10 Questions Every Patriotic American Needs to Ask Donald Trump Supporters

awkward-moment-donald-trumpThough I typically enjoy political debates, I flat-out refuse to deal with Donald Trump supporters. The moment someone tells me they support Trump and that he would make a great president, I instantly lose any respect I might have had for them.

In my opinion, you have to be a complete idiot to think Donald Trump should be president. Aside from essentially being a fascist, he’s a pathological liar and an idiot. I can’t help but laugh when his supporters say things like “I like him because he tells it how it is” – when the truth is nearly everything he says is a lie.

Trump supporters are easily some of the most misinformed and ridiculous people I’ve ever encountered.

So, I thought I’d do something I’ve done a few times before and come up with a list of 10 questions I would like Trump supporters to answer. Quite honestly, I think anybody who considers themselves a patriotic American should see how the supporters of this fascist might respond.

Let’s get to it.

1. Doesn’t it bother you that a non-partisan fact-checking site found only about 15 percent of what Donald Trump says to actually be true?

2. He’s suggested a national data registry for Muslims; possible ID cards for Muslims; monitoring mosques; and now wants an all-out ban on Muslims entering the United States. Do you realize all of that rhetoric is not only illegal (and unconstitutional) but it’s also very similar to what Hitler did to the Jews?

3. Are you aware that when Trump makes all these hostile and negative comments about Muslims, that’s exactly what ISIS and other terrorist groups want since it helps them with recruiting?

4. His tax plan has been ridiculed by numerous credible economists, most pointing out that it would add trillions to the debt. How exactly is that “fiscally responsible”?

5. How does it feel to support a candidate who mocked a war veteran and attacked the family of a fallen American hero?

6. Republicans claim to be the party of “Christian values.” Can you list five “Christian values” Trump frequently displays?

7. Considering he’s insulted Mexicans, women, Jews, African-Americans, Muslims, the Chinese, made up lies about 9/11, mocked war veterans, belittled the family of a fallen soldier, and made fun of the physical disabilities of a reporter – what would he have to do for you to finally stop supporting him?

8. Can you actually name a specific detail (aside from the link I provided earlier to the details of his flawed tax plan) as to how he plans to do any of the ridiculous things he’s saying he’s going to do (build a wall that Mexico will pay for, deport 11 million people, end all inner city gangs, keep Muslims out of the country, etc..)?

9. If he can’t handle a few tough questions from a reporter without going on Twitter to throw a hissy fit about them, what makes you think he can handle dealing with Russia, Iran and China?

10. There are over 3,000 Muslims serving in our military – how many do you think Trump would support monitoring; making register with a national database; or carry a special ID badge to identify their religion publicly?

Bonus question: Are you ok with his plan to not even let Muslim-American soldiers return home after serving? Since he wants to close the borders to all Muslims, this would make it impossible for a self-identifying Muslim member of our military to return home.

Alright, well that will wrap this up. While I’m sure not all Trump supporters will answer these questions, I’m certain the ones who try will provide some rather comical answers.

Hit me up on Twitter or Facebook and let me know what you think, or to let me know if you got any of these folks to actually respond.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • azrael777

    1. Fucking lie

    2. All out ban on Muslim immigration is not illegal. Registry will never pass.

    3. ISIS are muslims. I cant recall him ever making dispariging statements against ALL muslims.

    4. Many experts say the opposite. Crybaby liberals always claim this when someone proposes tax cuts. How’s the budget looking right now? It’s in the tank.

    5. McCain is a fucking liberal , fuck him. Some bitches are fat pigs.

    6. Im not voting for preacher I’m voting for president.

    7. He insulted some illegal aliens. He insulted some individual women, chinese, muslims etc. Just because you’re not a white male doesnt mean you cant be scum. He’d have to be an american hating liberal like the OP/writer of these questions.

    8. Walls are easy to build, I’m not going to explain civil engineering to you. As far as Mexico paying for it, he’s basically saying that when he get’s us out of the shit economic deals that the past few presidents got us into then the money we save from that will pay for the wall. The industry that returns to the US from Mexico will more than make up for it. If you make and enforce tough immigration laws criminal aliens will deport themselves.

    9.It’s not about tough questions, It’s about liberal media bias which even the media admits.

    10. He never said he wouldnt let the serviceman return. He said immigrants you lying fuck.

    • ClownPatrol

      Congrats, you pretty much went the same route most people go when they get owned: No facts, just insults.

      • azrael777

        So I got “owned”, by an article that presented no facts because you say I didn’t present facts. Look at the speeches, the writer lied. It’s easy to find the video.

      • Janice Jacobs

        You didn’t exactly present any facts yourself. You used multiple insults to prove that you have nothing but your own opinion and no facts to back you up. We’ll take a second try if you can bother to come up with an actual, intelligent response to these questions

      • MyLovelyNose

        Thing is, like most really stupid people–REALLY stupid people, that is–little Azzy doesn’t know how stupid he is. He thinks insults ARE facts, but that’s because he’s stupid and doesn’t know how stupid he is. I don’t have much patience with Stupid.

      • azrael777

        Why would I bother trying to counter a stupid list of questions that used no facts and told lies with facts? You could see it with your own eyes and you would not even admit it. You’re brainwashed.

      • Silvia Gonzalez

        Azrael is right. You are telling me Rosie Odonell is thin? She is FAT. That is a fact! See Azrael used a fact. So Trump called her fat. THAT is a fact. So when will we have your apology mylovelynose? I bet never. Liberals never apologize.

    • markmac123

      Fucking moron. Just like the article said! You nailed it! Lol!!!!

    • Shawn Schaitel

      your so clueless he can’t anything without getting nafta repealed and even the nindustry won’t be returning to america unless you raise tariffs through the roof not only that only muslims he like are the rich ones that line his pocket same with most other minorities

    • MyLovelyNose

      We just love how angry and frustrated you are. I do, anyway. Love how you get all babyrage and spitty. Just reveals more of Who You Are.

      • fishy3333

        Well, after your comment, there isn’t anyone interested in who you are…and, btw, we are not frustrated…we just believe in common sense, of which Trump (and you) have no tools to figure out what that is.

      • azrael777

        Angry? You’re joking right? I know limpwristed liberal types aren’t used to people saying exactly what they think but to try and deduce someone emotional state from words on a screen is stupid even for you.

    • Bill McDonald

      azreal777: If we could harness your brain power, we’d be one ten-thousandth of the way to making some toast. That steaming pile of horseshit you posted isn’t what the assignment was about. Those aren’t ‘answers’ you tool – they’re responses. Go ahead and waste your vote, asshole, because next to you The Orange One comes off looking like a fucking genius. You must have been home-schooled by a potted plant, and it appears that you were taught your social skills by a school of piranhas. You’ve illustrated that you have the mental capacity of crabgrass. You’re a waste of skin, shit-for-brains. The best part of you ran down your mother’s legs, cretin. Howzzat, goof? I’m just gettin’ warmed up, too. . .

      • azrael777

        Keep going, your butthurt is delicious.

      • Bill McDonald

        Actually, I’m not that riled up. Just using the opportunity to try writing some witty invective. Glad you enjoyed it. 🙂

  • david miller