5 People Liberals Need To Stop Paying Attention To

maher-1More and more, I am seeing memes and links pop up in my Facebook newsfeed talking about how so and so DESTROYED!!! or ANNIHILATED!!! or whatever in an EPIC segment on some program. Let’s use the example of the recent debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham to illustrate this point. Prior to the first question of the debate, I guarantee you that a whole bunch of writers on both sides of the ideological divide had at least the outline of their stories proclaiming an EPIC WIN for their guy ready to publish online as soon as the final word was spoken.

And what was accomplished? I’m sure that very few (if any) people changed their minds from watching the debate. And let’s face it, if you’re smart enough to actually understand science and not lousy arguments like “the Holy Bible says,” you probably already believed in evolution anyhow.

Who benefited? Well, Ken Ham was given further media attention and made money for his Creation Museum, which is about as scientifically accurate as chemtrails or the claims that President Obama is really a shape-shifting alien from another dimension. Don’t laugh, there are people who actually believe in these easily debunked claims. By giving them or Ken Ham any media primetime beyond what is absolutely necessary, it keeps their crazy ideas in the public eye which gives them additional credibility with their followers. In turn, this ensures that they, and the media, keep making money every time a story breaks about yet another “INSANE” pundit or political celebrity making an outrageous comment.

So here’s a list of the top 5 people we could either completely ignore or at least give as little attention to as possible.

5. Ted Nugent: If it wasn’t for the fact people really get worked up whenever he makes an asinine statement, Ted Nugent would be scratching out a meager retirement on royalties and doing the county fair circuit. “Cat Scratch Fever” is a half-decent classic rock song but that’s really about the only legacy he has worth talking about – so let’s just let his name only come up when we talk about washed up guitarists from now on.

4. Rush Limbaugh: As the years have gone by, Rush has found it necessary to make more and more incendiary statements in order to stay relevant in the dog-eat-dog media industry. The liberal outrage over his comments toward Sandra Fluke certainly cost him a lot of advertising, but it also gave him renewed relevance in the conservative AM radio industry. Basically, we in the liberal media extended his shelf life with the far right for at least a couple more years.

3. Ann Coulter: Ann Coulter has made a living by, like Rush, saying things that get the liberal blogosphere angry. As a direct result of that anger, she gets celebrity status with conservatives. She’s never held political office and I’m pretty sure if we’d stop getting outraged every time she says something horrible, eventually she’d have to go back being a lawyer, which is actually a more respectable position than what she has now. Oh yeah, and enough with the transphobic remarks about her looks. After all, as liberals or progressives, we really should be above that.

2. Bill Maher: Yes, Bill Maher. I know a lot of people love his weekly show on HBO where he routinely berates conservatives and talks about how dumb religion is. However, Bill is a complete hypocrite for bashing people for believing in God because there is no scientific proof of God, yet Bill is part of the anti-vaccine movement, which has zero trust in medical science. Oh, and he’s friends with Ann Coulter. Enough said.

1. Sarah Palin: Despite all of the stories and images floating around the internet, Sarah Palin isn’t a completely blithering moron. Yes, she says dumb things (a lot of dumb things), but that’s because her audience loves it. The more she says stuff like “well golly, ya know, what good Americans need to do is rise up and take back their country from Obama and his socialist death panels. You betcha!” the more the idiots who take her seriously love it. Seriously, what’s more ‘Murica than getting in your gas-guzzling SUV complete with your Chinese-made “America, Love It Or Leave It” and “Show Us The Birth Certificate” stickers and heading to the local Wal-Mart for her latest book signing where you fork over your government entitlement Social Security check for another one of her cheesy books?

If you really want these people to go away, stop talking about them unless absolutely necessary. When your weird uncle who always sends you those emails with “FW: FW: FW: FW: FW: FW” in the subject line posts something about Benghazi or some weird story about Obama implanting RFID chips, don’t engage them. Let’s not descend into the pig pen of sexist and transphobic comments, no matter how disgusting someone’s politics and remarks are. If we can’t do that, then we’re no better than them.

We need a national political discussion with less stupid, vitriolic commentary that is designed to make money and keep people divided. Ignoring people like these grifters and political side show freaks is the first place to start.


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  • Guest

    What makes you think anyone pays attention four of these five?

  • Roland Duca

    Bill Maher is an abashed liberal who speaks his mind regardless who gets hurt. He is my idol and should not be in the list. Shame on you!!!

    • Nathaniel Donaghy

      We need liberals who don’t believe in bullshit as much as we need outspoken ones, if not more. It’s yet another thing conservatives could hold up to say we’re idiots.

      • Roland Duca

        Putting Bill Maher in that list is a great disservice to the liberal cause you are pretending to serve. Bill Maher is an effective liberal spokesman against those idiots that you stupidly associated Bill Maher with in that list. His Real Time show is an outlet for liberals and are very effectively being use to voice out their point of view. Not to mention a great help in defending Barack Obama against those conservative nuts. He helped out Barack Obama by contributing his own money (in $million the amount of which I cannot remember) to his candidacy….Including Bill Maher in that list is shameless and idiotic.

