5 People Conservatives Need To Stop Paying Attention To

roflbot0327141In my most recent article “5 People Liberals Need To Stop Paying Attention To,” I listed 5 people who liberals really should stop being distracted by and pay attention to the real issues at hand. To be honest with you, I could have just added a few more media personalities, called it “10 People EVERYONE Should Stop Paying Attention To” and that would have covered both sides of the political aisle.

So for the sake of being fair, I’m writing this one for conservatives. Liberals, it wouldn’t hurt for you to read this as well.

5. Sarah Palin: Yes, I know Sarah was on the other list, but ignoring her as much as possible would be something conservatives should also take to heart. Why? Because Sarah doesn’t care about conservatism, Sarah cares about Sarah. I know you like to say that liberals are so fond of painting all conservatives as ignorant wingnuts, but when you allow someone like her airtime on Fox or a speaking slot at CPAC, you can’t blame us for that. If I were a Republican candidate, I would distance myself as much as possible from any endorsement or offer from her to go on the campaign trail with me. She’s not a politician, she’s a grifter and she will say or do anything to stay in the media spotlight in order to keep selling books.

4. Pat Robertson: Back in the 1980’s, Pat Robertson made an unsuccessful bid for president. At that time, my extremely religious mother went to one of his campaign rallies and was put off by the people who claimed that God wanted him to be the leader of the free world. Apparently God didn’t want Pat Robertson near a political office of any kind, and now he’s making a pretty decent living swindling religious zealots out of their money through donations to his 700 Club. I’m not sure how many of you guys take him seriously, but he’s not someone I’d want myself affiliated with.

3. Glenn Beck: His website advertises survivalist gear and not just your common sense stuff that you should have on hand if you live in an area prone to natural disasters. The whole “the world is going to end and Obama is the Antichrist so buy my products” thing is one of the sleazier, snake oil salesman aspects of media – especially on the fringes. Glenn Beck also continued to persuade his fans to buy gold from Goldline.com even though he knew the coins he was selling as part of his “Obama is going to seize all the gold” shtick were overpriced and the company eventually had to refund customers that Goldline and Beck knowingly ripped off. Also, if you get kicked off Fox for being too extreme, that tells you they’re someone you’d really rather not be associated with.

2. Michele Bachmann: Have you ever seen the vacant eyes, the “thousand yard stare” of someone that is clearly mentally ill? Well, that’s Michele Bachmann right there. Whether it is her ambiguously gay husband who runs a reparative therapy clinic where they “pray away the gay” or her statements that continually receive a “Pants On Fire” rating from Politifact, Michele is a walking, talking gold mine for satirists – like our own Erin Nanasi’s “The Bachmann Diaries.” How can you really expect anyone to take the Republican Party seriously when she sits on the House Intelligence Committee? I’m sure many more level-headed conservatives cannot wait for her retirement in 2015, but the fact that she even got elected in the first place is an embarrassment to your party – and provides free ammo for people like Bill Maher (who I am not a fan of) to make fun of you.

1. Anyone who calls themselves a member of the Tea Party: Those of us who have a basic working knowledge of history know that the Boston Tea Party was a protest against the East India Tea Company and their monopoly on the tea trade, and not against healthcare reform and government spending which were a non issue until President Obama got elected. Few things are a better money maker for liberal pundits than reporting on rallies with misspelled signs with messages that are either ignorant and/or borderline racist.

In conclusion, I am, for the most part, not a conservative. I believe in the Constitution – all of it – not just the couple of amendments that we hear repeatedly misinterpreted both from the disingenuous and obtuse members of the GOP. There’s no need to defend the idiots on your side of the fence just because they’re on your side. It isn’t a victory to the opposition when you muffle the voices of batshit crazy in your own ranks. However, I think there is room for the rational members of both sides of the political aisle to work together, and we can start by eliminating these people from our daily conversation.  We can start ignoring them as much as possible so that they can finally fade into obscurity where they rightfully belong.


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  • Aloanstar

    I used to live in VA…right down the street from CBN, Regent’s University and Founder’s Inn…Pat’s little businesses. The word on the streets around there, and I am not judging, because I could care less, but they say he dropped out of running for POTUS because he had a “shotgun” wedding. That is a big no-no (publicly anyway) in the base he needed to support him. So instead of taking the lickings from his opponent’s digging into his background, he dropped out. I tend to believe it only because I know how badly he would have loved to sit in the WH spewing his BS and having more say in governing this country. Whatever the reason, I am glad he will never have that chance.

