10 Really Stupid Things Many Trump Supporters Actually Believe are True

It’s no secret that when it comes to facts, supporters of Donald Trump aren’t overly fond of them. That’s how he became so successful within the GOP — pandering to people who don’t care about the truth. They are people who, as Ted Koppel perfectly described to Sean Hannity recently, believe that ideology and what they want to be real matters more than actual facts.

That being said, there’s still a difference between believing in things that aren’t completely accurate that can be slightly subjective, and believing that outright, easily debunked lies are actually true. When it comes to believing in the latter, Trump supporters take the cake.

While most of us are probably aware of this information, I thought I’d put together this list to serve as, what I think, will be a great tool to use in proving how delusional most of the people who support Trump actually are.

1. They think the economy has improved because of him: Despite the fact he hasn’t signed a single piece of major economic legislation, and the current economic data we’re seeing is clearly a continuation of the success we saw for the vast majority of Obama’s time in office, the Republican view on the economy has doubled since he took office. The exact same economy only 31 percent of Republicans felt positive about at the end of Obama’s presidency, is now viewed as heading in the right direction by 61 percent of Republicans.

2. The same people who think Obama is a Muslim also believe Trump’s a devout follower of Christ: This one pretty much speaks for itself as it relates to the hypocrisy, ignorance, and, in many instances, the racism of “Christian” Trump supporters.

3. The majority believe “millions voted illegally” without a single shred of actual proof: A poll from a few weeks ago found that 55 percent of Trump supporters believe his idiotic conspiracy that the only reason he lost the popular vote is because “millions voted illegally” for Clinton.

4. They think illegal immigration is out of control and they’re mostly criminals: There’s a reason why Trump made vilifying illegal immigrants a big part of his campaign — the lies he told about them are what people who ultimately ended up supporting him want to believe. Problem is, net migration from Mexico is practically zero and stats show that illegal immigrants are actually less likely to commit crimes than actual citizens.

5. Majority believe he should have the power to overturn judicial rulings: Let the ignorance of this one sink in for a moment. Around 51 percent of Trump supporters are so clueless as to how our Constitution works that they feel as if the Executive Branch should have the power to overrule the Judicial Branch. Not only does that belief completely nullify our entire system of “checks and balances” but it would effectively make every president a dictator.

6. They actually believe Trumpcare will make health care better: During Trump’s campaign he promised his health care plan would be cheaper, better, cover more people, and protect people with pre-existing conditions — the bill he supports does absolutely none of that. If the bill the House passed becomes law:

  • Around 24 million people will lose insurance — many of whom will be people who voted for him.
  • Premiums, especially for Americans 50 and older, will increase dramatically.
  • States can opt-out of protecting people with pre-existing conditions.
  • Coverage will get worse.
  • Medicaid will get gutted.

The only thing Trumpcare accomplishes, besides everything awful I just listed, is it provides huge tax cuts for the richest among us.

7. Large majority don’t believe Barack Obama was born in the United States: While this survey was done in 2016, there’s no reason to think the numbers on this issue have changed much since then. In that PPP survey, 59 percent of Trump supporters didn’t think Obama was born in the United States — only 23 percent said he was. Meaning 77 percent of Trump supporters either don’t believe, or aren’t sure, our 44th president was legitimate.

8. They truly believe there’s a “war” against gun rights: Before Obama even took office, the GOP, fueled by the NRA, began pushing the idea that he was some anti-gun radical who was, at any moment, going to confiscate everyone’s guns. This paranoia led to one of the most preposterous things I’ve ever written about, the Jade Helm conspiracy. More than just a few conservatives all across the country believed a military exercise was actually a secret ploy by Obama to declare martial law and seize guns. A large theme throughout Trump’s campaign was that Clinton wanted to “abolish the Second Amendment.”

Even now, despite the fact that Obama did practically nothing during his eight years in office to go after anyone’s guns, Trump continues to act as if his administration will end some non-existent war on the Second Amendment.

