4 Ways Trump Has Already Brought Us Closer to WWIII Than We’ve Been in a Half Century

Make no mistake about it, in less than a month since winning the 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump has already brought us closer to WWIII than we’ve been in half a century.

Am I saying WWIII is imminent? Of course not. But when someone who’s not even officially president yet is already doing completely incompetent things that could very well be the first steps toward a cataclysmic war, I don’t feel it’s wrong to say he’s already moved us closer to such an unimaginable event.

1. Russia got the president it wanted: The reason why Vladimir Putin wanted Trump as president is because he knows that our next president is the exact sort of insecure egomaniac that the Russian dictator can easily manipulate. Putin wants to rebuild the Soviet Union and he sees Trump as the type of president who’s the perfect puppet to help him make that happen. All Putin has to do is pretend to “play nice” with Trump hoping that he’ll lift sanctions that are crippling Russia’s economy, then that’ll give Putin not only unprecedented popularity within his country (which will allow him to be more ruthless than ever), but the financial ability to make Russia’s military stronger and more powerful than it’s been in decades. By the time we get rid of Trump, it’ll likely be too late.

Russia is already dangerous enough as it is. If Trump’s incompetence allows Putin to have the economic resources to help the sociopathic dictator strengthen the Russian military to levels not seen since the most terrifying days of the Cold War, the entire world’s in a lot of trouble.

2. His phone call to Pakistan could very well weaken our relationship with India: Most people really aren’t aware of how volatile the relationship between nuclear armed India and Pakistan is. These are two nations that generally don’t get along very well and could very well end life as we know it if they were to ever go to nuclear war with one another. Our president’s dealings with both nations must always be carefully planned out to avoid unnecessary conflict.

Meanwhile, Trump apparently made a phone call where he heaped ridiculously over-the-top praise on the leader of Pakistan like an absolute buffoon.

The last thing this country needs — especially right now — is to cause even more tension between Pakistan and India because our next president is absolutely unfit for the job for which he’s about to be sworn in.

3. His other phone call to the president of Taiwan: If possibly helping Putin rebuild the Soviet Union and potentially increasing tension between two nuclear-armed rivals wasn’t enough, apparently Trump felt the need to break a 40 year precedent of U.S. presidents not calling the leader of Taiwan to “show the Chinese” he’s not a pushover — or something.

Because, obviously, the best thing for the U.S. (and the world, for that matter) is to have a president who’s not only probably going to play right into Vladimir Putin’s hands, and might have potentially created even more tension between two nations with nuclear weapons — but then seemed to go out of his way to purposely tick off another nuclear power for no other reason than to stroke his own ego or potentially setup better conditions for his company to build luxury hotels in Taiwan.

He then went on a Twitter rant against China, because that’s what respected world leaders do.

Just to make sure everyone knows the score: The four nations I’ve discussed so far (Russia, China, Pakistan, India), they all have nuclear weapons.

I wanted to make sure to emphasize that Trump’s incompetence centers around nations that all have the nuclear arsenal to more or less end life as we know it.

4. Just by winning: The day Donald Trump won, that was the day the United States elected a man who promised to tear up a nuclear deal with Iran (a move that could have severe ramifications in the Middle East); is someone who’s literally being used in ISIS recruitment videos; frequently attacked our NATO allies during his campaign; advocated for torturing terrorists and killing their families; routinely said he’s in favor of committing blatant war crimes; often vilified one of our key allies in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia; and someone who once said more nations should have nuclear weapons.

In other words, someone who may instantly tick off one of the most powerful nations in the Middle East, who’s also literally a recruitment tool for terrorism, who’s also managed to alienate some of our closest allies… while advocating for more countries to become nuclear armed.

To summarize, in less than a month since being elected, Donald Trump is someone who’s:

  • The exact puppet a nuclear-armed Russian dictator wanted leading this country.
  • May have already laid the foundation for increased tension between nuclear powers India and Pakistan.
  • Went out of his way to provoke nuclear-armed China.
  • The exact man all of our enemies wanted to win this election.

