10 Questions Every Liberal Should Ask Every Republican, 7th Edition

clueless-bachmannWelcome to the seventh edition of my series titled 10 Questions Every Liberal Should Ask Every Republican.  As always, the premise is straight forward and simple.  Every few weeks I write this feature with 10 new questions I believe liberals should present to their conservative counterparts to have them answer.

The questions are generally fairly direct and simple.

Alright, let’s get started.

1) How is it President Obama’s fault that all U.S. troops are out of Iraq, allowing ISIS to take control in many cities within the nation, when the SOFA agreement requiring that all American military forces had to be out of Iraq by the end of 2011 was signed by George W. Bush?

2) If guns make us safer, then why was one of the first things many law enforcement officials did in the 1800’s to curb violence in their towns (and most were successful) was to ban the carrying of firearms inside city limits?

3) If a church wants to marry a gay couple, but state law prohibits gay marriage, how is that not a violation of their “religious freedoms”?

4) If Darrell Issa is so sure that there’s rampant corruption at the IRS, then why couldn’t he recently cite one specific piece of “smoking gun” evidence he’s found during his investigation?

5) Unplanned pregnancies are the leading cause of abortions.  Most unplanned pregnancies are the result of a lack of contraceptives being used during sexual activity.  How does it make any sense to oppose access to contraceptives, while claiming to be anti-abortion?

6) The United States has around 300-330 million guns (and growing) circulating within our neighborhoods, while gun violence continues to claim around 9,000 lives every year.  How many guns will it take to decrease gun violence in America?

7) How many decades would you say it will take for trickle-down economics to finally start working?  It’s been over 30 years now and all that’s happened is the rich have gotten richer, while the middle class falls further and further behind.

8) Do you really not think there’s a connection between the right-wing denial of climate change and the fact that the Republican party is heavily backed by big oil?

9) Explain to me how someone can enjoy their own personal “religious freedom” when they’re having to abide by laws and policies based on somebody else’s?

10) If John Boehner thinks President Obama should be sued for using his executive power to get something done on immigration, then what should happen to him considering he won’t let the House vote on a bipartisan immigration bill the Senate passed last year that the vast majority of Americans support?

Well, that’ll wrap things up this time around. I hope you enjoyed this edition and I hope you’ll ask your conservative friends and family these questions to see what kind of responses they can muster up.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • teambegan

    Absolutely ridiculous. You failed to mention healthcare. Benghazi. And the smoking gun wasn’t there because they wiped the hard drives. Don’t like Hobby Lobby? Don’t work there. People don’t like strip clubs…they don’t work there. Very simple.

    • Scott

      You’re so stupid. What about 9/11? That was Bush’s fault since the inteligence it was going to happen was there. What about the Weapons Of Mass Destruction that took us to 2 seperate wars?? Why wasn’t Bush tried as a liar and war criminal? Where is your outrage of over 25 attacks on americans and embassys where 78 people were killed while Bush was president or did your small republican mind already forget about that?
      Your ignorance is beyond comprehension.

      • jimmurray1946

        Scott, Your right but the term for the teambegan group is either Fox troll or GOP supporter, either way they believe as they are told and have VERY short memories, that is unless it’s against the Democratic party and our President.

      • Pat

        Several other countries and the UN had reports that weapons of mass destruction existed (IE Mustard Gas) in Iraq, but were not found. Nice try to bend the truth. And the hypocrisy of wanting to Bush impeached, but saying that one who wants Obama held accountable is a stupid person is proof enough that you are closed minded and ill-informed.

      • gian keysTOOEASY flat mom

        mustard gas is NOT a weapon of mass destruction. mass DEATH yes,,,,,,,,,,,,,, destruction?????
        wanna try nukes?

