10 Questions Somebody Should Ask Kim Davis and Those Who Support Her

kim-davis-religious-hypocrisyKim Davis, the Kentucky county clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples in defiance of the Supreme Court and our Constitution, has become a dominant figure in the news lately. While I know many people are probably sick of hearing about her, this whole situation is extremely important. She has no chance at “winning” (the truth is she’s already lost), but this entire ordeal has put on the forefront those people in our country who believe their religious beliefs should trump our Constitution laws.

Though, to be fair, the Davis situation is slightly more ridiculous than most. This is a woman who claims she’s “standing up for the sanctity of marriage” – after she’s been married four times, divorced three times and had at least one extramarital affair.

So, I thought I’d list 10 questions I think everyone who might happen to encounter Ms. Davis, or any of her supporters, should ask these people who seem to believe that religious beliefs trump Constitutional law.

1. If you believe religion gives someone the right to violate Constitutional laws, do you believe there should be limits on that? And if so, what limits?

2. Do you believe a judge should have the right to deny a divorce if they believe that divorce goes against their religious beliefs?

3. Should a Muslim working at the Department of Motor Vehicles be able to deny a woman her driver’s license if they don’t believe women should have the right to drive?

4. If you were trying to order food at a restaurant, should a Hindu server have the right to not allow you to order anything made from beef because they believe cows are sacred?

5. Should a county clerk who doesn’t believe in divorce have the right to deny a marriage license to someone who’s been previously married?

6. Since adultery is punishable by death in the Bible, should cheating on your spouse be considered a felonious act that qualifies for the death penalty?

7. Should county clerks who believe “biblical marriage” is only allowed between a man and a woman be allowed to refuse marriage licenses to people who aren’t Christians?

8. Since bans on interracial marriage were overturned by the Supreme Court (the same way same-sex marriage bans were stricken down) do you now believe county clerks should have the right to deny marriage licenses to interracial couples citing their religious beliefs?

9. If someone said their religious beliefs allow them to marry women under the age of 18 without their parents’ permission, should that be allowed?

10. Unless you’re going to follow all the rules written in the Bible, how can you logically justify using it as a reference for “law” when you willfully ignore the parts that you, yourself, don’t want to follow?

Alright, well that will wrap this up. I hope everyone reading this will use these questions whenever they come across someone who supports Kim Davis. In fact, I would encourage everyone to email this to Ms. Davis – maybe she’ll answer these questions when she gets out of jail. 

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Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


Facebook comments

  • Ellen H.

    Those are fantastic questions, but I can already tell you that anyone like Kim Davis is going to make excuses that the same-sex marriage issue is different. In another article someone had pointed out that Davis had been married four times and had committed adultery, but then that person was told it didn’t matter because Ms. Davis had accepted Christ four years ago, so anything prior to that wasn’t “fair game”.

  • cruisersailor

    People who are extreme about a religion can’t be reached by reason.

    • Cougar Age

      Unless something extreme happens and they see things differently. Not all extremists are lost causes. Keep throwing reason at them. Maybe they’ll have a gay kid and love for their kid causes them to shed the hatred.

  • fja123

    Ask her if she’d be ok with Muslims running around beheading infidels with impunity since, you know, religious freedom.

    • wattersflores

      For Kim Davis religious freedom is Christian Freedom and that’s it.

  • Bill Gleed

    Faith is the belief in lies because well… just because.

  • Allen Simms

    misunderstanding the Bible, the constitution, the role of SCOTUS, and
    an entire swath of the American population all at once has to be a
    record. To be fair, it is entertaining when atheist progressive websites
    (their description not mine) try to “educate” me on the tenants of my
    own faith. Why, just in this one article they have assumed I support
    this lady, assumed to tell me why I support this lady, and ever so
    helpfully explained why I’m a rube for my assumed support of this lady
    and then rapped it all up in a nice “your God sucks” bow. I can’t
    imagine why these obviously brilliant people keep alienating voters.

    • SarahD

      Allen, these questions are being posed directly to Kim Davis and her supporters. You claim not to support her, so I’m really not sure why you’re so bothered by this piece. You said “just in this one article they have assumed I support this lady.” I can only guess that you feel this way because you are a Christian and see this post as an attack on Christianity, but nowhere does the author suggest that all Christians agree with Davis, only “those people in our country who believe their religious beliefs should trump our Constitution laws.” So, unless you are a supporter of Davis or you believe that your religion supersedes federal law, you really have no cause for criticism here. If you’re offended by the post, or you simply disagree with it, that is certainly your prerogative. But no one’s calling you a “rube,” no one’s saying that Christians are inherently bad people, and no one’s saying “your God sucks.”

      those people in our country who believe their religious beliefs should trump our Constitution laws.

      Read more at: https://www.forwardprogressives.com/10-questions-somebody-should-ask-kim-davis-support/
      those people in our country who believe their religious beliefs should trump our Constitution laws.

      Read more at: https://www.forwardprogressives.com/10-questions-somebody-should-ask-kim-davis-support/
      those people in our country who believe their religious beliefs should trump our Constitution laws.