      • Nathaniel Donaghy

        You’re correlating liberal with Democratic with a capital D. That’s a no-no.

      • Roland Duca

        Are you watching his show at all? Because if you do, you will know that Bill is a liberal through and through. Not a lot of liberals has a big microphone like Bill have and he is really advancing the liberal cause more than a lot of liberals who got nothing to do but criticize fellow liberals that they happen to disagree with

      • WilmRoget

        So if someone is a Democrat on TV, his other faults, like prejudice and hypocrisy, don’t matter?

      • Aaron Slade

        I don’t suppose you cared to look up what this article claimed about him did you?

      • WilmRoget

        I don’t supposed you’ll stop assuming that if someone posts something you don’t like it doesn’t mean that they haven’t read the article.

      • Roland Duca

        But who got no fault, prejudice or hypocrisy? You?

      • WilmRoget

        Apparently, you have nothing of substance to contribute to this discussion, beyond vague animus.

      • DrumminD21311

        She got more likes than you. She wins.

      • Roy Blankenship

        Most liberals I know listen to what someone has to say, filter it through their own moral compass, keep what they deem valuable, and reject the rest, unlike the 100% crap that comes from the others on the list. I agree Maher should not be on there, and Bill O’Reilly should.

      • Fabj

        The argument here oh his “prejudice and hypocrisy” does not hold water, hence he has never been taken to task on these issues. You don’t think Coulter would rip him a new one? Kingston? Norquist? Many of the regulars who are constantly stone faced after a Maher assault? The point is, Maher has legit arguments which he backs with logical facts. This list lies about his stances on things just to include a “liberal” on the list. Maher isn’t prejudice… he judges (his words). He also is not a hyprocrite. The example here doesn’t even make sense.

      • Reginald Fancyman Knickerbache

        He is a hypocrite if he berates people for believing in God because Science has found no evidence of it, while being anti-vaccinations, which endangers children and immuno-compromised people. Vaccinations are proven ad nauseum to be safe to use and actually work to prevent deadly diseases. It’s an anti-scientific position to hold. You can’t berate people for being anti-science while holding anti-science views. That’s exactly what hypocrisy is.

      • Fabj

        The flu shot is not science, its big medicine. He questioned if we all needed to get it at the insane rate proposed. This has ALWASY been debated by people of science. You failed on that, especially using the word berate. Not nearly as extreme as you want him to be. You know this is a highly debated topic. You took one singled out statement he made and painted a broad stroke. It’s also NOT a be end all reason to stop listening to him. Your logic here is terrible. As for God, atheism is skyrocketing, hence the current pope has to drop massive liberal bombs of hope for people who don’t even believe in your lord. When you people stop using the lord to push your views on how people like me should live my life then we will not have to keep telling you to keep your god in your own living room. You’re welcome.

      • Reginald Fancyman Knickerbache

        Wow. For one, the Flu shot is science, it’s backed by all science. It isn’t ‘big medicine’.

        I don’t know where you got that I was religious in any way, but I never said that I was. I’d ask if you needed me to simplify it for you, but I thought my post was simple enough for you. Though, if you believe that the flu shot is ‘big medicine’ and not science (like they’re two different things) then I suppose there’s already no helping you.

      • Fabj

        The flu shot is not the same as the measles shot. This has been proven.

      • Brian

        Atheism isn’t “skyrocketing”. This might be because starving, dying, diseased Africans are being told “there is no god” by people on the internet, while being vaccinated by religious charities and government aid workers.

      • Fabj

        Atheism is literally skyrocketing. To even pretend it’s not is a lie to yourself.

      • Fabj

        He is except when it comes to the death penalty. Most liberals are far left of Bill there.

      • Daddycool67

        Who cares what conservatives say?
        About ANYTHING?

        Answer: Only other conservatives.And they don’t matter anymore. They aren’t really part of this country’s future.

        Am I wrong?
        If so, please give an example of something that has come from the right in the last 8-10 years that was actually true, important, and helpful to the average American citizen.

      • Let’s be real here

        I do not hold ideological considerations toward either conservatism or liberalism because I think they are both farces to keep us divided, but I ask you this: Can you name something that has come from the left with merit from the last 8-10 years? I’m sure you can and I’m sure I can argue against the merit of each and every item you place in front of me. Just because you think something is right, doesn’t mean every one agrees with you… Just because an idea is popular doesn’t mean it’s right.

      • Brian

        “Can you name something that has come from the left with merit from the last 8-10 years?”

        Jobs and rule of law.

    • Joyce

      I think he’s kinda funny, but that’s it. I don’t think very highly of him.

