4 Charts That Prove Just How Successful President Obama Has Been

president-obama-smiling-5It’s no secret that Republican rhetoric is built on misinformation and lies. While all politicians embellish the truth or lie every now and then (even President Obama), conservatives take it to a whole other level. With Republicans, it really is more like cult-like propaganda than normal, every day political rhetoric. It’s become so bad that indisputable facts have suddenly become “opinions” simply because they don’t want to believe in them.

Well, as they say, the good thing about facts is that they’re real whether or not you want to believe in them.

Take for instance the indisputable fact that President Obama has been a successful president. Has he been flawless? Of course not. But many Republicans honestly believe he’s the worst president in U.S. history – which is comically absurd. If someone doesn’t like the president, that’s fine – but to honestly suggest that he’s “the worst president in our nation’s history” is ridiculous. When someone says that to me, all I can do is laugh.

It’s impossible to actually prove who’s been “the best” or “the worst” president in U.S. history considering it’s completely subjective. When people use hyperbole such as “He’s the worst, ever!” that’s just mental immaturity and the words of someone who shouldn’t be taken seriously.

So, while I won’t call him “the best president ever,” I will fully admit that he’s been very successful and one of the better presidents we’ve had. And that’s not partisan rhetoric, the facts back it up as well.

Just take a look at this following chart from WhiteHouse.gov showcasing his record-setting streak of private sector job growth:


Let me reiterate that, at 65 months (soon to be 66), no other president in U.S. history has presided over a job creation streak that long.

Then there’s unemployment, currently at 5.3 percent, which has been nearly cut in half from its high of 10 percent:

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 4.38.03 AM

Now I know what some conservatives will say: That’s because people have just given up looking for work, which is why the labor participation rate is down!

And it’s true, the labor participation rate is down, but not for the reasons conservatives try to insinuate. It’s actually very simple math. The recession began in 2008 and the typical retirement age is 65: 2008 – 65 = 1943. The “baby boomer” generation is anyone born between 1946-1964. In other words, the labor participation rate is falling – because baby boomers are starting to reach retirement age.

Next up is the stock market. While August wasn’t kind to stocks (mostly due to Chinese instability), they’re still at record levels when compared to President Obama’s predecessors:

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 4.44.36 AM

Then there’s deficits. While Republicans like to act as if President Obama’s spending has been out of control, that’s just not true. In fact, this president has massively reduced deficits from their highs at the peak of the recession:

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 4.48.00 AM

Image: The Maddow Blog

And unless you’re the most partisan of the partisan, it’s really difficult to blame President Obama for the massive amounts of spending that were clearly triggered by the economic crash – caused by the Bush administration.

These are just his economic successes, we haven’t even gotten into anything else. During his time in the White House he’s also:

  • Done more for gay rights than any other president in history.
  • Ordered the killing of Osama bin Ladin.
  • Saved the American auto industry.
  • Been a strong advocate for combating climate change.
  • Pushed the United States more toward green forms of energy than any president before him.
  • Been a strong advocate for pay equality for women.
  • Passed historic credit card reform.
  • Brokered a historic nuclear deal with Iran.
  • Championed health care reform that’s provided health care to millions of Americans, dropping the uninsured rate to a historic low of 11.9 percent.

Just to name a few of the many things he’s done while in office.

So, when Republicans say “President Obama has been the worst president in history” – they clearly don’t know what in the hell they’re talking about.

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Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Sang_froid

    What is the source of your data for the graphs? The White House? Do you think it might have been biased? I want to see an independant source for your data. As for the unemployment ruse you covered by retirement folks, of which I am one, there are still millions who are no longer counted by the government as unemployed due to their unemployment benefits running out. Why are so many senior citizens looking for part time work? Why are so many people on welfare? Where are the jobs for these people so we can take them off of welfare? I don’t think Obama has been the worse president but he certainly has not been the best, whoever that may be.

    • Toxic Avenger

      If you want to ask why so many people are on welfare, ask the companies who are providing slave wages to their employees. $7.25/hour is not a living wage, and must be supplemented by government welfare programs.

      • Sang_froid

        True in some areas, but there are far more people who choose not to work and take free government welfare. They are just plain lazy, a disease fostered by the socialist movement in this country. Prove me wrong!

      • ts

        I think you may want to prove your right on this. You just made a statement with nothing to back that up.

