10 Questions Everyone Who Believes in Science Should Ask a Creationist

neil-degrasse-tyson-quoteAs most people who follow me know, I write a monthly special where I list 10 questions that I think every liberal should ask every conservative to see if they can actually get a decent answer.  Mostly it serves the purpose of giving some people a few questions they might be able to ask their conservative counterparts, and it’s a rhetorical article because I really don’t believe most conservatives will be able to provide decent answers for the questions.  The best “answers” I usually see are nothing more than regurgitated right-wing talking points.

Sometimes I do a “special edition” about a particular issue that might be going on and the ridiculousness of creationists has inspired me to do this special edition.

Then when I read about creationists from Answers in Genesis complaining that their “side” wasn’t being given any representation on the science show by Neil deGrasse Tyson, Cosmos, it sent me over the edge.

So, with that being said, let’s get started!

1) Do you understand the difference between science and faith?

2) If Noah really lived for 900 years, do you realize that means he lived for nearly 1/6 of the time you claim the world has existed?

3) If God could create the Earth in 6 days, why couldn’t he have just given Noah an ark instead of making him build one?

4) If humans and dinosaurs roamed the Earth at the same time, why don’t we ever find their bones in the same places?

5) About 97% of scientists (if not more) follow every rule written in science books.  Exactly 0% of creationists follow every rule that’s written in the Bible.  If you so wholeheartedly believe the Bible gives a word for word account of how old the Earth is, why don’t you follow every other rule that’s inside?

6) Since the age of the Earth and evolution are as scientifically accepted as gravity and photosynthesis – are you then denying the existence of gravity and photosynthesis?

7) Has any creationist ever seen the original copy of the Bible?  Then how do you know what it really said?

8) If God determines when we live and die, why are humans living longer due to advances in medical scientific research?

9) Hundreds of years ago people believed that the Earth was the center of the universe, until science proved them completely wrong.  Science now tells us how old the Earth is, and the truth about evolution, yet you still want to cling to the same level of ignorance as those from centuries ago?

10) Can you accurately predict, based on the “science” within the Bible, any event that will occur in the near future?

Wow, I could really keep going but I’ll stop there.  I hope you enjoyed the questions and I encourage all of you reading this to share them with some of these religious radicals to see what kind of reaction you get.


Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • PRIME79

    Ha! Love it.

  • buckeyesRus

    1) Do you understand the difference between
    science and faith?

    Right back at you! It takes more faith to
    believe in evolution, and may scientists even use the term faith to describe
    their believe in “missing links”. The real question is “Where you there?” Did
    you observe the beginning of creation? I thought that was necessary for science apparently not . . . especially when science needs to take a “leap of

    2) If Noah really lived for 900 years, do you
    realize that means he lived for nearly 1/6 of the time you claim the world has

    If the dinosaurs lived for billions of years as you suggest, isn’t it interesting that they existed for 1/6 of your age of the earth? What kind of science can prove either? It takes faith to believe both. I see you’re still struggling with that “faith” thing!

    3) If God could create the Earth in 6 days, why couldn’t he have just given Noah an ark instead of making him build one?

    He could have! But He didn’t because God wanted Noah to preach the gospel for 120 years. Yes that is the kind of merciful God that we have “faith” in! The people had a chance to believe even though none did. And the evidence of a world-wide flood is staggering! And it totally destroys anyone’s ability to know the age of the earth! In other words, Carbon 14, etc. results are all wrong because of the flood!

    4) If humans and dinosaurs roamed the Earth at the same time, why don’t we ever find their bones in the same places?

    Why don’t we find animal remains and human remains together today? Same reason! People didn’t bury their dead where they
    eat! Your questions are getting more and more ridiculous! Did you give this any thought at all?

    5) About 97% of scientists (if not more) follow every rule written in science books. Exactly 0% of creationists follow every rule that’s written in the Bible. If you so wholeheartedly believe the Bible gives a word for word account of how old the Earth is, why don’t you follow every other rule that’s inside?

    First of all, your 97% is totally wrong. It is almost 50% of scientists that believe in a Designer of Creation! You ignorance of the Bible is also telling. Much of the direction in the OT is for the nation of Israel. Only the moral laws are applicable to us. But it is recorded for our encouragement and to know that God always come through for His people! Again, it is a matter of faith to believe in the inspired word of God.

    6) Since the age of the Earth and evolution are as scientifically accepted as gravity and photosynthesis – are you then denying the existence of gravity and photosynthesis?

    Your question is a Non sequitur! This question is also your attempt at a leap of faith! This is not scientific at all. Since you don’t believe in creationism, does that automatically make you an atheist? And most scientists do not believe in evolution because it takes such an unsubstantiated leap of faith to believe it! There are no observable facts to support evolution; so real scientists do not “believe” in it any longer! Since the majority of people on the earth do not believe in your age of the earth nor do they believe in evolution, does that not make you the outcast? Are you therefore wrong because the majority disagree with you! This kind of reasoning is not scientific at all and you are not being scientific.

    7) Has any creationist ever seen the original copy of the Bible? Then how do you know what it really said?

    The evidence for the Bible is more compelling than any other historical fact! There are over 300,000 parts of the OT and entire books that date back to 100 BC. I’m sure you don’t doubt the Homer wrote the Illiad, but there are only 86 copies of it dating to 1000 AD (he wrote it in 100 BC; so how do we really know what is in it?
    We have parts of the NT from 125 AD and whole copies of the Bible from around 325 AD. The lack of whole copies of the Bible before that are because of a Nazi-like strategy of the Roman empire to burn them! How typical! But we have 50,000 complete copies of the NT dating from 1000 BC. That evidence blows everything else out of the water. If you believe anything at all, it has thousands of times less evidence than the Bible. And that is a scientific observable fact!

    8) If God determines when we live and die,why are humans living longer due to advances in medical scientific research?

    I guess we are nowhere near living 900 years now are we? Science has a long way to go to get to that stage now doesn’t it? Still we have people living on average 70 years as the Bible says. Some very fat and out of shape people live well into their 90’s and people with little body fat die in their 50’s. Can you explain that scientifically?

    9) Hundreds of years ago people believed that the Earth was the center of the universe, until science proved them completely wrong. Science now tells us how old the Earth is, and the truth about evolution, yet you still want to cling to the same level of ignorance as those from centuries ago?