  • David Dolamite

    Bill Maher shouldn’t be on this list. Bill’s anti-vaccination stand, targets the corporate side of the pharmeceutical industry. We believe in medical science when it’s not influenced by money. His relationship to Ann Coulter says nothing about his character. Unlike the folks on the far right, people like Bill Maher are not going to just condemn someone to Hell because they stand on the other side of the aisle. Ann Coulter is an idiot (in my opinion), but she is a human being and has a right to her own opinion.

    • Surge Smits

      Because MANN, unlike Bill; is just schtick.
      No way can a person be so repugnant.
      At least we know Bill speaks to the truth.
      MANN just riles and instigates her audience.

    • Nathaniel Donaghy

      And his anti GMO stand? That seems to target the science, which has unequivocally ruled them “safe as all fuck”.

      • Amy

        GMO’s haven’t been around long enough for us to know exactly how they will affect our health. GMO’s are less nutritious than organic food. I’m for GMO’s if their end goal is to make foods more nutritious, but Monsanto only cares about profit. There are some GMO companies that are focusing on nutrition, but they are overpowered by Monsanto, who is a chemical company.

        What’s wrong with wanting to know what you are putting in your body? It’s amazing how the body can heal itself when you feed it the right food.

      • Nathaniel Donaghy

        Perhaps, but those GM products are by far the most studied food source ever, And those studies have shown them as safe -if not safer- than their hybrid or organic counterparts. Comparatively, non-gm crops haven’t been given anywhere near the scrutiny by a long shot, despite the accepted practice of mutagenesis which randomly messes with genetic information in an attempt to produce desirable traits. This is also an acceptable practice in organic cereals and produce by the way.

        I’m wondering how much is ‘enough’ to consider them safe, because so many people have this nebulous idea of what should be considered ‘safe’.

        My guess is they’ll never be safe enough for some people. I don’t think progress in feeding the world should be hampered by such striking ignorance.

        If you’re looking for nutritional benefits, look no farther than golden rice. Developed independently, rich in beta carotene, to be offered freely with the aim of reducing vitamin-A related disorders in areas with limited access to food containing that vitamin.

      • Shawn Perez

        Bulls^t. Shown safe by whom? Studies which if you follow the money far enough end up being financed by someone with a vested interest. SUCKER.

      • Brian

        So in other words “I refuse to believe it’s safe despite the amount of studies done on it! I won’t believe anything else! I’m as bad as a creationist!”

      • Gina Simpson-Myers

        The FDA doesn’t outsource safety studies – there’s no budget for it – so all safety studies come from the manufacturer that wants their product approved. Don’t you think that’s a conflict of interest? Every single study that has found GMOs dangerous – even peer-reviewed, journal-published studies – have been retracted and redacted, the scientists fired or reassigned because the major donors to independent research facilities and universities are Monsanto, ConAgra, and related corporate interests. There’s plenty of evidence that GMOs are not just unhealthy, but dangerous. Just piece together the shifts in diseases and disorders since they became such a huge part of our diet. Compare our population with countries that have banned or restricted GMOs, or go live in a Western European country for a few years and mark the differences in your health, complexion, and overall emotional outlook. It’s stunning.

      • Nathaniel Donaghy

        I’d absolutely love to see you prove any of this baseless nonsense:
        Don’t you think that’s a conflict of interest? Every single study that has found GMOs dangerous – even peer-reviewed, journal-published studies – have been retracted and redacted, the scientists fired or reassigned because the major donors to independent research facilities and universities are Monsanto, ConAgra, and related corporate interests.

      • Peter Klim

        Soylent Green…

      • Taylor Johns

        GMOs. It shows how little you know when you can’t even get this right. No more apostrophe. It’s not possessive, genius.

  • Surge Smits

    I have been saying this for YEARS!
    Why are we (the media mostly) paying even one iota of attention to some of these obvious phony instigators. They’re just in the game for a paycheck.
    They picked the Right, because they know that’s where all the “action” is. That side of the coin is far more staunch and vocal and they follow along their dear leaders more stringency than Libs do to ours.

    • neddycat

      I agree; I think they laugh all the way to the bank. And obviously,
      when we on the left are “outraged” by their latest statement, we are actually spreading it FOR them. I definitely think Michelle Bachman should be added to the list as well.

      • Surge Smits

        . . . and that schrill of a woman, Michelle Malkin.
        God she is a complete asshole.

  • Kay Carico Wilson

    I see some liberals posting memes that are in bad taste and silly. Like pictures of Sarah Palin with her hair sticking out and she’s looking freaky. Some liberals post memes saying Conservatives are stupid. When liberals do this, they don’t win over the other side. In fact, that just causes Conservatives to “dig in”. We need to be the political party that checks for facts and sticks to the issues. We need to take the high rode. Let’s leave the photoshopped pictures to the Tea Party.

    • Kay Carico Wilson

      Excuse me. I mean high road. LOL I need another cup of coffee.

