Here are 5 Facts About Donald Trump and His Campaign the Media Really Needs to Address

Despite what conservatives think about most of the mainstream media, there are still a lot of truths and facts about Donald Trump (and Republicans in general) that you’ll rarely (if ever) hear said on the major news networks.

But considering how dangerous the possibility of a Trump presidency is, I think it’s time we embrace the fact that calling him out on his mountain of bullshit isn’t “being partisan” or “biased against Trump” — it’s called telling the truth.

So, in the spirit of the truth needing to be put out there, I thought I’d run through five things I really think the media needs to start telling Americans about Donald Trump.

1. Donald Trump isn’t running a presidential campaign, he’s running a live-action version of a right-wing conspiracy blog: From his outrageous lies concerning 9/11 to his absurd rhetoric about the election being rigged, Trump isn’t running a presidential campaign as much as he’s performing a live-action version of a right-wing conspiracy blog. Donald Trump hasn’t based his campaign on rational, or even realistic, policies. From the day he launched his campaign, all Trump has done is pander to the sort of fringe, conspiracy-driven lunacy you often seen dominate your average right-wing websites and blogs.

2. For the first time in many decades, white supremacy groups are politically active for a major political party because of Trump: Do I think Trump is some KKK-loving, David Duke-style white supremacist? No. Do I think he’s bigoted and racist? Absolutely. I also believe that Trump is well aware of the fact that his rhetoric is directly appealing to white supremacists and he’s counting on their support to help him try to win this November. For decades the GOP has subtly embraced white supremacy, though they always kept it at “arm’s length.” However, Trump has re-energized white supremacists all over this country and empowered them to be more publicly active than they have in decades. While the tea party made racism more acceptable within mainstream society, Trump has made being openly racist popular among many Republicans.

3. He is a pathological liar unlike anything we’ve seen in modern American politics: As I’ve said plenty of times before, all politicians lie — but Donald Trump takes lying to a whole other level. We’re not talking about someone who twists facts, cherry picks data or takes statements out of context. That’s what normal politicians do when they lie. What Trump does is he simply makes things up. He operates in a political “reality” (though I use the term “reality” very… very loosely) where he’s not bound by any set of rules about what he says. I have never seen someone lie so brazenly and frequently as he does. But because he knows his supporters are mindless sheep who’ll believe anything he says — while doubting anyone who debunks his propaganda — he can get away with all these lies because the only “truth” most of his supporters believe is whatever comes out of his mouth.

4. Donald Trump does not want to be president: This was confirmed in a story that came out a few weeks ago where his campaign allegedly told Gov. John Kasich that if he accepted his offer to be his running mate, he would be the most powerful VP in history. Why? Because Trump wants to let his VP do everything. The truth is, Trump is running for president to prove to his ego that he can win the presidency — but he doesn’t actually want to do the job. Sure, Donald Trump absolutely wants to be called “President Donald Trump” and enjoy all the perks that come with being the most powerful leader in the world. For someone who’s as arrogant as he is, being president is the ultimate prize. But there’s a huge difference between becoming president and doing the duties required of the president. What Trump wants is to be called president, make everyone else do all the work, and soak up all the praise. Don’t kid yourself, he will fully throw any member of his staff under the bus if he faced any criticism for something that was said or done. He wants to set up a situation where he could take all the credit for anything good, while blaming his staff for any of the bad. You know, like a true egomaniac.

5. He is woefully and completely unfit and unqualified to be president: I told someone the other day that Trump’s so incompetent, I don’t worry about him purposely starting a war as much as I do about him accidentally starting one. Not only is he someone who doesn’t seem to have even a shred of self-awareness about the things he says and does, but he’s a legitimate moron when it comes to knowing how government, diplomacy or foreign relations work. When you combine ego, arrogance, a total lack of self-awareness and incompetence with the most powerful position in the world — that’s dangerous. This is why I’ve said that Trump might be the most dangerous presidential candidate we’ve ever seen.

There are plenty of other things I could have listed here, but these are five of the biggest facts about Donald Trump I think the media really needs to start discussing more. What was once a joke has become a serious presidential campaign largely because, for over a year, the mainstream media refused to properly call out and vet the truths about Donald Trump.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • jeane225

    Hillary, Hillary, Hillary! She isn’t the only bad person, Trump has her beat big time! He has had over 400 fraud suits brought against him but most are settled out of court because they are sm businesses that can’t afford court costs so Trump gives the a fraction of what he owes them, putting some of our small businesses out of business that were around for generations. Right now he is up on Fraud and Racketeering for scamming people out of $35,000 for his fraudulent University. Trumps buddies are con men. cheats, and the mob. He illegally got a mobster off when he was charged in a heroine case and was headed to jail for 20 years but Trump got the case moved to his sister’s court, of course she couldn’t sit on the case but she spoke w/the judge that was on the case and the mobster got off and moved into one of Trump Tower’s apartments for free. The shady things Trump has done make Hillary look mighty good. At least she has helped children, handicapped and women for decades, Trump only does things that benefit himself not even giving hardly anything to charity. Remember when he didn’t dare debate so he went to help raise money for the vets raising $6 million? They had to shame him into giving up $1 million, where is the other $5 million, I read he put it in his own bank account. He is the worse kind of cheat and the people he cheats is us! Does anyone thing he is going to suddenly turn around and start doing anything for anyone but himself? Trump is the worst kind of person I can imagine. Hillary isn’t half as bad. I was for Bernie and not happy w/Hillary but my vote goes to Hillary and against Trump and can only hope that there will be better options in 4 years!