    It was the scientists that believe the earth was the center of the universe. Yet it was the book of Job, written around 1440 BC probably by Moses, and who lived hundreds of years before that during the time of the earliest humans told us that “God hung the earth in nothing.” Wow! Apparently people from the 4th century BC were much more knowledgeable and scientifically accurate than scientists from the dark ages!

    10) Can you accurately predict, based on the “science” within the Bible, any event that will occur in the near future?

    Can you, by science of any kind, predict the future? The Bible tells us that no one can know the future. Neither scientist nor Christians can know the near future. Only what God tells us in His word can reveal the future. Not science! It takes faith in God and His word to know this, not science!

    • DMcc

      buckeyesRus – I’m not sure what to think of this… Do you really believe what you have written, or are you just an uneducated evolutionist, trying to make creationists look bad? Most of what I have read in your response is just flatly untrue, part of it is unsubstantiated rhetoric, and the rest is just inane babble or dogmatic tripe designed to inflame the situation or name-call…

      • Maxine Parshall

        Many believers have no trouble reconciling their beliefs with evolution. Don’t worry. You won’t go to hell for accepting the evidence of evolution.

      • Gideon Kim

        sorry to tell you, but you will go to Hell.

      • Gideon Kim

        Im sorry of what ive said. i was just a little mad when i was looking a these posts

    • LivinginVA

      “There are over 300,000 parts of the OT and entire books that date back to 100 BC…………….But we have 50,000 complete copies of the NT dating from 1000 BC. ”

      Self-contradictory and impossible.

    • PRIME79

      You’re adorable, delusional as one can possibly be but still adorable. Science is based on facts in reality. Faith is based on whatever you choose to think in your mind. Go jump off a 80 story building and land on concrete, you can have all the faith in the world that you will live but science will tell you that you are going to die, and science will be right about it every single time regardless of what you think or how strongly you believe it. Science is based on the concrete, religion is based on nothing more than opinion….this is how reality works.

    • Helivet

      If it can be proven, it isn’t faith.

    • anticipation

      Wow buc, my completely smart ass reply above sounds almost like what you believe? Your bible was just a made up bunch of stories and fables put out by the ancient kings and oligarchy to keep themselves in power over the ignorant masses. The only thing 2000 year old copies prove is that people have been stupid for a real real long time.

      • remoldedclay

        prove Jesus wrong, then come back and tell me the truth

      • anticipation

        Ok how about the millions and millions slaughtered in jesus name over the last two thousand years? Your bible and your jesus, along with all mohammeds made up crap are just lies the people in power came up with to control idiots like you. Jesus never existed can’t prove something wrong that never happened. You. Ant prove he exsisted. Only thing you can prove is the fact that the book was written by those in charge and that they murdered anyone who doubted.

      • Maxine Parshall

        Jesus didn’t discuss evolution. In fact he really didn’t give the people any sort of information that would prove that he was the creator. And the “divine author” of the Bible didn’t appear to know his creation since the Bible says that the earth is flat with corners, the sun goes around the earth [Joshua], there is an ocean above the heavens from whence cometh the rains [Genesis], the bat is a bird [Lev.11], and bird’s blood is a treatment for leprosy [Lev. 14].

      • erock68la

        If YOU make the claim then YOU have to prove it’s true. That way the rest of us don’t have to waste time disproving crap like invisible pink unicorns, leprechauns, the tooth fairy, and jesus.

    • Esther Cottrell

      Wow…you are a special kind of stupid, aren’t you. The ignorance is just mind blowing. I can only hope you never reproduce. I could pick apart, with actual facts, every single thing you said here, but I’m sure someone much more articulate than I will do so. All I am going to address is this: “we have 50,000 complete copies of the NT dating from 1000 BC” How can you have any copy of the new testament dating to anything BC? You don’t even know the factual history of your own religion. PS, there are NO original copies of either the old testament or the new testament, complete or partial. Even if there were, they would be written in a language that has been obsolete for hundreds and hundreds of years, and ANY translation of them would be wrong.

      • erock68la

        Yep, the bible was rewritten, with stories added and removed, countless times for centuries. Old handwritten versions would be replaced with new handwritten versions, and the old ones destroyed. Usually only the local church had a copy of the current version of the bible; for the most part, only the clergy could read anyway (I wonder if they announced the changes to the congregation or if they preached the new version as if it had been that way all along). I suspect the invention of the printing press made that whole replacement process impossible to continue. It became harder and harder to round up and destroy all the old copies and pretend the new version always was. After that, not many major substantive changes; just minor editing and translation changes.

    • BadKitty

      I knew someone would jump in with Bible “knowledge” and talking points for every question, and in fact predicted all of yours. Apparently if you have enough “faith” you don’t need knowledge at all. The sad part is that you actually believe everything you said.

    • Sean Chase

      Lol you are a silly person. You didn’t answer a single question.

    • Maxine Parshall

      Were you there. That’s Ken Hamm’s argument. Stars, fossils, and rocks tell us what happened back at the beginning. Ken Hamm’s dog and pony show is filled with out-of-date material and just plain misrepresentations. All your questions about evolution can be answered at the panda’s thumb website. Only the scientifically ignorant need faith. Just look at what science has done for us. For instance, science told us what caused the black plague. What was religion’s answer to the plague? Pray and repent. And maybe burn a heretic.

    • Julie Wickstrom

      That’s funny. Your rant is a mess. How could 50,000 complete copies of the NT (assuming the new testament is what you meant) exist 1000 B.C.? 1,000 years before Christ was born? The bible’s books weren’t written until sometime A.D. or “In the Year of Our Lord Jesus Christ”. Buck, either you are a lying troll or very ignorant.

      • Alvaro Nieto

        I vote for ignorant lying troll. 🙂

    • erock68la

      Science does not require faith to make predictions about future discoveries.
      For example, we may say that X is a hypothesis and then logically predict that if X is true then we should see A, B, C, D, and E. Through investigations using various disciplines we have already found A, B, C, and D. We are still looking for E; it doesn’t take faith to think that logically E is out there waiting to be found too.

    • Alvaro Nieto

      Listen sport, I got just one question for you and Bill Maher posed it just the other day but I’ll expand on it, so Noah and what? his sons, built, with their bare hands an ark large enough to hold two of every species of fish, plant, animal, and microbe on earth all of which lived within a short enough distance from them for all of them to survive the trip to the ark, never mind the 40 days and 40 nights…….you know what never mind….its just so f**ing stupid…..a fable, a kids fairy tale.