      • Roy Blankenship

        There IS NO “win over the other side”. Those on the left have been taking the high road for years and what is the result? The moronic America we have today. Maybe we need to try something else….

  • Teacher

    This article is 95% dead on. 2 things bother me: 1) Bill is brilliant. 2) anti Vax people aren’t anti-science “they’re” anti-pharmaceutical companies. 2a)There should be no money to be made off of science. Gov. Perry of Texas signed a law that every girl needed a Cervixal cancer Vax shot, dozens of young girls died. His former chief of staff who sat on the board o that pharmasoudical company made millions from this law. That’s a crime. Instead of vilifying the anti Vax group and Bill Maher read up on the crimes committed by these pharmasoudical companies. Since when should medicine, science, legislature, and prisons be for profit. I wonder if John Stewert knows you’re using his name to spread dumb shit on the web. That is all. *drops mic, walks off stage.

    • Anti-Stupid Pill

      Would you mind providing a source for your claim that the Cervixal shot caused the death of dozens of girls?

      • Sandy Greer

        Especially compared to how many die from Cervical Cancer.

      • Lesly Weiner

        i did provide the evidence but the moderator wouldn’t post it. interesting……

      • Lesly Weiner

        look for yourself. google vaccine injury HPV

      • Lesly Weiner

        even more interestingly, they wouldn’t post the ingredients list from the CDC. WTF!?!

      • Lesly Weiner

        afraid of the truth “progressive whatever you call yourself?” doesn’t sound very progressive to me!

    • A Girl

      One, Maher is in favor of girls and boys getting HPV vaccine- and no, no one has died from the vaccine. Two, Maher’s an anti-flu vaccine anti-vaxxer who believes in “alternatives” to Western medicine- “alternative medicine” is pseudoscience.

      Anyone who cries “big pharma” to make a point that people are making money by selling you treatments which can save lives, yet buys into “alternative medicine” where people are making money selling you woo is not a rational thinker, overall.

      He’s funny in an obnoxious sort of way, and I agree with the majority of his commentary on politics and religion, but I dislike his stubborn, uninformed ideas about science/medicine… these views deserve to be criticized and refuted, and it does bother me that as an entertainer he has influence over his audience, and it seems to me irresponsible for an entertainer to give out medical opinions.

    • Freddie

      Maher may be anti-pharma but most of the anti-vaxxers are anti-science.

      I never got Maher’s appeal, actually. I hate it that people think he speaks for all liberals. He doesn’t speak for me.

      • Roland Duca

        No one can really speak for you on issues 100% all the time. He may speak for you perhaps in terms of the abortion issue, or same sex marriage issue, or gun control issue etc, etc, etc. But there will be issue or issues that you are not in agreement with him….and that is normal in a free and democratic society

  • Jon Lindquist

    you do know the real reason why Bill Maher is friend with Coulter, right?

    he always gets a good laugh in the end just watching her dig massive holes with everything she says…and when you know someone like that, you need them as a friend so you can continue laughing.

  • Mickstertor

    While I stand with the Bill Maher lovers in the comments, I will cede one point to the writer, that our love of Bill Maher is probably much like that of a conservative to any of the other four mentioned. (Although, I’ll admit that I find those four comical enough that if they are speaking, I’m going to listen.) The difference between Maher and the others (aside from ideology) that makes him stand apart from them is his ability to shift his position when the facts become clearer. He’s changed his stance on many things over the years and isn’t afraid to admit when he’s been wrong. While it may seem like a good trait to the right to ‘stand by your convictions’; – evolving your opinion and having an open mind are traits found more often in liberals – and important to our growth as human beings.

    • artisanr

      very well said! *applause*

    • Roland Duca

      But the point here is: Is Bill Maher deserve to be there in the list rather than Bill O’Reilly and other conservative nutballs not listed by the author?

      • Taylor Johns

        Judging by how out of control people are in rushing to defend him, it is pretty clear THAT is why him over O’Reilly.

    • Jeff Grotke

      if Bill Maher is wrong about vaccines, which I have never heard him talk about, it is because he is believing the wrong scientific reports. That is categorically different from simply believing in God. He would be on the same side of this issue as Robert kennedy, jr, too. BTW, if there are risks from vaccines, so what? The risks from polio, rubellla, and measles are much worse.

  • saltcay

    The difference between Bill Maher and the rest is that Maher is a comedian who uses politics as a reference for his comedy material. I think the vast majority of his viewers/listeners/readers know this. The others, are taken very seriously as a “news” source/political entity. As for as Nugent, the reason to keep him in the limelight is to show how the conservatives have elevated such a nutjob to such a position of esteem.

    • Duncan MacLeod

      Exactly. Maher himself is the first person to admit that he’s not an expert on most of the things he brings up. That’s what most of the guests on Real Time are there for. He’d rather have them explain it themselves because he knows his expertise is very limited.

