10 Things Republicans Believe About Democrats That Aren’t Actually True

In the past I’ve written a couple of articles concerning propaganda, myths, and conspiracies Republicans believe are true, yet actually aren’t. When you really sit back and look at what millions of Republican voters all over the country believe versus what reality actually tells us, it’s stunning how there are so many people in this country who believe in a reality that simply isn’t true.

Well, the same can be said for how many of these same Republicans view Democrats. For many conservatives, there’s nothing worse in their mind than electing a Democrat. I’ve “joked” that if Jesus Christ were to come down from heaven and run for office as a Democrat against Satan running as a Republican, these so-called “evangelical Christians” would vote for Lucifer over the person they claim to worship.

That said, I thought I’d do a quick run down of 10 things Republicans believe about Democrats that aren’t actually true.

1. We’re all a bunch of overly-PC snowflakes easily “triggered” into emotional breakdowns: Look, I’ll be the first to admit that there’s definitely a part of the left-wing that’s ridiculous when it comes to being politically correct. It’s an issue I’ve addressed before and have spoken out against throughout my writing career.

However, the truth is, most Democrats get annoyed with the overly-PC aspect of the left. As a progressive, I talk to Democrats all the time who roll their eyes at a lot of that nonsense. People who’ve hijacked a desire to be respectful when speaking about others and have made it practically impossible to make a joke without a slight pause waiting for some sort of backlash by someone desperately trying to be “offended” by damn near anything.

I’ve made it part of my mission when I talk with conservatives to let them know that, despite what they might think, most Democrats are not overly-PC snowflakes who spend most of their lives looking for something by which to be offended. Those are just the ones who make the most news — because they’re the most ridiculous, and ridiculous headlines sell.

2. We’re not pro-life: Actually, most Democrats are strongly against starting war unless it’s absolutely necessary, want common sense gun reforms to combat our gun violence epidemic, oppose the death penalty, support access to birth control to help prevent unplanned pregnancies (the main cause of most abortions), want every American to have access to health care so we can live longer, and fight for funding for government programs where the main beneficiaries are children and the elderly.

It’s Republicans who like to start war, brag about the death penalty, claim guns have nothing to do with gun violence, want heath care to be for only those who can afford it, often oppose access to birth control, and constantly cut funding for programs that help feed children and the elderly living in poverty.

The only “pro-life” thing Republicans can really claim is their stance on abortion, but even with that they constantly lie to work their supporters up into a frenzy and make Democrats out to be the devil.

As many have said, Republicans only seem to be “pro-life” before someone is born. After that, they couldn’t care less.

3. We’re all huge fans and puppets of Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi: As a Democrat, I’m not going to deny that both Schumer and Pelosi have done a lot for the party over the years. They’ve spent a good portion of their lives fighting for causes with which I agree.

That said, I’ve been saying for years it’s time for both to move on and let some new Democrats lead the party. And I know for a fact that a lot of Democrats feel the same way. It’s not that we don’t appreciate what Schumer and Pelosi have done — or that we’ve always agreed with everything, either — but we just feel it’s time for the party to get a little younger and bring in some new leadership with some new ideas and fresh tactics.

4. Democrats get all their information from “fake news” sources like CNN and MSNBC: While Fox News likes to brag about its ratings, the truth is, the reason why their viewership is so high is because it’s about the only news network from which conservatives get their information. In my experience, Democrats get their information from a huge variety of credible sources, both local and national, and occasionally international as well. As much as MSNBC gets blasted as “liberal propaganda,” I really don’t know all that many Democrats who treat MSNBC like Trump and many conservatives treat Fox News. I know a few who are regular viewers of CNN, but I can’t think of any that I know who get their news mostly from just one source — unlike Republicans do with Fox News, which is really just conservative entertainment with self-admitted hardcore conservatives Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, and Laura Ingraham comprising their prime time lineup.

5. We’re not patriotic: This is the one that always makes me laugh. Since Democrats don’t feel the need to wear American flag shirts (which is actually against official flag code, by the way), put “God Bless America” bumper stickers on our cars, or constantly harp about our patriotism like many conservatives do, somehow this means we’re not patriotic.