    • janhalt

      “Where (were) you there?” “where” = at, “were” = Second person singular and plural and first and third person plural past indicative of verb “to be.” Do you understand the difference?

    • southside mike

      as to #10…. I predict that tomorrow, or next week or next year; that if you pick up a large hammer and hold it directly over your head, then release it, you will be enlightened as to the predictability of the laws of science.

  • kitkat

    If God created Earth in six days and rested on the seventh, they must have been very long days. As far as Noah living 900 years, he must have had a really good health plan. Sorry folks, I believe in the Big Bang theory/

  • Eddie Krebbs

    Love it. However, be prepared to have to explain that no scientist holds to Darwinism. Darwin was a major player at getting the ball rolling but science has evolved since then.

    Also, your assertion that scientists follow 97% of what is in science books needs some tweaking. Again, science changes as new information is found. There are tons of information in science books, even in current science textbooks, that are laughably out of date.

    • erock68la

      I think by “rules” he means procedures for gathering and studying evidence (e. g. the scientific method), not conclusions, which change based on evidence.

      • Chris Lachapelle

        That is what i took from it as well.

  • Rebecca

    In these comments, told creationists who move the goalposts to avoid their egos being deflated.

  • Dewey

    This is the best way to blow a creationist out of the water. Tell them that god created the universe yesterday. Tell them that God created them with their memories just as God created carbon dating to make the earth look older than it really is. Tell them that dinosaurs never actually existed and that God created fossils in order to test our faith.

    Then ask them to prove you wrong.

    • BadKitty

      They’ll just fall back on, “It’s not in the bible.”

    • Maxine Parshall

      Some creationists already use those arguments. lol

    • jimhummel

      Or, we could ask you if God can do anything, let me see him make a rock so big he can’t roll it.

  • anticipation

    1. Since is fake, just a bunch of made up stuff to steal my tax muney and give it to people who don’t work. Faith is real, my preacher and all the kings who used it to justify the wars against the evil scientists and have multiple wife told me so.
    2. That’s why he was such a great man and why russle crow is making a movie about him.
    3.Because that would create dependency, geez you libtards are dum.
    4. Because we bury people in cemeteries not dinosaurs… anuter dum question.
    5.I do everything my preacher tells me. Readn, wrtn, rhythmytic is the Devils tools.
    6. What does picture takin have to do with this?
    7. Because my preacher who lives in the big house and drives that nice car told us it was the truth, and you know preachers never lie.
    8. It’s a lie, docterin and hospeetals just steal money and do evil voodoo witchcraft.
    9. The earth is flat, If not people would fall off, wow you peoples iz dum. And the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, how else could it work?
    10. It’s that gay communist socialist gun takin Muslim atheist Obummers fault.

    (The above is scarcasm…Since people like buckeyerus are a little to slow to figure that out.)

    • Maxine Parshall

      You’re joking, aren’t you? lol

      • Chris Lachapelle

        Kinda sad when a Poe is indistinguishable from a real Creationist isn’t it?

    • William Klabunde

      Sort of sad that you have to tell people it’s sarcasm. Does that show some peoples intellect?

    • janhalt

      Sarcasm or ridicule? How elitist

  • Bill Christensen

    I’m a liberal, but one shouldn’t fall for the fallacy that because ‘creationists are conservative’ that ‘conservatives are creationists’. I have many conservative friends who are in no way creationists, though I must admit my conservative friends tend not to be T-baggers. The questions should be directed to creationists not conservatives.

    • Jack Hagerty


      • Louis Delavigne

        I would say liberal creationists are a rare breed and subject to a different line of questioning that starts with “wtf,” where conservative creationists are prevalent and therefore fair game to ridicule as well.
        Just like in today’s world as we look back to the times when people believed the world was flat with contempt and yes ridicule, this creationism nonsense will find its place in the trash heap of discarded illogical thinking. Religion is a man made endouver and subject to the fallacy of man.
        You have the right to believe whatever you like and I have the right to tell you, you are ridiculous for believing it.

    • Maxine Parshall

      Tyson’s post does address creationists.

      • Bill Christensen

        Yes, but Mr. Clifton’s post has the logical fallacy that I pointed out, mainly that because ‘Creationists are Conservatives’ does not mean the converse is necessarily true.

      • Leftcoastrocky

        I am sure that they are out there, but I have never met a Creationist who is a liberal

      • Bill Christensen

        I agree. but not all conservatives are creationists, so questions are for creationists, not conservatives.

      • janhalt

        You have lead a very protected life Leftcoastrocky. You need to come out of your cave and see the rest of the world.

  • Angela Warren

    Methuselah lived 900+ years… Other than that I agree with every question you propose.

    • Leftcoastrocky

      must have been the Mediterranean Diet

  • Jon

    I’d like to see your other columns where you post 10 questions for conservatives. Link(s)?

  • Jason Mcmanus

    Buckeyerus makes me laugh. The ancestry tree listed in the bible adds up to a total of right around 6000 years based on the age of all those listed. Now take into consideration that we have trees that are as old as 9000 years and ice core samples that show 280000+ winter summer cycles. Trees cannot survive underwater for extended periods of time so do you wish to try again on “evidence” of a flood?

  • Steve Rush

    It’s been proposed that the extreme ages of OT characters were the result of a mistranslation. 900 lunar months is about 71 years, and it makes sense that in preliterate times the lunar cycle was the first interval longer than the day to be named. That doesn’t make the Biblical-literalist argument any less absurdly circular:
    “The Bible is the perfect, inerrant WORD O’GAWD!”
    How do you know?

    These people aren’t necessarily stupid, just fucking nuts.

    • Maxine Parshall

      Bible literalists don’t seem to be able to think, only parrot Bible verses. They have been robbed by their churches of the one thing that makes us different from the other animals. It’s very sad.

      • janhalt

        Progressives seem to have the same ailment; they only parrot the party line, how pathetic.

    • That would make sense if it didn’t also mean that people were having babies before they were 3 years old.

    • janhalt

      Name calling, how classy. You must have gone to school on the East coast.

