Here are 10 Reasons Why I’m Thankful Barack Obama is Our Nation’s President

President Obama's message to conservativesTo this day I really don’t understand why some people have such negative feelings toward President Obama. While I’ll be the first to admit that he hasn’t been perfect, considering the circumstances he inherited and has had to deal with since becoming president, I think he’s done a pretty damn good job. Especially considering Republicans have tried to sabotage him at every turn.

I usually attribute it to three things:

So I thought I’d try to clear the air of some of the false information about the president and list 10 reasons why I’m thankful that Barack Obama is our Commander-in-Chief.

1. Because we’ve had continuous private-sector job growth every single month since March of 2010, creating well over 15 million jobs.

2. He sees sending in large numbers of American ground troops into a war – a war that would almost certainly result in heavy casualties – as a last resort, not the first option like many Republicans.

3. Since he signed the Affordable Care Act into law, millions of Americans have gained health insurance who would have otherwise gone without.

4. We avoided another Great Depression due in large part to the stimulus he passed in 2009 – with almost no support from the Republican party – that stopped the economy from spiraling even further out of control.

5. Despite all of the problems he faced entering office following the catastrophic Bush presidency, he’s still managed to reduce our deficits by over $1 trillion since he was elected. It’s the largest deficit reduction since WWII.

6. No matter what propaganda Republicans try to perpetuate about him, the truth is he’s outperformed Reagan on jobs, growth and investing.

7. LGBT rights have progressed further during his administration than under any other president in United States history, as proud gay Americans are now serving their country without fear of being kicked out of the military for their sexual orientation, and same-sex marriage is now legal in the United States.

8. Because he knows that we can’t call ourselves the greatest nation on Earth if we turn out back on thousands of desperate women and children fleeing a terrorist group that wants to slaughter them.

9. He knows that the greatness of the United States was built on hope, optimism and courage – not fear, hate and anger.

10. Our current unemployment hovers around 5 percent, lower than at any time during Ronald Reagan’s presidency. In fact, in 2014, we saw the fastest drop in unemployment in 30 years.

While there are many other reasons why I’m glad he’s our president, I’ll end it there. Like I said, I know he’s far from perfect, but considering the circumstances he inherited and the blatant Republican obstruction he’s had to deal with, I think he’s done a damn good job.

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Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • justin l

    There are some policies that he’s signed that I have issues with but I do think he is and was the best option we could have elected. The current class running now, scares the hell out of me. The Republican party has the immaculate design of stupifying the country to the point that we are all sheep that will follow their politics anywhere

    • s rider

      Trump has an IQ over 156. I think you are confused. He has created a billion dollar business and he did it legally. He never sent any jobs overseas and wants to end NAFTA which not only killed us but ruined Mexico’s farming industry. Cruz is amazing. He has been a federal prosecutor, a senator, and now runs for president. He is more a constitutional conservative than anything. I suggest you do some research before believing the propaganda about trump. Trump may rough cut but it is like most people who are genius’s they have no filters for bullshit. I suggest you read any of his books. He is amazing. Many immigrants from Russia and Iraq have stated our media are fascists and are printing nothing but pure propaganda. Just like they said Trump said he would create a data base for muslims. It was a lie. A journalist said it and Trump ignored him and kept talking about his plans. Do not believe the media do your own research. I voted for Obama the first time much to my deep shame and then did about 70 hours of research on him and democrats and republicans and so on. I cried for a week for being such a fool as to believe obama. The media covered up so much about him that if it would have come out as it should have he wouldnt have gotten ten votes. Democrats under obama have come out of hiding and are showing their true colors and they are pushing us towards a communist style government not socialist but communist. Just looking at some of the bills these nut bags create is scary enough. Anyways read some of trumps books. He has a great mind and is not what they portray him as..his best friend is his older sister who is a federal judge. His SAT scores were out of this world and the college he was accepted to requires a minimum IQ of 156 to get in. Not so dumb as the media would like him to be…

      • James Winn

        Neither Fordham or Wharton has a minimum IQ requirement, nor have they ever. Stop making stuff up. You completely discredited everything you had to say by throwing that complete BS in there.

      • Guest

        He also declared himself bankrupt 3 times and paid off a doctor to say he had knee spurs in either his right or left leg to dodge the Vietnam draft. Not to mention his schoolyard insults to put himself above other people without actually saying anything relevant to his plan other than ” wall= no mexicans” He also wants to keep track of Muslims in America much like the Nazis did in Germany to the Jews. Oh yeah, he also made fun of a NYT journalist’s disabiliy because said journalist had the gall to disagree with Trump. Yeah, real outstanding guy, that Trump

      • Guest

        Trump also declared bankruptcy 3 times and paid off a doctor to say he had knee spurs in one of his knees (ask Trump which one it is, he might remember which one it was this time) and said he would have sex with his daughter if she wasn’t his daughter, and wants to track Muslims in America based on a system similar to what the Nazis did to the Jews before the Holocaust. Real outstanding guy, that Trump. Oh yeah he also made fun on a NYT journalist’s disabilotu because he had the gall to disagree with Mr. toupee and spray tan. Great guy, Trump.

  • Dennis Apgar

    No offense but this article just shows how delusional this writer is in the people who follow Obama. Hillary Clinton as a lying candidate for most of her career will say anything to get elected and will not accomplish free education free college and all those promises she made. In case you didn’t notice President Obama in Paris has Embarrassed himself almost every time he gets on the world stage he is a laughing stock to leaders of other countries and Hillary will follow in his footsteps. Just saying

    • Guest

      And Trump, Carson, Cruz, Fiorna, Huckabee, Jindal, Paul, and Bush are more honest than Hillary, didn’t endorse drone use on criminals or guarding the Mexican boarder, and aren’t gonna be an embarassment on the world stage? And free education is bad why? Oh no people are becoming compitent and can hold skill based jobs and make money! Oh no more people have health care and can’t be refused medical aid because they are a lower social class! We can’t have that. Just saying

  • Phishinhool

    I am not too shocked seeing this list because as i have postedd on facebook many times before, NEVER underestimate the average American’s capacity for stupidity.

  • strayaway

    President Obama is the first Nobel Peace Price winner to bomb seven countries. His foreign policy highlight include his executive order overthrow of Libya, his ongoing attempt to overthrow Assad, the resultant enhancement of IS and creation of millions of refugees, and the renewal of a cold war with Russia. Oh, and we still have troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Domestically, under Obama, the median family wage has declined $1,500 annually while median family health care premiums have increased $2,500 annually. Black incomes, home ownership rates, and savings have declined relative to those of whites. Racial harmony has measurably declined. The 1%’s share of national wealth has increased at a faster rate under Obama than under Bush. Most new jobs since the nadir of the recession have gone to foreigners, legal and otherwise. He lectures us that Syrian refugees are like Pilgrims. The national debt has increased $8.7T under Obama and is now up to $58,000 per citizen. The previous record holder was W. Bush who raised the debt $5T over 8 years. Obama’s promotion of the TPP doesn’t bode well for US workers either.

    When James Clapper lied to Congress about illegally invading our privacy , nothing happened. The IRS is used to restrain political opponents under Obama. Administration officials, when questioned, lose their emails. Obama even admitted taking an action to change a law; a violation of his oath of office. Our community disorganizer still has 419 days left in office to incur damage.

  • Annie Coffman

    Couldn’t agree more. Disappointed in some areas but admire this president more than any other in literally decades. Will miss this classy, intelligent leader right down to his wit.

    • Jake Spooz

      Obama is by far the most incompetent corrupt and uppity president in history.