Again, this is all stuff he’s done and he’s not even officially the president yet. The “countdown clock” to his four years in office (and hopefully only four years), hasn’t even begun.

If that doesn’t make you feel all “warm and fuzzy” on the inside, well, you’re not alone. So there’s that.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Brian

    Why is Russian cooperation such a horrible thing to you? Oh because Russia hates the gays. Hillary Clinton wanted to go to war with Russia over unsubstantiated claims that they hacked the DNC and wounded her ego. We averted WWIII with Trump. You’re absolutely delusional if you think bending over to China like Obama did is an intelligent strategy.

    • Wayne Bassett

      Russia has invaded sovereign countries (Georgia and Ukraine). Shown threatening postures towards NATO allies. China has committed and is still committing human rights violations, which Obama has pointed out to the President of China on several occasions, but to go at China like a bull in a China shop ( is there a pun there, I don’t know, you decide) a nuclear power and a key trading partners to the west would be silly to say the least

    • William Hinely

      Why you ask?? Hmm, That is a good question… let me think… 1. Killing of the free press in Russia.. 2.Invasion of a neighboring sovereign state, 3.Bombing of marked UN convoy’s delivering food and medicine in Syria.. 4.Bombing of civilians and hospitals in Syria.. 5.Shooting down of a civilian Egyptian airliner.. 6.Hacking of the DNC and the distribution to wiki leaks?? That’s just the stuff we know about.. Read a book Brian, assuming you can read, and didn’t need someone else to read the article for you.. BTW, How is convincing the biggest industrial nation on earth to take measures against climate change “bending over” as you put it?? You sound as smart as Trump.. Yes Brian. In case you need it explained.. That’s an insult..

      • lori_keet

        We have a long history with Russia. Read some history about the relationship between the USA and Russia.

      • vera

        Killing off the free press in Russia? Um… why then is the european parliament passing a resolution trying to squelch all those people who watch RT? Why is the American mainstream press in hysterics over “Russian propaganda”? Cuz they are losing their audience, losing control of the narrative. Oh, maybe because “we the deplorables” can’t tell who’s lying? Riiight…. The free press used to be dead in the Soviet Union… that’s why nobody around the world wanted to watch it, silly. Free news is fun to watch. That’s why alternative press is winning.

        Wake up, folks. The plebeian news (aka “fake news”), aided by the Russians who get a kick out of reporting on the crap and lies in the west, is what did the mainstream in.

        The war monger was Hillary — the same Hillary who devastated Libya. Same Hillary who killed Qaddafi and cackled about it like a psychopath. Same folks who brought us ISIS. If it hadn’t been for Russia, ISIS would have all of Syria now. Aleppo is about to be freed. Finally!

      • William Hinely

        You were saying? Aleppo is about to be freed??? Wonder if anyone will be left alive in Aleppo to enjoy that freedom.. And what “did” in the mainstream media, was you.. Yes!! you Vera. And those like you who circulate every fake news story and change your mind on what should be done constantly. You condemn the people who you claim made a Vacuum leading to Isis.. (Even though that was actually the Bush administration who signed the agreement to remove all our troops while having a “mission accomplished” press rally on board a carrier.) Now your blaming Hillary for fighting a dictator to free people in Lybia, While screaming for the freedom of the Syrians. (Good News!!! Russia will help fill the void there!) But with all your bitching I see no mention of the GOP congress who failed to fund embassy defense, or their failure to give Obama approval to engage in Syria. No objectives, Nothing!! Yet you keep voting GOP??? You are willfully ignorant madam.. And your post proves that to everyone. If Obama had intervened in Syria you would be calling him a war monger like you are Hillary. For God’s sake read something that isn’t from Brietbart or Fox News. BTW the mainstream media is not losing it over russian propaganda. Because that is not what happened here. They swayed the vote enough for Trump to lose the popular vote by 2.5 million while winning the electoral college? That’s a gift you seem to have for minimizing the actual act of swaying our electorate by one sided hacking and releasing of e-mails by a foreign axis power. Your post could have been made by Trump himself. It seems about as factual. But I forgot.. Facts don’t matter for Trump voters.. He was telling proven lies the whole campaign. He even denied saying what he was filmed saying!!! You embrace a “proven” liar while screaming about ethical reporting by the very press he attacks for calling him out on his lies??? Really??? Care to explain that to anyone Vera?? If I changed my mind constantly I would make my profile private too.. Just to keep people from seeing how full of sh^$ I was… I got multiple upvotes on my post.. How about you???

