5 Quick Reasons We Need To Stay The Hell Out of Syria

mccainYou know what I don’t want? I don’t want the U.S. to go to war with Syria. Know why? Well, there are a lot of reasons, but here are the five biggest and quickest reasons why.

#5. John McCain’s Hard-On For War

Easily one of the biggest reasons to be wary of entering the Syrian conflict would have to be Senator John McCain’s tireless effort to get us into Syria. He’s been calling Obama out over and over again, insisting we’re standing by while atrocities are committed. Here’s the tough pill to swallow — he’s right. But we simply can’t go wading into every war in every part of the world because truly horrible things are happening there, and to be sure that’s what’s going down in Syria. However, we’re not the only power in the world, and we aren’t the only ones capable of helping. McCain is so transparent as a War Hawk that I’m surprised he didn’t bring his old fatigues with him when he went to Syria last weekend so he could just jump right in on the combat.

#4. Do You Know Your Enemy?

Not to sound glib, but we really have no solid team to pick here. Clearly Assad is an asshole — a murderous and genocidal asshole. But this is a sectarian civil war we’re talking about, and the opposition forces aren’t really all that trustworthy either. How many times in the post-WW2 era has America packed its youth up and shipped them off to fight in a country where it was really hard to tell who was on “our side” and who wasn’t? Too many. Vietnam all over again, that’s what Syria would be.

#3. A Post-Nuclear World War Would Kind of Suck

Russia’s already said they’ve got Assad’s back, and they’ve been very clear about it. They went so far as to commit to give the Syrian government anti-aircraft missiles. Do you know why Russia would give Syria anti-aircraft missiles? Because then the Syrian government could shoot down American fighter jets, that’s why. Add to this tinderbox the fact that Israel with their hawk of a Prime Minister is spoiling to get involved because they feel threatened by the missiles being promised to Syria, and they’re not very happy because Iran and Syria are allies as well. If Israel gets hit, America enters the fray. And then we have ourselves and old-fashioned post-nuclear war, don’t we?

I’m not saying that this is World War III in the making here, but international clusterfucks of diplomacy and military power don’t exactly lend themselves to easy, peaceful negotiations. That said, I’m still confident diplomatic routes can be taken to solve this problem, and I’m eternally thankful NeoCons aren’t in the White House right now.

#2. Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Ready for me to lay a non-mind-blowing fact on you? War is fucking expensive. It’s so expensive, George W. Bush hid the cost of his two wars by putting them on a credit card that didn’t deliver a statement until President Obama took office and actually put the wars on our books. Almost $1.5 trillion to date has been spent in Iraq and Afghanistan. Let that number sink in a bit. Think about how the sequester cuts that are really starting to be felt now were over just $85 billion. Think about how many hot meals, how many student loans, how many bridge and road improvements we can do with over a trillion dollars. We need jobs in this country, and it’s downright criminal to start a war when so many in this country don’t get a steady paycheck.

#1. Iraq, Iraq, and Then For Good Measure, More Iraq

Seriously, didn’t we learn anything fighting in Iraq for ten years? Didn’t we learn that an ambiguous timeline and difficulties identifying the “Good Guys” makes a bad combination for starting a war? Reports about chemical weapons make this a compelling story, but it’s not our story to tell. The United States can be just as effective by dropping smart phones with Internet access into the country as we could be dropping smart bombs, more so in fact.

James Schlarmann

James is in his thirties and gets really passionately angry about politics. Sometimes that anger foments into diatribes, and sometimes those diatribes are comical. Other times, they are not. James is the founding contributor and editor-in-chief of The Political Garbage Chute, a left-leaning satire and commentary site, which can be found on Facebook as well.


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  • zen mac

    Great points! #2 did blow my mind.

  • openlyblack

    Reason #5 is pretty much the only reason I need.

    • obiwan

      Same here.

    • mrbmg

      No shit…

  • robert fantina

    Well said!