The vast majority of Democrats are very patriotic, love our country, and respect the brave men and women defending this nation — we’re just not arrogant, cocky jackasses about it who feel the need to constantly shove it down everyone’s throat to “prove how patriotic we are.”

6. That we’re not Christians: There are millions upon millions of Christians who are Democrats. The vast majority of Democrats are, in fact, Christians. Though much like #5, we don’t feel the need to constantly boast or talk about our faith or try to force it on other people. We understand that you can’t have freedom of religion, as the Constitution demands, if you try to force others to live by your particular religion.

We believe in acceptance, hope, peace, helping the needy, and defending those who can’t help themselves.

Unlike Republicans who build their economic ideas around raising taxes on the middle class so the richest among us can get a tax cut, all the while voting for self-admitted sexual predators and supporting alleged child molesters.

As I’ve said before, there are millions of Christian liberals, and they certainly seem to be a lot more like Jesus Christ than most conservatives.

7. We’re anti-gun and don’t believe Americans should have the right to own them: Actually most Democrats I know are gun owners. In fact, there are millions of Democrats all over this country who own guns. While there are definitely a very small percentage who do fall into the category of being “anti-gun” and don’t think Americans should own firearms at all, most Democrats are supporters of the Second Amendment — we just understand the “well regulated” part written at the very beginning of it.

We support gun ownership, but we also happen to support common sense gun reforms that would help keep deadly weapons out of the hands of people who shouldn’t have them. We support things such as universal background checks on all gun purchases, limits on the size of magazines, and bans on assault weapons. None of which would prevent Americans who are legally allowed to own guns from being able to purchase 99 percent of the guns that are currently for sale. The so-called “Democrat war against gun ownership” is a farce, and because Republicans have been in bed with the NRA, common sense gets trampled on and nothing ever gets done.

8. Democrats are moochers who just want a handout: Actually, this one is short and sweet. When it comes to states that are more dependent on help from the federal government, red states receive far more taxpayer money than blue states.

9. George Soros is an out-of-control rich, evil henchman funding and controlling the Democratic Party: Yes, it’s true, George Soros is an incredibly rich man who had a net worth of around $23 billion — 80 percent of which he just gave to charity. Which puts him at a current net worth of around $5 billion.

So, yes, he’s very rich. But his wealth doesn’t even compare to major conservative backers such as the Koch Brothers ($82 billion), Rupert Murdoch ($12.1 billion), and Sheldon Adelson ($38.5 billion).

Even someone like Robert Mercer, a man who’s pumped upwards of $60 million in offshore money into conservative causes and outlets such as Breitbart, is worth $12.5 billion.

According to Open Secrets, looking at money they’ve spent on politics dating back as far as 1989, Koch Industries alone has outspent Soros by over $40 million.

But, please, tell me more about how Soros, the man who just gave 80 percent of his net worth to charity, is the “evil mastermind” behind so many conspiracies — while acting like these much… much more wealthy conservative backers aren’t actually the ones who fit that description. Especially considering Murdoch and Adelson have a rather sizable ownership in many aspects of the media.

10. Democrats want open borders: Once again, not remotely true. What most Democrats want is common sense solutions to the illegal immigrants who are already here, especially the DREAMers. We understand that it’s stupid, and not realistic, to claim you’re going to deport 12 million people. It makes much more sense to deal with the issue rationally, then work on combating future illegal immigration by streamlining our legal immigration process and coming up with effective solutions to protect our borders — which doesn’t include building an unrealistic and extremely expensive wall that’s not going to actually accomplish anything.

We want effective, rational, and most importantly humane ways to deal with illegal immigration, and immigration, in general.

Well, there’s the list. I could have easily added a few more, but I’ll go ahead and wrap it up there. Feel free to comment and let us know any other myths I missed that Republicans believe about Democrats and maybe I’ll add them in a “Part 2” to this article.

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*CORRECTION*: George Soros’ current net worth was incorrectly listed as $8 billion. The article has been updated to reflect the accurate figure of around $5 billion.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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