35 Reasons Why I’m a Liberal

liberalThere’s a lot of back and forth rhetoric between conservative and liberals.  Whether or not either will admit to it, both sides have their points.

Then there are those who say “both parties are the same,” those are the people I simply dismiss as ignorant.  Are the parties similar on some levels?  Of course.  But if you can’t tell the glaring differences between their ideologies, I’m not going to waste my time trying to explain them to these people—because they’re beyond hope.  In fact they’re just as sheepish in their political debates as those who they accuse of being sheep.

Now I’ll be the first to say liberals aren’t perfect.  If you follow my page Right Off A Cliff you have often seen me call them out—much to their displeasure.

Even though liberal ideology is flawed, I still proudly call myself one.

I call myself a liberal because:

    • I believe in science
    • I believe corporations are businesses, not people
    • I believe in equal rights, regardless of sexual orientation
    • I believe that 47% of Americans aren’t looking for a government handout
    • I believe in climate change, not that God has decided to use weather to “punish sin”
    • I believe we must learn from history, not repeat it
    • I believe women deserve the same rights as men
    • I believe our sexual orientation is something we’re born with, not something we choose
    • I believe immigration is what has made this country great, not what will bring it down
    • I believe freedom for all means freedom for all
    • I believe we have the right to own guns, but our Second Amendment says “well regulated” for a reason
    • I believe in a living wage
    • I believe you don’t create wealth by giving rich people more money
    • I believe welfare helps the poor, it doesn’t punish the rich

  • I believe health care is a right, not something for only those who can afford it
  • I believe a woman has the right to choose what to do with her own body
  • I believe a country is judged based on how they treat their poor, not their rich
  • I believe there needs to be an economic threshold which we don’t let Americans fall below
  • I believe we are not “entitled” to Social Security and Medicare, we paid into these programs–we earn these benefits
  • I believe while we are all born in the same country, we are not all created equal, some people do need help
  • I believe investing in education is more important than investing in bombs
  • I believe nation building here is more important than the Middle East
  • I believe rape—is rape
  • I believe demand creates jobs, not tax cuts
  • I believe in those “union thugs” like teachers, fire fighters and police officers
  • I believe we support our military by not cutting VA benefits and only sending our troops off to war when there are no other options
  • I believe we all have the right to follow whichever religion we want, or no religion at all, and our government should represent no singular set of religious beliefs
  • I believe our Constitution doesn’t only protect the rights for which I agree, that it sometimes protects rights I disagree with
  • I believe that being unemployed doesn’t mean you’re lazy, and most individuals who don’t have a job—want one
  • I believe in an United States for the people, by the people, means we protect the people–we don’t leave them to suffer if they hit hard times
  • I believe we should protect the weakest among us first, not the richest
  • I believe we shouldn’t go broke trying to live healthier and longer
  • I believe we should put people before profits

I’m a liberal because I believe in a Constitution that is meant to evolve, grow and progress.

I’m a liberal because I believe in a country that builds our society to benefit 100% of its citizens, not just the top 2%.

And while my side of the political spectrum might not be perfect, it damn sure beats the alternative.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • All of these assertions when phrased or framed in various contexts are also believed by the broad mass of “conservatives”. The Left/Right paradigm is nonsense, the net effect of the culture war dissempowering both sides-much of the debate noise by the extremes in each camp.

    • mothernatureearthmom

      That may have be true in the past, but have you been paying attention lately? We lost that somewhere. It used to be that we all believed those things bur Republicans protected business and Democrats protected workers. There was always a compromise that could be made and each side got to claim a victory. I haven’t seen much of that for 30 years or so.
      And this latest crop who have 4 things on their mind…re-subjugate women, put gays back in the closet,protect their oil and banking profits at all costs, and kill unions. A 5th has recently popped up…the sacred 2nd amendment. These are not the Republicans I grew up with.

      • I agree, but you also prove my point somewhat-it is the extremist yo-yos in the Republican party that get all the attention. Millions of ordinary citizens, somewhat conservative, and even Republicans, are in fact more tolerant, generous, and thoughtful than the hyperbole addicted extremists that get all the press. You have to seek the moderates out and find common ground.

    • That’s the thing–if it weren’t for all the disinformation being fed to those on the Right by FOX, Limbaugh, Hannity, et al–and Rachel Maddow pointed out a year ago, or more–the Left and the Right believe in most of the same things.

    • like a really BAD marriage, with no reconcilition in sight, ya know?

      • Common ground can be found, even between Liberals and Conservatives. Especially in the West, were in fact our “Liberal Culture” has deep roots in “Conservative Culture”; Christendom birthed the Enlightenment. Remind the conservatives about Christ’s concern for the poor and the sick, and that’s a place to start.

