4 Common Myths Liberals Still Believe In

fact checkWe’re taking a week off from my series titled “The 5 Worst Conservative Memes Of The Week” while I rework the concept a little bit going forward. Instead, I’d like to substitute that list today with another one that sorely needs attention, since I see far too many people who call themselves progressives or liberals repeat these myths without fact-checking.

To paraphrase a comment from someone on Facebook, “Google before you share should be the new think before you speak” – how true that statement is. Oh yeah sure, we absolutely love to point and laugh at those crazy right-wing conservatives when they forward an article from the The Onion or Daily Currant as if it was real, but there are liberals who are also guilty of posting false information as real.

The following are four of the most common myths that I see repeated by liberals as factual that are completely false.

4. Information that comes from a liberal website or Facebook page is always accurate: On a regular basis, I see images with fake quotes attributed to Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann or other conservative figures circulated from pages like Stop The World, The Teabaggers Want Off that people actually believe are real. Here’s a perfect example from yesterday:

Image from the Facebook page "Stop The World, The Teabaggers Want Off."

Image from the Facebook page “Stop The World, The Teabaggers Want Off.”

I’m pretty sure that like many on the right, the left has its fair share of people incapable of fact-checking and who believe anything that comes from any source that labels itself as liberal – just as many conservatives believe anything that comes from Fox News or Tea Party News Network.

3. The Koch Brothers bought NPR’s silence: No matter what the issue, all you have to do is put the faces of Charles and David Koch or Sarah Palin on it and liberals will react whether they actually have anything to do with the issue or not. In this case, an image was circulated that claimed that the Koch Brothers had swayed NPR into not covering climate change thanks to a large, undisclosed amount of money. Snopes.com once again was quickly on the case and debunked it, but that didn’t stop the image from spreading like wildfire. Even if they had made this donation, NPR also gets a lot of funding from The Pew Charitable Trusts, among many other donors that have left-of-center leanings.

2. Fox News has claimed it has the right to lie: This one made the rounds this summer, originating from a meme made by the Facebook page “Anti-Republican Crusaders,” along with a number of other variations of the same false statement from other liberal sources that didn’t bother to fact check.

Critics of Fox News not-so-fondly call the cable channel “Faux News.” But, according to an Internet meme, Fox not only admits it airs false news, it says it has a legal right to do so.

“Fox News admits they lie,” reads one version of the meme, “They argued that, under the First Amendment, broadcasters have the right to lie or deliberately distort news reports on public airwaves.” (Source)

Politifact’s check of the claim is a long article, but worth the read. False or misleading stories are common, especially online, and liberals are also guilty of just plain making stuff up.

1. Fox News is banned in Canada because it isn’t real news: I see this one all the time and people could avoid making themselves look silly by simply Googling it. The first result I get is from Snopes.com and it states the following, bold emphasis is mine:

It is true that various sections of CRTC regulations prohibit the broadcasting of “false or misleading news” by radio and television licensees, and that in 2011 the CRTC declined to narrow those regulations to apply only to “news that the licensee knows is false or misleading and that endangers or is likely to endanger the lives, health or safety of the public.” However, it is not true that such regulations have kept the Fox News Channel from gaining entry into Canada, or that they were invoked to boot Fox News out of that country after the channel was established there. The CRTC regulations apply only to Canadian broadcasters using Canadian airwaves; they do not apply to the Fox News Channel, which is a non-Canadian entity transmitted via satellite and cable, not broadcast over public airwaves. (Source)

Snopes isn’t the only website debunking this totally false claim. Politifact also addresses it, but that doesn’t stop liberals making this statement, because they want to believe it is true.

I know quite a few people get upset at me for pointing out the flaws and the hucksters like Addicting Info on the left, but if we make excuses for the bad behavior such as believing blatant falsehoods and not fact-checking before reacting to stories, then aren’t we just as personally flawed as the Tea Party members we like to make fun of?


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  • NewEnglander58

    I agree with you, Manny. I know you take flak for pointing it out, but I want fact not fiction.