    • Stephen Barlow

      Check his marriage license , wedding dates and child’s birth date.

      • Aloanstar

        I don’t really care,…it just came up and he dropped out. He would never have been elected anyway.

      • Stephen Barlow

        Pat PAULSEN had a better chance!!!

    • Jersey Observer

      I am certainly no fan of Pat Robertson, but I think he made a valuable contribution to public discourse when he advocated ending the “War on Drugs” as it bears on marijuana. Call it a case of a stopped clock being right twice a day, if you will, but a voice from his side of the political spectrum advocating that position is welcome.

      • Stephen Barlow

        Was this before the senility? like in maybe the 90’s when General Bush the 1st upped the mandatory sentencing?

      • God doesn’t like him

        He was not a nice person before getting senile. I used to wait on him at a restaurant I worked at in the 80’s and he was so mean and belittling to his wife. He was a douche then and now he’s a crazy douche.

  • John

    I’m honestly surprised that Rush Limbaugh didn’t make the cut. But then again, his idiocy is a class all its own.

    • Dan

      Yeah… I’d replace Robertson on the list with Limbaugh.

      • Stephen Barlow

        Robertson has obviously become visibly senile. I have a small town municipal judge that no one has the heart to retire. his clerk has to run her finger under every ordinance and then whispers his decision in his ear. I feel for him, but I forced a trial on $5 case and had the town subpoena all the deedholders, registered voters and mailbox renters.

        The town council begged Me not to and told the the law was criminal in it;s intent and would challenge it in Federal court on Constitutional grounds.

        They wrote Me a check. “For town beautification”. I put in a new lawn and plants.

        No one ever told him and it doesn’t matter. Except now I am the official town pariah. Because I was so mean to the old bastard.

      • ThaddeusQuackenbush

        Maybe you’re the town pariah because you forced a trial on a $5 case and wasted the town’s money.

      • Stephen Barlow

        I forgot the first part. Where I petitioned it a Summary Judgment, Order of Dimissal because the unposted fee was an ambush tax, a single person attack ordinance and that now that I know better, would never happen again.

        The geezer even asked Me if I had the permit on the day of the sale. (The cop had given me 7 days to get a one, but because My wife got it in her name while I was on the road, the COP gave ME a ticket.

        That’s My bad. But people think that I was picking on a feeble old man, then WHY do they continually elect him to the bench where he is obligated by LAW to be mentally and morally competent?

    • Robert Campbell

      Rush was on the other list. Those who follow Rush are going to listen to him regularly, anyway. The author’s point was that lefties are better off ignoring him and letting his steady stream of misogynistic remarks continue to cost him thousands of sponsors and millions of dollars in advertising.

  • cmchale

    It would help if liberals stopped paying attention to them as well.

    • Stephen Barlow

      Stop responding to it OR CLaim it as a flat out lie. Dems have NEVER told the truth about THAT. They mealy mouth and flubber around it.

      “Mitt Romeny YOU are a LIAR!”

      “you lied twice to America about Jeep and Chrysler leaving. you lied HOW MANY hundred times about Romneycare vs the PPACA. how MANY thousand times have you lied about offshoring assets, your taxes and Bain Capital?”

      “Mitt Romney, YOU are a LIAR!”

      If THAT were the simple single ad for the 2012 campaign, ignoring all other ads…

      It would have been a landslide.

      Because everyday Romney triples down or does NOT REFUTE the President, he CONFIRMS THAT TRUTH. Most americans are pretty ignorant, but only 47% are STUPID. The election results PROVE THAT!

      • ThaddeusQuackenbush

        You need a handkerchief to wipe the spittle that’s frothing at the side of your mouth?

      • Stephen Barlow

        Didn’t comprehend a SINGLE WORD did you?

      • modera8

        Q: How can you tell a comment written by a conservative? A: More words are spelled incorrectly than correctly and the punctuation, if present, is almost entirely incorrect.

  • Gloria Foster Bixler

    These people have actually helped the Democratic party, since the general populace now associates them with the Republican party. They have really given conservatives a horrible reputation, as unitelligent extremists. Even my dad who is a moderate Republican hasn’t been able to bring vote in over 10 years, because he is afraid of what they would do to our country.

    • Melinda Hailey

      I wish I could convince my dad. The only republican view point he managed to denounce was my right to marry when I came out of the closet.

    • Stephen Barlow

      But still sell ads and THAT is the whole point of their programming. Limbaugh even said as much. he’d be condemning baseball and apple pie if he still took in $20 mill per for it. For $21 million, he’d talk about the President’s mother.

