make them nearly impossible to obtain.

5. Reagan’s ban on fully-automatic weapons actually proves gun regulations do work: If a psychopathic mass murder had their choice between a fully-automatic and a semi-automatic, which do you think they’d pick? Most likely the fully-automatic. However, you almost never hear about gun-related homicides involving fully-automatic weapons. That’s because the tight restrictions we place upon fully-automatic weapons makes them nearly impossible to get — proving that gun regulations work.

6. Pretty much everyone supports expanding background checks to include all gun purchases: Around 90 percent of Americans support requiring a background check for all gun purchases. In a country that’s often as divided as ours, you do not see 90 percent of Americans agree on much. Yet, 9 in 10 Americans believe that every gun purchase should require a background check.

7. Gun regulations aren’t an infringement on the Second Amendment: Technically, the Second Amendment doesn’t specifically say “guns” — just “arms.” So, if you really wanted to go by the word-for-word text of the amendment, any kind of “arms” (aka weapons) should be allowed, right? Wouldn’t a “well-regulated” militia defending a state (at least in this modern day and age) need things like missiles, RPGs, tanks and other extremely dangerous “arms”? Yet, ordinary citizens can’t own these things and “bad guys” aren’t roaming the streets with them. We already heavily regulate the Second Amendment to keep specific types of “arms” from being owned by ordinary civilians — even guns (See #4 and #5) — because certain types of weapons should be regulated. 

8. A “bad guy with a gun” and a “good guy with a gun” look identical until bullets start flying: I live in Texas which is one of many states that allows its citizens to openly carry guns. That means it’s perfectly legal for someone to stroll down the street strapped with a fully-loaded AR-15. So, if I placed ten people side-by-side, all carrying a loaded AR-15, how would I spot a “bad guy” from a “good guy” before the “bad guy” opened fire? When someone can rationally answer this question for me, I’ll come back and delete it off this list.

9. The “good guy” stopping a “bad guy with a gun” is a myth: According to the FBI, between 2000-2013, only 3 percent of active shootings ended with a “good guy with a gun” stopping the “bad guy” — yet 20 percent were stopped by people who didn’t have a gun. Yeah, there’s really not a whole lot I need to add to that.

10. Australia passed strict guns laws in 1996 that also prove that strict regulations do work: Following the Port Arthur mass shooting in 1996, Australia banned certain types of guns — and hasn’t had a single mass shooting in the 20 years since. However, in the 18 years before the ban, they had experienced 13 fatal mass shootings. Australia also saw a huge dip in gun-related suicides and homicides.

While I’m sure pro-gun fanatics who are stumbling across this article will dispute or twist these facts, their opinion doesn’t change reality. So, they can ignore these facts or try to manipulate each of them to claim that their pro-gun propaganda is right while everything listed here is wrong, I don’t care.

The bottom line is this: Everything listed here is factual and it debunks basically every key talking point gun fanatics typically use to defend their ignorance about guns, gun regulations and gun violence.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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