  • Expatmom

    Too be really fair, it’s a coin toss when Palin & Bachmann are involved. I don’t post anything connected to either & I’m sure not going to spend time researching lame crap.

    • Paul Julian Gould

      My wife ran across one of the Bachmann memes the other day and, as she actually has a job and, as a teacher, doesn’t have lots of time to surf the web, she depends on this disabled old fart to factcheck…

      Her question was “Is she really that stupid?” I had to comment that it obviously originated on FB, and, as such, is automatically suspect.

      Further, it plays well into the hand of the other side to have Bachmann thought of as a stupid woman, rather than the rigid, Dominionist, batshit-crazy and dangerous person she is. Whether or not anyone considers a BA from ORU and JD from Regent as worth having, she passed the MN bar exam and successfully practiced tax law for quite a while… she’s not an idiot. A crazy person, without a doubt, but not a stupid one…

      I’ll posit another example of Louie Gohmert… He’s got legit creds, with BA and JD from Baylor, and was apparently an adequate JAG officer in uniform… He’s not as stupid as he plays for the East Texas rubes he represents, who actually are that stupid… I know… I’ve met quite a few of them in my travels.

      • Expatmom

        You didn’t say if your wife verified the Bachmann meme. I kind of like to know how many times the bar exam was taken, but I don’t care enough to spend time chasing the answer. And Gohmert? I agree, no one is as stupid as he comes across. He’s a grifter. I’ve have lived in east TX.

      • Paul Julian Gould

        It was a fake… what caught my eye and reminded me was that the photo was the same one in this OP, but with a different caption… don’t remember what it was, but it sounded more like something Palin would say, rather than Bachmann — and I don’t know how many times it took her to pass the bar, but pass it she did. MN’s bar exam, I gather, is nowhere near as demanding as CA or NY, but she practiced law. She’s a true-believer, much like Cruz, and is as batcrap as they come… just, like Cruz, is not lacking in the gray-matter — what she’s soaked up with it is another matter entirely… not an idiot, but that makes her all the more dangerous, also like Cruz.

        Gohmert, on the other hand, has a cushy gig on the taxpayers’ dime, playing the role for the 2-story single-wide dwellers in Wascom, etc., and it seems we can tell when his campaign coffers are running low, as he shows up every so often to spout non-sequiturs and craziness about that time.

        We have a couple of friends living in Marshall who are trying like gangbusters to get the hell out of there, as the lunacy is toxic.

      • Gene Rasmussen

        Her degrees and education makes her smart in tax law, but like a lot of high education professions, the intelligence is usually pretty much limited to that profession. Being a tradesman and having done service work for 13 of my 46 years, I learned the difference from many instance where education = smart did not apply.

      • Paul Julian Gould

        I agree on all your points…

        Of course this is all leaving aside the possibility that’s she’s insane… reasonably high-functioning, but nuts.

      • Paul Julian Gould

        … as an aside, I normally try to unsubscribe from any Disqus thread, unless I’m directly engaged, after a few days… good gauge of how distracted I was on a particular day, when I get comments 4 months past… *chuckle*

      • Gene Rasmussen

        I didn’t even pay heed to post dates, but aside from education, she is seriously brain damaged

      • Paul Julian Gould

        She, like Cruz and Gingrich, among others, is what stupid people think smart people sound like. She’s as much a Dominionist as Cruz, Sr. and Jr., and just as batshit… We’re in agreement, Gene.

  • Guest

    I agree, I’ve seen ALL these memes just this week! Another that keeps driving me nuts is ‘Nesly CEO says water is NOT a human right.” I did the research and learned that it is basically the opposite of what he said. His point has to do with large polluters like industry, who go through millions of gallons of potable water, leaving toxic waste behind. THOSE users think they’re entitled to all the water they want, with NO consequences for how they’re destroying it for others.

    • RoninNY

      Sorry about the duplicate post- I must have had fumble fingers and this got posted before I was finished. I couldn’t get it to let me edit or remove it.