      Opps. He already does that!

  • Stephen Barlow

    I hate to admit it, but I would listen to Palin just for the ‘OMG, she really believe THIS!’ howling laughter I got from it. But i am finally sick of her. She’s like a video gamer, who needs more and more gore to enjoy his Mom’s basement fantasy life.

  • Ken Mitchell

    While I don’t disagree with the fact that people who call themselves Tea Party members are ripe for the “ignore” list, I have to correct your statement on the original Boston Tea Party. The REAL Tea Party was more about forced compliance with the Townsend duties. These duties on tea, which were taxation, were the real problem, seen by the colonists are “more taxes from on high”. The Brits did it to not only support the whole concept of taxing the colonies to pay for the expenses of the realm, but also for helping the British East India Company get rid of a glut of tea that they had at the time.
    There’s much more to it than this, of course, but it’s much more fair to say that the original Tea Party was a tax rebellion and a “control from afar” rebellion than against monopoly.

    • Sandy Greer

      I’m not sure I want conservatives paying less attention to TeaPugs. Sure, they’re a PITA to Lefties:

      But they’re a Fifth Column to the GOP. 😉

    • strayaway

      The author is also confused about when the tea party came into existence. When President Obama was first elected in 2008, there was no tea party movement. It peaked in 2010.

    • Eg Kbbs

      And one of the things that surprised the English was that the colonies were protesting the removal of part of the subsidy for Tea in the colonies (made sense to attract more people to move to the colonies). Yet, even with the increase in tea, it was still cheaper than it was in England.

  • Doug Webb

    I would add Rachel Maddow, Al Sharpton, Bill Maher, Pierce Morgan, and Chris Matthews.

    • Red Cabbage

      I would cross off those names and add Doug Webb.

      • Pipercat

        Strudel for you!

    • Sandy Greer

      DO conservatives pay attention to Rachel Maddow?
      If not, they should. She’s one smart cookie.

  • Jersey Observer

    I was surprised not to find Donald Trump somewhere on this list; surely he deserved to be.

  • Sandy Greer

    I used to watch Glenn Beck sometimes, when he was on Fox. A train wreck I couldn’t look away from. Coming unglued, right before my eyes; each day, more unhinged. Just SMH Kept wondering: Does he actually believe all that stuff – or is he just crazy. Maybe the ‘crazy’ makes him believe?

    I’d add Ann Coulter & Michelle Malkin – for the mean-spirited, spiteful, hate they espouse. But in-your-face Hate is dangerous, and not to be ignored.

    • Brian

      Michelle Malkin posts half-naked pictures of herself on the internet (and I’m sure a sex tape exists somewhere), so she’s off the hook since she’s little more than an attractive mouthpiece to make Fox look more tolerant of minorities.

  • Nick

    Actually, the Boston Tea Party was a boycott due to the British taxing the hell out of tea only because America loved tea… Not because of EITC

  • glblank

    Just 5?

  • Judy

    Just read “5 people LIBERALS need to stop paying attention to” & 4 of the 5 were outspoken conservatives. Of the 5 people conservatives need to stop paying attention to, all 5 were conservative nut jobs. There was 1 overlap. namely Sarah Palin, so of the 9 people we shouldn’t pay attention to 8 are conservatives & only one mostly liberal.
    Interesting, I should think that as a conservative you should be able to come up with at least 5 legitimate liberal wack jobs to ignore instead of just one comedian/political commentator (Bill Maher) who doesn’t even claim to be a liberal. There must be at least a couple. Or maybe you’re just trying to minimize the damage from the conservative crazies who stick out like the herd of sore thumbs they are & who have ruined the reputation of the GOP.

  • aramis_erak

    I’ll say this much for Palin’s run for VPotUS: It saved Alaska the cost of the Impeachment proceedings to remove her as Governor.

  • Eg Kbbs

    Easy to point out that the “pray away the gay” therapy is considered unethical. When did it get to the point that instead of soberly studying ethics, Christians consider them as some triffle to be ignored ?

    And your top picture of Palin – besides the easy joke that she apparently considers Fritos and Soda a well-balanced meal. Isn’t the name “Fritos” supposed to be suggestive of a Mexican (Spanish) word, to the point that their advertising used to feature the Frito Bandito ? And Palin approves ?

  • shopper

    Don’t know if I would say these people are dumb – they’re making lots of money off of people who believe what they say, so whose really dumb? Need to stop giving them any publicity, even the bad.