Over 20 Years of Relentless GOP Attacks Actually Prove Hillary Clinton is Honest & Trustworthy

Without a doubt, Hillary Clinton has been the most scrutinized political figure in my lifetime and possibly in American political history. While President Obama has dealt with a good amount of flack from conservatives, he hasn’t had to endure nearly a quarter century of relentless fear-mongering and outrageous propaganda like Hillary has.

To summarize how ridiculous a lot of the 20+ year anti-Clinton campaign has been, there are quite a few people out there who actually believe that Hillary and Bill have had many people killed. A website that “tracks” their supposed victims lists over 90 people — including John F. Kennedy, Jr.

For nearly 25 years, people who dislike the Clintons (especially Hillary) have spent, easily, over $1 billion trying to slander her name while attempting to derail her political career.

Yet, despite everything that’s been thrown at her, no matter how irrational the lies, she’s triumphed above it all and is now on the brink of possibly becoming our nation’s first female president.

People claim she’s arrogant or power-hungry, but that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Nobody puts up with what she’s dealt with, for as long as she has, because their ego won’t allow them to simply let something go.

It’s not as if becoming president has always been realistic. For the vast majority of her life, she would have been mocked for saying, as a woman, she believed that she could become President of the United States. It’s not as if she’s someone like Jeb or George W. Bush whose entire lives were centered around becoming powerful politicians and probably running for president one day. Nor did she come from a family like the Kennedys with extensive ties to American politics.

Heck, despite the fact that New York is a very “blue” state, it wasn’t until her election in 2000 that the state had a female United States Senator. It goes to show that until fairly recently, even in “blue” states, women struggled (and still do) to achieve the same political success as their male counterparts. So let’s not act as if her running for president is the culmination of her life-long diabolical plan to ascend to the most powerful office on the planet.

But the truth is this: Despite all the obstacles; the nearly 25 years of relentless attacks; seemingly non-stop attempts to slander her name, often in extremely personal ways; easily over $1 billion spent in a calculated effort to try to destroy her political career; and for the last year battling both the Republican party and the far-left spending hundreds of millions of dollars trying to keep her from becoming the Democratic party’s nominee — they still couldn’t defeat her.

This is why I’ve said that this belief many seem to have (at least according to the polls) that she’s not honest and trustworthy is absurd. If even one-tenth of what she’s been accused of doing were actually true, there’s absolutely no way she’d be where she’s at right now. The anti-Clinton rhetoric has been so ludicrous that I’ve lost count of how many accusations people have made against her where they’ve claimed she should be in prison.

The real question is this: After all these resources that have been used against her (spanning well over two decades), at this point, what don’t people know about Hillary Clinton?

If there were really a legitimate, factually based “smoking gun” out there that would actually disqualify her, both subjectively and legally from becoming president, trust me, someone would have found it by now. And don’t give me “emails” or “Benghazi.” Both of those have been debunked so many times (even by Republicans, themselves), that you have to want to ignore the actual facts (not the anti-Clinton propaganda being pushed by those who simply don’t like her) concerning both situations to think either “disqualify her” from being president.

Instead, despite nearly 25 years of unprecedented attempts to bring her down, at the end of the day, nothing these people have accused her of has been true. Like I said, if even one-tenth of it were factual, there’s no way she would be where she’s at right now as the Democratic party’s presidential nominee.

Every single thing she says, does or even wears is scrutinized, critiqued and analyzed more so than any other politician in this country. Every single day there are people who do nothing but try to dig up anything and everything they can hoping to find something to use against her.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not here to claim that Hillary Clinton is a saint or doesn’t have her flaws — she has plenty. She’s a politician, which means sometimes she’s going to twist facts, cherry pick information and, yes, even lie from time to time. But that’s true for any politician.

Having said that, for someone who so many people think isn’t “honest and trustworthy,” there’s really not a whole lot of factual reasons why people should think that. If anything, based on the seemingly endless list of scandals and conspiracies her critics have tried to pin on her, the fact that nothing they’ve accused her of has stuck actually proves she’s honest and trustworthy. No matter what her detractors have accused her of, the facts have almost always ended up on her side.

Even with the email “scandal,” while she was wrong when she said that no emails marked classified were found on her server, FBI Director James Comey said that, since the couple they did find weren’t properly marked, it was “reasonable” for her to have not known they were classified. When she said none of the emails were marked classified, to her knowledge, she wasn’t aware that any were — since they weren’t properly marked.

And I hate to break it to her critics, but being wrong about something is entirely different from lying about it.

The bottom line is this, no matter what people have tried to use to bring her down, when all is said and done — after over two decades of non-stop and often deeply personal attacks — she’s been vindicated every single time.

So, her critics have to believe one of two things:

  • The Clintons are the most powerful and diabolical super villains who’ve ever lived. Two people who are capable of covering up multiple murders; rape; treason; illegal arms deals; conspire to help our enemies develop nuclear weapons; illegally arm ISIS; rigging FBI investigations; fixing elections; and a whole host of other horrific crimes. — or — 
  • Political rivals have spent nearly 25 years (and easily over $1 billion) doing anything and everything they can to slander the Clintons because Bill was president for eight years and absolutely owned Republicans during his time in office, while Hillary was one of the most influential Democrats in the Senate who many knew was possibly gearing up for a potential run at the White House — which means they’d potentially face another eight years of Clinton owning them as president. Or to put it another way, since 1992 (24 years… and counting), Republicans have been on a perpetual mission to either bring down a sitting Clinton presidency or to tarnish the name of another Clinton hoping to prevent her from being president.

I’ll leave it at that and let everyone decide for themselves which of those two sounds more realistic and rational.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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