The 2016 GOP Presidential Race is One of the Most Humiliating Moments in U.S. Political History

After watching as many Republican presidential debates as I have, you’d think I would have become numb to the idiocy that often accompanies these circus-like events. But I haven’t. In fact, each and every time I watch one of these spectacles that deteriorate into nothing but talking points and petty attacks hurled at one another, I’m astonished that there are millions of people dumb enough to support these buffoons.

Well, Thursday night’s debate was probably the worst I’ve ever seen. Not only was it basically a three-way insult match between Donald Trump, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, but CNN did a horrific job moderating this disaster. Watching Trump, Rubio and Cruz go at one another, constantly trying to one-up the other’s insult was the equivalent of watching a political version of The Three Stooges.

But the overall absurdity of this thing was mind-boggling.

When the very conservative and anti-Planned Parenthood John Kasich and Ben “I believe the pyramids were grain storages” Carson seem like the sane, moderate ones – that’s pretty much all you need to know about how bad this field of candidates is. And they’re both getting badly beaten by the three candidates who are even worse than they are!

You have Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, easily two of the biggest liars on the planet, going back and forth over who’s the bigger liar between the two. Nothing like watching two pathological liars hurl lies at one another while trying to convince the American people that they’re both actually honest.

Then Trump tried to hit Rubio over the fact that he repeats his talking points frequently – only to have Rubio point out that Trump does the exact same thing. But not to be outdone, Cruz also tried to point out that Trump always repeats himself – while repeating the same lines he repeats in every single debate.

But then there was one of my favorite parts of the evening when Cruz, Rubio and John Kasich discussed President Obama’s handling of Libya. In this exchange (and I kid you not), Rubio claimed that Obama didn’t “take out Gaddafi” – the Libyan people did. Then Cruz actually tried to put the blame for the chaos currently going on in Libya on Obama’s decision to help remove Gaddafi from power. But then not to be outdone, Kasich blamed the whole thing on – Hillary Clinton. Yes, three Republican presidential candidates coming up with entirely different versions of “who did what and who’s to blame” on the exact same issue. Then again, this sort of embarrassing lunacy can actually be tied back to the New Hampshire debate when Cruz accused President Obama of not knowing what he’s doing – while Rubio accused the president of knowing exactly what he’s doing.

To top off the Libya discussion, Trump insisted he’s never even discussed Libya before last night and he totally disagrees with the removal of Gaddafi – only to have a 2011 video surface where he discussed Libya and insisted Gaddafi should be removed. You really can’t make this garbage up. 

Though let’s not forget about Ben Carson and his “fruit salad of life” test he would use to select Supreme Court Justices.

Then just when you thought the circus was over, during an interview after the debate, Trump hinted that the reason he’s currently being audited by the IRS is because he’s a “strong Christian.”

Again, you can’t make this garbage up.

This whole GOP presidential race has been one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever witnessed. I’m even getting Republican friends of mine texting me during and after these events telling me they’re embarrassed at what their party has turned into. Which is something that I’ve never had happen before this election began.

And all of this wouldn’t be nearly as bad except the entire world is watching and laughing at this country for allowing morons like these Republican candidates to represent us. I just hope that when it’s all said and done, everyone on the left unites together to make damn sure that they’re not allowed to represent this country as our next president.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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