  • RoninNY

    I agree, I’ve seen ALL these memes just this week! Another that keeps driving me nuts is ‘Nestle CEO says water is NOT a human right.” I did the research and learned that it is basically the opposite of what he said. His point has to do with large polluters like industry, who go through millions of gallons of potable water, leaving toxic waste behind. THOSE users think they’re entitled to all the water they want, with NO consequences for how they’re destroying it for others. It’s a valid and important message, but I get people angrily attacking me for disagreeing with them on this. I was in a thread where all the other posts were like ‘this man needs to DIE”!!

    • Melissa L.

      Ronin, I’ll have to look it up again. What I remember finding was different from the meme, but basically true. Thanks for posting this.

    • Gaele Maat

      I’m glad to have that cleared up, RoninNY. Is there some reason why Nestle continues bottling and selling California’s water in spite of the terrible drought there?

  • Melanie Collins Pennock

    All of us are guilty of posting or reposting crap from time to time. As humans, it is inevitable, we are flawed……liberal, conservative and middle of the roaders!

  • Dave Bayer

    You have a problem here with your last statement about Fox being band in Canada! As you need to read the entire article to understand they were band on Canadian Air waves as they were not a legitamate News brodcast! The onlyvthingvthat got them on the air was cable and satellite are governed by different laws so even your analysis here is miss leading! If I were you I’d read the entirety of it and you will find that Fox News was band from Canadian Air waves!

    • Jillz

      Dave, they aren’t banned in Canada, they just don’t have a dedicated channel for the 24-7 coverage through our regular cable. Like you said, we can get it via satellite and/or specialty or “pay” channels, and FOX News Sunday with Chris Wallace is on every Sunday morning here in Toronto. So it’s not actually banned, it’s just not free for most regular cable viewers.

      • Dave Bayer

        Jillz they where banned in Canada on air waves as I mentioned Canada had laws about what was put out on there airwaves and Fox News did not meet those standards it wasn’t until Cable TV and Satellite TV came about that Fox News was allowed! There Parliament would not allow Fox on their air waves TV as in there laws it did not meet the requirements! This was their own Television Air Waves! Fox was denied until Satellite TV came to pass check the history of their regular air waves and you will find they where not allowed on their air waves!
        Satellite TV had changed the restrictions so that is the only way they get into there market! Under their old laws Fox was declared to not meet requitments for their old antenna TV that was controlled by government! When I have the time I will look it up for you! Yes they are allowed now only because they are registered under Entertainment and not News! And still that is only on Sattelite TV! So if you search back you will see that they were banned from antenna TV as Canada was trying to protect its citizens from the propaganda that Fox puts out as News! Look to when there was no Sattelite or Cable TV and it explains why they didn’t meet Canada’s guidelines for a News channel I do believe even today they are registered under entertainment in Canada and not a News Network!

      • Jillz

        Are you talking about SUN News (which I THINK might be an affiliate of FOX News) which was denied a regular cable slot either last year or the year before by the CRTC?

        I know it’s not entirely banned b/c a FOX News program comes on every Sunday morning (Channel 21) and they also have a dedicated pay cable channel (through Rogers Digital in Toronto, anyway).

        I hope I don’t sound argumentative, just confused b/c I’ve seen it available here in Toronto.

      • Dave Bayer

        Jillz somewhere there is a disconnect! There is a difference from arwave antenna TV and Cable and Satellite Tv! Fox was banned on airwaves Tv back before cable and Satellite where available! They did not meet the criteria for a News program in Canada when Satalite and Cable came into the scene they changed there status to entertainment and where allowed on cable and Satellite Tv! Prior to Reagan time the were banned from Canadian Airwaves because they Did not meet the criteria of a News Network under Canadian Broadcasting Laws and Rules! Not until SATELLITE and Cable came into play where they on Canadian Tv as explained in the Yahoo search! If you read you will discover how they skirted the laws and Rules and declared their News program under licensing of Entertainment!
        I don’t think I can state this any simpler if you simple do the searches and read the full articles you will understand fully how they cheated the system!
        Who in there right no d would watch that tabloid News channel anyway! It is hack job journalism without any credence of truth or responsibility to get the truth out it just gets there opinions out not the facts! Which has put responsible journalism in a very deceiving place of unreliability!