9. They believe the stock market went down and the unemployment rate went up during the Obama administration: Even though it is absolutely indisputable that the unemployment rate drastically fell during the Obama administration, while stocks set numerous records, that’s not what many Trump supporters believe. According to PPP, 67 percent of Trump supporters believe the unemployment rate went up during the Obama administration, while 39 percent believe the stock market went down.

This is another perfect example of easy-to-verify facts of reality that many Trump supporters simply don’t believe are real.

10. They actually believe he’s honest and trustworthy: I thought I’d save the dumbest thing they believe for last. Not only is it foolish to believe practically anything Trump says, in most instances, his supporters believe him over, well — anything. You can present piles of evidence disproving something he’s claimed isn’t factual, while he doesn’t provide a shred of evidence to support what he said, and they’re still going to believe him. A guy with a well-documented history of claiming things are “rigged” whenever he loses, pushing ridiculous conspiracies without any proof, and denying he’s said things that he’s on audio or video saying is the person most of his supporters believe is “honest and trustworthy.”

There are plenty more I could have added, but I think most get the point.

Looking at this list, it’s easy to see why Trump did so well. When you’re a pathological liar who’s willing to tell people who don’t believe in reality what they want to hear — no matter how dishonest it is — that’s a dangerous combination. And it’s exactly what Donald Trump did on his path to the White House.

Feel free to hit me up on Twitter or Facebook and let me know what you think.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Bob Lessemun

    Sometimes the deplorables ignorance is incredible but even after they knew of his attitude toward women 53% of white women who voted, voted for him.

    • Stephanie Lorene Reyna

      Because those white women want to be grabbed by the pu$$y. (Never gets old)

      • Victor Bare II

        What a freaking ignorant comment.

      • Lucile Barker

        Not this old white lady…

      • Larry McCall

        These comments seem like something on Saturday Night Live. This is not my day to act like a toddler.

      • duckfaceantonacio

        I’m not sure if Stephanie was just trying to be vulgar, but what she said is a rather astute opinion I happen to share. Of course it is disgusting! But any woman choosing to vote for a man such as our president is disgusting in my opinion. It is unthinkable to vote for an admitted sexual predator. So why did so many women vote for him? Everybody’s avoiding that question.

      • Timothy Harold Lokey

        So, cheating on your wife ain’t despicable and disgusting?(

      • Peggy Scarborough

        How about asking trump about that?

      • duckfaceantonacio

        Stephanie—The man is so vile, so your theory makes sense: White women who are in their 60’s and 70’s grew up fantasizing about Trump sexually, and these private rape fantasies influenced their vote. Additionally, your explanation works on men too—those women Trump voters probably have husbands who would gladly hand over their own wives to Trump so they could watch the sexual assault. I admit these are atrocious and disgusting things to consider, but Trump did become POTUS, so it is a possible explanation.

      • Susie Boedecker

        Hey duckface! Did you go to any of the Womens Marches around the country? If you did, you would see as many older women as younger women in them. Remember 47% of white women did not vote for trump. We fought for women’s rights before you were born. Roe v Wade became law when we were teenagers and young women. We always supported Planned Parenthood. We are fighting the fight all over again and are stronger, wiser and more confident than ever! You are so fucked up and ignorant to say we grew up with sexually fantasizing about trump. We grew up fantasizing about the Beatles, the Beach Boys and Pink Floyd. We didn’t even know who trump was when we grew up. Yes, it is autrocious and disgusting what you said, it has no bearing on anything except your own sexual fantasy. I’m not a “white woman” trump voter. But there are plenty of white and brown women Hillary voters that think you talking about white women or any woman the way you do is sexist and ugly. Why do you even say such disgusting things?

      • duckfaceantonacio

        Hey wait, you and I are on the same side here. So maybe we can help each other explain how a self respecting woman votes for Trump after this depraved chain of events: 1. “when you’re a celebrity they let you do whatever you want. Grab them by the p*ssy.” 2. He lies about p*ssy grabbing when Hillary asks him about it in the debate the next day. 3. 12-15 women come forward the next day to tell us that he grabbed their p*ssies and lied about it in the debate.

