10 Questions Everyone Should Ask Republicans Who Continue to Freak Out Over Marriage Equality

Supreme Court gay marriageThe utter stupidity and ridiculousness we’ve seen over the last couple of days following the Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision for marriage equality in the United States is downright laughable.

While I always knew Republicans were going to freak out if same-sex marriage became legal, even I’ve been a bit surprised at just how absurd some of the comments have been.

So, I thought I’d outline 10 questions I think everyone should present to those who seem so “outraged” that our Supreme Court granted millions of Americans their Constitutional rights under the Fourteenth Amendment – rights that they should have already had a long time ago.

1. Considering gay marriage has been legal in Canada since 2005, and in many states in the United States for several years now (as well as 18 other nations worldwide), at what point will “God’s wrath” finally decide to show itself?

2. Since marriage equality has already been in parts of the United States since 2004 (Massachusetts – and in many other states for the last several years), how has it impacted your life? In fact, how has homosexuality in general directly impacted your life?

3. Considering atheists and non-Christians have always been allowed to marry in the United States, and no form of religious ceremony is needed at all to be considered married in this country, how exactly is marriage “defined by the Bible”?

4. Speaking of which, if you believe that the Christian Bible “defines marriage,” do you then not support or recognize all marriages between people who aren’t Christians or didn’t get married by some form of a religious leader?

5. If you’re so concerned about protecting the “sanctity of marriage” then why aren’t you pushing for bans on divorce?

6. Are you aware that the Bible literally says that if you divorce your wife for any reason other than sexual immorality, then marry someone else, you’re committing adultery? Which, you know, is a big no-no according to the Ten Commandments. Matthew 19:9: And I say to you: whoever divorces his wife, except for sexual immorality, and marries another, commits adultery.”

7. Do you realize that by claiming marriage is a “state issue,” and the state is a government institution not allowed to be ruled by theocracy nor is it created by the Bible, then you’re admitting that marriage has nothing to do with religion?

8. You are aware that the “states’ right/Biblical” argument was exactly what racists used up until 1967 to justify bans on interracial marriage, correct? And it was the Supreme Court which finally had to step in and overturn those bans – just like what happened on June 26, 2015.

*Bonus: Did you know that almost every state that banned interracial marriage also fought against legalizing same-sex marriage? Do you not find that to be a tad bit of a coincidence? Oh – and most were also former Confederate states that supported segregation.

9. How many months/years will have to go by with marriage equality throughout the United States before you finally realize that God’s wrath isn’t coming? For example: If the United States isn’t a pile of rubble and ash 5 years from now, will you finally admit that you were wrong?

10. With 60 percent of Americans in favor of marriage equality (and rapidly growing), including 37 percent of Republicans (and also rapidly growing), how exactly can you justify Republican politicians who claim they’re “listening to the American people” when nearly two-thirds of Americans disagree with them?

Alright, that will wrap up this edition. As always feel free to hit me up on Twitter or Facebook with questions, comments, compliments or concerns. Trust me, I can handle the heat.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


Facebook comments

  • Steve Temke

    Since we’re going to be blamed for every natural disaster from now til eternity, can’t we just start naming hurricanes and tropical storms after iconic gay figures? We could start with the Judy Garland, then the Harvey Milk, then the Neil Patrick Harris, the Barbra Streisand, etc.

    • Tracy Rowe

      I very much like this idea. My only question is, would Storm Neil Patrick Harris (an awesome storm I am sure) end with unicorns and rainbows?

      • Steve Temke

        Only for the blue states! 🙂

      • Tracy Rowe

        nah, he’s legal in the red states now!

    • polliwogg

      Elizabeth Taylor. She would have been flattered as hell to have a hurricane named after her.

    • Alicia Simpson

      Don’t forget James Dean!
      Or Rock Hudson!

  • NotThatGreg

    Well done. Unfortunately if they don’t already know their position is irrational, it’s unlikely that you can convince them with a rational argument. Many of them already know it’s irrational, and they call it “faith” and believe that makes them stronger.
    But I do agree these questions should be asked in interviews. At the very least it will help show “faith” for what it is.

    • ereryteyer


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  • Just me

    Answer to the first question: Who says it hasn’t already started? Have you watched the news lately and have you noticed the state of our economy and the worlds economy?

  • Tom Bestor

    I would add an 11th question: if we assume-solely for the sake of argument-that children do better with a mother and a father, how-specifically-would denying marriage equality to same-sex couples increase the number of children growing up in mother-father households?