    • scarlet_begonias

      im too lazy to type anything regarding the conversation. its been a long day. but i have to say this. GO CARDS!! thanks have a great day everyone.

  • jimhummel

    Just replace Maher with Bachmann and be done with it already.

    • asconn

      now that is a damn good idea. How she got left off was a mystery.

      • Nathaniel Donaghy

        because she’s DONE

      • Roland Duca

        The author of that list was incredibly suspicious for including Bill Maher, a liberal, in the list and yet forgot a lot of conservative nuts along the way….

  • Sandy Greer

    I agree. I just wish all those who write for Forward Progressives could get on the same page about this.

    Articles written by Lefties about what stupid thing somebody on The Right says are Straw Men, for the most part. Designed to get us all upset about that OMG!!! Epic Fail (passing) moment.

    Pretty insulting, when you think about it. Do they think we are so easily led? Evidently so.

    Give us the ‘issues’ – or not at all.

    • Richard Canada

      At least Forward Progressives has a diversity of thought, unlike the historical pattern of Fascist Obnoxious Xenophobic Noise (FOX News).

      • Sandy Greer

        Really? And just when you think you’ve seen ’em all:

        You get to see a ‘lesser of two evils’ comparison made of Forward Progressives and Fox News.

      • Nathaniel Donaghy

        I could marry you.

      • Richard Canada

        I do not consider Forward Progressives as a lesser of evils. I see Forward Progressives as presenting an opposing voice to the RW insanity, which is why I disagree with Manny’s position in his article.

      • Sandy Greer

        Ah! But ’twas a Straw Man, to illustrate:

        1) How easy it is be led off course – onto a wild goose chase – without your even being aware of it

        2) And why those with any Intelligence refuse to fall prey, and, in fact – protest the use of Straw Men at every Opportunity.

        Because you fell for it: Marshalled your arguments; all ready to do battle against the ‘lesser evils’ – which is nothing more than a Straw Man. Congratulations.

        And thanks for playing. 😉

    • Pipercat

      Indeed! Too much straw. I really wish I could point out how it is not necessary to add conditions to every argument.

  • Richard Canada

    Sorry, Manny, but ignoring evil and simply discounting it’s propaganda as irrelevant does not make it go away. That has been seen throughout history. The most well know example of this in modern history is the rise of the Nazi party. The irrational rantings of an irrelevant political rabble rouser were ignored by those who could have spoken out and exposed him for his insanity, but the attitude of ignore it and it will go away prevailed until it was too late.

  • Guest

    Mahar? You had me up until then. He is no more friends with AC than I am. That was too much of a leap just because he has her as a guest and doesn’t clock her.

  • modera8

    Agreed, especially about the Nugent part. Stop giving this white trash idiot so much attention already. He’s an embarrassment.


      Ignore him and he will go away, yea, because that really worked with Hitler and Stalin.

      • modera8

        That’s a completely invalid comparison. Ted Nugent is some trailer park insane guy who gets off on getting attention and doesn’t feel like he has to answer to anyone because he’s “white trash ‘n proud”. Hitler and Stalin were insane and bent on world denomination.

  • Eddie Krebbs

    Not just specific to these 5. The far-right has become adept at making barrages of inflammatory and ridiculous statements. It fires up their Tea Party base. The left has fallen into the trap of replying to them. As they come out (and change) so rapidly, the left spends its time spinning its wheels trying to correct the ridiculous assertions and consequently has no time left to voice its message.

  • Jess Manuel

    Bill O’Reilly should have been included, not Bill Maher.

    • Roland Duca

      That is why it is shameless on the part of whoever put this list to include Bill Maher in there….

  • almahix

    I enjoy watching Bill Maher’s show on HBO, and usually agree with him on most points, but lately I am disappointed by some of his remarks. His comments are often mean-spirited instead of funny. I too find religion complete nonsensical and conservatives ignorant and easily deceived, but his recent comments about the so-called gay mafia, Mickey Rooney, and others to be offensive. But he is usually funny, but not the poster boy for liberals. Regarding the others who ought to be ignored, I concur, and further nominate John McCain, John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Ted Cruz, and Rand Paul. Actually the entire right wing.

  • Jackie730

    I never listen to anyone on this list BUT Bill Maher. He should NOT be on this list.

  • Boo Hoo

    At least Maher is funny. No, number 2 should be Michelle Malkin. She provides absolutely nothing to an issue or topic except for shrill histrionics.

  • JD

    Bill Maher to this list is like sticking Mahatma Gandhi in the same
    room with Paul Crouch, Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, and Pat Robertson,
    then saying that room has 5 religious men in it. Sorry to use religion
    there Bill, but figured it would get my point across. Bill has a
    COMPLETELY different reason for not thinking every single kid should be
    drugged or vaccinated you twit. He believes as I do that this country
    is basically bought and paid for partially with big pharmaceutical
    corporations and they are pedaling their goods on us all. These right
    wing batshit crazies have an ENTIRELY different reason. They believe
    that their little make believe friend up in the clouds will heal them or
    it’s just his perverted will that they die. Get your fucking facts
    straight before you write and article.

