5 of the Most Ridiculous Reasons Why People Say They Support Donald Trump

Despite the fact that I know the type of people who support Donald Trump, the “whys” behind their belief that he should be our next president are what baffle me the most. For someone to honestly believe that Trump is competent takes the sort of willful ignorance that only exists in those special few people who’ve decided facts, reason and reality no longer matter.

Throughout the past year, I’ve asked many of these folks why they support such a ridiculous candidate. Typically, the answers I get are fairly absurd.

So, I thought I would run down 5 of the most ridiculous reasons why people support Donald Trump.

1. He tells it like it is: This is, by far, the most popular response I get from people. They seem to mistake being crude and loud with being honest, ignoring the reality that Donald Trump is the most dishonest person to ever run for president. This is someone who doesn’t simply twist facts, he literally just makes things up.

2. He’ll put America first: Really? Then why are most of his various company’s products made in other countries? He didn’t have to outsource those jobs — he chose to because it benefitted his businesses. It’s amazing to me how someone who’s running on the pretense that he’s going to bring jobs back to this country is a business owner who’s outsourced jobs to exploit cheap labor, and the sheep who follow him don’t seem to understand how ridiculous that is.

3. He’s going to be tough on immigration, deport illegal immigrants and build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico that the Mexican government will pay for: For Trump to do most of what he’s saying he’s going to do requires a lot of cooperation from Congress which he’s never going to get. Not only would every Democrat in Congress oppose him, but so would many Republicans. Furthermore, as John Oliver brilliantly pointed out a couple of months ago, the logistics and costs of building his stupid wall aren’t even feasible. Even former Texas Governor Rick Perry has said that there’s no way he’ll be able to build his wall. And if anyone honestly thinks he’s going to find a way to make the Mexican government pay for it, you’re an absolute idiot.

4. He’s not an elitist like Hillary Clinton: Nothing says “I have no idea what I’m talking about” quite like claiming that a self-proclaimed billionaire white male who was raised by a wealthy family and has put his name on practically everything he’s owned is not an “elitist” — while a self-made woman who’s spent most of her life as a public servant and has overcome incredible obstacles as a female in a still very sexist society… is. If Donald J. Trump isn’t an elitist, then I don’t know who would actually qualify to carry that title.

5. He’s a tough guy/alpha male who won’t take crap from nobody: Actually, Donald Trump is one of the most thin-skinned, not-at-all alpha male presidential candidates I’ve ever seen. This is someone who’s so insecure he had to defend the size of his hands (and penis, by the way); routinely lashes out at practically anyone who criticizes him; has built a career off bullying people who speak out against him; and tries to overcompensate more (for what, I have no idea) than any human being I’ve ever witnessed. A true “tough guy/alpha male” would be confident enough to not let typical political criticism bother him — but not Trump. Instead, he throws temper tantrums on Twitter, refuses to participate in presidential debates and constantly whines to anyone who’ll listen to him whenever he feels he’s not getting his way. The truth is, Donald Trump is probably the weakest and most insecure person I’ve ever seen run for political office.

While there are plenty more I could cover here, I’ll stop for now.

Feel free to hit me up on Twitter or Facebook and tell me some of the most ridiculous reasons you’ve heard people give for why they’re supporting Donald Trump.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


Facebook comments

  • Lester Pinworthy

    Isn’t always the case when you read the comments when Trump is challenged on his BS that all the people supporting him revert to “Hillary did this” or “Hillary that”. So what! Where is the defense of Trumps words or actions?? There are none? So everything written here is true but HRC is worse? Great defense. Wake up! He lies as much or more then she does. So what is the true reason to support him other then HRC is a crook. This election is sickening. And the choice is who is worse. You aren’t voting for Trump. You are supporting Paul Ryan and the other true controllers of our government. He won’t do squat and they will set the stage. Looking directly into a TelePrompTer reciting there every word.

    • strayaway

      “He’s going to be tough on immigration, deport illegal immigrants and build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico that the Mexican government will pay for: For Trump to do most of what he’s saying he’s going to do requires a lot of cooperation from Congress which he’s never going to get. Not only would every Democrat in Congress oppose him, but so would many Republicans.”

      Let’s leave Hillary out of this to make you happy. My guess is that Trump will be tougher on illegal aliens. Who would argue with that? Trump has proposed various ways to make Mexico pay for his wall including taxing money being sent to Mexico and redirecting drug cartel money. Just enforcing already passed Congressional naturalization laws will allow Trump to do much of what he says he will do. Obama is in violation of his oath of office having not done so and in his issuance of unconstitutional executive naturalization legislation.

      • D Barnes

        If you bothered to check, you would have found that the Obama Administration has deported more illegals than the last 3 administrations.

      • strayaway

        If you had bothered to check, you would have found out that the Obama Administration changed the criteria for counting how many illegal aliens are returned to inflate the number. Also, the Obama administration tried to pass unconstitutional executive legislation to give millions of illegal aliens green cards to enable them to compete for a wider range of US workers’ jobs, has allowed illegal alien “dreamers” to remain, has Homeland Security providing free transportation for illegal alien children (average age 16) to their sometimes illegal alien relatives in the US no questions asked, and is letting in new classes of third world people as “refugees”. As a share of the population, immigrants (legal and illegal) comprise 13.1 percent of U.S. residents (about one out of every eight), THE HIGHEST PERCENTAGE IN 93 YEARS. As recently as 1980, 6.2 percent of the country was comprised of immigrants.

        No one supporting the present rate of immigration, legal and otherwise, can claim to be green. About 80% of our population growth is immigration based. That means building roads, rails, parks, parking lots, etc. and more intensively mining and farming to accommodate another 120M people in the next 50 years.

        Try to understand that although their are different motives for inundating the US with immigrants including cheap labor, increased consumption, and votes, a primary goal of the 1% is to create a multicultural population, with no clear sense of tradition or identity and therefore easily controlled by the ruling elite as are Obama and Hillary.

      • Tanis Propst

        How is it that bashing President Obama–who, by the way, isn’t running for President this year!–somehow makes Donald Duck look better!

      • strayaway

        I was responding to D. Barnes’s post. Maybe you should ask him why he brought up Obama. There is no need to “bash Obama” to make trump look better. Obama’s presidency makes almost any contender look better (e.g. $9.5T debt, bombing seven countries, renewal of the cold war, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, worsening racial relations, acceleration of the 1%’s take home, the reduction of almost everyone else’s standard of living, etc.).

      • Judithwbelisle4

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  • This all comes down to voting for the ‘lesser of two evils’…for a given value of ‘evil’.

  • Brian

    Trump supporrs the middle class, is a nationalist, and has actually worked in his life. Most whites and all middle class hispanics (the ones that aren’t illegal or anchor babies) agree with me.

    • Walking Man

      F’n A. (LOL).

    • 10isace2

      LMFAO!! You should take that comedy act on the road! LMFAO!!!