        What kind of a woman votes for this man? Don’t dare call me the sexist! I’m not the one who is President of the United States, and I’m not the one who’s ever grabbed a woman’s genitals. Trump is and women helped elect him. I’m just desperately searching for answers for why any woman would EVER stand behind Trump after he said those things, let alone his massive incompetence. It boggles the mind, and as gross as it is, women voting for him would have to be some type of sexual thing, no?

      • Janet Peterson Finkelstein

        I think the person means sexist and ugly – like being self loathing and having an ugly attitude or spirit.

      • duckfaceantonacio

        That may be true, Janet. I may be ugly and sexist, but notice how not one single woman has come forward with any logical reasons why woman voted for him? Are they embarassed and humiliated to admit certain things? Afraid they’re going to hear an “I told you so?”

        Again, as sexist and gross as my position is on this topic, I shared it so that maybe someone with sense can write something logical or thoughtful, or just answer my question. You have the chance to dissuade me from what I believe. To prove that I am wrong. All I wanted was some answers, but all you’re doing is calling me disgusting.

      • Janet Peterson Finkelstein

        I apologize! I am Not calling you disgusting. I was/am addressing why people are using the terms sexist and ugly. Again, I was not saying you are either – just defining the use of the words. I cannot imagine being a woman who voted for #45. The way he stood on stage and shook to intimidate the physically handicapped person was too much for me. Everything after that is no surprise other than other people gave him a pass. Even people with disabled family members voted for him. That is so yucky, cruel, and unkind. So, I cannot imagine what would cause someone to give the POTUS power to such a goon. C’est la vie.

      • duckfaceantonacio

        All good, I understand what you meant. So until someone gives me a better reason, I’ll remain fixated on my opinion: Voters were enamored of Trump because of #1. how he hassled Obama for a birth certificate. #2. How he promised to ban Muslims. #3. He promised to deport Mexicans. #4 He grabbed pussies.

        These are the values that Trump put forward, and they voted because: #1. They hate blacks. #2. They hate Muslims. #3. They hate Mexicans. #4 Trump is their sexual fantasy.

        Is there any further information that can be added? I’m open to adding other reasons to my list.

      • Janet Peterson Finkelstein

        Yes, #45 is what too many people aspire to be. Rich and not giving of themselves and taking anything and everything from the weak and disenfranchised.

      • Mike Tanner

        The husband voted for Trump and he had the wife convinced he was the better one.

      • CJRL

        I believe most of the women who voted for him are ignorant, or self-loathing, or gun toting, or bible thumping, single issue voters or just plain stupid. (I’m also over 70 & although I have know who is is for decades I did not have any wet dreams about him.) And, even though we’re on the same side, your rape fantasy & sexual assualt comments are ignorant.

      • Gloria Robertson

        I can tell you exactly why many of those women voted for him. Hillary Clinton! You have to admit, there was no good choice in the election. I didn’t so much vote for Hillary as I (in my heart) voted AGAINST trump. I have disliked him for a very long time because of the way he treats women. I am a 60 something woman and to be honest, duckface, I take issue with: “White women who are in their 60’s and 70’s grew up fantasizing about Trump sexually, and these private rape fantasies influenced their vote” That is a vile and disgusting thing to say, especially the “private rape fantasies”! You talk like a 60ish man who doesn’t respect women and has an obsession about sex and rape!

      • Wes Sharp

        probably the same women who wear the vaginas on their head,guess it makes it easier to grab

      • Kathleen Allen

        No it absolutely does not HAVE to be a sexual reason women voted for trump. Bill Clinton committed a dispicable act that earned him impeachnent, yet he is still considered to have been a great president. Remember that trump’s incompetence had not yet been outed before the election. There were reasons some women felt he was s good chouce whether it was the wall or his bluster they equated with safety, or just not being a politician. Please dont insult women by assuming it was a sexual reason.
        Trump could have clearly been been the lowest form if life to his female supporters and there are any number of reasons they may still have voted for him without thinking it had anything sexual about it. I think one of the biggest is that he isnt hillary. Their hatred for her was stronger than their revulsion towards him.

