Here are 10 Reasons Why I Believe Donald Trump Has Committed Treason

While most within the mainstream media won’t use the “T-word,” I’ve maintained for quite a while now that I fully believe it’s reasonable to use it when discussing Donald Trump, Russia and whether or not he’s colluded with an enemy who attacked us.

There’s a phrase that’s commonly used by many called the “eyeball test.” What that means is you should ignore what’s “on paper” and trust what your eyes (or in this instance your ears, too) tell you about something. It’s something I see most commonly used in sports when an athlete’s stats might tell one story but their actual play on the field tells something different. Usually the “eyeball test” is about intangibles that aren’t often quantifiable with statistics.

And if you ask me, when it comes to Donald Trump, he fails the “eyeball test” as it relates to this entire scandal with Russia.

1. He’s the most pro-Russia candidate we’ve ever seen in United States history: This one’s easy. It’s not just that Trump wants to improve relations with Russia (even though, ironically, President Obama was mocked by Republicans for wanting the same thing), it’s that Trump has gone out of his way to praise and defend Vladimir Putin. It’s one thing to express a desire to have better relations with an adversary; it’s quite another when you seem to have more allegiance to an enemy to the United States than you do your own country — which is exactly what Trump seems to have.

2. You don’t have this many ties to pro-Russia individuals by coincidence: You’re telling me that the most pro-Russia candidate in American history just also happened to have several links to people who have very close ties to Russia — including his second campaign manager Paul Manafort who abruptly resigned after an AP report linked him to Russian groups trying to undermine U.S. policies in Europe? Even his nominee for Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, was given a “friendship award” by Putin.

3. He lied about the intelligence briefing being pushed back: In a rather pathetic attempt to cast doubt on U.S. intelligence evidence linking Russia to the cyber attack, last week Trump claimed that the meeting had been delayed until Friday. This was a clear attempt by him to imply that the case against Russia was so weak that intelligence officials needed more time to get their story straight.

There’s just one problem with that — the meeting was always scheduled for Friday.

So, why would Trump blatantly lie about this? That’s rhetorical because, obviously, this was another example where pro-Russia Donald Trump has done everything he could to attack the credibility of the intel that links the Russian government to an attack on the United States.

4. Basic psychology tells me his irrational and over-the-top responses to these reports are signs that he’s worried and trying to cover something up: You don’t have to be a psychologist to know that people who are caught in really bad lies often react to such accusations in very defensive, often hostile ways.

Look at Bill Clinton’s speech where he denied having sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky. While he wasn’t as over-the-top as Trump, he was still very “matter-of-fact” and defiant in his lie that he hadn’t had any sort of sexual relationship with Lewinsky.

In 1973, Richard Nixon addressed the entire nation, categorically denying he had anything to do with Watergate or its coverup. During that address he went after the credibility of the witness who was speaking out against him and tried to undermine the factual nature of the evidence they were using against him — sound familiar? Less than a year later he resigned after it was all but certain he was going to be impeached.

When I see how Trump reacts when pressed on these accusations, he strikes me as someone who’s terrified that this is just the beginning of facts he certainly doesn’t want people to find out about.

5. Months ago his close ally Roger Stone all but confirmed the allegations that his campaign had contact with Russian officials: Back in October, close Trump ally and resident scumbag Roger Stone admitted that he had “back-channel” communications with Wikileaks — a group our intelligence officials say collaborated with Russia during this attack on the United States. Furthermore, weeks before anyone knew John Podesta’s emails had been compromised, Stone sent out a tweet/threat to Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman that seems to be a clear indication that Stone knew about these stolen emails long before anyone else did.

Now, who’s really gullible enough to believe that someone who’s been a close friend of Trump for decades, who had ties to an organization working with the Russian government to publish information obtained via a cyber attack against the United States, wasn’t telling our next president about the information he was being given? And who’s naive enough to believe that he would have been the only one who had any sort of contact with Russian officials?

Besides, a Russian diplomat actually admitted they had contact with Trump’s campaign just after the election.

6. Republicans were concerned about Trump’s ties to Russia: While it’s not being mentioned nearly enough in my opinion, it was actually Trump’s GOP rivals who first hired British intelligence to dig into Trump’s ties to Russia. Democrats followed up on that after it was clear to the GOP that Trump was going to be their nominee, but it’s undeniable that Republicans also had concerns that Trump could very well be compromised by Vladimir Putin. The memo we’ve now seen indicating that Putin might have dirt on Trump is a result of investigations first started by Trump’s own party.

7. He still won’t release his tax returns: There’s one simple way for Trump to prove that he has no financial vulnerabilities to Russia — his tax returns. Yet, here we are on the precipice of swearing him into office, and he’s yet to release the documents he swore he’d release to the American public. It seems quite clear that Trump definitely has something to hide inside of his tax documents and he has no intentions to ever make them public, which only adds to the questions surrounding whether or not Russia does, indeed, have financial blackmail they hope to use to compromise Trump.

8. Trump was found guilty of setting up a fake anti-gambling advocacy group that used blatant racism to slander Native Americans who were trying to build a casino that would compete against his: Yes, this is true — and Roger Stone helped him. So, would it really be all that shocking to find out that Trump colluded with Russian officials to help him win if he thought he could get away with it? If you don’t think that’s possible, you’re delusional about the type of crooked person he is.

9. He never produced the evidence he seemed to indicate would prove Russia wasn’t behind the cyber attack like he said he was going to: Like many of Trump’s claims that he’d provide evidence to support one of his many lies, he never produced the evidence he said countered U.S. intelligence.

On New Year’s Eve, Trump promised he knew “things other people don’t know” about the cyber attack and promised that “on Tuesday or Wednesday” of that week he would make that information public.

Well, that was over a week ago, and he’s yet to produce the “things” he claimed he had that U.S. intelligence officials didn’t.

10. There’s really no other logical explanation other than he’s possibly committed treason by colluding with an enemy that attacked us: Donald Trump’s a narcissistic egomaniac who I fully believe would sell this country to the highest bidder just as long as it benefitted him in some way. So I have no doubt that if Russia had information they believe they can use to blackmail/compromise him, as the recently released memo indicates they possibly do, that would cause Trump to do everything he could to save his own ass. This includes attacking and discrediting U.S. intelligence reports while defending the enemy that attacked us.

I could list more, but I feel this is plenty. There’s still a lot more information that needs to be made public, but I fully believe as time goes on, this entire situation for Trump is going to get much worse before it gets better.

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Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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