      • Sang_froid

        You show me your ‘facts’ with real data and I’ll show you where I got mine…

      • Leannie

        What data would you prefer? Why don’t you show us your data first?

      • mariakenez

        “You just made a statement with nothing to back it up?”
        What planet did you just come from? What data? What proof?

      • noah vail

        are you brain dead ?

      • Mischievious

        Hate to break it to you but America has been using socialist programs long before Obama. Medicaid is a great example of socialism. Certain things make more sense to be socialized because privatization only worries about profit and not on the service provided.

      • misslucyfurr

        Roughly 60 percent of food stamp recipients who were of working age and weren’t disabled were employed while receiving benefits, according to aCensus Bureau sample calculated by the liberal Center for Budget and Policy Priorities.. ….

        tell me again how “more people choose not to work” and use some facts this time.


      • Pat

        There is something called “Working Poor”. They are people that work full time for a wage that do not allow them a decent life of even to pay for their rent. It would be interesting to see how much of these 60% are in that case.

      • Jen

        Yes, some people probably do choose to remain on government assistance rather than work. If you think about a single mom (no higher education) with preschool age children, it really doesn’t make sense to work and pay for child care. I did the math for myself while I was on unemployment. I probably could have had a job the next day, but why take a job that pays less than my unemployment benefits? Same goes for the example of a single mom. Assume she can get a job that pays $10 per hour, and she is able to get affordable child care (around $125/week for ONE child) So, before taxes, more than 25% of her income will go for childcare, and that is before she pays rent or transportation to/from said job.

        You have been brainwashed to believe that the small minority of people who may (or may not) be abusing the system are the majority. If you look at the people who receive government benefits, the vast majority are either elderly, children or disabled.

      • noah vail

        you forgot to add “and white”

      • strayaway

        Supply and demand largely determines wages. Sending jobs abroad and bringing in cheaper foreign labor to compete for remaining jobs drives down the wages workers can demand.

      • mariakenez

        When the field is level, supply/demand might work, but that is not the case. Most obviously the US government should charge appropriate duty for goods brought here from countries where Big Business took advantage of cheap labor and poor environmental protection. Then you can talk supply/demand. Until such time, we can talk PRINCIPLES. (I critiqued a friend who earlier bragged about making good deals with the Chinese. He is a Republican, but he had the decency to admit, that is not something he is proud to have done.)

      • strayaway

        Supply/demand is always in play. There are two sources of cheaper foreign labor: imported products and services, and imported labor. They both compete against more expensive US workers and their benefits accrue to the 1%. Principles should be reality based. That is why government policies should work for rather than against US workers and the middle class. The TPP agreements must be stopped and cheating employers who profit from cheap and illegal foreign labor should be heavily fined and incarcerated.

      • Scott Goodpasture

        Perhaps that should motivate people to better themselves and acquire skills that are worth more than 7.50/hr

      • Pat

        Welcome to unregulated capitalism, where profit are privatized and expenses are loses are socialized. And people don’t realize that a part of their taxes go for “socialized losses” from big businesses”. I however praise the owners of small or family businesses and how they behave… many of the do care for their employees.

      • Jason

        Minimum wage is NOT meant to live off of, it is to prevent people from being underpaid. On another note, it is not that hard to get a job. I am a sophomore in high school, and I got a job in 1 week and I have no prior work experience, volunteer hours, and my resume was only half a page. It is not hard to get a job, walk down any strip mall and you will see at least one help wanted sign. There is no reason the unemployment rate should be so high because there are available jobs. (I don’t know enough to talk about what president created those jobs but it was not only Obama.) So why is the unemployment rate so high? It is because people don’t need to have a job to live. This is because of the welfare programs such as food stamps. We give so much to people who are lazy and don’t have a job. I am not suggesting we stop helping them completely but I am saying that we shouldn’t be helping them as much. Go out and get a job. Even if it is minimum wage, it;s better than nothing, and most adults who are on minimum wage are also on these welfare programs, so they are still living. America is one of the only countries with poor people who are obese. WTF is wrong with that. And as said below the benefits of being a single mom with 2 kids are greater than working minimum wage, a perfect example of why we are doing too much.

      • Toxic Avenger

        You mean the sub-5% unemployment rate? I’m glad you pointed out you’re a sophomore in high school, because you clearly lack an understanding of our own country. When you’ve gotten out and seen the rest of the country, or other parts of the world, then you can come back and start talking about our welfare programs, which are WHOLLY inadequate.