      • Yeahright

        Bill Clinton did not commit a despicable act. Those were two consenting adults. The only thing wrong with it was that he was cheating on his wife for which impeachment is an extreme response, especially considering that the Speaker that pushed that through was Gingrich who was cheating on his wife at the time. The Senate did not find him guilty because they could see the politics involved. What Trump was saying he does Is a despicable act.
        I guess their “hatred” of Hillary is where Russia came in. You create talking points and then adjust the votes.

      • Kathleen Allen

        I did fail to mention that the impeachment was for lying. I bring up that point all the time but for some reason left it off this post. My bad.
        What i find despicable is the cheating. However i dont think congress had any right to ask him about it in the first place. If the sex was concentual and he broke no laws, why should congress be allowed to publicly ask him? I dont blame him for lying! Without the dress stain it would be a he said she said issue.
        Lets haul trump before congress and have him testify under oath about the hundreds of lies he’s told.

      • Patsy Berryman

        Clinton’s mistake was answering the question. He did not have to. George HW and George W would not. Most of our presidents are adulterers. At the time Clinton was impeached almost all of the Republicans in Congress were cheating. After Gingrich had to resign they finally picked Hastert who was new and still moral, so they thought. We know how that turned out, don’t we?

      • Chris Hatch

        Actually, Clinton wasn’t impeached for cheating on his wife. He was impeached for lying about it in court (perjury). In the end, it was his fault, he handled it wrong to begin with. Instead of lying about the affair to begin with, he should have just said “It’s a matter between me and my wife,” and been done with it.

        However, I would like to bring this up as the main difference between a Democrat and a Republican: A Democrat can lie about a BJ, and they’ll impeach him. A Republican can lie about a war, and they’ll do nothing.

      • Christopher Lane

        Bill Clinton was not impeached for a sex act that was engaged in by two consenting adults. There is no sex crime there. He was impeached for lying under oath. Get your facts straight. I mean its been over a decade and you still spread false information. You may not like blowjobs, and thats fine. But people who do like blowjobs are not any more despicable than you are for your sexual preferences.

      • Terry Schop

        He was not impeached by having consensual sex with a woman. He was impeached for lying about it. GEEZ, would the right please get that right and understand the difference between consensual and grabbing because you are a celebrity. One is sex, the other is sexual assault. CASE CLOSED.

      • Kathleen Allen

        Terry Schop and Christopher Lane….I have my facts straight, i just inadvertently omitted that it was lying to congress that got him impeached, not the blowjob. I have corrected others on that fact many many many times, i just screwed up.
        Christopher….i really dont think i said it was despicable because it was a blowjob and i am about as far LEFT as you can get. I have nothing against blowjobs or ANY sex act between consenting adults. I personally dont believe clinton should have had to even answer the question if his conduct broke no laws. Other than mistating the reason for impeachment (blowjob vs. lying), i dont think anything i said would be considered to be “coming from the right” or “spreading false information” and I certainly don’t think people who like blowjobs are despicable. What i found despicable is cheating on hillary, but again no laws broken and congress should have left it between bill and hillary.
        Hey, I’m on your side!

      • gary robison

        Definitely pro blow job…

      • smb11

        People on the right still say Bill Clinton raped a child (Monica Lewinsky — a college graduate, was not a child). The same people have no problem with Trump’s behavior, grabbing women by the genitals or going into the dressing room at the Miss Teen USA to see real children in various stages of dressing.

      • Sally murphy

        Go figure? I will never understand the reasoning of humans. A but had no hand in governing the country. It was a personal responsibility of the two people involved. Never would have been know, had a supposed friend ratted on her. No one’s business.

      • Peggy Scarborough

        It was always a setup, no woman would ever save a dress with cum stains on it!!

      • Patsy Berryman

        Monica was 23. Trump did rape a child and cheated on three women, tried to get Marla to have an abortion because he was still married to Ivana. That’s OK since Trump did it.

