3 Things Trump’s Unhinged Weekend Twitter Implosion Seemed to Prove

While there have been many unhinged, fairly incoherent Twitter outbursts from this “president,” few have reached the level of the few tweets he sent out this weekend when he launched one of his most aggressive attacks against the FBI, Department of Justice, and Robert Mueller yet.

Understandably so, most people focused on the content of these tweets. This was a sitting U.S. “president” spewing vile conspiracies against Robert Mueller, the FBI, and even his own DOJ that rivaled some sort of drivel you’d see posted on a far-right blog followed by people who think Barack Obama is part of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hillary Clinton’s had people killed, and there’s some sort of “deep state conspiracy to overthrow Trump controlled by Democrats” — that’s being run, and headed by, Republicans.

Yet I couldn’t help but sit here and think about what these tweets seemed to prove to me about Trump.

1. This was all planned like some pathetic reality TV setup for him to attack Mueller and the FBI: The timing of the firing of Andrew McCabe just days prior to his official retirement wasn’t a coincidence. It was a calculated, and petty plan — almost certainly orchestrated by Trump — to try to screw the former FBI official out of his pension.

This shows me not only is Trump effectively putting pressure on the DOJ to do his bidding — which isn’t how this is supposed to work — but Trump desperately wanted/needed the “McCabe fired” narrative to help him further try to slander Mueller’s investigation and the FBI as a whole.

Trump needed something to “refresh” his attacks on an investigation that’s inching closer and closer to finding out the truth about him — and his lackey Attorney General Jeff Sessions gave it to him like the good little lap dog that he is.

2. Trump was scared before — now he’s terrified: As I’ve said since last summer, it’s not a matter of if Trump fires Mueller, just when.

Anyone who thinks this isn’t going to happen clearly hasn’t been paying attention to the type of person Trump is.

The moment Mueller gets too close, Trump will “go nuclear,” taking the steps he needs to take to get rid of the special counselor, and he’s not going to care about the repercussions — because he will not have had any other choice.

As many have said, everything about Trump’s behavior indicates he’s guilty. A guilty person with the power Trump has — being the type of person he is — will burn this whole damn country to the ground if that means saving his own backside. If it comes down to Trump facing almost certain impeachment/prison or igniting possibly the biggest political scandal in this country’s history, he’ll choose the latter if he believes that’s in his best interests.

What we saw this weekend is a man who’s gone from scared to terrified as he’s realizing more and more that his attempts to obstruct this investigation aren’t working, while Mueller continues to inch closer and closer to exposing the truth that this “president” clearly doesn’t want people to know.

Especially upon learning that, like James Comey, McCabe wrote memos following his discussions with Trump he has since handed over to Mueller.

3. Trump’s guilty of something: Whether it’s collusion, money laundering, or something else, based on his behavior, it’s obvious that this “president” is guilty of something that’s terrifying him enough to risk his entire “presidency” to keep it a secret.

I’m sorry, I don’t care if you’re a Trump supporter, a staunch critic of his, or couldn’t care less about politics at all, you don’t need to be an expert in law enforcement or human behavior to recognize the actions of someone who’s guilty vs. those of someone who’s not.

There’s a difference between being annoyed about some pestering investigation you know isn’t going to find anything, and the way Trump’s acted toward what he’s repeatedly called a “witch hunt.”

Donald Trump is someone who’s spent more than a year trying to obstruct this investigation and slander all those involved, including his own DOJ, by pushing preposterous conspiracy theories that no rational person of sound mind would believe.

As Trey Gowdy told Fox News’ Chris Wallace, if Trump’s truly innocent, he needs to start acting like it.

How all this ends is anyone’s guess. Though as I’ve said for a while now, I think it’s going to get a whole lot worse before we get anywhere close to a conclusion.

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Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.