        As for poor people being obese, that’s because most of the food in our country us utter crap. A lack of access to quality food plays an enormous part in that – if you can access healthier food, and have the ability to pay for that more-expensive-but-healthier food, then you’re going to be in better shape.

        Seriously dude – grow up a little. Don’t listen to your bass-ackwards parents and their BS rhetoric. Get out and live a little, in multiple places, multiple states, and experience life before you ruin your entire perspective on it.

      • Jason

        First of all you are only discrediting me because I am young, not because you have facts to back up your claims. Second, my parents don’t talk about politics with me because they want me to make up my own mind. Third, people on food stamps have access to healthy food. Food stamps allows them to buy things with nutritional value like chicken as well as fruits. And if they are obese, then they are definitely getting enough calories, even if it is of the wrong kind, and that is their fault for buying those foods. In addition, I have been to Mexico multiple times and have seen the poverty there, I have also seen the starving children in Africa because I went there on a mission trip. So I have been to other parts of the world and seen how bad some people have it there. So you can not tell me to come back when I have seen other parts of the world. I doubt you have even been to any part of Africa. Finally, it is disgusting that you have the nerve to tell me to grow up and to insult my parents, because you have no idea what my family is like or what my parents views are. Like I said before, they don’t talk politics with me because they want me to make up my own mind, no matter what party I chose to side with.

      • Toxic Avenger

        Oh, I already discredited your claims, but if you’ve been to all those places and seen the poverty and STILL hold your misguided views, then you’ve learned nothing. That’s what’s disgusting.

      • Jason

        A 1200 calorie intake per day is for women who are active. Men should have a higher calorie intake than women. In addition, eating less does not make you gain weight or fat. And in order to gain muscle you need to do muscle building activities. I am very active and I need to eat 3000 – 5000 calories a day to maintain my current weight of 160 lbs. So if you are not active and eating 1200 calories per day, you will definitely lose weight unless you are a 20 pound person. Also you gain fat because of excess calories, so your claim that eating less that 1200 calories per day makes you gain fat is completely untrue. Finally, you have not discredited my claims with facts, the only reason you have to not believe what I am saying is because I am young.

      • Toxic Avenger

        You don’t understand biology – that’s okay. I’m not saying you need to. But the fact remains that if you don’t supply your body with enough calories, you gain fat tissue because your body will hoard those calories WITH GUSTO. While your postulation might *seem* to make sense from a point of view that doesn’t understand physiology, you are still incorrect.

      • noah vail

        i do believe the child is a mormon judging from his statement about going to africa on a mission….if so he can’t be held responsible for his thoughts on the world as he can only say what he;s been taught in church…isn’t that sad ?

      • Toxic Avenger

        Do you know what happens when you start eating less than 1200 calories in a day, regardless of how much you move around? You start packing on fat. Fat will continue to grow until you start eating more calories to feed your muscles – which will then burn that excess fat. With little muscle, there is little ability to burn fat. It’s basic physiology. Like I said, grow up and get an education. You’re definitely lacking one.

      • noah vail

        good to know that you are in school and trying to better yourself…now i want you to look up the word SOPHOMORIC…

    • dstatton

      Statistics on employment and the debt do indeed come from agencies in the Executive Branch, which makes it nice for you to be able to call it biased and then reject it. As for the stock market, that’s in the Wall Street Journal.

      • strayaway

        Statistics on debt reveal that Obama has increased the federal debt about $8T or over $25,500 per American. Since the nadir of the recession, foreign born workers have benefited from more new jobs than US born citizens. Unemployment and debt do make nifty graphs too.

        Deficit spending and the Federal Reserve’s policy of printing money do stimulate the economy at least in the short run before the money has to be paid back. Printing money (electronically) also lowers the interest rate so low that investors, including retirees, have to pull money out of savings accounts and go after higher returns on the stock market. It’s risky but an increased demand for stock, drives up its price.

    • 69 and pregnant


  • Creeayshun Sighuntist

    Since when did republicans take facts into account when making voting decisions?