    • gian keysTOOEASY flat mom

      don’t like 4400 dead americans / thosands maimed:? don’t GO there,,,,,,,,don’t like destruction of America financially at end of bush term? don’t go there,,,,, don’t like NO JOB CREATION by ( trickle down) bush policies? don’t go there,,,,, don’t like big govt telling women and gays and minorities they are NOT equal in America? don’t go there….
      Benghazi? 4 dead. Iraq? a few more ,,,,,,,
      mission accomplished

      • Charles Vincent

        And Obama is recycling bush policies and has accelerated the war in Iraq and Afghanistan and participated in trickle down economics by bailing out the too big to fail wall street companies and bank.

      • gian keysTOOEASY flat mom

        who U gonna vote for? repub trash who is still saddled with THOSE staunch regressive ideas???

  • Michael Sandy

    Also, remind them that it was utterly impossible for Iraq to renew SoFA because of civilians killed by Blackwater. It is sad, there have been warnings for Republics that use mercenary soldiers for centuries, and our policy got destroyed by such a predictable failure.

    The SoFA meant that the Iraqis could not prosecute Blackwater, and political cronyism meant that the US government didn’t, and the fact that they were “civilians” meant that the US military couldn’t prosecute them.

    So that meant that it was politically impossible for Iraq to renew SoFA.

  • Patrick

    I can answer those questions for you. Shall we begin.
    1. I dont blame Obama for it, nor do I see the blame being sent his way by most republicans. But then again he has more than enough overseas mishaps than just the ISIS issue.
    2. Why is it then that Switzerland has the most lax gun-control laws in the western world, with the least amount of gun violence. Better yet why are the three most stringent gun-control law city’s (Chicago, Los Angelos and NYC) always ranked in the top 5 cities for gun violence while more lax cities do not even break the top 10. Because we all know criminals abide the law.
    3. This issue is difficult to address due to the multitude of religions and there beliefs. However I believe the localized government should be the determining factor as they are closer to their constituents then the federal government.

    4. Why is it that the IRS has suddenly lost all e-mails from one of its most important individuals just before those e-mails are to be investigated. Furthermore why is it that they refuse to allow third-party expert data recovery specialists to fix this issue.

    5. The issue behind the Hobby Lobby case was not 16 forms of contraception, where the mass majority are acceptable of, but the 4 forms of emergency “morning after pills” are used. In fact Hobby Lobby already supplied those 16 forms of preventative before Obamacare came into being.

    6. See answer 2. And please stop repeating yourself to try and make it seem you are more informed then you are.
    7. The inverse is no better, as studies have shown. And if you to cut back on your spending, do you drop your cable and cell phone, or do fire the cleaning lady and gardener? People fire the gardener before they effect their own way of life. Which in turn creates more unemployed. Now to expand that large corporations.

    8.The sample size is far to small to be of any statistical significance. 100 years in over 1 billion is not even remotely significant. If I told you that 1 in a million people believe Obama is the worst (Again example) you would rally that that is a small sample of the population. Same issue here.
    9. This question is quite vague as my teacher told me, please be more specific if you wish for an intelligent answer.

    10. The President has certain powers afforded the office as decreed by the Constitution, but Executive decision has expanded it. However Executive decision is not suppose to supersede congressional debate and action. This president’s executive decisions are being issued in replace of laws already in existence. Something that inherently violates the seperation of powers clause.

    Most of these answers are shortened. I have better details for each, but I figured I should not write a thesis on each question posed.

    • Jake

      To address your gun responses, that would be because of stolen or unregistered hand guns. Stolen firearms accounts for a vast majority of gun violence in america. The ATF (the agency prime most responsible for this area of law) is incapable of performing it’s duties because of issues arising from the amendments passed in 2006 by Todd Tiahrt, which prevents the ATF from requiring gun store owners to keep records of purchases after 24 hours and prevents the ATF from requesting inventories of stores.

      If weapons can’t be traced it makes it more difficult for the job to be done properly.

      6 was simply addressing the notion that if we arm the entire nation then gun violence would somehow drop which is clearly not the case as demonstrated by Georgia’s free carry law passed which couldn’t go one day without wannabe deputies confronting each other. The aim that you glossed over, was that simply putting more weapons in the streets and neighborhoods is going to increase the chance of an escalated issue.

      On the issue of corporations, they don’t spend because they don’t have to. Name any one company and at best they have 1 or 2 viable competitors. This is due to a lack of free market, made possible thanks to a revision in the approach of interpreting laws during the Reagan era, where by companies were allowed to assume more and more direct control of their individual markets. Prior to the 80’s any corporate merger that gave a company even a modest 4% control over the market raised eyebrows. Now we have Comcast and Time Warner working with each other and attacking Net Neutrality. Random House and Penguin, EA buying out Capcom. Aneuser-Busch and MillerCoors dominating 80% of their market.

      That has nothing to do with corporate downsizing or fiscal shrinking and everything to do with not being forced to compete within your market. When you control all the cards you can decide what you pay (not much) how often you hire (not often) and what your competitors are capable asserting into the market (not alot) Because we gave corporations a free pass to do as they pleased because it’s best for the consumer and more “efficient” for them. Unfortunately it runs counter to the sensibility of a free market and smacks of monopolies, oligopolies, and duopolies. Our economy is in shambles because conservatives pushed this agenda insisting it would be good for us. And it hasn’t been.

      On number 8 it has nothing to do with sample sizes and again, everything to do with financial backings. Just look at how many green power initiatives are being rolled back in favor of oil and coal. Rather than investing in new jobs and methods, we’re sticking to the old gold. So what if some people think Global Warming is a hoax. Is that really something anyone should want to gamble on? Regardless of glacial flooding or not, non renewable natural resources will deplete. How we handle that pending future will be determined by the initiatives we take now.

      9 is referencing basically anything rooted in conservative christian law that affords one group of rights over another in essence running afoul of “all men are created equal” and interfering with the rights to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. ie; gay marriage bans, the SCOTUS ruling against contraception, attempts to roll back voting rights for minorities. It wasn’t that vague a question given current events.

      As for 10, Executive orders exist to expedite a functioning government and free it from overly debates on issues that can be passed swiftly within the Executive officer (see: POTUS) capability. Normally these pertain to but are not limited to; Internal affairs of government, determining how and which laws be enforced, dealing with national emergencies, declaring wars, military engagements, and in general fine policy actions in the execution of broad statutes. They are very clearly designed to be used as quick and efficient legal actions free of debate. Where your statement falls apart is that the orders the President has used (which are far fewer than most other presidents to be noted as well) his orders to circumvent an obstructive and unproductive and incredibly bloated over paid inefficient congress. If Congress disagrees with this, perhaps they can actually do their jobs and pass some budgets instead of planning frivolous lawsuits.

    • Jim Bean

      Superb response.

    • MrRibbert

      All of that blathering nonsense and you never really answered any of the questions. On several questions you answered with a question of your own. That is NOT an answer. That is an old trick used to dodge a question. And your response to #7 is downright laughable. Your ignorance knows no bounds.

    • Johnl.102

      #3) it really doesn’t matter if its local ,state or federal. One religion is no more important then another, just because more people in a smaller area are of one religion does not mean they can create law based on their religion only.

      And you should really not answer a question with a question. Its pretty weak.

  • Joe Shackelford

    Hey Patrick you really need to be informed before you before you write, so that you do not come off as an ignorant person just repeating talking points from Fox News

  • sitcomkid

    this won’t work

  • USADefenderOne

    It is time we set a standard for the immigration question: The standard is gone. No illegal aliens on American soil and an end to all immigration. It matters not what Obama wants because what Obama wants is contrary to what the American people want. After all, we don’t want to make the same mistake twice.

    • Erica McClellan

      You don’t speak for the vast majority of us. Please stop thinking that you do.

  • xfahctor

    I didn’t get very far before I had to stop reading. You are not “liberal”. Please stop calling yourselves that.