  • Justin in Oaklawn, Dallas, TX

    We need to be done arguing. We need to be done discussing.
    They are frantic and screaming.
    It’s time to stop listening to their moronic, evil conversation.
    Let them talk to themselves, since they will anyway.
    Oh, but they’re in an angst, you say!!??? You don’t say.
    OK. What’s new. But, now it doesn’t matter.
    Their noise doesn’t matter.
    They don’t matter.
    This is our day to live and marry as is natural for our people.

    Their opinions about my marriage matters as much as their opinions about how done my scrambled eggs were this morning… not at all.
    They don’t matter.
    Scream your heads off, jackasses! You don’t matter except in your own wacko-bird heads.

  • Say it ain’t so

    neither republicans, nor conservatives, gays, lgbt activists, religious nor myself matter… the only thing that matters is god’s law. our law is meaningless. he created man and woman to be a couple, we could change it but it don’t make it right. in some countries it is allowed for an adult and a child to get married. i can see that becoming law here in the u.s in about 50yrs. when they make it a law i still won’t support it. a lot of people argue about same sex marriage, that’s the way it used to be in ancient times when same sex, pedophile sex, incest were common law in the land. i can quickly see that it’s headed in that direction and that many of you will also support those as well. as i said, you can support anything you want and it even make it a law, but just because it’s the law don’t make it right. at points throughout history it was law to kill newborns, it was law to kill jews and it was law to enslave people. i guess all of you would be supporting those laws too.

    • panobuz

      It used to be against the law to be a homosexual and now it isn’t, so what exactly is your point? So I will ask you to just answer any one of the above questions. I’m waiting.

      • Say it ain’t so

        no problem, here it goes: 1) idk i can’t answer that, only god can. 2) same sex marriage hasn’t impacted my life cos i flat out don’t support it & homosexuality is none of my business, that’s theirs. one thing must be said tho, if someone shows an opposing opinion to mine i’m ok with it, that’s them whereas if i say my piece suddenly they (gays, lgbt activists) become bigots where they can’t remain civil and suddenly become your enemy. but hey if that’s the way they wants to see it that’s their problem not mine. 3) atheists and non- christians, so long as they were men marrying women is ok. marriage is not defined by the bible. 4) again, marriage isn’t defined by the bible nor by man. the union of two people for the purpose of a lifelong loving partnership to form a family and in some cases to procreate was, is and always will be defined by the lord and that my friend supercedes the bible, religion or any man made law. 5) oh i love this one. i’ve been wanting a law that makes it illegal to divorce or at least makes it punishable to some degree and depending on the situation. if you married someone who turned out to be a psycho then yeah, run for the hills. if you have a marriage a la kim kardash (1 month) you ought to be thrown in jail and never associate with society ever again. 6) again, the bible does not define marriage. 7) marriage has nothing to do with religion or state. marriage is a ritual that was created to reaffirm that which i stated on #4, the union between a man and a woman. to say otherwise is just wrong. believe me, nowadays they’re even marrying people with animals so nothing surprises me anymore. 8) well if they used the bible to say interracial marriage is wrong that was their stupid mistake. no one should use the bible to define any kind of marriage they should use logic and god’s law. marriage is an extension of the union of two people for the purpose to form a family which can’t be between two of the same sex nor a human and an animal. 9) look around you bud, drugs are becoming legal, there’s starting to be naked programs on public tv, same sex marriage is becoming legal and more people are turning their backs on the lord. you tell me how is this a beautiful place to live in when most of the world’s population believe this world is going downhill and fast. in fact considering how bad things are getting, in that light it does make sense that all these things are being accepted. 10) i wouldn’t take what republicans have to say seriously, after all, they are republicans. i hope this answers all your questions.

      • panobuz

        Oh my you are so lost.

      • noah vail

        we may think he’s lost but his opinion is just as valid as any of ours (lefties)…at least he didn’t engage in vituperative language or ad homonym accusations

      • panobuz

        I agree he did take the high road in this discourse; However he is still lost. He opinions are based on “the lord and god and that is nonexistent. You can not have a valid opinion based on myths.

      • noah vail

        but an opinion is just that, an opinion,,,you just stated yours, is his less valid than yours? he may think you are lost for not believing the same as him, after all people have been believing in varying mythologies since time began…

    • EVERYONE is born an atheist

      Exactly which god? Your god, right? My god says your god is a psychotic moron and that you need to get over yourself.

  • Paul Agostini

    religious people have this child-like view of when man appeared on this earth, that there was Adam, then Eve created by an invisible man in the sky that also laid all the ground rules for mankinds behavior. Doesn’t the fact there were other peoples on this earth before humans tell you anything? Doesn’t the fact that they’re finding Neanderthal dna mixed with modern human dna mean anything to you and takes you far, far away from your mythical biblical prose?