      • vera

        Oh so you got two upvotes on a forum that is, shall we say, not exactly hopping, and about 95% of the people who come here are progressives with an axe to grind. Haha, what an accomplishment.

        Yes, Aleppo is about to be freed, and Aleppans are celebrating. Check it out the youtube, it’s wonderful to see. Of course, the fake news people, the ones shrieking Putin stole the election, are also the ones spreading rumors that in east Aleppo, the forces finally liberating it are spreading terror. Riiight. Terror was spread by the terrorist thugs who occupied east Aleppo for years and brought it to ruin. The same people Obama has been championing as “moderate terrorists.” How gullible are you, really?

        Congress failed to give O approval to move into Syria? They have more sense than I was giving them credit for. It would have been a hostile occupation, and we did sooooo well with that in other parts! Enough pointless wars that destabilize the world!

        Please use paragraphs for your rants, if you want me to read them in the future. And no, I don’t “embrace” anyone. I just voted against the creepy hopey changey Obama legacy, and psychopathic Clinton.

      • William Hinely

        Do you even remember what our country looked like after the Bush legacy???? 9/11 War in Iraq, Housing Crisis, stock market crash?? Any of these ring a bell with you???

        The only thing creepy about the Obama legacy was that he wasn’t white. You people would be comparing him to Reagan if he wasn’t black…

        Let me enlighten you.. The people of Syria have a choice between two terrorists, Assad and ISIS.. They are both terrorists madam. When you drop barrel bombs on your citizens with chemical agents you are not targeting the bad guys.. That is just mass murder.. Women, Children and all. And the rebels have no air force, So who bombed the marked, announced, UN convoy taking food and medicine in??? Hmm, Could it be, Russia????

        For someone who doesn’t embrace this Cheeto faced baffoon, You sure spend a lot of time defending him and Russia…

        Finally,, All politicians lie.. just a fact.. Some lie more than others. So please explain how Clinton was less trustworthy than Trump?? Why do you claim she is a Phsycopath??(your words not mine..) Can you name a single statement by Trump that has been proven True?? So you back him why exactly???

        He attacked Hillary because she took donations from Goldman Sachs, So did he. Followed by appointing three people from them to his cabinet.. That sure looks like pay to play to me…

      • vera

        I remember. Bush sucked. I did not vote for him. So did Obama, and I did. Ugh. Did you rejoice when he gave away the store to the banksters, just like Dubya?!

        Yeah, Assad sucks too. But he is their elected president, and they voted for him. Do you think it’s our business to barge in and topple him, just like we did with so many others, just to make things worse for people out there? Like Libya. If you don’t believe that Clinton is a psychopath, please review the vid where she cackles about killing Qaddafi. Then you may reflect on her blaming Benghazi for some hapless schmuck who made a video.

        I back him because he is not warmonger Clinton. Did not so much mind the Goldman Sacks donations, but did mind all the payola from the Saudis and other crazies. Didn’t you? And why the heck are we arming them, and sending billions to the loonies of Iran? Hm?

      • William Hinely

        Madam, I did applaud him for keeping enough of a pulse in the banking system to not get our economy even worse.. I did not, nor did he realize that the GOP would obstruct everything he has proposed on everything. He bent over backwards trying to negotiate something.. The blame for the regulations not sticking goes with the GOP Congress who deregulated them, blocked everything, and are now proposing more deregulation.
        I laughed over the death of Hitler. It does not mean I hated the Germans. I laughed over the killing of Bin Laden, I didn’t hate all Afghans. And I laughed over the killing of Qaddafi. But don’t hate all Libyans. That is because they were fascist evil dictators or terrorists. Libya is what happens when someone like Trump has unlimited power and no pushback. Even the whole put the kids in office thing.. Trump has hotels in Saudi Arabia.. and the money to Iran?? was already theirs.. we confiscated it back in 79 I think it was, and the return of it was part of the nuclear agreement.
        Think that covers all your questions to the best of my ability. Sorry for the lack of proper paragraph syntax..