      • Jillz

        Thanks for all that, Dave. And the disconnect is uncovered LOL!! I think we are saying the same thing: FOX News is NOT readily available on TV here in Canada, and they have no dedicated regular cable channel. There is one FOX News program (the Sunday show with Chris Wallace) that comes on regular cable, (mercifully only once a week), but other than that, if Canadians want to watch FOX News in Canada, we have to pay for it.

        I did hear something about them not meeting the criteria for Canadian Broadcasting Laws, but I thought that was more recent (when SUN News was seeking a dedicated regular channel) ((and were turned down)).

        As for watching it? LOL No thanks. It makes my head spin too much! I’d rather watch Entertainment Tonight – I believe more of what I hear on that show too 😉

      • jeff

        er… fox is a cable only news network. theyre not on the air. they were established in 1996 as a cable network. fox wasnt in existence “before cable and satellite where available” and it has never been broadcast on air. reagan??? really dude? fox news started its programming in october of 1996 a wee bit after reagan. in the last few paragraphs you described msnbc perfectly tho.

    • americanmale

      Dave, you sound like maybe you were dropped on your head.

  • Dave Bayer

    Also some satirical jokes doesn’t mean liberalsare lying! As conservatives make up things constantly and just spread it to disparage someone. They do it so much that they no longer represent truth or legitimacy of any kind and they don’t care if they do!
    So a joke about Sarah Palin or the other flake Bachman shouldn’t cause any problems! Because it may be something they didn’t say but the point of the joke is they would say exactly something stupid like it!

    • Paul Julian Gould

      Jokes, indeed… but it does become that the joke is on those that spread such as though they’re legit… I know plenty on the right that have done that for years… I refuse to allow myself to sink to that level. Fact-checked and accurate, I’ll post it… a FB meme that is designed as though it’s the real deal, and spread outside the circle of those who are in on the joke… nope…

      • Paul Julian Gould

        And I’ll also admit that a lot of the things spread as though they really were said by the targets really do sound like something they’d say…

        A good hoax, like a good Poe/parody troll, though, takes some creativity, which few seem to have… I couldn’t do it; it’s an art form not among my meager talents… It’s either heavy-handed, or actually credulous…

    • Thebob

      That all depends on what the definition of “IS” is…..right……

  • John Mark DiMichele

    The truth shall set you free.

  • Jillz

    I was reading the list hoping I hadn’t fallen for any of them, but alas. I got egg on my face for number 2 in the past, and recently flubbed up some posts about it on another thread (though I know technically speaking, they didn’t go to court to ‘win’ the right to lie).

    • Paul Julian Gould

      My understanding of that case was that it was argued that their actual news broadcasts were plainly stated as such, and were accurate, if slanted in emphasis. It is the rest of their bilge, touted as opinion and commentary that didn’t have to be accurate.

      And it’s mighty cynical of Fox that they (accurately, I might add) take the willful ignorance of their target audience as a given, and know that few among their fans have any ability to compartmentalize… so they think everything said is news, is fair, is balanced, and is the absolute truth, even as, by the absolute letter of the law, it’s none of the above.

      • Thebob

        Same to say for CNN, MSNBC and etc…etc…etc…All News Media is Opinion….Last real news broadcaster was Walter Cronkite…maybe Peter Jennings…But nowadays it isn’t journalism anymore, and the actual journalist are thrown under the bus as nut jobs or are never taken seriously….All news now is Opinion News, with about 10% being fact….

      • americanmale

        Well said Bob.

  • Jason

    The first myth we need to address is that conservative and liberal/progressive are mutually exclusive.

    • tombeebe

      absolutely! Both restrict our freedoms, the only difference being in the selsection of freedoms to discard.

  • Richard Kent Matthews

    I have heard both Palin and Bachmann make all kinds of idiotic statements, on FOX, which is owned by an Aussie and a Saudi Arabian sheik. So, maybe some of the quotes are off target, but there are enough REAL ones to keep the Reds in the dog house…intellectually and ethically speaking.

