3 Things That Infuriate Me Concerning How the Media Covers Trump’s Mental Instability

I’m sure everyone reading this has been faced with a question where the answer turned out to be so obvious that you felt foolish for not seeing it right away. These are often conundrums where you actually knew the answer all along, however, because it seemed so simple, the ease of it all caused you to needlessly over-complicate things.

This is something I’ve seen many people, especially members of the media and political analysts, do in regards to Donald Trump. I’ll watch people go into incredibly complex political discussions about Trump, the things he says and does, and eventually come to some extremely convoluted “answer” to the question, “Why did Trump (fill in the blank)?”

It drives me absolutely crazy. There’s nothing complicated about “why” Trump behaves the way he does: He acts the way he does because he’s an incompetent, immature, emotionally unhinged narcissistic con man.

The three things that infuriate me the most are when:

  1. He reads a speech off a teleprompter and instantly mainstream media outlets rush to heap praise on how “presidential” he looked.
  2. People in the media, members of his own party, or even some of his supporters act “shocked” that he’s acting like the person he’s been for his entire life.
  3. Someone who had concerns about one of his policies says they spoke with him about their concerns and he told them he would take care of them.

While the deplorable things Trump does should most definitely be called out every single day, no one should be “shocked” by any of it. For weeks following his March 4th Twitter meltdown where he accused President Obama of “wiretapping Trump Tower,” I’ve seen people seemingly act “surprised” that Trump refuses to admit that he was wrong.

Trump never admits when he’s wrong about anything — why would they expect him to be any different now?

This is someone who seems to believe that “reality” and “facts” are whatever he says, who never admits he’s wrong or takes the blame for anything. I can guarantee everyone reading this, even if he’s finally forced to admit that this never happened, he’s not going to take the blame for it. He’s already tried to blame the New York Times and Fox News, although I’m sure he’ll find even more people to blame if he’s ultimately forced to admit that his assertion was pure fiction.

Are people really “shocked” that he pushed this baseless conspiracy? Were those people not around when he:

  • Claimed that he personally saw “thousands and thousands” of Muslims celebrating 9/11 in the streets of New Jersey, but said there wasn’t any video evidence because the media was hiding it to protect Islam.
  • Spent most of Obama’s presidency saying he had been given proof that his birth certificate was fake.
  • Suggested Sen. Ted Cruz’s father was involved in JFK’s assassination.
  • Said “he’s heard” unemployment was as high as 42 percent.
  • Refused to say if he’d accept the results of the 2016 election if he lost because he was worried about it being “rigged.”
  • Said the NFL personally sent him a letter complaining about the scheduling of the presidential debates, even though the league instantly denied they did any such thing.
  • Claimed the only reason why he lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton was because “3-5 million people voted illegally,” and has yet to provide any evidence to back that up.
  • Stated he saw reports where people were being bused from Massachusetts to New Hampshire to vote illegally.
  • Claimed the media was refusing to report on terrorist attacks to protect Muslims.

Just looking at that list, I don’t see how anyone can be stunned by any preposterous conspiracy he pushes. Donald Trump is a person who lives a life boundless from the rules of reality to which the rest of us are beholden.

Nothing Trump says should ever be trusted. He’s going to say and do whatever he feels is in his best interests at any given moment, and he’ll happily change his story later if he feels his previous “promise” no longer benefits him. The only “promises” he keeps are those that serve his own personal agenda — and that’s it.

Donald Trump is a textbook con man. He says whatever he thinks people want to hear in order to sell them whatever scam he’s hoping they’re gullible enough to believe.

So when people act “shocked” that he’s “self-sabotaging” himself, or we hear reports where people within his administration are frustrated trying to deal with his instability, I can’t help but wonder if they haven’t paid attention to a damn thing Trump has said or done. Not just since he launched his campaign, but throughout his life.

Donald Trump is an unethical, crooked, smooth-talking swindler who’s been sued an astonishing number of times, settled a fraud lawsuit over a fake “school” that scammed thousands of dollars out of Americans, lies nearly every time he opens his mouth, and has a history of pushing radical conspiracies.

It’s laughable that there are people who are still trying to act as if Trump’s incompetent and flat-out unglued behaviors are “surprising.”

This is who Donald J. Trump is and has always been — a deranged, corrupt, emotionally unstable, pathologically-lying narcissist whose mind is so warped that he believes in a world that doesn’t actually exist.

People need to stop trying to overly complicate Trump, his comments, or his behavior. He’s predictably unpredictable. While we might not know exactly what he’ll say, it’s almost certain that whenever he does say something, it’s going to be completely absurd, free of facts, and further proof of exactly how unfit he is for the office he currently holds.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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