10 Reasons Why, No Matter How Awful Trump Gets, His Supporters Don’t Care

To be honest, I’m guilty of over-generalizing Donald Trump supporters as “stupid.” When I use the word “stupid,” I’m not actually referring to their intelligence as people (at least not always), but more “stupid” in a sense of being dangerously naive or woefully ignorant.

In my opinion, to be a fairly intelligent Trump supporter takes deliberate ignorance.

But in the spirit of how awful Trump has already proven himself to be, I thought I’d share a few of the reasons why, no matter what he seems to do, most of his supporters won’t admit how terrible he is.

1. Legitimate ignorance and stupidity: Let’s just get this one out of the way first. While not all Trump supporters are ignorant or stupid — many are. There’s a reason why he did so well with voters who lacked an education. I’m not saying having a higher education is the end-all-be-all determining factor when it comes to someone’s level of intelligence, but it’s still a fairly reliable metric. Let’s state a simple fact here: It’s not a coincidence that Trump did best with those who are the least educated.

Even when it comes to basic knowledge about politics or how our government works, nearly everyone I know who doesn’t know a damn thing about either is a Trump supporter. Again, that’s not a coincidence.

2. They’re bigots and racists: Are all Trump supporters bigots and racists? No. But it’s undeniable that the overwhelming majority of bigots and racists are Trump supporters. Like with #1, it’s not a coincidence that David Duke, the KKK, white nationalists, and neo-Nazis are all celebrating Trump being in charge. The truth is, many of his supporters don’t give a damn about “national security” when it comes to his Muslim ban. For them, they don’t want immigrants coming here — period. They would love for Trump to be able to pass an actual “no brown people can come to the United States” ban. It’s not about “keeping people from dangerous countries” out of the United States, it’s about keeping immigrants out of the country.

3. They believe in things that aren’t true, while rejecting things that are: If you were to sit down and talk with groups of Donald Trump supporters, the view of the world they’d give you is not based on reality. Every day I get multiple messages from Trump supporters making claims that aren’t remotely factual. Many of them honestly believe that real news is “fake” while legitimate fake news is “real.”

It’s absolute insanity.

4. They’re brainwashed: For months I’ve said Trump is the leader of a cult, not a political movement. These are folks who can be shown various video clips of him saying something, who’ll then deny what he said was actually true, or claim he meant something else and the media is “taking him out of context.” I’ve never seen a time in my life where using someone’s exact words and full context has been spun by people who seem to simply make up whatever meaning to those words they feel will justify their support of someone.

5. They’re blatant hypocrites: I could already write a book on the things Trump has said or done that his supporters would be flipping out about had a Democrat done them. From easing sanctions on an enemy that attacked us, attacking U.S. intelligence officials for calling out that enemy, spending 3 weekends in a row down in Florida playing golf, or his ever-growing list of ties to Russia (the country that attacked us), Trump supporters would be calling for a second revolution if Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, or practically any Democrat had done those things.

Yet, with Trump, they’ll jump through hoops to make excuses for everything he does.

6. They don’t mind being ruled by a dictator: I’ve actually written an entire article about this before. The sad truth is, as long as that dictator isn’t coming after them (at least not yet), many of his supporters would be more than fine with Trump being allowed to rule like one.

7. He panders to their delusional beliefs that aren’t true — but they think they are: While this is similar to #3, it’s slightly different. When Trump launched his campaign, he got many conservatives to truly believe:

  • Most illegal immigrants are criminals. (False)
  • The economy is worse now than when President Obama took office. (False)
  • There’s no vetting process for refugees. (False)
  • Violent crime is skyrocketing. (False)
  • ISIS is pouring across our southern border. (False)
  • President Obama wasn’t deporting illegal immigrants. (False)
  • The military became weak under Obama. (False)
  • The 7 nations he banned have been tied to fatal terrorist attacks in the U.S. (False)
  • Barack Obama faked two versions of his birth certificate. (False)

There are obviously plenty more, but I think I’ve made my point. Long before Trump ever became a presidential candidate, let alone Barack Obama’s successor, the people who now support him believed many of the lies he used to reach the level of “success” he has. All he really did was recognize that these folks believed in a whole lot of fantasies, then pandered to them.