      • Chicho Blanco

        How do you propose we do that? I’m not attacking you. I’m genuinely interested in your opinion.

      • Well, at the heart of Conservative philosophy there used to be Jesus, a socialist Jew-sort of like Bernie Sanders! So, they just need to find their real center again, which wasn’t about guns, being hostile to the poor, or the foreign, but what about common Human Decency.

      • jdirtNOW

        My whole life I would’ve claimed Democrat/Liberal until this election, being disgusted by the DNC railroading Bernie (change agent) and weighing my options, when I’ve appreciated that oft repeated quote about becoming conservative with age and I realized we all need to be conservative, and that means TrumpTrumpTrump! So, yeah, there’s a bit of cross-over and I don’t feel my views reflected by the media. I think “alt-right” is just another term used to simplify and dismiss the argument. I voted for Obama, sure, he didn’t bring change, and those crusty old republicans could never get my vote, so I’m now 100% Trump. Hillary needed to be stopped, not least of which was the issue of bringing in all the immigrants. That’s a bad idea. Bad deal. We need to make better deals. Make great deals.

    • Lone Wanderer

      You’re delusional. To the point of insanity. And apparently you’re a Libertarian, which would explain both delusional AND insane. People like you, who think that the Left/Right paradigm is nonsense, are living with their heads so far up their own ass that you never see the light of REALITY.

      • Off your meds much? If you want to put on your big boy pants and make an argument, feel free. If you’re just going to go into frothing hysterics and insult people, crawl in a hole somewhere and stuff your opinions where they belong. Do I need call you a whambulance?

  • hardtruth00

    It’s interesting how successive points are refuted by the next point. They believe in a Constitution that protects rights they disagree with, yet they believe they can change the Constitution to anything they chose. The Liberal mindset is so hypocritical, it passes the border of insanity.

    • please give an example to back your point. What i read above was human issues and good ole’ common sense, with EXAMPLES. Name calling-finger pointing without back-up is dysfunctional…and BTW times change, therefore the constitution has to be updated with the times without compromising it’s principles. Change is part of human existance…folks must get used that FACT…not opinion

      • jasonut29

        You do understand that the current conservative way of addressing anything they disagree with is to call names, tell lies and attack….they have become a group of non-sensical babbling and name calling…think of Rush, Hannity and apparently hardtruth00 they are unable to make their points with facts so they attack..

    • Please let me add that We The People means us. and when 90% of people BEG for change, denying those wishes would not be a democratic way. Very frustrating

    • Adam

      Yes, we can change the Constitution, as evidenced by the Eleventh through the Twenty Seventh Amendments. Otherwise slavery would still be legal, women still wouldn’t have the right to vote, the rules of presidential succession would still be undefined, no presidential term limits, senators would still be chosen rather than directly elected by the people, and we wouldn’t have a federal income tax to support our nation’s interests. Need I go on?

      • glaba

        “Income tax to support nation’s interests.” You messed up your argument right there! It’s our money that goes to killing of the innocent in other countries in the name of “national security.” We are not at risk. We keep meddling with other countries and their business and they are not happy about it at all. We need to stay out of it!

      • Commenter

        wouldn’t need a federal income tax if the gov’t wasn’t spending so damn much money. How did we survived the first 150 years without it?

    • bill

      get a life

  • Ah, of course the comments has one talking about Liberals being insane. Been hearing that one for years, starting with stuff like “head in the clouds”

  • nowheremandk

    The wording on #4 is ambiguous. Maybe “I believe in 100% of America, not 47% or 53%”? (I’m trying to avoid “I don’t believe…” , since you didn’t use that phrase.)

    • Jasonut29

      The wording on #4 is not ambiguous….the last conservative Presidential nominee believes that 47% of the people in this country are looking for a hand out…..pretty clear to me.

      • Commenter

        Fine American education on display with Jasonut

  • That one guy with a funny hat

    “I believe our Constitution doesn’t only protect the rights for which I agree, that it sometimes protects rights I disagree with”

    I’ll believe that when I see it.

    Progressives are the real scourge of modern society. Anything that doesn’t fit in their cultural marxist’s narrative shall be marginalized and attacked. Any speech that doesn’t adhere to their ideology shall be silenced and crushed.

    • Bjorn

      Care to back that up with some facts or examples?

    • y’know, Allen replied politely to my post expressing an opinion that does not “adhere to his ideology” and I don’t feel silenced or crushed. Perhaps you’re just wrong?

