4 Reasons Why Trump Firing His Campaign Manager is a Bigger Deal Than Most Realize

One of the biggest stories on Monday centered around Donald Trump firing his highly controversial campaign manager Corey Lewandowski. While any major politician firing a campaign manager in the midst of a presidential campaign is a pretty big deal, this move matters more than many people seem to realize.

1. After a disastrous two-week stretch for his campaign, Trump firing Lewandowski now is the supposed billionaire admitting his campaign is a dumpster fire right now: While Donald Trump seemingly never apologizes, let alone admits he’s wrong about anything, it’s undeniable that his campaign has been an absolute mess for the last few weeks. He’ll never admit it, but firing Lewandowski is clearly Trump using him as a scapegoat hoping it might help a campaign that’s kind of desperate right now. Not only have a few Republicans publicly stated that they aren’t going to support him, but he’s hitting the reality that he’s not going to be able to “self-fund” a general election campaign and big-money donors aren’t exactly rushing to throw money at a candidate many are starting to view as someone who’s self-destructing in front of our very eyes.

2. It serves as another example of how little Trump respects women: Think about it, Lewandowski was temporarily charged with simple battery after physically pulling a former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields away from Trump a couple of months back, but nothing was done about his inappropriate behavior. In fact, Trump feverishly defended his campaign manager over the incident. While the charges were dropped, the video clearly showed that Lewandowski’s behavior toward Fields crossed a line for a campaign manager to do to a member of the press covering a presidential candidate – and there wasn’t a moment during that whole fiasco where Trump even seemed to be leaning toward getting rid of him.

Yet, because Trump desperately needs to appear as if he’s not the one who’s been making all these horrible campaign decisions as of late (even though he has been), to try to save his own backside, he used Lewandowski as a scapegoat.

In other words, when Trump wants to try to make himself look good, he’ll gladly throw someone like Lewandowski under the bus. However, when that same person inappropriately placed his hands on a woman, that wasn’t enough for Trump to get rid of the scumbag. It’s just another example where Trump has show how little respect he actually has for women.

3. Donald Trump is, once again, blatantly treating his supporters like mindless sheep: Trump knows damn well his followers are ignorant enough to support him practically no matter what he does. In fact, he’s admitted it — twice. But with this move he’s sort of doing it again by implying that Lewandowski really had a lot of influence over his campaign. Are there people who really don’t think Trump is the one running his campaign? This is Trump trying to act as if a lot of the stuff he’s been responsible for was Lewandowski’s fault and firing him is his way to put the blame on someone who, while still a pathetic individual, had little to do with the idiotic things Trump has said and done over the last few months.

Anyone out there who really thinks getting rid of Lewandowski is going to change Trump is incredibly naive. But that’s exactly what Trump is trying to sell to the voters. That means, once again, he’s trying to treat people like they’re mindless idiots who’ll believe anything.

4. It makes Donald Trump look weak: We all know Trump rarely apologizes and almost never says he was wrong about anything. That’s part of his “shtick.” As a con man professional salesman, looking “strong” and “confident” are part of how he has so many supporters who believe he’s a “man’s man who tells it like it is” — even though the truth is he’s an insecure, thin-skinned egomaniac. He sells himself well to these people, so he almost never admits to any faults because he never wants to appear weak.

Well, firing Lewandowski in the midst of a terrible stretch for his campaign is a huge sign of weakness. As I said earlier, this campaign has been almost entirely run by Donald J. Trump. This was a “panic” move by the New York billionaire and was essentially a public admission by him that even he realizes his campaign is in a lot of trouble right now.

Monday’s news wasn’t exactly “shocking,” but it was rather unexpected. It’s not going to change anything because Corey Lewandowski was not really a typical “campaign manager.” He was nothing more than one of Donald Trump’s higher-ranked lackeys to which he gave a title.

But at the end of the day, Donald Trump has been – and will continue to be – his own campaign manager.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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