  • Seth Gallaher

    I agree with most of this, however #4 is a ridiculous simplification. To call this a flat out sectarian war is anything but true, yes Sunni’s have joined rebel forces due to the power vacuum provided if Assad falls, because Assad is a member of the Alawi shia klan. However the Syrian National council is a wide variety of groups which does include Liberal groups who simply want free and fair elections, also the council as a whole has said they want elections from the get go. We didn’t know which side to take in Vietnam? That’s pure stupidity, we took South Vietnams side since they weren’t communist duhhh!! I don’t support intervention in Syria either, but at least give some accurate facts.

    • Mase

      Not knowing who our friends were in Iraq and Afghanistan would be closer to the point-not Vietnam.

    • ikarus

      al qaeda wants free elections? sure…sounds about right to me..

    • rasslor56

      But even the South Vietnamese didn’t really want us there, they just wanted guns. LBJ had no business going in at all, getting people killed when we didn’t know what motivated both sides.

    • LL11

      I think his point is that the South Vietnamese, while “not communists” were not exactly our allies, or good guys, any more than military in El Salvador were our allies, nor was Pinochet or his administration… or most of the others that we temporarily side with. Remember us supporting Hussein against Iran, supporting the Taliban against Russia? We are very stupidly short-sided and believe that the enemy of our enemy is our friend. No. Not true.

  • Yup! 5 and 2. Especially 2! Wondering what we are going to do with this next batch coming home?…..

  • JamieHaman

    5 excellent reasons for staying out. You had me at the first one.

  • weslen1

    That amount spent in those 2 wars doesn’t even cover boxes, backpacks and suitcases full of U.S. CASH being passed out to enemy soldiers and Taliban forces for “safe passage” that no one in the military OR CIA can, or has ever tried to, account for or been HELD to account for by government or the $9 Billion that disappeared in Iraq or how much Blackwater, Halliburton and other contractors have siphoned off for themselves and the amounts they’ve been paid for work so shoddy any private business would have demanded a refund for.
    And how does this country “honor” the troops still deployed? By cutting their meals from 3 a day to 2 and attempting to cut their pay. That’s how the Guardians Of Privilege “honor” those who put their lives on the line.

  • Why the hell is John McCain sneaking over into Syria??? It is NOT up to him to decide anything and I think he is just going to start trouble or cause a problem. He loves war, He is nothing but a war monger just like bush was. I think he should mind his own business and he really needs to retire, that’s what he should be doing. Turning out to pasture.

    • Dan

      Agreed. If McCain had won in 2008 and followed through 2012, we would have already been in 4 years of war with North Korea by now and we would have been in Syria long before today.

      We get it. He’s a veteran that was a POW in Korea. But his track record for good ideas is not very sound and it’s nothing short of a miracle that he’s alive today. But to go as far as referencing how tall the average North Korean compared to the average South Korean (he did that in a debate with Obama) in an attempt to demonize North Korea, you know he’s spent and needs to move on. His post-war therapy clearly didn’t work.

      You’d think someone this battle-heartened would understand that leaping into war should not be a subtle decision.

      • Dan

        Vietnam*, sorry.

      • Dan

        POW in Vietnam**

      • David Radzik

        Agreed McCain is a hawk……but he was a POW in Vietnam…not Korea.

  • Amir Will Khalili

    The one thing we should not do as a country as we learned from Vietnam is that you cannot interfere with a civil war or revolution type scenario. It always will and has caused problems because eventually the people you support want you out because they just want to be left alone and they turn on us

  • Denis F

    You can add an optional #6 – Halliburton.

    • LL11

      #7, all the OTHER countries that want us to, but won’t put their troops in danger and sure as hell won’t spend their money. #8 those same countries will then blame us for when things go wrong.

      • Jossi G.

        Which maybe…should be number 1 ! The entire PLANET hates us already.(hell, even i’m starting to hate us). WHY get into it again only to be ass-kicked and thrown to the curb ?