    • Chicho Blanco

      You don’t even know what Marxism is.

  • it’s amazing that all the common sense items listed above is not acknowleged by so many people. Guess they live in a bubble or something.

    • Commenter

      some of it is common sense and good, some of it is mass delusion

  • We are only as strong as our weakest link….c’mon people!

  • Nn

    Half of these are the same as a conservatives view, the rest sounds idiotic.

    • Ranweiler

      Forgive me, but literally all of the above beliefs have complete, logical sense and morality. To say that even one of them is idiotic would be a libel towards logic and morality itself.

      • Commenter

        “I believe that 47% of Americans aren’t looking for a government handout” so this guy literally believes 53% of Americans ARE looking for a handout and that is a reason why he is a liberal. That is idiotic.

      • Ranweiler

        The fact that over half of America needs to survive off its government is atrocious. That is a reason to be liberal.

      • dtvmike

        If you would look up the statistics according to Republicans, they argue that 47% of Americans are looking for handouts. This is a blanket statement arguing the fact that those 47% are in fact not looking for handouts but just need help. Not all people on welfare are moochers as the current administration would like you to believe.

    • Lone Wanderer

      Oh, look.. a typical Cowardly Conservatard.. too scared to even use their real name. And a typically stupid one, too, considering that Conservatives do exactly the OPPOSITE of these points. You have an incredible amount of gall claiming that members of the Fascist Christian Dominionist – Republican Reich Wing Extremist GOP-TEAhadist American Zionist Talibani Domestic Terrorist Party think these things.

      • Be Walters

        haha so we’re to presume your real name is Lone Wanderer?
        hahah nice to meet you, Lone.

  • It’s weird that I can agree with so much of what you say, Allen, and yet, with some of the points, agreeing with you seems to negate the point I think you were trying to make. Health care for everyone, increased minimum wage, corporations as businesses and not persons, well-regulated gun ownership, immigration reform, and freedom of religion (not from religion) are points on which I believe we easily agree. The points on which we would seem to agree but through which I appear to draw conclusions which differ from your own are as follow:

    “I believe in science” – me, too! Science says that an organism is alive when it has the properties of cellular structure, homeostasis, growth, movement, reproduction, response and evolution. Since the zygote formed when a sperm and an egg join together in syngamy possesses all of these properties (if you don’t see that go ahead and do a little research about how single-celled organisms show these properties), clearly it is alive! Science also says that genetic make-up determines species so a human sperm and egg form a human zygote – a living human. Yay, science!

    “I believe a woman has the right to choose what to do with her own body” – me, too! The question is, what is she going to do with the body of the distinct human being growing inside her body? SCIENCE tells us that the placenta enables the exchange of nutrients and oxygen between the bodies of the adult human and the immature human but that there are two separate and distinct humans. The blood never exchanges between the two and they each have unique DNA. The moral dilemma therefore becomes, “when is it OK to do something with one’s own body that will result in the death of someone else?” I regularly put alcohol into my body. I am prohibited by law from then using my body to direct the movement of an automobile because of the potential harm I might cause. The law prohibits me from choosing, at that moment, what to do with my own body due to the potential harm to others. The law does not prohibit women, however, from killing the immature living (science says so) human (science says so) temporarily residing in her body. Seems somewhat irrational to prohibit activities with the potential for harm but not prohibit those specifically resulting in the death of a living human.

    “I believe we should protect the weakest among us first, not the richest.” – Me, too! And who among us is weaker than those who cannot speak for themselves and rely on others for sustenance? And so I do all in my power to protect those immature human beings – the ones still in the womb, the ones who have been born into abusive situations, the ones whose parents’ choices regarding drug use in their own bodies is resulting in the suffering of the immature human beings in their care, the ones who long to learn but live in impoverished neighborhoods with public schools that are failing to teach them basic life skills like reading.

    I work to support the poor through education, shelters, and maternal care (does that make me a progressive or a liberal?) and I believe abortion is murder (which makes most progressives and liberals hate me). Those who fought to abolish slavery were called radicals because they believed that negroes were human beings and that economic convenience did not warrant the enslavement of human beings. Right now, I am called a radical because I believe in science which says that immature humans in the womb are living human beings and economic and social convenience does not warrant their death. History has named abolitionists as heroes. I will let history decide what to call those of us defending human life by seeking the abolition of abortion.

    • Alan P.

      You clearly are focusing on the abortion issue, and making lots of claims under the name of “science”, but science is much more than that; science is evolution, and climate change, and space exploration, and dinosaurs, and a million- or billion-year old planet, and a non-Earth-centric universe, and quantum mechanics, and so, so much more. Do you agree and believe in all these things, too? If not, you can’t claim to be a proponent of science, only the parts of science that happen to agree with or support the views you’ve already formed.