  • Scott Goodpasture

    Yeah all true he has thrown the country a few bones. However how much is the deficit?
    13,000,000,000,000 and climbing? Putin scoffs him and foreign policy seems like a disaster. Isis anyone? He has appointed a Muslim brotherhood member as the director of the CIA as well as other dangerous Muslim types in key positions throughout his administration. Although people are still shopping what’s really going on here? Elementary schools are teaching Islam and not a word about Christianity. I feel as though we are being fattened up for thanksgiving dinner

    • noah vail

      have you even a hint of verification of your charges?…

    • PhilliesWS2008

      absolutely no proof of this and I see you made up the garble about teaching Islam in Elementary Schools while not teaching Christianity? What Muslims are in his cabinet?!?! Hmmm? Not sure you even know what you’re talking about and WTF do you know about Foreign Policy or ISIS? Don’t think you know a thing, troll, other than making an ass out of yourself.

      • Scott Goodpasture

        So who are you? Wtf? There have been numerous cases of Islam being taught in schools. Do your own research angry liberal brainwashed dullard. $19,000,000,000,000 and counting. If that number doesn’t make you puke in your own mouth no wonder you have no trouble not gagging on Obamas member

      • noah vail

        wow, that obama is really something…according to your own post the deficit went up six trillion dollars since your last post and i’m sure that your figures are correct or you wouldn’t have posted them, … am i correct in my assessment ?

      • Scott Goodpasture
      • Scott Goodpasture
      • Scott Goodpasture

        You are a fool Rant Boy

      • Scott Goodpasture

        You should wake up and take Rachael Maddow’s tiny little tit out of your mouth

      • noah vail

        that’s the best you’ve got ?….you’re more stupid than i originally thought…

      • nadalotta

        I agree, Noah. Scott obviously had no facts to reply to your post with so he decided to fixate on Maddow’s breast. I don’t know if Scott’s into breasts or not so I wasn’t sure if I should even respond to him.

  • lol

    im jewish

  • lol

    noooooooooo my brother

  • Nomad

    Sorry but the liberals tend to ignore facts like how Obamacare has ruined many lives in the US. Many people have lost jobs or been cut to part time. Also many people are forced to pay a large chunk of their tax return because of Obama care penalties. Which they didn’t sign up for because they can not afford it. Also can someone explain to me how the president created jobs? I mean outside of governmental jobs. And please don’t say he gave companies tax breaks because that is not creating anything. Also who is protecting the people who are here illegally and draining our tax money? Also why are racial tensions even higher then before now. And how much further in debt are we now? Hmmm yea great president.

    • noah vail

      when 54% of the GDP goes to the military bitching about the few thousand dollars going to the “illegals” is an excercise ready made for the right wing to complain about…and 72 months of steady job growth is not exactly ruining our economy…and let’sjust look at how much you pay in taxes that you’re so worried about others getting food and/or medical care…racial tensions are so high because the republicans have told their minions that it’s OK to excercise your prejudice and treat anyone that isn’t a white male like shit….as a 75 year old white male i can guarantee that i have seen more of this crap than you have …have you noticed that the republicans are not FOR anything only AGAINST anything that makes life better or easier for others… .BERNIE 2016….remember that voting is like driving a car…put it in D you move forward put it in R you move backwards

      • Nomad

        Few thousand dollars? Are you that stupid? Billions go to illegals dude. I don’t even know why you are putting parenthesis around illegals. They are not here legally, they are illegal. They are breaking the law. I don’t know why that is so hard for you liberals to understand. Also if you looked at job growth the largest portion of created job are part time. Look at national debt we have way more then before. Look at how many under Obama we have on food stamps now, that greatly increased as well. And are you really that stupid? What republican where has said to exercise their prejudices? You are full of shit man, no one is going around saying disrespect anyone who isn’t a white male. I am not even a republican and I know how much non sense you are spouting. And how does Bernie make this better? Increasing our debt by over 10 trillion? Increase our taxes. You young liberals look at what Bernie is doing and think he has every dot of his plan prepared and that its going to work smoothly when much of it he hasn’t even laid out completely. Also dude he is losing in the polls, if liberals really supported him he wouldn’t be bombing so bad to Hillary. Even your own party isn’t supporting his ideas.

  • The 6 Horse

    What a pathetic list of “accomplishments.” Iran nuke deal? Obamacare? Saved auto industry (didn’t) Gender pay equality (myth.) Got Bin Laden (no, the CIA did).

    Worst president ever.

  • Fongy

    This has to be a satirical piece, yes? What’s hard to accept is that there are soooo many people who readily read and believe this kind of propaganda.

  • TheResearcher

    More proof that Liberalism Is A Mental Disorder: