Here are 4 Reasons Why I Really Couldn’t Care Less About Hillary Clinton’s Emails

Lost in the never-ending circus known as the Donald Trump campaign has been WikiLeaks desperate attempt to deflect attention off the GOP candidate’s on-going meltdown by releasing thousands of hacked emails aimed at trying to bring Hillary Clinton’s campaign down.

Clearly, Putin and WikiLeaks are doing whatever they can to help elect the most pro-Russia presidential candidate in U.S. history.

But I’ve received several messages from people asking me why I’m not discussing Hillary Clinton’s emails and the many “controversies” linked to them.

Well, there are a few reasons for that.

1. Most of these “controversies” aren’t remotely scandalous: Here’s a rundown of 10 of the most common attacks Trump is using against Clinton relating to these email releases. As with most things anti-Clinton, the devil is in the details — which don’t line up with the hysteria those opposing her are using.

If you read through that list of what Trump is saying and what is actually contained in the emails, almost nothing he’s saying is true.

Furthermore, most of these are random communications between aides asking questions, brainstorming on situations and coming up with campaign strategies. Even the supposed “Wall Street shill” Clinton gave speeches where she more or less says that she felt some people were oversimplifying the 2008 crash for political purposes; that Wall Street and the government need to work better to be more transparent so that people understand what’s going on better; and that there’s a balance between too many and too few regulations that needs to be found to have a healthy financial market that won’t crash the economy.

The only people who will read these speech transcripts and think they confirm she’s an unethical sellout for Wall Street are people who were never going to change their minds about her no matter what she said.

As I’ve said before, there are people who want to hate Hillary Clinton and nothing you show them will ever change their minds.

I haven’t seen anything in any of these emails or speech transcripts that’s shocking, alarming or something I wouldn’t expect from any public servant. But if any other politician wants to claim she’s “unethical” because of these emails then, by all means, they’re more than welcome to publish their emails and let’s see what the RNC, Paul Ryan or any number of other Republicans really think about Donald Trump.

More on that in just a bit.

2. There have literally been thousands of emails released thus far and only a handful have been deemed “newsworthy”: As usual, whatever the media feels can generate a headline is what we’re going to hear about. This means all the emails that might paint Clinton in a positive light, or actually debunk a lot of the propaganda against her — those aren’t going to get a great deal of attention. In fact, considering how many emails have been released thus far, the fact that only a fraction of a percent of them have actually been deemed “questionable” actually seems to prove that she’s not “the devil” as many of her critics claim she is.

Sorry folks, but context matters. When we pick and choose only the information we can twist into fake “outrage,” while ignoring the thousands of emails that don’t confirm a particular bias, then you’re completely distorting the truth to create your own false narrative.

3. The real story here isn’t what’s in the emails, but the fact that all signs indicate that Russia is actively trying to help elect a particular presidential candidate and evidence exists showing Trump’s campaign might be linked to all of this: While everyone tries to rush to act like they really care about what’s in these emails (when the fact is, if these were in relation to a candidate they support they wouldn’t care less about them), that’s not the real story here.

The real story here is that it’s basically been confirmed that the Russian government was behind these hacks, that WikiLeaks has become a political weapon of Vladimir Putin and there’s even evidence that Trump’s campaign could have ties to all of this.

Basically: Russia’s government is hacking American citizens and political organizations in a deliberate attempt to influence a U.S. presidential election to help elect a candidate who they think may govern according to what’s in Russia’s best interests, based comments that candidate has made throughout his campaign praising and defending the Russian leader and supporting policies that play into what Russia would want. All the while there’s evidence suggesting that this same candidate has connections to the Russian-backed group releasing this illegally obtained information that seems aimed at trying to elect the most pro-Russia president in U.S. history.

But, please, let’s keep talking about Clinton’s emails and how she’s not as anti-Wall Street as some would like. Because that’s much more terrifying than electing a self-described sexual predator who might be using back-door channels to work with the Russian government to target political rivals. I’m sure he would never do this against the press or the media, right?

You know, maybe these folks are right. Hillary Clinton’s comments about having a ‘public and private’ position when referencing Lincoln are way more terrifying than electing a self-admitted sexual predator who might be actively committing treason against the United States on his way to the White House.

4. Clinton is being held to an absurdly different standard than any politician in history: People are using private email correspondence and information that no other politician has ever had to overcome to attack Hillary Clinton. These are emails that were never meant to be made public that folks are digging through to find a sliver of anything to twist into a “gotcha” headline to use against her.

I know some will say, Who cares? This is information we needed to know! It doesn’t matter how it was obtained!

Well, that’s not entirely true. We should actually care that an American political organization and private citizens are being targeted by foreign governments. I’m not sure when it became acceptable in this country to hate certain Americans so much that you’d root for, and support, foreign attacks against them.

Also, there’s not a person reading this who would want their private email, texts or direct message exchanges publicly broadcast for everyone to see. Anyone who says they’d be 100 percent fine with that is a liar and a hypocrite. In private, we all say things we wouldn’t necessarily say in public. Imagine if our bosses, friends, co-workers or family members knew some of the things we all say about them that we don’t think they’d ever find out about.

Now imagine those messages being hacked and published all over the Internet for those individuals to see what you said about them. Think they’d be thrilled? I’m going to guess probably not in many instances. Especially if the people who gained access to that information were some sort of “enemy” who was going to take a lot of it completely out of context to use against you in some way.

My point is, when I start seeing the private email correspondence of Donald Trump (or every single other person saying these emails “prove she’s corrupt”) then we can talk apples to apples. Right now the stuff Clinton didn’t think would be made public isn’t actually all that “controversial” at all, and it damn sure isn’t as horrifying as the things Trump says or does in public. So just imagine what he says to people when he doesn’t think anyone will ever find out.