      • Sum Yung Guy

        Sorry to say, but if you’re only starting to hate us just “now” and all of our awesome worldly political exploits then you might be a little late to the game.

    • gramiam44

      And #7….Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it….over and over and over and over…….

  • Pluralist

    While I agree with the conclusion here, I would rather see analysis than a series of bad words. Some good arguments are made, but they are obscured by the careless profanity. It is true, for example, that McCain never saw a war he didn’t like, and that Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya have all been disastrous mistakes.
    While Assad is authoritarian and repressive, anti-pluralist forces dominate the opposition, and minority groups including Shiites, Christians, and pagans have already suffered in opposition-controlled areas. Like Libya, this is not a true rebellion, but a foreign intervention engineered by Gulf-state monarchies and supported by Israel.
    The best argument, of course, is that another war will be detrimental to any hopes of democracy here.

    • yesiamruone2?

      Well! Someone seems to have been offended. Too bad that someone is too desensitized even to absorb the intention of the profanity in this piece; to drive home the insanity of the whole idea of entering a war with Syria. Your piece is a dry and boring turd. James’s is some passionate shit!

      • Pluralist

        I will reserve my anger for the enemy, which is war. My concern was to be effective and achieve the goal, which is to stop the “insanity.”

    • Kevin M Benderman

      “We train young men to drop fire on people, but their commanders won’t allow them to write “fuck” on their airplanes because it’s obscene!”

      From Apocalypse Now. Colonel Kurtz.

      If I had choice, I would rather hear those young men curse and use obscene words all year than to have them go to war.

    • Jerry

      This is false. Israel is certainly NOT behind the war in Syria – it is far more a threat to them than any help to them. They have no friends in Syria to support other than non- Islamacist moderates – and no one knows that any of them have any chance of representation in Syria.

      The statement that foreign military aid will lesson chances of democracy is silly. There is no democracy there. And little chance if it occurring without military aid

  • Why don’t we just send Johnny boy, and state that he is our contribution to the war effort. Hopefully this time, he won’t be back.

    • rasslor56

      And Mark kessler, Ted Nugent, and maybe Rand Paul too.

      • JonesRobynj

        Ditto my friend! lol!

    • Jossi G.

      oooh cold. But not a bad idea.

  • FrankInFL

    It’s time – it’s well past time – we demand answers to difficult questions before we send our children abroad with orders to kill. We need to ask – and get believable answers to – questions like
    What do we hope to accomplish?
    How will we know when we’re done?
    What repercussions should we expect?
    Is it lawful?
    Is it moral?
    Is it just?
    Is it practical?
    How much is this going to cost?

    • Charles Vincent

      No offense those are good questions but they are not the ones we should be asking. We should be asking why the hell our government is dragging us into yet another conflict with even less of an end in sight. And why are they even thinking about doing anything in the first place.

      • Ragin Redneck

        The simple answer to your question of why would our government drag our asses into another middle easter war has a very easy answer. The “war on terror” was never designed to be a war that stopped, it is all to obvious that this is a means of expanding the great expendature of the “war on terror”. To be honest if the warhawks weren’t wrangling to get into syria they would be wrangling to get us into africa. The auspices and violations of the Geneva conventions are not America’s to enfore, they are the UNITED NATIONS and the international courts. It’s WELL PAST time for the UN to step up and do their job (which they can’t do since russia, a permanant security council member, is backing Assad).

      • Charles Vincent

        The war on terror is a bad answer in my opinion and so is spending more money on anything that doesn’t reduce our debt.

    • kirke123

      its never, ever, moral

    • waya

      add. . . how many Americans have to die?

  • Donald Pierce

    We should stay out of it because one side is Hamas and the other is Hezbollah.

  • Anna Rather

    I hate what is happening in Syria, but I already knew before reading this article that we don’t know who the bad guy is, this will be a cluster fuck, Mccain wasn’t to go to Syria, I also think a civil war needs to be fought by the people in that country, and the U.S.A. has had enough war!