  • Mike Burns

    I admit that I do tend to believe it whenever some incredibly stupid quote is attributed to Michele Bachmann or Sarah Palin. And they rarely disappoint.

  • T.C.

    2 of the points are TECHNICALLY true. FOX lawyers said there is nothing ILLEGAL about lying on a news channel. They didn’t address immoral or unethical. And FOX News cannot be BROADCAST (Over The Air) in Canada, because it is a cable channel, so viewers must pay, by cable or satellite subscription, to watch it. I would guess the truthiness of it precludes it from being rebroadcast on OTA FOX stations. I support the authors contention. Progressives lose the high moral ground when we pass a lie as the truth.

  • Thebob

    I really like how all Libtards rip on the most watched; most viewed news station out of all the others combined…Now I do not watch Fox News, nor do I listen to either side anymore; but when MSNBC, CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, and PBS(NPR) combined do not even come close the ratings Fox gets…that should say something??? That most of America doesn’t agree with the small % of the population that is Leftwing raging nut bags.

    • RoninNY

      Raging nutbag defiines YOU and your sheep friends. If you’ve got such an erection over dumFux ratings and start your screed with ‘libtards’, I can bet with confidence that your claim to not watch Fox is a big bag of manure.

      • Thebob

        I don’t and can’t watch Fox, as I can’t afford the “package” that it comes with for my dish….I actually find and do my own research to come up with what I believe to be true or remotely believable…Had you asked me this 4/5 years ago, Yeah I watch Fox News and slowly but surely realized they are just like all the others 10% news 90% opinions nothing really factual…But it does say something that, FN gets more viewers than the top 5 other news stations COMBINED….that is just sad for those stations really it is….I just guess it makes the left scared because it really shows where the country leans which most of the country is Center or Right of Center, not what you are which is an extreme % of your party and same for Right WIng conservatives extreme small % of voters….But what we have continued to get is the same BS over and over and over when it comes to politicians…They all say there gonna do this then don’t. They all spend way way too much money and they all make government bigger and bigger and more overreaching….You ever read 1984 By George Orwell?? If not, great read, but also a good look at where we are headed with our government….

    • ZeldaZ

      I really like that people like you can only think of ONE word when trying to label Progressives: “Libtard”. Much more telling about you! ROFLMAO

      • Thebob

        It fits perfectly actually Liberal Retard Libtard for short, since Liberal Progressives are mentally challenged narcissistic personality disorder (NPD). Look it up I bet it fits your mental status perfectly.

  • beachdogger

    The debunk is bunk.

  • Art Lowell

    I don’t like left-wing or environmentalist propaganda any more than I do right-wing junk. There’s plenty of real stuff to condemn the “enemy” without this kind of stuff. (Eg, There are a lot of reasons to hate Monsanto without all the phony claims).

    • Thebob

      Give 1 phony claim about Monsanto….they hide GMOs in all sorts of food stuff, they sue farmers for producing their own seed, they sue farmers for growing their seed when it was blown over with cross pollination….They add poisons and heavy metals to food….Why in anyones right mind would you trust a Chemical company to develop food stuffs……Monsanto is a Giant among Giants like Pepsico or General Mills. About a dozen companies control about 75% of our economy….Most of them are big chemical/pharma companies…

  • Melissa L.

    I will never criticize you for pointing out the hucksters, whichever side they’re from. We don’t need liberal ones any more than we need conservative ones. Thanks very much!

  • kansas

    So if I have this correct, your article is a critique of publications that don’t provide adequate sourcing for their statements. The publication you single out to bash is Addicting Info, and then provide no sourcing or examples for why you chose that one website to name in your article? That seems less than professional to say the least. And yes, I do work for Addicting Info, and have supported and followed your site also. But if you’re going to attack me or the people I work with without citing your reasons for that, and if you’re going to be less than professional in the way your relate to other liberal writers, I find that kind of hypocritical. Do unto others, that’s the way I try to conduct myself. Basically, what that means to me, since I am also in this business, is that if I have a question about another writers work, I would definitely try to handle the situation by first showing others the kind of respect I would want them to show me. If your concern is integrity as you claim, why not develop a working relationship with other writers? Anyways, good luck in your endeavors, tempted as I am, I will not respond to this post with a critique of my opinion of your work on Addicting Info.