      • vera

        “I did applaud him for keeping enough of a pulse in the banking system to not get our economy even worse..”

        Oh I know… Iceland, which actually took banks into receivership and jailed the banksters, is a basket case now. Nah, scratch that, they are doing well, and have retained credibility with their people. Sheesh. You just lost credibility with me.

        And if you haven’t noticed that ISIS *is* already striking here, then I can’t help you.

        Tell me, what did you think of O’s babble about Islam being a religion of peace? Or did you believe that one too?

      • William Hinely

        Once again you are mad because he isn’t king?? He can’t arrest someone for being slimy.. just for breaking written law.. So blame congress for not permitting harsh laws and manditory sentencing.. THEY write the law.. So your misplacing blame again.. I’m the third person you claim lost credibility with you.. Do you really think I care?? You madam, (I tried being polite) are a damn fool. and honestly I have neither the time nor the crayons to try to explain this to you.. Happy Trolling..

      • vera

        I am touched you’ve followed my tracks so faithfully. Have you thought of getting a life? 😀

      • William Hinely

        I’m not the Trump supporter trolling the forward progressive webpage lady.. You are.. Take your meds… LOL

      • vera

        It’s part of my volunteer efforts. Without me, this would be just a pointless echo chamber. But good to see you’ve kept your sense of humor while working so hard to feed us trolls. (chomp chomp mmmmmm….)

      • William Hinely

        Well thanks for fixing the chance of anyone here doubting you.. Whoever you are.. You really are deplorable!!!! Don’t forget to take those meds!!…

      • William Hinely

        Also I like the rival nations to think we are ready and willing for war.. Otherwise some group like ISIS takes over a country, then uses it for base ops to strike us here..

    • Stella Thomas

      Because Russia hates the gays? Dumbass. You better get a grip on some actual history and stop receiving your “news” from Macedonia.

    • Stella Thomas

      I bet you think Alex Jones is telling you some kind of “secret” reality. You better pull your head out of your ass and get some fresh air.

    • David Turner

      Trump is the President and no amount of whining is going to change that. The Democrats should have fronted a better candidate and taken the rural vote, RTL vote, Second Amendment folks and all the rest of the disenfranchised more seriously. Hillary called Trump supporters “deplorable s” during the election. Where did she think that would lead? Liberals are living in a bubble much like the bubble that the Groupers live in. That being said no one broke into the RNC’s computer system. I know that the DNC doesn’t seem to be able to thwart hackers or secure their computer system. I also know that Hillary had a problem with missing e-mails just like Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rove and Libby. They had over three million missing.Most of them were on the war in Iraq and on the Florida debacle. But, at the same time I have a problem with a president that thinks that he is “smarter than the generals’; knows more about ISL than the CIA. Trump is not that stupid he knows about the Russians in Afghanistan in the 1980’s and the lack of relevant intelligence supplied by the CIA about the built up of the Taliban and it’s morphing into Bin Laden.

      America’s intelligence agencies have assessed with “high confidence” that Russian hackers broke into the DNC computer system. These are the same people that we were supposed to trust with social security, intelligence, and international affairs. One of the teams was identified as called “Cozy Bear” and linked to the F.S.B. The F.S.B. was the K.G.B. Vald Putin was the former head of the KGB. Another Russian group of hackers is called “Fancy Bear”. Fancy Bear is linked to Russian Military Intelligence. On Wednesday July 26, Donald Trump while campaigning invited the Russians to break into the DNC. The hacks appeared some two weeks later. Someone claiming to be Romanian and named Guccifer 2.0 took credit for the hack. This was documented by “TheatConnect” a private security firm who wrote a well-documented and meticulous report on the matter. Guccifer 2.0 released the e-mails to Wiki Leaks. Jillian Assange has a long standing hatred for the Democrats and for Hillary Clinton. ThreatConnect concluded that Guccifer 2.0 was a Russian propagandist. This as all detailed to Donald Trump during meetings that he held prior to the election with the CIA and the FBI. Once they started down that path; Trump stopped attending the meetings. In addition to that the Russians have already said that there were daily meetings with Trump’s team throughout the election.