  • TheyCallMeMrPig

    2.) Does that really have a point? Whether or not Noah lived for 1/6 of the time the Earth existed does not really disprove creationism. Heck, if Noah lived for 100% of the time that the Earth existed that would also not disprove creationism. This is a good ‘lets laugh at the creationists for not believing what we accept’ question, but it is not a good question when trying to disprove or throw doubt on the subject.

    3.) I actually like the first 2 sentences posted by buckeyesRus… but no more. It is entirely conceivable that the building of the ark was to be an act of faith and to get others to inquire as to why it was being done. When told they may have an epiphany and start acting decent. A better question would have been something along the lines of ‘Why didn’t Noah save the dinosaurs too?’ to which I cannot think of a plausible answer.

    5.) I do not understand the question. The ‘rules’ the scientists follow are not in every textbook since the acceptance of many such rules is assumed. Also, there is a difference between ‘rules for a test’ and ‘rules for morality’, so I think the comparison is a false one.

    6.) Whether something is commonly accepted or not isn’t relevant to the discussion of how reality works (I know, haha, lets laugh at the creationist for saying ‘reality’). we have direct evidence for how photosynthesis works whereas for evolution there is only indirect observations. As for gravity, it may count as a ‘theory’, but it is also a ‘law’, and that makes all the difference.

    7.) Has anybody ever seen an original copy of the Bible? Maybe, maybe not, but that’s not entirely the point. There are entire fields of study [both religious and secular] devoted to Biblical analysis. So even if we do not have the original we can still have a basic understanding of what the text says and means (unless, of course, you’re saying that anything from the past cannot be studied, in which case you would also disprove evolution as a viable option since it relies heavily on the study of the past).

    8.) I also do not see how this is relevant to the discussion about creationism vs. evolution. Also, it is answered in 3 ways by different groups. 1.) Divine predestination; that is, God knows everything that will happen and nothing can happen differently so our living longer because of ‘science’ is nothing less than the will of God. 2.) Free will; that is, we are able to create medicines and technologies to help ourselves live longer and God does not interfere because it’s our choice. 3.) (my personal advocacy) Omniscient Free Will; that is, God knows the end results of all possible choices that everybody will ever make, seeing all possible outcomes of all possible choices. I like #3 the best because it nicely connects the omniscience of God with the belief in free will.

    9.) I am not going to dignify that with an actual answer. If I say ‘yes’ I will be portrayed as liking ignorance, and if I say ‘no’ I will be told that I must accept evolution. Heads you win, tails I lose.

    • Maxine Parshall

      There is nothing in creationism to disprove because creationism just says goddidit. And it also criticizes evolution for not having all the answers when creationists have no useful answer. Does creationism predict when the earth will end? No. The Bible says the stars will fall. Where? They are out in space like everything else. There is no up or down in space. But then the Bible was written by people who thought the earth was the center of the universe. The Bible also says that the moon will not give her light. The moon does not generate any light of its own; it reflects the light of the sun. You’d think the creator of everything would know that.

      • TheyCallMeMrPig

        ‘Does creationism predict when the earth will end?’: Technically… but we don’t know exactly when. Then again, even though it doesn’t that doesn’t even throw doubt on the creationist model since it is a different subject entirely (ending vs. beginning).

        ‘the stars will fall’: I have read about something called ‘the fall of the Roman Empire’. It didn’t mean that the empire LITERALLY fell down… it means it ended. Words have more than 1 meaning while still being a literal meaning… and the right meaning is what needs to be looked at, not the meaning that you want. I assume that even the ‘evolutionists’ and ‘scientists’ accept that the stars will ‘fall’ (i.e. come to an end). And, like the above question, this does not disprove creationism since it deals with the ‘ending’ and not the ‘beginning’.

        ‘earth was centre of universe’: Actually it doesn’t. The common passages people use to prove it are: Ecclesiastes 1:5 which just mentions the sunrise and sunset; 1 Chronicles 16:30 which says the earth will not be moved… in the same way that one may say ‘I will not move from this spot’… sure they are moving because of the rotation of the earth, but that’s not what they mean… in the case of the passage the ‘not move’ is as a spiritual place for humans… no matter what all of humanity will be drawn to the earth for as long as the species is alive; and Psalm 104:5, which are songs and would be idiotic to take as literally true.

        ‘moon giving light’: though confusing since it sounds almost explicit, the Bible doesn’t actually mean that the moon is a light source by itself. It merely states that the moon is a source of light. Though the light originally comes from the sun, it being reflected off of the moon while the sun is not ‘out’ makes it A source of light even though it is not THE source of light. And we could add to that that it was even known to the ancients that the moon was not another direct source of light since it is not bright all the time. If the Bible meant that the moon was another direct source of light it would have never been believed since the idiocy of that statement would be knowable to anybody who has the ability of thought.

        ‘creator… would know that’: here we need to address the fact that the Bible is manmade and is subject to grammatical errors, translation errors, and other things like that. There are some Bibles that forgot ‘not’ in the commandments, it doesn’t mean that they are allowed just because it was written in a Bible. One must be willing to interpret what they need to to get an understanding of what is supposed to be factual and followed and what is supposed to be metaphorical and not followed (or any combination).

        I have debated several evolutionists on this topic, and I have to say, so far you are by far the least intellectually stimulating opponent.

  • Sue

    Also ask in what language they are reading the Bible. The Old Testament in the original Ancient Hebrew? The New Testament in the original Ancient Greek? Keeping in mind that at least one book of the New Testament was originally written in Aramaic but this has been lost – we now have only the Greek translation of the original Aramaic. So when they read “the Bible” they are really reading a translation, and each translation will differ, often wildly, from the next.

  • Maxine Parshall

    I would only ask questions 1, 6, and 10 since the others can be answered by the usual fundie bilge With God all things are possible and Don’t question the ways of the Lord.

  • ADudeWhoReadsMoreBooksThanYou

    These questions are a disgusting level of smug. Not only are the ‘indicts’ not specific to the Bible, but the assumption that all creationists are the same casts a negative light on those who believe in evolution–the majority of which, who I’ve met, are accepting, patient, and prefer informed discourse. Poorly articulated “questions”, that don’t pertain to the subject matter.

    1) Yes.

    2) I think 900 is a mistranslation (take a zero off of every age in the bible in you’ll get the age that they probably were)

    3) The point was to test Noah’s faith; obvi he could’ve given him an ark, but that wouldn’t test Noah’s faith, or the nature of his character.