  • jan375

    I am VERY disappointed by your unfavorable comments about Addicting Info. I personally know several contributing writers for that site and they have very high standards and fact check all of their work before it is published. I think you owe an apology to everyone on the staff of Addicting Info for your callous, misleading remark about them, especially since you did not cite any examples of why you think they are “hucksters.”

  • Melanie Collins Pennock

    When I read something that is hard to believe or too good to be true, Snopes in my go to page!

    • Brad Wags

      I hope you do not vote based on what you read in Snopes.

      • Melanie Collins Pennock

        Silly! They are not a political site, and I make up my own mind!

  • this whole article is just nonsense. so Fox can broadcast from the USA but NOT call itself a Canadian news agency, or broadcast using Canadian lines? and that somehow negates the CORRECT claim that Fox cannot call itself a Canadian news corp?? the stupid runs deep on this page and I don’t think the top 4 points make any sense or are followed as the brainless reporter makes some of you think. besides just being wrong.. if fox cannot open a Canadian based company and has to stream it in from other countries. and for the reporter to NOT see this, just shows the stupid.

  • Mark Denton

    Just an FYI on number 2 and the meme Fox News can lie. That actually originated from a court case in Florida in the nineties where Fox was being sued by an employee for deliberately falsifying news. The court ruled that Fox had no legal right to maintain truth or integrity in its reporting. Now that can apply to all news going forward but I think that is where that meme got its start.

  • DinkLane

    As a “Progressive” and a “Liberal”…. I believe in Critical Thinking and Research…. Something the “FOX Morning-Memo” argues against i.e. “Common Core,” “ACA called ‘Obamacare’ ” and “How many people actually voted for Republicans in 2014″….. How about BOTH of us turning the TV off, pull up the actual Documents and see for ourselves….the FACTS…. which is over 100 miles away for the FOX Misinformation Cable Channel…

  • Dale

    Since this article was posted a month ago, I doubt anyone will see my comment, but…… The media is not to be trusted. There are other entities behind the political parties calling the shots. One of the main goals today is to divide us. We are the closest to Civil War as we have been since the actual Civil War. They are dividing us with politics, race, religion, gender, etc. This country is in chaos. Everyone does and believes whatever they themselves want to. Our schools have brainwashed our kids and ‘dumbed’ them down, starting in the 1920’s and forward to today (I used to be a teacher). History has been rewritten. People have been vilified. People believe anything they see printed. ONE person can write a book and debunk something centuries old and people will jump on the bandwagon and accept it. Our gov’t dupes us, they think we are stupid. Unfortunately, many American citizens are stupid and not informed. The truth will make you free, but most don’t know what the truth is. Opinions and beliefs are not TRUTH. Don’t take the crap handed out to us as truth. Investigate, research and search for the truth. Stop being used by political parties as their stooges to carry out their plans. Don’t be a die-hard member of a political party and just go along with them. Look at both sides of anything. Use your own brain and not what someone else thinks or says. For crying out loud, the American citizens need to be Patriots again. We are close to losing our freedom. The gov’t has gone haywire and will continue to control more. Don’t believe the crap that is being handed to you by the media!!!!

  • Brad Wags

    Liberalism is a mental disorder. That is all.

    • Al Johnson

      Thou shalt remember that greed is good, the poor are lazy, gays are bad, women are wicked, Rush Limbaugh is a respectable citizen, Sarah Palin is intelligent and George W. Bush was a great president.

      • Brad Wags

        GW was great and history will remember him fondly, unlike the communist in the WH today. I would take Sarah over Hillary any day of the week! How is it that someone could be caught up in so many scandals but still have such strong support from the liberal base? I’ll tell you… no moral compass on the left. As I said, it’s a mental disorder.