8. They live inside of an information bubble where very little truth is told: A big reason why so many Trump supporters are ignorant, stupid, and believe in fantasies is because they’ve wrapped themselves inside a bubble of fake information (largely driven by Fox News) that has completely distorted their views on reality. I know no one reading this will do this, but if you only followed Fox News for an entire month, you’d quickly see how warped the “news” coverage is from that network. When the rest of the world is reporting on the endless list of lies Trump has told, Fox News is talking about how the DOW had the biggest one-day gain in a president’s first 30 days since 1909, how two moms in New Jersey are worried about Islam being taught in schools, and boasting about how Ivanka Trump’s fragrance has become a best-seller on Amazon. I went back through two days worth of Fox News tweets and found almost nothing negative about Trump.

That’s how you create a delusional alternative reality. When the entire world is reporting on how ridiculous and incompetent Trump is, but the sources you trust aren’t.

9. They’re too proud to admit they were wrong: While this one might be more of a personal observation, I’m friends with several Trump supporters who I know, deep down, are aware that he’s not qualified for the job and has been an embarrassment thus far. However, because they’re too proud to admit that they were wrong about him, they’ve doubled-down on their support. The last thing they want to admit was “Hillary Clinton supporters were right.” Many of them will “go down with the ship,” so to speak, before they’ll ever admit they were conned by Donald Trump.

10. They simply don’t care: Nothing fancy to elaborate on here — many of his supporters simply don’t care about how awful he is. Practically no matter what he says or does, they’ll support and make excuses for him. No matter how many times he’s caught lying, contradicting himself, or going back on a campaign promise — it’s not going to matter. These are folks who, even if the entire country falls apart over the next four years, will never admit he was the cause of it.

As I’ve said many times before, it’s impossible to reason with those who have no desire to be reasonable. That’s exactly why it’s nearly impossible to convince a supporter of Donald Trump to see the truth about how terrible and incompetent he truly is.

Feel free to hit me up on Twitter or Facebook and share your thoughts.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


Facebook comments

  • Timothy Rigney

    Don’t forget; the one swinging the bat in the on-deck circle is Pence. Maybe he would be competent but would you really *want* him to be? 😉

  • Kendra Lane

    I lost a dear friend that I loved because I would not get on board with him in his support of Trump… Really hurt to see that he was so brainwashed that he thought by my criticism of Donald Trump was a criticism of him personally.

    • Rainbowteacher

      I know that feeling. I couldn’t stand their gloating on Facebook so I quietly unfriended them. When they realized it, they went ballistic, smearing us publicly, texting us telling us how terrible we were that we would put a vote above a friendship. Never once thinking about the impact on us as a gay couple, or being willing to listen to our positions on issues. Sad. Brainwashing is a insidious thing.

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  • Unfortunately, the pseudo-intellectual brainwashed Democrats have most of the same qualities. Relying on propaganda and blinkered views are not just faults with the right, at all. Far from it, and that’s half the problem in America. Half.

    • Royal Bourne


    • sour_sadie

      Yes, well, that’s the sort of blinkered philistine pig ignorance we’ve come to expect from you non-creative garbage.

  • Anyway….Nobody talks about what matter most…The Crime of the Century http://www.kindleauthorsupportnetwork.com/9-11-for-dummies.html

  • Michael Kosak

    This described libtards perfectly. I went out of my way to point out factual information about the “water protectors” yesterday and every single one of them jumped on me and called me names. For telling them sources of information they could research for themselves, complete with court documents, emails, and contemporaneous newspaper articles … and not one of you ‘tards wanted to even check it out.

    • pianoman

      Why do I have a funny feeling that if an oil company wanted to build a sub-standard pipeline near the water supply for YOUR hometown, your views would instantly change…

    • RadioUranus

      Wouldn’t you be happier on Backward Regressives?

    • sdsue

      Michael Kosak Liberals are on the side of the water protectors. Is there negative information from the tribe that we are not seeing? I see an Indian tribe that is trying to protect their land and water flowing through it so it will be clean for all peoples downstream. What I see is our government treating them like criminals on their own turf that they have a right to protect. I see that we have a president that has investments in this pipeline for profit that is pandering to DAPL and their investors despite the ramifications. Please enlighten us.

      • Michael Kosak

        Because you only listened to one side and didn’t research the story. If you did you would have seen the total media bias and lies being spread. I did not present info, I told people where they could find info for themselves- NOT from media sources, and not from me, because apparently I am a stupid liar.
        Research it for yourself, then come back and tell people what you found.
        The ‘water protectors’ (now that this is over) left a bigger mess than the oil pipeline will.

    • Commonsense

      You lose validity when you call people names like a child. Your statements would be much more impactful and you’d reach more people by speaking like a grown up. When you call people names, you prove this article correct. Notice how a majority of educated people don’t call people names? They use their grown up words. I don’t claim allegiance to either side, but you really disappointed me here.