The 5 Conservative Supreme Court Justices are Nothing More Than Puppets for the Rich and Powerful

supreme-court-corporate-interestsBy now most of you have probably heard about yesterday’s Supreme Court decision striking down the limit on the amount of money wealthy donors can contribute to candidates and political committees.  This follows the Citizens United ruling a few years ago which essentially said “corporations are people.”

Seeing this trend of the conservative judges on the Supreme Court favoring the side of the rich and powerful to have no barriers for their desires to essentially buy our government is extremely alarming.

If this country ever does collapse, it’s going to be because we allowed a system to be created that favored the rich and powerful over everybody else.  And that’s what these Supreme Court rulings that are basically stripping away any law that limits the rich and powerful from literally buying our government are doing.  Even with these laws the rich and powerful have an inordinate amount of power.  These rulings are only going to make that problem much worse.

And this shouldn’t be a “liberal issue” or “conservative issue.”  No matter which side you’re on, more money in politics should be the last thing any average American wants.

Even with some of these laws that have prevented unlimited donations and influence by the most powerful among us, they’ve still managed to essentially buy our government.  How much worse is that going to get with even fewer restrictions over how much they can give?

If you want to see this country collapse, then by all means keep supporting these rulings that strip away all limitations on the rich and big business to contribute to political campaigns.  Because that’s what will eventually happen.

In 2012, following the Citizens United ruling, we saw more money in politics than at any other time in our history.  This recent ruling is only going to make that worse.  And I promise you, it won’t be the last time these conservative judges in the Supreme Court sell out the country for the interests of the most rich and powerful among us.

Getting money out of politics should be a goal of voters on both sides.  Liberals and conservatives alike can complain all they want about the inefficiencies and corruption of government, but at the root of all of that inefficiency and corruption is money.

And anyone who supports policies which allow more money into our political system is insane.  Our goal as a nation, both liberals and conservatives, should be to get money out of politics – not allow more money in.

But as long as these conservative Supreme Court justices continue selling out the United States for the interests of the rich and powerful, we’re going to continue to see the floodgates of corrupt money rushing right into the campaigns of every politician in this country.

Which is a reality that should terrify every American, no matter which political party they align with.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Veritas vos Liberabit

    With the possibility of several Conservative Justices retiring before Obama’s second term, this decision may had been influenced by the possibility(although remote in my opinion) of Conservatives winning the White House in 2016. By giving the “personhood” of Corporations the power to buy Federal elections, it seems more likely that Conservatism will make the 2016 Presidential race a close one. This could bring another controversy when counting the electoral votes the same way it did for Bush’s first term. Obama cannot run another term, so by delaying the count of electoral votes and make it so close to Obama’s expiration term, the only choice is to stop counting at that particular time. And if the Conservatives are ahead on the electoral votes, the Supreme Court will render their decision in their favor, as they did with Bush. Justices Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas and Anthony Kennedy are the three Conservative Justices contemplating retirement and Ruth Bader Ginsburg being the Liberal Justice to soon retire. Supreme Court Justices are appointed by the sitting President, as we all know. So by these Conservative Justices delaying their retirement, they’re giving leverage to the Conservative/Republican Party when making decisions, such as this decision to not allow contribution limits to Corporations.

    • surfjac

      I couldn’t agree more with your first sentence. The right can’t win on policy so the court changes the rules. Activist judges should be made to retire. The five conservative judges should admit they’re just puppets for the wealthy.
      Free speech, my ass and if my grandma had wheels she’d be a wagon.

  • thesquire1

    Just remember that ‘The American Dream’ is a ‘Nightmare’ for the Majority !

  • Irritated

    I hate all the ads on this page – especially in the middle of the article! Talk about money grubbing!

    • surfjac

      Donate lots of money to the site and they’ll take them down.

  • John

    “In 2012, following the Citizens United ruling, we saw more money in politics than at any other time in our history.”

    And Romney still lost. What does that say about money in politics?

    • Tynam

      That your politics is not-yet-quite-100%-corrupt is not cause for celebration; the game is still 90% rigged. Would the democrats ever have drifted as far right as they are now if they didn’t have the GOP propaganda warchest to worry about?

      (Note that Obama has not exactly been, and never was, a champion of reform. He represents venal-US-politics-as-usual. It’s just compared to his predecessor and opponents that he looks good – which is a VERY low bar to clear.)

  • Dan Mackey

    Just when you think US government has hit rock bottom. they step up and find a new low. Total are there any Congressmen willing to turn this around and impeach these traitors?

  • Gabriel Gentile

    Fine, but I don’t want to hear any more complaints about George Soros.

  • CJSeymour

    It comes down to Elitism vs. Egalitarianism.