10 Things Trump Has Done That Indicate He’s Lying About Having Ties to Russia

Let’s just cut to the chase here: Practically everything about Donald Trump’s behavior concerning Russia and the ever-growing list of allegations that would almost certainly lead to his impeachment, if not being charged with treason, indicates he’s someone who has a lot to hide.

This is not how an innocent person behaves.

1. Innocent people don’t rant and rave about information they claim isn’t true: Would an innocent person get annoyed if people were pushing legitimately fake rumors about them? Of course they would — but they wouldn’t act like this. If none of this information is true, then there shouldn’t be anything for Trump to be upset about. An innocent person would state their innocence, deny the allegations, then sit back and let the people looking into this vindicate them as soon as the investigation(s) completed.

2. He would actually want Congress and U.S. intelligence agencies to investigate him: A person with nothing to hide isn’t worried about investigators exposing anything they don’t want made public because, as Trump’s repeatedly claimed, all of these allegations are “FAKE!”

3. Trump’s desperate to silence whistleblowers: While Trump and his supporters act like leaks to the press, even from our intelligence agencies, are some massive scandal — they’re not. The media citing “unnamed sources,” or information from leaks from various departments (yes, even the CIA, NSA, and FBI), is something that’s happened in practically every administration. The issue here is, Trump is doing everything he can to silence whistleblowers. It’s obvious he’s not actually upset about leaks — especially considering he loved leaks during the campaign — it’s the information being released that he’s trying to suppress.

4. He’s orchestrating a deliberate plan to attack and undermine the credibility of the media: If a person with something to hide is terrified of much more damning facts about them being made public, but they have little to no control over that information eventually coming out, the only thing they can really do is try to slander those reporting the information they don’t want people to believe. Which is exactly what Trump’s doing by claiming any media outlet that won’t behave like his personal state-run propaganda machine is “FAKE!” Since Trump can’t shut down the freedom of the press like a dictator normally would, his only viable option is to emulate a go-to move for most authoritarian tyrants by accusing anyone who says anything negative about them of being “out to get them” and pushing “FAKE!” news.

5. He’s trying to intimidate the press into not reporting anything negative about him: Following his speech at CPAC 2017, Trump banned several media outlets from attending a meeting with press secretary Sean Spicer. On the “banned list” was CNN, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, Buzzfeed, and Politico. This comes after a rumor a few weeks ago that Trump was contemplating not allowing members of his administration to do interviews with media outlets that weren’t going to “promote their agenda.” This is Trump essentially trying to intimidate the media into doing what he wants or he’ll cut them off from access to his administration.

6. This is how he always acts when his lies are exposed: He’s attacked a disabled reporter for contradicting his absurd 9/11 conspiracy; said all the woman accusing him of sexual assault were liars; attacked a union leader for calling out the exaggerated number of jobs “saved” from Mike Pence’s deal with Carrier; tried to slander a former Miss Universe by telling his millions of followers on Twitter to seek out her non-existent sex tape; said the media was lying about the size of his inauguration crowd not being the “largest in history”; and has claimed he only lost by 3 million votes because “millions” of people voted illegally.

Whenever one of Trump’s lies is debunked, he attacks the person who exposed his lie, while often pushing some sort of ridiculous conspiracy to “justify” whatever nonsense he’s trying to con people into believing. So when I see him acting exactly how he always acts when one of his many lies are debunked, that tells me this information about Russia is almost certainly true — and we haven’t even gotten to the best parts yet.

7. All the people he’s surrounded himself with who’ve had ties to Russia: Here we have the most pro-Russian person to ever get elected to office, during an election where our intelligence agencies have identified Russia as the country that launched a cyber attack to influence our election in his favor, who just happens to be surrounded by a rather high number of people with ties to Russia — this is all not just a coincidence. Hell, he just had his top national security advisor “resign” after lying about calling Russian officials and discussing sanctions President Obama issued against the country because of the cyber attack they launched against us.

8. He still won’t release his tax returns: Quite a few of the allegations floating around out there are tied to possible financial weaknesses Trump might have with Russia. Well, a very simple way to disprove a lot of this would be for him to release his tax returns — something he adamantly refuses to do. Though it’s not just that Trump hasn’t released his taxes, it’s that he’s repeatedly lied about why he won’t. Much like #2, if he has nothing to hide, then why won’t he release his returns so he can easily diffuse many of these negative rumors about possible blackmail Putin might have on him?

9. He lied about how long he knew Michael Flynn had discussed the sanctions with Russia, and only got rid of him when he had no other choice: Despite Trump and his administration playing dumb concerning Flynn’s talks with Russia, they were told about this weeks before he finally “resigned” — but lied about it. The only difference between the day he resigned and the day Trump was first told about the sanctions being discussed is that he didn’t get rid of Flynn until outside forces pressured him to do so. Which is why I said at that time, I fully believe Trump was the one who ordered Flynn to make that call. If he were really “upset” that Flynn supposedly lied, then he would have gotten rid of him immediately.

10. He flat-out refuses to say anything negative about Russia or Vladimir Putin: This is the one that, in my opinion, is an obvious sign something is definitely going on. Not only has Trump refused to say anything negative about the country that attacked us or its leader, but he’s routinely praised the serial-killing Russian tyrant. A man like Trump who’s attacked China (repeatedly), Mexico, NATO, the U.N., U.S. intelligence agencies, and even Gold Star parents who, oddly, won’t say a single negative thing about Russia or Putin.

Then when you combine that with the fact that some of these allegations involve Putin having information he plans to use to blackmail Trump, plus reports that Russia was trying to help get him elected, his extremely strange refusal to say anything negative about an enemy that attacked us or its leader is textbook behavior of someone who’s being blackmailed.

Trump can keep saying a “relationship with Russia would be a good thing” to defend this nonsense, but a relationship with every country would be a good thing. Yet he doesn’t mind speaking out against Mexico, China, Iran, or practically any other country — except the one reports have alleged has compromised him.

At this point, the evidence is overwhelming that something is clearly going on between Donald Trump and Russia. His behavior is that of someone who’s clearly terrified of people believing the truth and is desperate to do whatever he can to discredit and silence those reporting it.

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Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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