      • Of course I agree with evolution and climate change (even mankind’s role in that process) and space exploration and quantum mechanics – I’m an engineer, worked on the space program as an active duty Air Force officer, my mom was a physics teacher and my grandfather a member of the design teams for nuclear-powered submarines. I get science. I am very clear on what the Vatican scientists have said regarding the Church’s interpretation of these topics and how they fit perfectly with the Catholic Church’s view of God and the Bible (unlike how some protestant faiths tend to view science). What I can’t understand is how we can rely on science as the foundation for our decisions and actions regarding evolution, climate change, and the need for the Hadron collider (yay Higgs boson!) and then conveniently set science aside for the social convenience of a topic like abortion. Perhaps there are other topics for which we do the same thing but I don’t encounter those in the news {computer glitch…can’t see what I’m posting…sorry}(or opinion postings such as yours) as often.

      • Deb Mills

        Again, you are focusing on abortion. That’s fine. Don’t have one. But you are ignoring the human aspects of why women have abortions…the inability to obtain/afford contraception, the inability to afford to raise a/another child, a child having a child, the horror of being impregnated by a rape, the terror of deciding when you are ill with cancer if you will destroy the life inside you (knowing it might not die, just be destroyed) or allow both of you to risk death or to actually die, knowing that you are carrying a life that is so malformed that it will have no life or no quality of life and so many other human stories. Further, you are equating non-sentient life with a sentient life. And lastly, you are choosing a stance for me, who happens to disagree with your viewpoint. I’m not your property to decide what I do with my body and my life.

        And if all life is so sacred, you wouldn’t wash your hands because you are killing bacteria and you wouldn’t eat meat, because cows have all the properties you declare makes a life too important to kill.

        We decide what life supersedes another, as Republicans are so willing to kill felons they deem unworthy of life. And they are willing to take the life of a mother to save her embryo or fetus. I will always side with the mother over the embryo or fetus.

        And if life is that important to Republicans, then why are they so willing to starve children to death or let them live on the streets? I’m a liberal and I’m willing to share my wealth and treasures with those less fortunate. And for all the rhetoric about life being so all important, Republicans won’t. They refuse to share their wealth and treasure and allow children to die. But don’t let a woman abort a 2 celled organism!

        Do you not see the hypocrisy? I do. It’s nauseating.

      • Chicho Blanco

        If all life is sacred no one would ever jerk off. Killing all those potential children.

  • Ernst

    You forgot reason number 36, “I believe in platitudes”

  • Steve Merkle

    WOW ! The sheer number of points that you have here alone tells me you have know clue what conservatives are all about. Not enough time to comment on every one…….you may want to read up on Unions and the city of Detroit and think about what “well regulated” means in the context of the 2nd amendment…..and it’s not more control as you suggest .

  • glaba

    In my opinion, uneducated people are a bit more aggressive in dealing with their issues. The more educated someone gets, the more civil and polite and also the more compassionate. I think this is why the most educated are liberals because it’s supposedly the “compassionate” side of thinking. I think it’s wrong and misguided. Helping someone at hard times for a little while is good, but if you keep helping them and helping them and they get stuck in the “receiving” mode, then it’s not nice/liberal of you to help the poor. It’s CRUEL. It kills their human spirit…their motivation to create a life for themselves. The poor become a vegetable living off feeding tubes. It’s sad. The intention of liberals is good but the outcome is horrible.
    Teach someone to fish for themselves! That’d be the greatest thing you can do for someone!

  • Angel

    Great great article. I believe that most liberals are misinterpreted.

  • malcolm secret

    You could practically be a conservative and believe the same things.

    • malcolm secret

      Oh and you can’t “believe” sexual orientation into existence. You can’t make it something people are “born with” simply because enough people “believe” it. Either way, whatever it is, the answer is determined by the truth, not by popular opinion.
      A bunch of people don’t “believe” in global warming, but the planet continues to warm up.

    • malcolm secret

      If conservatives were really that stupid nobody would be conservative.

  • Commenter

    “I believe that 47% of Americans aren’t looking for a government handout” so this guy literally believes 53% of Americans ARE looking for a handout and that is a reason why he is a liberal.

  • Ramen Traveler

    *looks around*

    Well, as expected, this is a shitstorm.

  • Brandon Burrell

    If you believe a woman has the right to choose what to do with her own body, do you support prostitution?

  • The Commentator

    I was conservative but became liberal not to long ago