  • Edward McDowell

    Bill is not an athiest. He spends too much time trying to make us believe he is.

  • Evan Hughes

    Ignoring your opponents, trying to marginalized them by pretending to be above them, is exactly the sort of ignorant attitude that has marginalized liberals for so long.

    I’m not saying we are always correct, because we aren’t. Conservatives have many valid points that we can miss through ideological certitude if we adopt such a stance. We have made that mistake before, and been punished accordingly.

    If we want to claim to be the side of truth and reason, we must acknowledge our ideological opponents (NOT enemies, we are all American), and fight them on such battlefields as objective reasoning allows.

    You can cry about Bill Nye taking on Bill Ham, and the publicity it created for their church. I say such insecurity only highlights how in cohesive we are, despite the strength of our ideals.

    My brother is conservative, on track to be CFO of a start up hedge fund founded by none other than one of the most brilliant economic mind our country has known (literally, the DOJ called him in specifically for a war game based on currency manipulation).

    • Evan Hughes

      He and I have tons of debates, as gentlemen. We disagree, but there is something more. There is a trend. I cannot help but view this future 1%er as a brilliant man who deserves a ton of reward. We’ve been throug too much together for me to think anything less. And I do believe he deserves to own more than me in the end.

      • Evan Hughes

        But we argue. About tax burdens, and the rights of the many versus the few. And whatnot.

        Regardless, I grew up surrounded by wealth, in a wealthy area. I have to say as much harm as giving those with a public platform to espouse garbage is dangerous, not talking about them is infinitely more so. Most of the wealthy people I know who didn’t actively earn it are relatively ignorant about these issues, and those who did earn it are perpetually congratulated by their ilk in the form of new reports designed as propaganda for themselves, designed by themselves.

        This is an unfortunate but necessary addition to the national discourse that must be addressed aggressively by those of us who care, is what I’m saying. Ignoring them is like being a child hiding beneath the covers. We are bright enough to defeat them if we put in proper effort.

  • Jerry Garcia

    I for one think the author is a major A JOLE. Just because Mr .Maher or myself distrust big Pharma, and the 100,00 people they kill every year does not make us stupid. You can poke your kids as mush as you want. It used to be 6 now 40, soon it will be 400. If you knew more about what is in these shots that they force upon 10 pond newborns you wouldn’t be such a pompous A$$hat!.

    • Lesly Weiner

      the author of this article actually called me a blithering idiot for pointing out that questioning the neurotoxins in vaccines is common sense – he said, and i quote, there are no neurotoxins in vaccines you blithering idiot – haha – so that pretty much sums him up. (my original post was not in the slightest disrespectful – and he responded with misinformation stated as fact and name calling – kind of immature, dontcha think?) need i post the ingredients in vaccines or can everyone just agree that there is no debate about the ingredients of vaccines which do, in fact contain several neurotoxins. Mannys not just stupid, hes also an asshole.

      • Lesly Weiner

        the moderator of this page wouldn’t post the list of ingredients in vaccines provided by the CDC. why?

  • Jerry Garcia

    I think Manny Shewitz should be on the top of the list!

    • Lesly Weiner

      agree – douchebag got exactly what he wanted tho – lots of comments….

  • wclements

    I disagree with Bill Maher being on this list. Don’t bash his political opinions because of his religious opinions.

  • Kien Tran

    Bill Maher is a puzzle to me. I don’t know where I should put him. I agree with most of his stances, however I can’t help but wonder if he’s just our analog for Rush. His arrogant stance of “You’re a moron if you don’t believe this” is something that conservatives hate and especially hate amongst liberals. So in short I don’t know if he’s actually doing disservice because I doubt he’s winning many converts by insulting people on the fence.

    Michelle Bachmann we need to watch her. Why? Notice who is on this list. Pundits and celebrities that make money off of diatribe. Bachmann on the other hand actually holds office and wields power. What she says actually matters if she can rally people in congress with her. The crux of this article is simply pay attention to who matters.

  • lindylou

    Let’s start another list identifying other people to IGNORE: all rightwing preachers, lead by Pat Robertson; self-important politicians like Ted Cruz; science-deniers like Ham; and other “concerned for America” groups. None of them are worth spit but haul in bags of money from the credulous. Then we can go back to looking at cat videos and pictures of friends of friends we don’t know on fb.

  • emsnyc

    Pretty sure Bill Maher’s “friendship” with Ann Coulter is based on the fact that he finds entertainment value in having her on his show. It’s just show business, and if he were truely “friends” with her would he really allow her to be publicly humiliated time and time again by those more intelligent and with a better grip on sanity? Really, he uses her for ratings. They may have an amicable relationship off set, but she is his clown. Reading “Bill Maher is friends with Ann Coulter” sounded like a junior high school kid wrote this article.