    4) Because they didn’t roam in the same place.

    5) I don’t think that statistic is quite fair. You’re essentially pitting scientists versus all who live in creation, rather than pitting them against preachers and priests–which I think would be a much more fair assessment. A more appropriate question would be comparing those who believe in creation versus those who believe in evolution–and I think the majority of both of those groups largely don’t understand the knowledge base that they defend.

    6) No.

    7) The same way you know that the Big Bang Happened–because you can totally only determine what is true based on the original.

    8) He doesn’t.

    9) It’s far less damaging than promoting an aggressive, scientific ideology that doesn’t accept difference of religious practice, culture or opinion. That’s not what the entire scientific community is doing, but that’s what the writer of these questions is.

    10) No. Time is a fiction.

    • Leftcoastrocky

      “all creationists are the same” in that they are ignorant about the world

    • erock68la

      Reading a lot of books doesn’t make you educated. And you are not if you believe your answers to those questions.

      I do, however, tend to agree with your characterization of the tone and smugness of the questions. Also, they lend themselves to the pat creationist talking point-type answers we have all heard ad nauseum.

  • Doninc La Rosa

    Okay to the first question , Yes i do know the difference between Science & faith , I also know you don’t know the answer , Science is a profession like any other , A gift from God with the same free will as all to chose it for better or for worse . . It discovers and invents things and has many eras as well as truth , a great tool for man if its used for good.

    Faith is trusting in the word of God and of things that cant be seen or while not understood . . faith is only useful if its faith in the right source , Sadly the deceiver through harden mans hearts have planted a lot of false claim to be Christian secs to confuse man with faith and none believers alike . faith in these secs even if the faith is great , its useless and one big era if its not connected to the true God.

    • Alvaro Nieto

      Right, I will summarize, God made us in his image and gave only us among all animals the ability to reason…….but don’t you dare use that ability….just do what the book and we tell you to do….have faith, you can trust us.

      • Doninc La Rosa

        Alvaro , I don’t think your able to summarize any thing of commonsense , your replying to my answer but you have not listen or digested what i have said . . What book ? If your experience of Christianity are from man made secs , then you need to reread what i have explained . . Man fell from the image dignity of God first created us to be , so if we dont follow the truth , we alone will have no idea how to return back to that image without Gods help . . sadly the deceiver has planted many false religions to confuse every one . . so it requires a bit more of reasoning if any one wishes to see through the fog of lies to truth ,

  • Doninc La Rosa

    Here to question 3 . . who said God created the universe in six days , True religion has never taught this , . . just because America the land of freedom of opinions have invented a lot of era man made secs from a Bible they do not even understand does not mean Genesis has to be taken literary because they say so . . The Christ founded but one Church , one fold that is truth for all men of good will . . . Its members have made plenty of eras just like science , but its founder is always with it so when its members are wrong he can correct them as he did with his Apostles while here on earth.

    How can God create the world in six days when in Gods world there is no time . . A hundred thousand years in our time is one big now with God , time as we know it is really an allusion to reality on the other side , even some science have agreed with this . . Moses wrote Genesis to give a basic account of the begining and the problem between us and God , its full mysteries are hidden and it was never ment to be taken literary .

  • Doninc La Rosa

    To question 5 .. . How can science follow every rule written in the book , when they are always rewriting it , science has always corrected science and will always do so till the end.

    This Era of claiming we follow a book comes from all those man made secs again.
    God Gave the World a Church with his doctrine to listen and follow , not a Book . . This book came into existence around 3,00 years later by the actual Church to carry its origin source through the ages , it wasn’t meant for the public and what a mistake it was when man got a hold of it .
    More so why would a God give us a book to follow alone when until the 19th century no one could read let alone afford to buy a Bible.

  • Doninc La Rosa

    here to Question nine . . . science does not yet know how old the earth is , Nor the true aspect of evolution , they can never be accurate and my reasons for this knowledge I intend to keep to my self for now . .
    Again the true Church does not rebuke evolution , if any thing it only shows process of Gods creation in the making.

    Where any one gets the idea evolution proves Christians have it all wrong is the only dark age ignorance here for question 9.
    The difference between Christianity and science is , besides one has the Creator & one is man alone is science can help prolong life here on earth for a little extra time , while true Christianity alone can give eternal life , some think man professions will never be able to do.

  • tugs

    1. I know science and faith are two different things but bible and science agree to each other if you will apply proper wisdom.

    2. I believe early humans can live longer than today because the oxidation process of that time is less than oxidation process of today.

    3.Becaust that’s noah’s assignment so that’s why kids you should do your homework =]

    4. Of course their bones had been decayed and mixed with the soil through the ages. About the fossils of the dinosaurs of course it can be explain why those thing existing because they were found in a place lack of oxygen which decomposition doesnt take place.

    5. Not everyone will follow it because of different interest of the people

    6. Gravity is a natural force of the earth while photosynthesis is the process of the plant to create their food out of sunlight.

    7. Go to British museum in Britain if you want to see the original copy =p

    8. YES God can determine your life and death. Deuteronomy 32:39 “See now that I myself am he! There is no god besides me. I put to death and I bring to life, I have wounded and I will heal, and no one can deliver out of my hand.”. I you believe that modern medical science prolong your life then you are a complete idiot. Yes I may cure your illness for the meantime but it will make you suffer in the long run.