      • Kelsy

        If you or anyone couldn’t see his incompetence watching the daily soap opera called the “Campaign” then — what the hell did people think they were seeing there?? It wasn’t a Normal Person! I can’t tell you what Fox News was showing every morning but to be ignorant of what this man was before casting your vote is just not acceptable! And as for Hating Hillary, I’m s ick of that excuse because all the GOP did was lie, lie, lie for years about her and again – now you’re voting in total ignorance again! She is only a ZILLION TIMES a better person and candidate than that Orange A$$.

      • chris

        I heard a guy at a flea market telling a crowd that she ate little children. No doubt it was a big effort.

      • Steven Feder

        I KNEW that you ladies grew up fantasizing about musicians! That’s why I learned to play guitar!
        (Any guy who tells you they started playing guitar for any reason other than girls is a liar!)

      • littlepigeon

        He is a revolting, disgusting pig and I did NOT VOTE for him. I am 56 years old and Trump is NOT sexy by any stretch of the imagination!!

      • missbike

        Pervert. Rape is a crime of violence, little to do with sex. No woman has fantasies of humiliation or degradation at the level of what rape does, what an awful piece of garbage to post!

        Old ladies have sexual fantasies about the young and beautiful, not a rotting old fat man. You’re ridiculous.

      • Kathleen Allen

        Are you serious? Women in their 60’s and 70’s voted for trump because of a decades old fantasy of being raped by him? Seriously? And their husbands voted for trump because they want to watch the rape? That’s a pretty wild theory. I’m in my mid 60’s and can honestly say that being raped by trump has never even entered my mind.

      • Baltimore Broad

        As s 60 something, liberal WF, I find your theory disturbing. Ewww.

      • Peggy Scarborough

        He is a trumper, I banned him!

      • naryaquid

        BS…Not this woman in that age range or any other I know.

      • Molly Fasick

        I’m an old lady in my 70’s. I Never, Never thought of Trump as Sexy! I thought he was disgusting, arrogant, bragging bag of hot air when I first saw him. Over the years, I learned more about such as how he cheated and shorted his worker’s wages. How he talked and acted towards women, etc. Every time I read or saw anything about Trump it just reaffirmed my initial opinion . He’s a despicable old orange man with little hands!

      • Kevin Snook

        I can’t visualize any woman with an ounce of self respect having sexual fantasies about #45..even when he was younger! And all the women who admire him, even after the “p*ssy-grabbing” comments, have come under his spell of…I can’t think of what!

      • Saun Hytche

        It was not rape fantasy but lavishly being taken care of fantasy–so what if Melania lied about college completion, old white “widders” are well beleft and only maybe finished 12th grade.

      • Patsy Berryman

        OMG, no. He is despicable and always has been. They are just wilting violets who do as they are told and need someone to think for them.

      • Kelsy

        No no no. Older white women do it because their husbands do it or they are addicted to being Republican. How to explain young women who voted for him?? Total ignorance!!!!!

    • Patsy Berryman

      I will never get over that. I cannot imagine voting for anyone who calls women nasty names. I have a daughter. I am 83 and have fought for women most of my life. Evidently, that was a waste of time. Who would have thought we had so many ignorant white women. Black women had better sense.

    • Kelsy

      That is what is so disgusting. Sorry to say I have no respect for any woman who voted for this horrible person.