  • artisanr

    Though I can readily see the value of vaccinations, I really don’t think Maher belongs here. I’m still supporting Maher in the fact that 90% of the time he has his head screwed on right. That’s much much better than Faux or Limpballs. It’s absolutely TRUE he’s not anti-science.

    I don’t simply stop listening to someone because they have *one* opinion that might not be the norm. Yes I do take his words with a grain of salt but for the most part he’s compassionate and has very good ways to express why liberals vote the way we do.

    I don’t care if he’s friends with Ann Coulter…he seems to sadly and deeply, deeply pity her rather than sympathize with her. But he says what he thinks. I don’t want to quite throw the baby out with the bathwater on this guy but yes I take his words with some salt. 🙂

  • Liz Massey

    I find it interesting that both lists (people liberals/conservatives shouldn’t listen to), with one exception, are all about conservative nutbags. That’s about as sad a commentary on how far to the right what passes for “discourse” in America we have been hijacked.

  • gregkliebigsr


    Matthew …18: 18. Verily I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.

    19. Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven.

    John 14: 13. And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.

    14. If ye shall ask any thing in my name, I will do it.


  • Krist Martin

    Um, dear author of this article, WHAT? Bill Maher is not part of the anti-vaccination people. He’s routinely argued against anti-vaxers on his show. Get your facts straight.

  • Vionisia

    I cannot stand Anne Coulter. She uses “references” out of context in her books, at times making them up, and her reasoning’s are not sound. I would rather be shot in the leg than have to listen to or read any of her useless babbling.

  • Eric Leif Peters

    I feel very bad about the things that I’ve said and written about Ann Couther and would like to take this opportunity to apologize to him.

  • JimNauseam

    Bill thinks flu shots are a scam, but I haven’t heard him say you shouldn’t vaccinate your kids. Am I wrong?

  • Flibberdy Gibbet

    Bill Maher is like fried chicken. Really good, mindlessly satisfying, no real substance. Oh, and he’s really not that smart. Jon Stewart is much brighter.

  • Fabj

    Maher invites many conservatives on his show and shows them respect . He also has a very good argument why he is against certain drugs. His view on religion is a direct argument against education and radical extremist. He should not be listed here. If you did your fact checking you would know why. It’s not biased, it’s facts verse ideology. Try again.

  • inmyhumbleopinion

    I’m not sure about where you’re going with bill maher. I’ve never heard he was anti vaccine. I dont agree with him on religion but he’s mostly a pretty good voice of reason and you’ve included him among a group of complete fools. Also, I always see it as a red flag when ANYONE tells me who I should or shouldn’t listen to, conservative OR liberal. I think i’ll start ignoring Manny shewits.

  • Ralph Hickok

    I’ve never been able to stand Maher’s smugness. I don’t think he’s particularly funny and, like Palin, he does more harm to the cause than good.

  • Cat Lover

    Everyone but Bill Maher. He rocks.

  • Thomias

    I have always believe that what separated most of us with a liberal mindset from conservatives was the ability to entertain a thought without accepting it. This entire article is the antithesis to that belief. Why would ANY liberal say stop listening to others. No wonder most of the comments are aggravated. This site just lost a fan.

  • kipanderson

    There is no perfect advocate or politico. Way to throw the baby out with the bath water on Maher. Clearly a personal distaste for other reasons has influenced this pick!

    If we stopped listening to people every time they said something disagreeable, we’d all be a very lonely.

  • Wes

    Dumbest thing ever to include Maher on this list. He’s brilliant and a liberal rock god. You’ve got to be kidding…last time I’ll ever read your column. Plain stupid, really.

  • Robyn Neufeldt

    So Bill is a hypocrite then. If you bash someone for believing something that has no scientific proof like religion, how you can be a part of something that has no scientific proof (like the anti-vaccination movement)

  • DougHart

    I can’t agree about Bill Maher, but the rest, certainly.

  • JudgeX X

    Bill Maher tells the truth and adds a little sting with it for everyone who believed something untrue or who held a hurtful position.

  • Terrie Watkins

    Thank you. thank you for expressing something I’d been feeling, but didn’t know how to voice. I have heard some of the most despicable things about our President and his family on liberal sites that are quoting some nutjob. Remember the old “all publicity is good publicity”? The more it is repeated, the more credibility it has. And those negative images don’t fade so easily, even if they are being presented to vilify the speaker. Stop and desist- don’t propagate these vicious and ignorant statements.

  • Ray Gross

    Coulter, Palin, Nugent and Limbaugh are the face of the GOP and turn off independent voters so they should be kept front and center.

  • Jen m

    Ignore Bill Maher? Because he dares to question your delicate faith? I usually can stand behind what this page posts but this one was a big swing and a miss. Very dissappointing.