Doubt me? Then why won’t he publicly call on MGM to release this footage from The Apprentice that some claim depicts Trump saying horrible things? If there’s nothing to hide, then why did he seem so concerned about those videos being released? Keep in mind those are things he said when he was still in a fairly public setting.

After all, this is someone who won’t even show us his tax returns, something every presidential candidate for the last 40 years has done (heck, even Nixon showed his) — just imagine how damning his emails would be if we could all read them.

When it gets right down to it, what I’m seeing in these emails and speech transcripts is mostly whole lot of nothing. It’s a handful of comments, questions or answers to questions that some people are picking and choosing to focus on — ignoring everything else that might not fit their narrative — that these same folks wouldn’t care less about if a candidate they supported was linked to them.

And the bottom line is this, until I can read the secret emails of Donald Trump and those Republicans trying to use her emails against her, none of them have any right to say they prove she’s “corrupt.” We’re not comparing apples to apples here because these folks aren’t showing us what they say in private.

So, if some want to claim that private emails make or break how ethical someone is, then let’s see their emails so we can find out what they’re saying to close aides and confidants when they don’t think the public will ever find out.

Otherwise, anyone who wouldn’t want the public seeing their private messages out of fear what people might think about them, but is judging Hillary Clinton for hers, is an absolute hypocrite.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • AJMile

    This is the best piece I’ve read on the topic in weeks. I couldn’t agree more.

  • Sandy Bouchard
  • Blerg

    As Sen Sanders said, “We don’t care about [her] damn emails!”

    • Angry Maude

      That is about the only thing I agree with Ole King Bro, who as you know had “True Believer” Bernie Bros hacked the DNC, got caught, got sanctioned, and got fined.
      No wonder he didn’t want to talk about those emails.
      As for the “current” crop of emails hacked: Russian Hackers. Russian Criminal Hackers. Not Chinese, Not North Korea, Not Radical Islamic Terrorists. Russian Criminal Hackers “working” for Putin. You know the Ex-KBG Murderer in charge. The one that said, “We are going into Ukraine.” Who went into Ukraine and is bombing the people of Syria for his fellow dictator, Bashar Hafez al-Assad.

  • julie

    America is the last FREE nation and we are slipping into the Globalistic abyss. You all can vote for who you want to, but I am voting for TRUMP. I don’t like her, I don’t trust her, her actions from the past 30 years are a FAIL!

    THE FACTS are clear she is deceitful, un American. The past 30 years have proven that, then you deserve what you get if she is elected.

    • wolfboy54

      Hillary is deceitful. I don’t like her but look at the alternative! Trump is a narcissistic sociopath, fraud, and con-man. He suckered hard working Americans out of their life savings for fraudulent Trump University, swindled hundreds of small business owners out of millions, barely donates to charity and then lies about it, spends donors’ money sent to his charity on himself and to pay his own personal fines, judgments against him, and to pay back the loans he took to fool people that he was self-funding, is a divider and not a uniter, is a serial liar, a serial bankrupter, a serial adulterer and wife collector, a sue happy litigious, tax-evading, unpatriotic, rampant xenophobe, racist, draft-dodging, misogynist, birther, and sex offender who has repeatedly pledged to ban an entire religion from entering the U.S..

  • Gobias Industries

    Hillary was the anointed president of the oligarchs. Problem is she is Hillary Clinton, sure she’s agreed to sellout to high finance and other buzzards feeding off the carcass of a once great nation. How can they get such a flawed candidate elected? Make sure she runs against a carnival barker that can’t help screw up his candidacy. Mission accomplished, wasn’t easy but soon we will have another tool in the WH answering to those she’s beholden to.

  • julie

    Trump does what is within the law for taxes. Trump wants to vet immigrants rather than letting them in with the possibility of terror group opportunities. Trump has more positives than Hillary on any day of the week. Hillary who has already proved for the past 30 years that she can only drag America further into the gutter via TPP/Globalism etc and NOT support our Constitution is everything I need to know NOT TO VOTE FOR HER. We know her story and all she is working with. TIME TO CLEAN HOUSE! Over 75% of the seats are up for re election. We need NEW Constitution believing Servants to represent us. NO to immigrants without vetting. No to TPP. NO to Planned Parenthood! No to gun control! NO TO HILLARY! DOUBLE NO TO KAINE!! Thanks for your reply wolfhead.

    • Angry Maude

      Do you even know what is in the Charters of Freedom?
      Here, let me link you to all three because the Constitution is only ONE document.

      • julie

        Her husband Bill sold us out, too and a RAPIST.

      • Angry Maude

        I love how “low information voters” like yourself believe the revisionist history of the Fiscally Conservative Compassionate Family Values Christian Closeted Republicans.
        You know who “sold” you out, sweetie. Here’s the vote breakdown on NAFTA:
        H R 3450 RECORDED VOTE 17-Nov-1993 10:36 PM
        QUESTION: On Passage

        AyesNoesPRESNVDemocratic102156 Republican13243 Independent 1 TOTALS234200
        You do see that is 132 Republicans who voted for the NAFTA and 156
        Democrats who did not. I have never understood why Republicans hate
        Bill Clinton, he pretty much was (and still is with his “condemnation” of Obamacare) a Republican “Cuckholder” on the economy
        and social issues which is right here:

        H R 3734 RECORDED VOTE 18-Jul-1996 4:32 PM
        QUESTION: On Passage
        BILL TITLE: Welfare and Medicaid Reform Act of 1996

        AyesNoesPRESNVRepublican2264 5Democratic30165 3Independent 1 TOTALS256170 8

        Oh and by all means keep calling him a rapist, though the only court he has ever been convicted in is that of misinformed public opinion.