  • NormanR1984

    The person who provided this stuff is obviously an Obama Drone who thinks former Pres.Obama is and was the best president ever, with all of the evidence to the contrary. Such as 1. Spending $21.5 trillion in peak taxes collected, 2) Borrowing another $10 trillion and putting our children into debt to meet his “progressive” agenda because that $21.5 trillion wasn’t enough, 3) Spending the combined $31.5 trillion with nothing much to show for it. 4) Destroying much of the middle east due to incompetent policies with Libya, Egypt, Iran and Iraq, 5) Coddling North Korea so they can build ICBMs and better nuclear weapons, 6) Giving Iran the go ahead (wink, wink) to promote terrorism, 7) Doing a “reset” with Russia which used it to march on Crimea, allegedly wage cyberwar on the US and its allies, 8) Turn the Justice Department into a hatchet job for Progressive Ideals, 9) Throw law enforcement throughout the US “under the bus”, 10) promoted policies which killed or forced millions into immigration to destabilize not only the middle east but also europe. 11) pursued racially charged and divisive policies for the purpose of activating hatred among blacks who were put on a path of destruction by the policies of the Democratic party, 12) promoted illegal immigration to the US., 13) Created a health care program designed to punish healthy middle class Americans while destroying insurance companies so as to achieve a Progressive Agenda to take over the US health care system, 14) propped up a burned out, useless political hack for the sole purpose of placing her in the White House. 15) Threw hometown Chicago and it’s mayor under the bus while promoting his ideal to build a monument to himself in a tony neighborhood, while turning his back on Englewood. Need I go on?

    • Alex de la Cruz

      This isn’t about Obama though. It’s about your president. Can you defend what was listed in the article?

    • Jeanette Davis

      Quit smoking crack. Whatever Obama did he didn’t jeopardize 22 million Americans like Trump and his group are doing with their insurance plan.

    • Chris Hatch

      Deflect much? Why is it when Trump is criticized, morons pop up, going, “But… but… Obama…” 😀

  • acoustictherapy

    The truth doesn’t stand a chance against mass stupidity, dedicated obstinacy, or willful ignorance.

  • John Bottomley

    Facts, and indisputable ones: He is a serial adulterer. He is a convicted fraud. He is a proven sexual predator. He is a compulsive liar. Isn’t that enough to end the career of any Democrat on the planet? Some of these morons are calling for a war and I am beginning to wonder if they are not on to something.

  • rgray222

    It truly amazes me that you folks actually believe this kind of stuff. My inclination is to make a snarky comment but that only divides people further apart. You should really make an attempt to understand why Trump won the election, that will give you some insight. People should do a little soul searching on why the democrats lost the house, the senate, the last four special elections, the last two midterms and over 1000 seats across the country in local elections. Most governors are also republican (34). Instead democrats and the media seem to be on a mission to hate trump and write this kind of nonsense about Trump supporters. The democratic house is fully ablaze and you guys are sitting around pointing fingers at how the fire started. Wake up, we need a good opposition, without it the country does not function as it should. All this hate will only make matters exponentially worse for the democrats.

    • STLBob

      I agree Democrats need to re-examine ourselves. However, I disagree that this article is “nonsense about Trump supporters.” These are facts. Every damn one of them. Nothing made up or exagerated. Every word true. You may not like the context or the tone, however, they are facts. And THAT is the point. Trump supporters will accept anything he says as fact even though he has been proven a liar time and time again. Logic and facts have lost all meaning and value with this administration.

      Again, i agree that the Democrats need to look in the mirror and do some real soul searching. However, the reality is Trump is bad for our country. He is a liar. this is not hate. This is a proven fact. We have elected a liar and a cheat and THAT is what I oppose. That is not hate, it is love for my country and an understanding of reality.

      • rgray222

        Come on STL Bob you don’t really believe that about Trump supporters. If you do you are destined to never understand the Trump phenomena. Trump is neither a Democrat nor is he a republican, but yet he won the election. Not only did he win the election he sweep the election and continues to do so today. Contrary to what you read (you can look it up) but Trump also won the majority of college educated voters. You guys need to figure this out. Once you do the light bulb will go off.

      • Emily Fravel

        Except, he didn’t really. He didn’t win the popular vote. When you make a claim like “Trump also won the majority of college educated voters” it’s actually up to you to provide a citation. You’re claiming it, you look it up.