      • vera

        “Russians have already said that there were daily meetings with Trump’s team throughout the election”

        No, they didn’t.

        They said: “Later, the Foreign Ministry in Moscow said Ryabkov had been referring to U.S. politicians and supporters of Trump, not members of his campaign staff.”

      • David Turner

        Yes they did. Russia Says It Was in Touch With the Trump Campaign During the Election

        by Reuters NOVEMBER 10, 2016, 10:04 AM EST
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        “There were contacts.”
        The Russian government was in touch with members of President-elect Donald Trump’s campaign staff during the U.S. election campaign, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov told the Interfax news agency on Thursday.

        “There were contacts,” Interfax cited Ryabkov as saying. He did not give details.

        When asked whether these contacts would now intensify after Trump’s election victory, Ryabkov said: “These working moments and follow-up on this or that matter will depend on the situation and the questions which face us. But we will of course continue this work after the elections.”

        Defeated Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton accused Trump of being a “puppet” of President Vladimir Putin during the campaign, and U.S. officials said Russia had hacked into Democratic party emails, something Moscow denied.

        Trump has said he might meet Putin before his inauguration, but Putin’s spokesman has said there are currently no plans for such a meeting.

        The Russian parliament erupted in applause on Wednesday when it heard that Trump had been elected and Putin told foreign ambassadors he was ready to fully restore ties with Washington.

        Ryabkov was more circumspect in his interview, saying the Russian Foreign Ministry felt no euphoria about the Republican’s win even though it wanted to normalize relations with Washington.

        Ryabkov said Trump’s allies had made some tough statements about Russia during the campaign and that his ministry was therefore not harboring any rose-tinted hopes.

        “We are not expecting anything in particular from the new U.S. administration,” Interfax cited Ryabkov as saying.
        Photographs by Getty Images



        CIA Concludes Russia Interfered with U.S. Election to Help Trump
        Why Trump Is Tweeting About ‘Celebrity Apprentice,’ Not Russia
        Why Donald Trump’s ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Gig Raises Conflict of Interest Questions
        Sponsored Stories

      • vera

        “Later, the Foreign Ministry in Moscow said Mr. Ryabkov had been referring to American politicians and supporters of Mr. Trump, not members of his campaign staff. The contacts were carried out through the Russian ambassador in Washington, who reached out to the senators and other political allies to get a better sense of Mr. Trump’s positions on various issues involving Russia.”


        More to the point is the whole hysterical campaign against fake news. As though the MSM were not the main purveyors of spin.

      • David Turner

        Most of the “fake news” comes from MSNBC, Fox and Brietbart News. I go on Spokes and other sites and actually research the stories. Trump didn’t contact any of the Russians but it all started back in the 1990’s when he tried to get a hotel built in Russia. Here are my other sites:

        http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news /article-4019392/CIA-concludes-Russia-DID-intervene-elections-goal-helping-Trump-win.html
        https://www.washingtonpost.com/world /moscow-had-contacts-with-trump-team-during-campaign-russian-diplomat-says/2016/11/10/28fb82fa-a73d
        http://www.nytimes.com /2016/11/11/world/europe/trump-campaign-russia.html?_r=0

      • vera

        Oh please. You just lost credibility with me. The NYT actually apologized, sorta, and promised to do better, because they have been such an embarrassment. And WaPo is right there along with them. Anyone in their right mind, watching this election unfold, knows which way the wind blows these days. And they are still at it, trying to sabotage America.

