Rapper 2 Chainz Humiliates Nancy Grace During Debate Over Marijuana Legalization (Video)

2chainz-nancy-graceNormally I can’t stomach watching anything related to Nancy Grace. She’s just – awful. Though I’m always willing to watch a segment where she gets humiliated on national television by one of her guests. That’s what happened when she brought on Tauheed Epps, otherwise known as rapper 2 Chainz, for a debate on whether or not marijuana should be legal. 

Grace’s entire position was predicated on two videos that showed a very small child being given marijuana by adults. That was basically all the “evidence” she had to support her side of the debate.

“I don’t think that you can put a whole umbrella on the community off these two incidents that you just named,” Epps said.

“What community is that, potheads?” Grace asked.

“The stoners community,” he answered. “I just feel like you can’t use these particular stories to define everybody that has recreational use.”

Which is exactly what she was trying to do.

“What I’m trying to say to you is, if this is legalized, then everybody is gonna have unlimited access to pot,” Grace responded. “And unlike other people that are responsible, irresponsible child abusers are going to have free access.”

First, legalized marijuana isn’t exactly cheap. So let’s not pretend that if it were to become legalized that they’re going to be handing it out for free on street corners. This whole notion of “unlimited” and “free” access to marijuana is just absurd. Secondly, irresponsible child abuses are going to abuse children regardless. Does she really think that these idiots giving 2-year-olds marijuana can’t get access to the substance unless it’s legal?

Besides, I’m sure there have been adults who’ve let very small children drink alcohol. Does Grace then think that alcohol should be banned because that’s undoubtedly happened?

Epps then left Grace nearly speechless when he talked about his own personal legal experiences dealing with a judicial system that charges people with marijuana related crimes (his example was a small amount found in a grinder) that are ultimately dismissed because there’s no way to convict anyone of anything. And all this nonsense ends up doing is wasting a lot of time and taxpayer money.

Not to mention all the individuals currently sitting in prison right now for smoking or possessing marijuana that taxpayers all over this country are paying billions every year to keep locked up.

Epps just hammered Grace this entire segment. She kept trying to build an entire “anti-legalized marijuana” argument based on two video clips and a lot of empty talking points and Epps basically crushed every single one of them.

And while I know there’s still a debate raging in this country over the legalization of marijuana, in my opinion, there’s absolutely no debate over the fact that Epps made Grace look like an absolute fool.

Though, admittedly, that’s not exactly difficult to do.

Watch the segment below via HLN:

Allen Clifton

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