5 of the Dumbest Things Donald Trump Said About the Paris Climate Agreement

While Donald Trump’s decision to pull the United States out of the Paris climate accord shouldn’t have been a surprise to anyone who knows the type of bottom-feeder he is, I’m fairly certain most people who disagreed with his decision know it wasn’t made based upon an in-depth and vast understanding of scientific data related to climate change. After all, this is the same guy who claimed that climate change was a hoax created by the Chinese to hurt the U.S. economy.

Nevertheless, on Thursday, Trump made it official that, unlike nearly every other nation on Earth, the United States will no longer be an active participant in a global pact to save our planet and, in turn, the entire human race.

This, of course, required Trump to make some sort of a public statement outlining why he made this decision. Well, his statement further proved how utterly clueless he is. Not only am I absolutely certain he has no idea what the pact actually does, but he clearly doesn’t know a damn thing about climate change.

So here are five of the dumbest things Trump said when addressing his decision to pull the United States out of the Paris climate accord:

1. “At what point does America get demeaned? At what point do they start laughing at us as a country?”

Pretty much the moment he “won” last year’s election — and they aren’t going to stop laughing at us until long after he’s finally out of office.

As I’ve said many… many times before, you really can’t make a lot of this stuff up.

2. “We want fair treatment. We don’t want other countries and other leaders to laugh at us anymore.”

Just a thought — but maybe when the “President” of the United States stops whining about things always being “unfair” like a petulant, spoiled child who was just grounded by their parents,¬†then they’ll stop making fun of us.

Oh, who am I kidding? Donald Trump is the punchline to the joke the rest of the world’s leaders are using to laugh at us. Even after someone finally replaces him in the White House, people from all over the world are always going to laugh at the fact that this country “elected” a pathological-lying con man like him “president.”

3. “I was elected by the citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris.”

Actually, Hillary Clinton received 3 million more votes than him. Technically, he was “elected” by the electoral college — not the American people. Also, Clinton overwhelmingly won the city of Pittsburgh’s vote, and the city’s Democratic mayor, Bill Peduto, has promised to sign an executive order that will effectively ensure that the city abides by the guidelines set forth in the Paris agreement. So, no, Trump wasn’t “elected” by the citizens of Pittsburgh. They chose the woman who received 3 million more votes than he did. Furthermore, the main reason why this agreement got its name is because it was negotiated at the 21st Conference of the Parties of the UNFCCC in Paris, not because it has anything, specifically, to do with the people living there.

In other words, this line doesn’t make any sense for a whole host of reasons.

4. “We’re getting out. And we will start to renegotiate and we’ll see if there’s a better deal. If we can, great. If we can’t, that’s fine.”

This is how simple-minded and ignorant Trump is. He really thinks anything and everything is some sort of business negotiation. As if all of these other nations are going to completely rip up this agreement because a moron who said climate change was a hoax created by the Chinese is too incompetent to understand how this pact works — or climate change, in general.

5. “As someone who cares deeply about our environment, I cannot in good conscience support a deal which punishes the United States. The Paris accord is very unfair at the highest level to the United States.”

As with so many other things he does, if he can’t specifically explain why he opposes something, like the infant that he is, he calls it “unfair.” Also, pretty much any time he says his decision¬†is about putting “America first,” that’s nothing more than him using a talking point he knows his supporters are gullible enough to sheepishly cheer even if what he’s saying doesn’t make a damn bit of sense.

Then the fact this conman, after all the anti-environmental policies he supports and has signed via executive order, had the nerve to claim he “cares deeply about our environment” is an absolute joke. It’s nauseating to think about the fact that there are millions of people who are actually stupid enough to believe anything Trump says.

It’s a sad day in this country when individuals like Pope Francis and governments like China believe in – and care more about – climate change than the “President” of the United States and the Republican Party.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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