        I have been watching the news closely since the weirdness in Ukraine in 2014, and sifting the manure from the real stuff. The barrage of propaganda from the white house and their minions in the last two years have probably surpassed the old commies who were just dull and predictable. Whereas the western lying media have jumped the shark into near constant anti-Russian hysteria.

        Getting one’s info at least partially from the ground up, and from Europe and other places as well as the States seems to me to be the way to go, would you agree?

      • David Turner

        Absolutely the press has no credibility including the New York Times. My wife subscribes to it and I do read it. Remember, the press predicted that Hillary would sweep the elections and win. If you look at the state of the world affairs from the point-of- view of the Russians; the view becomes particularly perplexing. They lost with Najibullah their puppet in Afghanistan.The Mujaheddin dragged Najibullah through the streets after castrating him. They also lost over 50,000 Mother Russia Troops. Putin was there during that time and we ultimately won without troops simply supplying the Mujaheddin with captured Russian Tanks and stingers. Or did we? No I don’t believe the news.

      • vera

        That would have been the Soviet Union’s, not mother Russia’s troops…

        But I agree with you, that the debacle in Afghanistan was one of the prime movers in downing the USSR. Isn’t it something, that after the American debacle in Vietnam after the French slunk off, we eagerly replicated that after the Soviets slunk off from Afghanistan. Mindboggling. Why do you figure America went in there? Opium? That could have been had without barging in with troops, no?

        Well, I used to live behind the Iron Curtain, and I don’t see Putin reconstituting the Soviet Union. He seems a very gifted strategist; why would he put his eggs in a moldy ol’ basket?

      • David Turner

        Not only do US troops guard poppy fields but we provided security to the Chinese Copper fields while in the Jalrez valley at the Aynak Copper fields. This was done indirectly in 2009 to strangle the Taliban’s hold in neighboring Logar province, where the Aynak deposit is.

      • David Turner

        And it does not matter because Hillary was probably in contact with them as well.

      • William Hinely

        Uh?? You really think that America’s intelligence agencies have anything to do with Social Security?? Really??? I blame the GOP controlled congress who keeps raiding the funds paid by taxpayers.”for social security”. While blocking legislation preventing them from robbing it.. The fact is Hillary won the popular vote by over 2.5 million. The ONLY reason for the electoral college is to prevent a demagoge nut from winning the election in a popular vote.. Read the papers that Alexander Hamilton wrote.. That is their only reason for existence. If they fail at their only job? Then the electoral college should be dissolved..

      • David Turner

        At no point did I ever say anything on this blog about social security. It is toast if Paul Ryan has anything to say about. I look for most worker safety initiatives, a free public school education and more gerrymandering. The founders set the Electoral College up to enable state’s rights and to stop dictators. They wanted a quick transition of government and didn’t have electronics and the computer to communicate. You do know that they were wrong about some things right?

  • lori_keet

    Thank you for following what Trump is up to! This article was very informative and I appreciate having all this information in one place. I imagine it was a lot of work, but I sincerely hope that you will continue with these monthly reports, they would prove invaluable! Thank you so much!! Lori Enniss….
    Where can I sign up to receive more of your work?

    • Michelledwright

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  • Stella Thomas

    You know, this thing about people being too dumb to separate truth from lies is really shocking. Lazy thinkers driven by talk radio and faux seem to enjoy being fed smart ass bullshit so they can feel smart too. I am really starting to wonder what true evil drives faux and limbaugh and jones. It has nothing to do with being conservative.

  • Stella Thomas

    Sorry but on a roll here; I happen to have read a lot of stuff and seen a lot of info wars etc bcz of my concern about the economy. I think we have reason to protect ourselves financially, so some of it I felt was worth hearing. But they all seem to go crazy bananas on politics and nut job Hillary hating that it really is shocking! I just don’t understand how they can dream up this shit. It is absolutely tin foil hat time, but they really have very deeply developed structures around all that. They do it all day everyday.

  • Carolyn Webb

    If we have a Third World War maybe TRUMP will finish up the way Mussolini and his brown shirted thugs did and have his life end exactly the same way.