    • Chris Lachapelle


  • terry63

    #1. Yes.
    #2. The world is infinitely old. I never put a time on it. I beleive that the earth of Genesis was a regeneration, thats why we dont have dinosuars anymore. In the Beginning the earth was void.” Bohu” Hebrew. In a state of waste, empty, Chaos and desolation. Lost to translation. I think that Science confirms that this world was destroyed and most things on it at one time. Does it not?
    #3. Numbers of the Bible are sometimes not numbers at all but are Symbolic and have other meanings. What are 6 days to God, if God is timeless. 6 symbolizes man. Or Mankind. After the fall of Adam, God kept the blood line. He used people to do his will. He would make a covenant with them. Special people of his choosing .The Elect. Because of this God Loved Noah and rescued his family from the flood. Noah was upon the water for 40 days. 40 is not a number it means a extended period of time. Mem is the 13th letter in the alphabet with a numeric value of 40 it symbolizes water. the actual dimensions of the Ark can be found in Genesis 6-15. It was made of Gopher wood. Run these numbers through you computer or ask an expert you will find that not only will it float, it is all but impossible to sink.
    #4. See answer #2
    #5. Its is not possible for Flesh to be perfect. Thats why people made blood sacrifice to God to atone for their sins. This was because of Adam. Christ paid that price for us. Flesh and blood cannot keep the commandments. Thats why Christ came and paid the price for your sins.He was your Blood sacrifice.The vail which once seperated you from God has been ripped. Got a paryer request? He’s your Father. God Loves you. If 97% of all scientist’s are following every rule of Science then they are all thinking the same. If everyone is thinking the same then someone is not thinking!
    #6 Irrelevant.
    #7 It is the Tora or the Koran. It is a collection of original scrolls, some were left out of the KJV but some are availible to see and read.
    #8You may be living longer or shorter lives but we all die. Nobody gets out of here alive.
    #9 Back to answer #2
    #10, no, can You? When you see storm clouds can you not predict Rain?

  • Susan Acciaiuoli

    Not all Christians are Conservatives. The bible contains very little Science. I could expound on a lot of things in this article, but the thing that stands out most to me in reading this is that you have a gross misunderstanding of both “faith” and “Christianity”. Perhaps in exploring either, or both, you would answer a lot of these questions for yourself. : )

  • John Adkins

    Interesting and thought provoking questions! However, there are a few assumptions you make that aren’t quite 100% true. First off, not all conservatives are creationists. Secondly, not all Christians believe the same things. Third, many Christians also believe and agree with science. One of the mistakes that I think many people believe/make is lumping everyone of a specific belief in to one category. For example, some terrorists are Muslims, therefore all Muslims are terrorists… which we all know is just not the case.

    In any case, I’m going to do my best to answer your questions as I understand them. Also, I consider myself a Libertarian (with liberal and conservative ideals) and a Christian with a degree in science.

    1. I most definitely understand the difference between science and faith. Science can be proven according to what a general consensus of the population agrees on. Faith isn’t something that can be proven, other than of course that you have faith in something, and is a system of beliefs.

    2. No one can prove how long Noah lived, but since many books and histories include a reference to him, I’d say there’s a pretty good chance he really existed. Not all conservatives or Christians believe the age of the universe is what some creationists believe.

    3. Many of the stories in the bible are allegorical and I believe its up to the reader to interpret them how they see fit. I’m not quite sure about the time scale referenced in the bible as being an exact system. I also can’t tell you why God didn’t just give Noah an ark. Perhaps you could ask Him.

    4. Not all conservatives/Christians believe that human ancestors and dinosaurs walked the Earth at the same time. Again, this is really a question based on assumption. The geologic scale definitely suggests otherwise.

    5. Again, not all Christians believe the bible to be taken word for word, that’s a false assumption made by many who don’t believe. To me, the bible and any other religious text represents more of a set of guidelines on how to live your life rather than an exact set of rules to follow. Much like science, in that theories and ideas can be questioned and explored to see what their validity is and how they correspond to what we know, religion can be interpreted in the same manner… as many people do.

    6. I absolutely do not deny the existence of gravity and photosynthesis, but one thing to remember is that, a lot of scientific ideas that are proven, are in actuality ideas that a mass number of people agree with as being true. To say that you can scientifically prove anything just means that the population as a whole agrees with your deduction. Religion in the same manner is a matter of a group of people believing in the same ideas and thusly considering those ideas to be true.

    7. No one that I know of has ever “seen” a copy of an original bible as I don’t think one exists. The bible is simply a collection of stories that a mass group of people have to come to believe in and agree on. I don’t think there are any scientists that have actually seen an electron or neutron or even a black hole, but there is substantial evidence to agree that they exist.

    8. I’ve never seen an exact reference that God determines when we live and die. I’m not a biblical scholar by any means, but again I think this is open to interpretation.

    9. Your references to how the old Earth is and how evolution occurs (which I do believe in) are simply ideas that a mass of people agree on… albeit with some highly intelligent postulates that promote those references. I’m not sure what level of ignorance you are referring to that all Christians supposedly believe in but remember, ignorance is defined as simply not knowing something or being educated in a specific field of study. I’m sure you have your ignorances as we all do.

    10. There is no science in the bible as far as I know as the bible is a set of beliefs that people have faith in. One thing that believers and non-believers can’t understand about the other is that faith is something you have or you don’t. There is faith in many things, not just religion. You can’t prove or disprove faith as its a belief. Many things that are accepted in the scientific community are also very similar to faith in that a group of people believe a certain set of ideals until someone comes along later and proves it wrong. Science and faith while similar, are also very different. You can’t really tell someone that their faith is wrong, only that you disagree with it.

    Again I feel that the bible and many other religious works are simply just stories and guidelines on how better to live your life. Not all Christians and conservatives believe the same set of ideals just like not all liberals and libertarians believe the same set of ideals. You can be Christian and believe in science… even Bill Nye realizes that. What I think is most important is tolerance from both sides and the ability to respect each other’s opinions and beliefs even though you may or may not agree with them.

    Also, I am not particularly well versed in the bible and am by no means a scientific scholar but I feel I do have the benefit of seeing the the positives of both sides. Your questions to me seem to be lumping a vastly different group of beliefs and people in to one pot of folks believing the same things, which simply isn’t the case.

    Just my two cents though. 😉

  • Joshua Jeffery

    Great job conflating fundamentalist, young Earth creationists with everyone else who holds to the Christian faith.

  • Iraklis Ofiouchos

    My first question to a Christian would be: “Do you believe in Human Sacrifice, and if not why do you believe a dogma that’ s based on Human Sacrifice?”

  • Joe Shields

    1) Do you understand the difference between science and faith?
    Science is not this special world you think it is. Science literally means knowledge. If you understood this field of research you would know that to prove anything scientifically you would have to apply the scientific method. Sciencedaily defines this as a method based on on gathering observable, empirical and measurable evidence subject to the collection of data through observation and experimentation and repeatable testing of hypotheses. News flash, History isn’t observable, repeatable and testable. You can’t scientifically prove George Washington was our first president! Likewise you can’t scientifically prove evolution or the age of the earth. You weren’t there to observe it, you weren’t there to test it, experiment, gather information and repeat your findings. So claiming what you believe as science, is contradictory to the very definition of science. Faith means trust, so just like me, you have faith in the theory of evolution as I have faith in the God and Creator of us.