  • disqus_2j3OBqnkt0

    Bill should not be on the list with these other tards, nowhere near the ignorance of the others , quite the opposite.

  • Deke

    Bill is ok.

  • Juan Herrera

    I will rather stop reading you before I stop with Bill Maher’

  • Jacktastic

    Unlike the others in this list, Bill Maher is officially a comedian. So
    perhaps instead of “stop paying attention to” it should be “stop taking
    seriously.” I think many liberals already do not take Bill Maher
    seriously. It’s easy to get hyped when he makes a good point, which he
    often does, more often than not really, but then 15 minutes later: he
    might have you cringing.

  • Bill Maher is a comedian. He has an opinion about vaccines. If you take your medical advice from a comedian, then you have problems… saying I shouldn’t listen to his satire because of his wacky medical ideas is just ridiculous.

  • giantslor

    Bill Maher has a few stupid beliefs, but that’s far outweighed by what he says 99.9% of the time, which is hilarious, insightful and true. You should replace him with a right-wingnut.

    I’d like to see an article about people on the left that progressives should pay no attention to, but I wouldn’t include Maher. I’d include people like Deepak Chopra, who is a constant purveyor of woo, and Glenn Greenwald, who demands ideological purity and always makes the perfect the enemy of the good, and is just an all-around jerk.

  • Winkster

    Point of fact: Bill Maher is not an “anti-vaxxer”. He was specifically calling out all the nervous nellies out there who were freaking out about BIRD FLU. His skepticism was coming from a very different place. G’head, ask him what he thinks of Jenny McCarthy and see what he says.

    Yes, Maher sometimes jiggles the handle a bit too hard w/r/t his hardline anti-religion stance, but I see him as more of a curmudgeonly liberal as opposed to a pathological liar/wingnut like many on both sides of the aisle who did NOT make this list. Don’t know why you chose to single out Bill but like many others who have commented I feel you made a really bad choice.

    He’s doing just fine thank you, and he’s also providing a valuable housecleaning service by preventing his fellow liberals from becoming too crazy ass liberal/PC for their own good.

    Long live Bill Maher.

  • Tom Joad

    Bill Maher definitely does not belong on this list. He is a Liberal Libertarian with much insight, unlike everyone else on the list. He admits when he is wrong, unlike everyone else on the list. And, possibly the biggest reason, he is a comedian (like everyone else on the list!), which gives him license for some of the more pugnacious things he says.

  • Philip Rock

    I would say don’t follow mahr because he’s just a douche. Ripping into people and being an ass to them is not going to help change things. even if i agree on most of his views he’s still an ass.

  • modera8

    Absolutely agree. Stop giving these idiots attention.

  • Daroe23

    Just admit you put Maher in the list to drive traffic to the article. Why else is his the picture shown at the top when he is undoubtedly the only one who shouldn’t be on the list.

  • Guest

    Bill Maher, needs to go, he’s old school, this all out Hate for those that believe in God is a technique he has picked up from his rivals, its old and like the republicans it needs to stop. Yes, hate from both sides has to stop and he has to go. A new fresh wave based on intelligent conversation, with no hate can be one that can we all can benefit from and would be a great example to set for the world.

  • Nelson

    Bill Maher, needs to go, he’s old school, this all out Hate for those that believe in God is a technique he has picked up from his rivals, its old and like the republicans it needs to stop. Yes, hate from both sides has to stop, or else we are hypocrites. A new fresh wave based on intelligent conversation, with no hate can be one that we all can benefit from and it might just save our sanity, it would also be a great example to set for the world.

  • Guest

    He doesn’t really like being made a fool by pointing out that he’s – well….. a fool ….. so no more comments from me will be posted i guess. Hi Manny!

  • plus15

    Clearly the only reason you wrote this piece was to take a shot at Bill Maher. The others are all obvious and just window dressing for you to denounce Maher.

  • pugweasel

    Neither Bill Maher or Ted Nugent should be on this list. One is a comedian with interesting opinions but can excuse himself from responsibility from his comments by claiming he is a comedian. A legit claim. I am not claiming he doesn’t have well informed opinions. Ted Nugent shouldn’t be on there for a similar reason. He is just a guy who used to be famous and has opinions. He does not have well informed opinions. The rest of the people, at least have jobs in which it is there job to have well informed opinions as there job and yet they are idiots.

  • Maher’s been losing me for a long time now. Between the anti-vax crap and the stunning inability to understand how “all religions are evil but THIS ONE is REALLY EVILEREST” is targeting a particular religion for particular hostility, I’m pretty much over him. I enjoy his show, but I really don’t take him seriously anymore. For a few good zingers powered by confirmation bias, sure, but don’t mistake him for Jon Stewart.

  • justsaying

    Bs. I don’t see how you can lump bill Maher with those vile people . i am left as a socialist and he is right about Islam. He is much more open minded than any of them and can be reasoned with. He has all sides of the political spectrum on his show and he admits when he is wrong.