10 of the Most Absurd Republican Hypocrisies that Prove They’re Full of Crap

hypocrisy-meterThere are many reasons why I oppose Republican policies, but what really boggles my mind is the sheer hypocrisy and absurdity that drives many Republicans. As I’ve written numerous times, these are the people who look upon Ronald Reagan as the epitome of what it means to be a “fiscal conservative” – a man who raised taxes several times; nearly tripled our national deficit in eight years and passed an amnesty bill for illegal immigrants.

But even beyond their delusional worship of a president who wouldn’t be considered a “true conservative” by today’s Republican standards, Republican policies are so laughably hypocritical that it’s astonishing how millions of people buy into their garbage.

So, I thought I’d make a list of some of the rather comical ways Republicans frequently contradict themselves.

1. Pro-life: Yes, the people who love guns, war and the death penalty are also the very same people who claim to be the “pro-life” party.

2. Christianity: A faith based on a man who preached love, hope, giving, acceptance, helping the poor and for society to take care of the sick and needy is used to manipulate millions of people by pushing hate, fear, greed, judgement, intolerance, vilifying the poor and opposing health care for all. In other words, Republicans claim to be the “party of Christian values” – by representing almost none of the values for which Jesus Christ stood.

3. Religious freedom: The people who are the first to throw a fit whenever they feel their “religious rights are being trampled on,” are literally trying to defend “religious freedom” by complaining that they’re no longer being allowed to force their religious views on others. Just let that sink in for a moment.

4. The Second Amendment: While gun fanatics almost always use the part of the Second Amendment that states “shall not be infringed” to defend their belief that gun regulations are unlawful, they ignore the very first part of the Second Amendment that literally starts out by saying “A well regulated militia.” As in, the right to bear arms should be well regulated.

5. Small government: It’s always amazed me how the people who claim to be for “small government” policies are also the same people who want the government to define marriage and be able to tell women what they can or cannot do with their own bodies. These are also many of the same people who support women being forced into highly invasive medical requirements – including transvaginal probes – before being allowed to exercise their Constitutional right to have an abortion.

6. Guns: Despite the fact that we lead the industrialized world in gun violence – and have more guns than any other industrialized nation – Republicans continue to insist that the “solution” to gun violence is… more guns.

7. Gun violence: A perfect example of this came recently. When a Christian terrorist executed a mass shooting at a Planned Parenthood, Republicans did absolutely nothing. Literally, there wasn’t a single mention or push by the GOP to do anything. Yet, when two Muslims performed a mass shooting in California a few days later, that was enough for Republicans to declare that the president hasn’t kept us safe; that terrorists are thriving among us; that an all-out war is necessary against terrorism; and even led to the leading GOP candidate for president pushing for a ban on all Muslims entering the United States. Two shootings – both religiously motivated – and Republicans only reacted to one. Oh, and they blocked legislation that would have kept suspected terrorists from being able to legally buy guns.

8. Fiscal responsibility: There hasn’t been a Republican president who has balanced the budget since the 50’s. So, how exactly are Republicans the party for “fiscal responsibility” when the last three Republican presidents have added trillions to the national debt?

9. The Constitution: Currently, the Affordable Care Act, abortion and same-sex marriage have all been deemed Constitutional – yet these are three Constitutional rights Republicans continually try to violate. In fact, pretty much any time a right they don’t think people should have is deemed “Constitutional” they do just about everything within their power to violate that right.

10. Loving the United States: Conservatives hate:

  • The government.
  • Liberals.
  • Immigrants.
  • Any religion other than Christianity.
  • Women who want control over their own bodies.
  • Minorities.

Yet, they claim to love the United States. How can a group of people love a country when they seem to hate its government and most of the people living in it?

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Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • strayaway

    Although the list is mostly a smarmy, feel good, PC reassurance for libs ignoring some statistics, number 5 is spot on. Too many Republicans have been hypocritical regarding lifestyle issues. The federal government should get out of marriage, regulating women’s bodies, and everything else that it is not delegated to regulate under the 10th Amendment.

    • Howard Sands

      Actually, the list is absolutely spot on. have you not seen these crazies talk? Everything mentioned above can be verified. Not just what you claim are true.

      • strayaway

        Let’s start with #1. How is bombing seven countries, taking out or attempting to take out the leaders of Libya, Ukraine, and Syria, as Obama has, pro-life? Thousand of people consequently died. Bush was no better. This is a two party assault on life. Talk about hypocrisy! As previously noted, I support women’s rights and responsibilities but this article fails to include the right to life and self determination of the victims of our foreign policy by Republicans and Democrats.

        #2 The good Samaritan must have been a Republican equivalent because he dug into his own wallet to pay for the victim’s medical care and rehabilitation. Had he been a Democrat, he probably would have tried get Ceasar to take his neighbor’s money, administer it through a national program with any remaining money going to the needy guy. I thought Pharisees prayed out loud about how virtuous they are. Why do liberals sound like Pharisees?

      • Howard Sands

        Ironic that you would credit Obama with the list in item 1. Not one of the Republican candidates for president thinks the president is doing enough to combat terrorism. As for your info, I would like to see the source.
        Item 2 is strictly conjecture, and quite ironic too.

      • strayaway

        Rand Paul thinks Obama is doing far too much. You missed that Republican candidate but I agree that most of the Republican candidates positions are more closely aligned with Hillary, Obama, and W. Bush. You probably aren’t interested in less than a hawk though if you support Obama, Hillary, or maybe even Sanders. Have you missed the news coverage of Libya, Syria, and Ukraine? Google is your friend. Sanders stated that he approved of Hillary’s foreign policy as Secretary of State.

        #2 is conjecture; arrogant conjecture at that. That is why I responded with my own conjecture.

    • FD Brian

      “recent Republicans may have well have been Democrats. ”

      WTF? government is getting smaller under Obama, it became larger under Bush, so it would seem, maybe you wished those other republicans were democrats instead. Get your head out of your ass and wipe the shit out of your eyes.

      • strayaway

        I think other websites are available for those of you with fecal fetishes. Good humor otherwise though. Tell that to our kids when they pay the interest on the additional $9T of debt the president has incurred.

      • FD Brian

        thank your buddy reagan for starting that snowball at the top of the hill.

      • strayaway

        Who said Reagan was my buddy? Even your presumptions are wrong.

  • Laurie Lonnevik

    Democracy works best with an educated public

  • Republicunts suck
    Libtards suck
    fuck both you

    heil hitler