    2) If Noah really lived for 900 years, do you realize that means he lived for nearly 1/6 of the time you claim the world has existed?
    Most Christians believe the earth was created about 10,000 years ago so yes I understand what that means even though by that estimate Noah lived for about 1/11 of the years the Earth was around. I don’t know exactly how many years old the earth is, it can’t be scientifically proven. But whatever your point was here, it is not a contradiction or a very good argument about creation.

    3) If God could create the Earth in 6 days, why couldn’t he have just given Noah an ark instead of making him build one?
    He could have. He flooded the entire earth and even brought 2 of every animal of its kind to Noah. Asking that question is like asking why he didn’t make humans 15 feet tall. He just didn’t. It’s no argument against creation or the power of God. After all he created the earth in 6 days and created all the wood Noah used.

    4) If humans and dinosaurs roamed the Earth at the same time, why don’t we ever find their bones in the same places?
    Firstly, you are presupposing that this is true. 1) you don’t know the conditions of these fossils. Weather or not they interfered with in anyway. 2) That claim could only have any weight if you uncovered all the fossils of dinosaurs in the world along with every human bone. You don’t know
    To try and answer this question we can look at the record of life in the bible. God created man and women and from there they reproduced and spread out. In Genesis 1:24 he said “let the earth bring forth living creatures after their kind.” Since the word Creature is plural we know that God created more than one animal. There could have been 1000 dinosaurs dead in south America before Adam and Eve even became grandparents. There would be no dead humans around the dead dinosaur bodies. This doesn’t mean they weren’t on the earth together.
    Can I ask you why there are seashells at the top of Mount Everest?

    5) About 97% of scientists (if not more) follow every rule written in science books. Exactly 0% of creationists follow every rule that’s written in the Bible. If you so wholeheartedly believe the Bible gives a word for word account of how old the Earth is, why don’t you follow every other rule that’s inside?
    The bible doesn’t tell us how old the earth is. We can get a good idea from the record. You should read the Bible before criticizing it with straw man arguments.
    However your statistics are so unbelievably false. For this to be true that must means all scientist believe in everything scientist believe in now which is false. Darwin thought the earth was 200 million years old. Kelvin thought it was 10 million. Scientist from the ancient era thought the earth was flat and knew nothing about the science book now.
    If you are a Christian you believe the bible, If you are a Muslim you believe the Quran, If you’re a buddhist you believe in yourself. Just because you don’t believe in evolution means your a christian. 0% of creationists is the most ridiculous number I have ever heard. I am a creationist and I believe in the bible 100%. There is 2.2 billion self-professed Christians in the world. Christians don’t believe in evolution and believe in creation and if they don’t believe in Tota Scriptura then I would question their faith a little.

    6) Since the age of the Earth and evolution are as scientifically accepted as gravity and photosynthesis – are you then denying the existence of gravity and photosynthesis?
    From this 1 question you just demonstrated that you aren’t even smart enough to be in a conversation like this. You clearly don’t know what science is because evolution and the age of the earth are 0% fact with 0 evidence and is not accepted as science by any expert. It’s a theory. I would ask you to answer the question you asked in question 1.
    Secondly, why don’t you go prove these 4 things scientifically and see how far you get. I can jump and observe gravity, repeat this test and gather evidence. I can watch and study a flower and apply the scientific method to prove photosynthesis. Try applying the scientific method to proving evolution and determining the age of the earth then see if your studies are accepted as science. Richard Dawkins would even say this is a ludicrous claim!

    7) Has any creationist ever seen the original copy of the Bible? Then how do you know what it really said?
    Has any scientist seen the earth when it was made? Then how do you know how old it is? Has any scientist observed evolution? Then how is it as widely accepted as gravity?
    If you don’t know anything about ancient texts, the bible is a reliable collection of historical documents written down by eyewitnesses in the lifetime of other eyewitnesses. It was written in 3 languages originally, Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic across 3 continents, Europe, Africa and Asia from numerous authors spanning 1000 years who record supernatural events that took place within specific prophecies that claim to divine rather than human in origin without any contradiction.
    First off, let’s look at a few ancient texts: Aristotle’s Ode to Poetics was written between 384 and 322 B.C. The earliest manuscript of this work dates A.D. 1100, and there are only forty-nine extant manuscripts. The gap between the original writing and the earliest copy is 1,400 years. There are only seven extant manuscripts of Plato’s Tetralogies, written 427–347 B.C. The earliest copy is A.D. 900—a gap of over 1,200 years. Thucydides – History of the Peloponnesian War – First copy is dated 1300 years after his lifetime with only 8 manuscripts. So keep these numbers in mind if you believe Aristotle, Plato or even that the peloponnesian war happened. (Numerous examples like this)
    What about the New Testament? Jesus was crucified in A.D. 30. The New Testament was written between A.D. 48 and 65. The oldest manuscripts date to the last quarter of the first century, and the second oldest A.D. 125. This gives us a narrow gap of thirty-five to forty years from the originals written by the apostles. From the early centuries, we have some 5,300 Greek manuscripts of the New Testament. Altogether, including Syriac, Latin, Coptic, and Aramaic, we have a whopping 24,633 texts of the ancient New Testament to confirm the wording of the Scriptures. So the bottom line is, there was no great period between the events of the New Testament and the New Testament writings. Nor is there a great time lapse between the original writings and the oldest copies. No ancient text comes remotely close to the transmission of the New Testament. With the great body of manuscript evidence, it can be proved, beyond a doubt, that the New Testament says exactly the same things today as it originally did nearly 2,000 years ago. Its called Corroborating Writings.
    Critics also charge that there are no ancient writings about Jesus outside the New Testament. This is another ridiculous claim. Writings confirming His birth, ministry, death, and resurrection include Flavius Josephus (A.D. 93), the Babylonian Talmud (A.D. 70–200), Pliny the Younger’s letter to the Emperor Trajan (approx. A.D. 100), the Annals of Tacitus (A.D. 115–117), Mara Bar Serapion (sometime after A.D. 73), and Suetonius’ Life of Claudius and Life of Nero (A.D. 120).