      Read more at: https://www.forwardprogressives.com/10-questions-somebody-should-ask-kim-davis-support/

    • Key 8404

      No one is trying to educate you on the tenets of your faith… Merely pointing out that they have no bearing on our laws.

      • Chris Cherry

        Ok, fine…show me the law. Not an interpretation, the law. The constitution you all tout says clearly, to paraphrase, “congress makes LAW, 200+ years have gone by and no law is on the books for gay marriage. Now 5 people in black robes say it’s law. Hope that doesn’t go bad for you one day. Tyranny is what it’s called. Enjoy it until they come for you. If you tout the constitution, try reading it and following it.

      • Key 8404

        Simple enough, please show me in the constitution where it says gay marriage is forbidden…. There is no law “for” myriad things, that does not make them illegal. Tyranny is just as easily created by unchecked majorities as it is by the few dictating… Slavery existed at the will of the majority as well. Or do you endorse a cafeteria employee at the pentagon refusing to serve pork because he is Muslim? Ones religious convictions are no reason to subject others to their convictions.

      • Cougar Age

        You should be ashamed at your lack of knowledge both of our constitution, and of what it means to strike down a law as unconstitutional.

        Read the first amendment. Don’t stop at where you have the right to religion, continue on and read the establishment clause and all of the articles attached to that first amendment.

        Once you fully understand ALL of that, check out the 14th amendment. Try to get a real good grasp at what it is saying.

        Per our constitution we have a court to decide the constitutionality of laws. Striking down a law is NOT creating a new law. Basically all it did is say states can not require the two applicants for marriage to be of the opposite sex.

        It’s tyranny when rights are stomped on. It’s not tyranny to extend equal rights to a minority group. Nobody is forcing you to get gay married. Nobody is forcing Kim Davis to be affiliated with gay marriage. She can resign.

    • Cougar Age

      You know- many people become atheist after reading the bible. It happens often where an atheist knows more about the bible than the christian. Many atheists who have read the bible are astounded y the number of christians who will wear or tattoo a cross or jesus on their body, but haven’t even picked up the book to read what is inside of it. Some of the kindest people I’ve ever met were christians, but they aren’t your Kim Davis rotted out variety.

      Afraid you might learn something from an atheist?

  • Sam F

    The danger that people like ‘Kim Davis’ do to themselves, is that they profess to be Christians or people of God, but their true colors ALWAYS come out and they look like fools. Kim Davis had maintained that she had nothing against gay people except that she believes in the “traditional definition” of marriage. However, she was interviewed yesterday in jail, and in one sentence she says that she is ordained by God, and then almost immediately admits “…I hate LGBT people.” With that said, how can she call herself a Christian and profess to hate certain people??? Anyhow, here’s the Kim Davis interview…. http://www.newslo.com/kentucky-clerk-refuses-to-be-in-an-all-women-jail-its-full-of-dangerous-lesbians/

    • Miaren Crowsdaughter

      Newslo is an admitted satire site.

  • seven seven

    This is why Islam has the duty to establish Sharia Law in The West.

    • Cougar Age

      Yes – many religious beliefs are downright terrifying. I’m glad I’m not associated with any of them!

  • lamour9

    How much do you want to bet that Kim Davis has eaten pork (and mostly likely after her “come to Jesus” moment). I’m certain she wears mixed fiber garments unless she goes “commando” (there is no such thing as single fiber underwear). Think she’s ever flicked a light on or off on a Sunday? Oh, and let’s see…she certainly wasn’t a virgin when she married this most recent time. I could go on, but people that pick and choose which biblical laws to obey lose all credibility for supporting the ones that they choose to support.

  • Konrad P.

    My answers:
    1. Everyone has the right to violate the constitutional law. Its called free will. But you face consequences for violating human constitutional law. Id rather spend my life in jail for refusing to marry gay couple than to upset my God.
    2. As above.
    3. As above.
    4. As above.
    5. As above.
    6. Adultery was punishable by death in the Kingdom of Izrael as a state law. However, God will punish by death ANY SIN, including for example lying. The remedy for that is salvation through Jesus Christ. Unless you are saved you are condamned and awaiting death penalty.
    7. Look at answer number one.
    8. It was a state law. God’s Law is supreme to the state law and God’s Law never forbade interracial marriages. However if their religion says so, they can. And they should face consequences for violating the state law.
    9. It’s not allowed by the state law but if someone wants to do that they can. And face the consequences!
    10. True Christian follows the Law of God as a whole.

    To sum this up: most questions are of the same logical nature, answered in the first answer. Following the state law Kim Davis should be punished for not obeying the state law. But in the eyes of God she did what was right to do and will be rewarded. ill pray for her. State law is fallable and it is not even close to the moral standards of God’s Law.

    Violating ungodly state laws is not wrong in the eyes of God. And by God I mean YHWH, the only True God of the Bible, Who is our Father in Heaven, Who became flesh and died for our sins as Jesus the Christ, and Who is moving our hearts by the Holy Spirit.