      • rgray222

        If you looked at polls before the election then Hillary won the college vote, if you looked at exit polls during the election then Hillary won the college vote, if you look at the actual election results then Trump won the college educated voters. I will write this off as……..1 more Stupid Things That Hillary Supporters Actually Believe is True. FYI the Republicans have owned the college educated voters for decades. https://www.washingtonpost.com/posteverything/wp/2016/11/09/trump-won-because-college-educated-americans-are-out-of-touch/?utm_term=.f289ac321832

      • rgray222

        Well if you truly believe these things about people that voted for Trump than will and the democratic party will be wandering in the wilderness for many many years to come. You have completely underestimated your political opposition and you really have no clue as to why Trump is your president. If Democrats don’t actually take the time to figure out why Trump won then they will never be able to win an election again. Keep in mind, it was a segment of the Democratic party that voted for Trump that put him over the top. Without Democrats voters, Trump would be sitting in Trump Towers in NY and Hillary would not be wandering the forest of NY.

  • RER396

    Maybe Trump has told one great truth. He kept repeating over and over that the election was ‘fixed’. I think he was telling the truth about this. He ‘fixed’ it and has used his accusations and bluster to keep the American public from even considering it. Smoke and mirrors…

  • Jeffrey Frazier, M.B.A.

    I am with Gabriel Sherman (The New Yorker) who argued effectively that the former CEO of Fox “News” built his empire and “divided a nation”.

    As a bible-believing Christian, with some seminary training and an undergraduate in History, I will stand by my contention that, and for almost 20-years, Fox “News” has created a cult-like apparatus.

    Now that they have found a leader, it is, bu definition, a cult.

    A good portion of Republicans are addicted to Fox “news,” and the near endless yet similar entertainers on radio — all of whom never really ever have anything positive to say.

  • They believe the Exec branch should have the power to overturn judicial rulings–until a Democrat gets in the WH. Then they think the pres has too much power and that the Dems snatched it. They get so mad when Dem presidents use the policies they changed to give their guy more power. What a bunch of morons.

  • Clif Simmons

    Excellent article!!

  • Kenn Bell

    As progressive as you think you are…the crap you allow on this thread is absolutely disgusting. Regardless the income. I generally agree with you on most issues…but at the heart of it..you dont really take much of a stand. Looking forward to a pathetic reply.

  • siobhra

    I agree with most of what you said but about the NRA and guns. The NRA does not need to say anything about the Left and guns. The Left does that well enough. Hillary in her election bid made a big deal about all the useless gun laws she would like to see. At the very time most politicians try their best to avoid the subject of guns she grabbed the third rail and gave it a hug. Before the NRA could say a word I knew I could not vote for her.

    • consideredthis

      Would you please explain/expand on the “useless gun laws” Secretary Clinton proposed? Background checks? What?

      • siobhra

        The gun control groups were for a long time suing the gun companies whenever there was a mass shooting. The gun companies of course would win since the guns were sold legally and the sale had followed the law. The gun companies had to fight each time or they would be found guilty and have to pay huge fines and costly damages. But even winning was costing them a lot and while they could counter-sue the gun control groups they would lose since they had only provided the legal team to help the victims family. And of course they would be a poor family who had nothing.
        The gun control group bragged that win or lose they were costing the gun companies amounts of money and that they hoped to put the out of business.
        A law was passed that unless the product was defective they can not sue. That means as long as the gun worked and the gun company followed all the laws they could not be sued. Hillary mentioned that law and that it was one of many she would like to overturn. She also said she wanted to bring back the failed Assault Weapon Ban. You remember that law? We tried it and it did nothing to reduce shootings. Mainly because almost all shootings are done with handguns. And yes expanded background checks to include guns that are almost never used in shootings.

  • Kelsy

    Reading this list just confirms to me that if you voted for Trump, you aren’t intelligent. PERIOD.

  • james brill

    The only gun rights Trump believes in are his own.That being said ,there are so many on the left who are vocally calling for confiscation. That lends a certain lack of credibility to the statement that the DNC isn’t about elimination of gun ownership.This is the one obstacle to democrats winning any election in rural areas.

  • Donna Weaver

    Nailed it.

  • Carl Mccue

    Well he does follow Christ more than Mr Obama. And illegal aliens are criminals as their name illegal aliens would suggest.