    8) If God determines when we live and die, why are humans living longer due to advances in medical scientific research?
    Didn’t you just ask me about Noah living to 900 years of age?

    9) Hundreds of years ago people believed that the Earth was the center of the universe, until science proved them completely wrong. Science now tells us how old the Earth is, and the truth about evolution, yet you still want to cling to the same level of ignorance as those from centuries ago?
    Science in the Bible:
    1. Only in recent years has science discovered that everything we see is composed of invisible atoms. Here, Scripture tells us that the “things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.”
    2. Medical science has only recently discovered that blood-clotting in a newborn reaches its peak on the eighth day, then drops. The Bible consistently says that a baby must be circumcised on the eighth day.
    3. At a time when it was believed that the earth sat on a large animal or a giant (1500 B.C.), the Bible spoke of the earth’s free float in space: “He…hangs the earth upon nothing” (Job 26:7).
    4. The prophet Isaiah also tells us that the earth is round: “It is he that sits upon the circle of the earth” (Isaiah 40:22). This is not a reference to a flat disk, as some skeptic maintain, but to a sphere. Secular man discovered this 2,400 years later. At a time when science believed that the earth was flat, is was the Scriptures that inspired Christopher Columbus to sail around the world (see Proverbs 3:6 footnote).
    5. God told Job in 1500 B.C.: “Can you send lightnings, that they may go, and say to you, Here we are?” (Job 38:35). The Bible here is making what appears to be a scientifically ludicrous statement—that light can be sent, and then manifest itself in speech. But did you know that radio waves travel at the speed of light? This is why you can have instantaneous wireless communication with someone on the other side of the earth. Science didn’t discover this until 1864 when “British scientist James Clerk Maxwell suggested that electricity and light waves were two forms of the same thing” (Modern Century Illustrated Encyclopedia).
    6. Job 38:19 asks, “Where is the way where light dwells?” Modern man has only recently discovered that light (electromagnetic radiation) has a “way,” traveling at 186,000 miles per second.
    7. Science has discovered that stars emit radio waves, which are received on earth as a high pitch. God mentioned this in Job 38:7: “When the morning stars sang together…”
    8. “Most cosmologists (scientists who study the structures and evolution of the universe) agree that the Genesis account of creation, in imagining an initial void, may be uncannily close to the truth” (Time, Dec. 1976).
    9. Solomon described a “cycle” of air currents two thousand years before scientists “discovered” them. “The wind goes toward the south, and turns about unto the north; it whirls about continually, and the wind returns again according to his circuits” (Ecclesiastes 1:6).
    10. Science expresses the universe in five terms: time, space, matter, power, and motion. Genesis 1:1,2 revealed such truths to the Hebrews in 1450 B.C.: “In the beginning [time] God created [power] the heaven [space] and the earth [matter] . . . And the Spirit of God moved [motion] upon the face of the waters.” The first thing God tells man is that He controls of all aspects of the universe.
    11. The great biological truth concerning the importance of blood in our body’s mechanism has been fully comprehended only in recent years. Up until 120 years ago, sick people were “bled,” and many died because of the practice. If you lose your blood, you lose your life. Yet Leviticus 17:11, written 3,000 years ago, declared that blood is the source of life: “For the life of the flesh is in the blood.”
    12. All things were made by Him (see John 1:3), including dinosaurs. Why then did the dinosaur disappear? The answer may be in Job 40:15–24. In this passage, God speaks about a great creature called “behemoth.” Some commentators think this was a hippopotamus. However, the hippo’s tail isn’t like a large tree, but a small twig. Following are the characteristics of this huge animal: It was the largest of all the creatures God made; was plant-eating (herbivorous); had its strength in its hips and a tail like a large tree. It had very strong bones, lived among the trees, drank massive amounts of water, and was not disturbed by a raging river. He appears impervious to attack because his nose could pierce through snares, but Scripture says, “He that made him can make his sword to approach unto him.” In other words, God caused this, the largest of all the creatures He had made, to become extinct.

    10) Can you accurately predict, based on the “science” within the Bible, any event that will occur in the near future?
    Prophecies from the Old and New Testaments that have been fulfilled also add credibility to the Bible. The Scriptures predicted the rise and fall of great empires like Greece and Rome (Daniel 2:39, 40), and foretold the destruction of cities like Tyre and Sidon (Isaiah 23). Tyre’s demise is recorded by ancient historians, who tell how Alexander the Great lay siege to the city for seven months. King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon had failed in a 13-year attempt to capture the seacoast city and completely destroy its inhabitants. During the siege of 573 B.C., much of the population of Tyre moved to its new island home approximately half a mile from the land city. Here it remained surrounded by walls as high as 150 feet until judgment fell in 332 B.C. with the arrival of Alexander the Great. In the seven-month siege, he fulfilled the remainder of the prophecies (Zechariah 9:4; Ezekiel 26:12) concerning the city at sea by completely destroying Tyre, killing 8,000 of its inhabitants and selling 30,000 of its population into slavery. To reach the island, he scraped up the dust and rubble of the old land city of Tyre, just like the Bible predicted, and cast them into the sea, building a 200-foot wide causeway out to the island. Alexander’s death and the murder of his two sons was also foretold in the Scripture. Another startling prophecy was Jesus’ detailed prediction of Jerusalem’s destruction, and the further spreading of the Jewish diaspora throughout the world, which is recorded in Luke 21. In A.D. 70, not only was Jerusalem destroyed by Titus, the future emperor of Rome, but another prediction of Jesus Christ in Matthew 24:1,2 came to pass—the complete destruction of the temple of God.
    In the Book of Daniel, the Bible prophesied the coming of the one and only Jewish Messiah prior to the temple’s demise. The Old Testament prophets declared He would be born in Bethlehem (Micah 5:2) to a virgin (Isaiah 7:14), be betrayed for thirty pieces of silver (Zechariah 11:12,13), die by crucifixion (Psalm 22), and be buried in a rich man’s tomb (Isaiah 53:9). There was only one person who fits all of the messianic prophecies of the Old Testament who lived before A.D. 70: Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of Mary.
    Lastly, Jesus is coming again . . . . .

  • Gideon Kim

    I am a creationist, i don’t have time to look back at the reply’s but you know what? Jesus loves you. if you believe jesus died for your sins on the cross you will have eternal life in heaven. in the bible of john 3:16 it says “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.”