      • Al Johnson

        Did you forget the part where Bush lied us into 2 wars and crashed the economy . Clinton handed Bush a surplus. Bush handed Obama a 1.3 TRILLION deficit .
        Obama has turned the economy around, cut the deficit, cut unemployment, doubled the stock market and corporate profits are at an all time high.
        If Bush had been a Democrat and Obama a Republican , you would hail him as the great savior.
        You OBVIOUSLY watch way too much Fox News.
        GWB will be remembered as the guy who started 2 wars and crashed the economy. Obama will be remembered as the guy who fixed the mess GWB left .
        Cognitive dissonance as its finest …

      • Brad Wags

        OMG, you are so uninformed! Paying wayyy too much attention to MSNBC! You do know most of what Brian Williams spewed, and you continue to parrot, were lies, right? Weapons were found, the left continues to deny that truth. Not to mention Sadam continued to thumb his nose at the sanctions and inspectors. And I would add that Congress voted to go to war (including your girl Killary), unlike the actions the dictator in chief in the WH takes now! Clinton had a surplus thanks to a GOP majority in congress and Newt Gingrich. You’re welcome! Obama has NOT turned the economy around. Your unemployment numbers fail to take into account the people who left the workforce and stopped searching. Obama blew billions on “shovel ready jobs” that were “not so shovel ready”. Solyndra anyone??? Not to mention all of Obamas long list of scandals, F&F, IRS, Benghazi, VA, on and on and on… he will be remembered as worse than Carter! Thanks to him, Hillary does not stand a chance!

      • Al Johnson

        All those trumped up ” scandals” Fox News has you believing is ridiculous .Poor little fox News puppet mouth…
        Hilary will be the next POTUS and all your lies and crying won’t stop her …Ha, Ha, Ha …

      • Brad Wags

        You are willfully ignorant, and possibly beyond intervention; if you would consider casting a vote for a proven liar who deleted 30000 emails and wiped her server clean. If you believe she was not trying to cover something up, then you are the beyond help. IRS trumped up scandal??? Oh yea, MORE emails that disappeared and nothing happens to Lois Lerner. Wow. Just wow. Go to MSNBC and check out their poll about who would vote for Killary… last I saw 83% said NO! LOL!!! She will not be allowed back into the White House to steal the rest of the furniture.

      • Al Johnson

        Apparently Republicans have forgotten the George W. Bush email scandal. The Bush White House email controversy surfaced in 2007 during the controversy involving the dismissal of eight U.S. attorneys. Congressional requests for administration documents while investigating the dismissals of the U.S. attorneys required the Bush administration to reveal that not all internal White House emails were available, because they were sent via a non-government domain hosted on an email server not controlled by the federal government. Over 5 million emails may have been lost or deleted. The administration officials had been using a private Internet domain, gwb43.com, owned by and hosted on an email server run by the Republican National Committee.

      • Brad Wags

        Why oh why do you guys keep referring back to Bush??? Have you nothing more current? Besides, for people who want to ‘look forward’ and be ‘progressive’, shouldn’t you be concerned about the future? As it stands right now there is a sociopathic liar running for the Democratic party. Shouldn’t that be your focus? Not something that has absolutely nothing to do with anything any longer??? Just saying…

      • Al Johnson

        Because Bush WRECKED the economy and you can’t wave a magic wand and fix everything instantly.
        God knows our economy is a hell of a lot better than in 2008.
        Let’s make it easy for you…
        Clinton gave us the strongest booming economy on record during our lifetime…
        Republicans took over next and completely destroyed everything …
        Republicans gave us the worst economy on record in our lifetime …
        You can spin that all you want but Facts are Facts …

      • Brad Wags

        #1 You’re right about one thing… facts are facts… and here’s some for ya…. the economy with the surplus was due to the majority GOP in Congress with Newt Gingrich. (Remember who holds the purse strings) Clinton, the rapist of a young intern, got the credit since he was POTUS.
        #2 The economy took a dive due to the housing bubble bursting. Why was there a housing bubble? Well you can credit that to the Dems forcing lenders to loan money to people who could not afford it. Who got credit for that failure? Bush.

        You can form your own opinions, but you cannot make up your own facts.

      • Brad Wags

        “Trumped up scandals”… that quote is right out of the MSNBC playbook. haha