    • kirke123

      yes! no more wars! lets use the money to clean-up our own backyard

  • Jess Manuel

    No matter how legit the 5 reasons are, the U.S government is always hungry for war. Especially now that Afghanistan is winding down. The middle class and the poor are screwed…again.

    • old battleax

      I know the President is very reluctant to go to war anywhere..his mission has been to bring troops home..So don’t say that Jess Manuel..because if you research you will find your statement is untrue since Obama has been you leader.

  • Gary Matheney

    stay out of Syria screw ’em

  • Guest

    Thunderbear’s Top 10 Reasons We Would Kill Syrians:
    #10. If we don’t do it, we’ll lose our “credibility.”
    #9. They crossed a red line and everyone knows that when you cross a red line you have to die.
    #8. We need something to distract us from Miley Cyrus’s VMA performance.
    #7. Because Netanyahu said so.
    #6. Nothing proves our moral superiority better than a military air strike.
    #5. Don’t worry. It’s just a civil war in a Middle Eastern country. What could possibly go wrong?
    #4. Just following orders.
    #3. Because over 100,000 dead by conventional weapons is ok, but a few hundred dead by chemical weapons is immoral!
    #2. Because they are already killing each other and we are jealous. That’s our thing.
    And the number one reason we would kill Syrians….
    #1. What else are we supposed to do with all those damn bombs?

  • Nick of Time

    Top 10 Reasons We Would Kill Syrians:
    #10. If we don’t do it, we’ll lose our “credibility.”
    #9. They crossed a red line and everyone knows that when you cross a red line you have to die.
    #8. We need something to distract us from Miley Cyrus’s VMA performance.
    #7. Because Netanyahu said so.
    #6. Nothing proves our moral superiority better than a military air strike.
    #5. Don’t worry. It’s just a civil war in a Middle Eastern country. What could possibly go wrong?
    #4. Just following orders.
    #3. Because over 100,000 dead by conventional weapons is ok, but a few hundred dead by chemical weapons is immoral!
    #2. Because they are already killing each other and we are jealous. That’s our thing.
    And the number one reason we would kill Syrians….
    #1. What else are we supposed to do with all those damn bombs?

  • Richard Verdejo

    It all boils down to Who is buttering Who’s bagel.

    If anyone can find the 1979 JINSA White Paper, they’ll be able to see exactly what the desired endstate of that paper was, who would be involved and how, and who the targets were.
    We’re well into the “goals” of that paper…..

  • PiGirl13

    4 and 3. (Well, all of them, really.) 5 is more of an observation about McCain than one about the situation in Syria, but valid nonetheless.

  • Ekaterina Kaverina

    Please. please, please, not another war, please.

    • Morden Lieben

      Meh, look at it like this, if WW3 hits off and humanity destroys itself, in a few million years earth will repair herself, and new life can have room to grow, without the parasite that is humanity there to destroy it. War is never good, and it is a sad reality. I hope those who are next in line will learn from the mistakes we have made as a civilization.

      • rasslor56

        Except there will be no records left for them to learn from.

  • Chris

    Reason #5 is the only one i disagree with. Its kind of a bullshit excuse if you ask me. “Sorry, cant help you, it’s not our turn”? The rest is spot on

  • b64

    The US, france and England threaten to attack Syria, then Russia and China promise to defend Syria, than Iran threatens to attack Israel, then… This is starting to sound very much like the buildup to the first World War.

  • Bernice

    Plus, the fact that they never truly end!! A Middle Eastern war can last for thousands of years. they don’t end just because we get tired and come home! Those ppl will hunt through hell and eternity for their enemy while wearing backpacks and bombs!! Our memories are not even long enough to be in wars with them. Hatfield and McCoys don’t compare to pissed off Middle Easterners!!! ISH, even Vietnam don’t compare because we are friendly with them now because when that war was over it ended OVER THERE!!!
    LEAVE THOSE PEOPLE ALONE, LET THEM FIGURE THINGS OUT FOR THEMSELVES!!!! They recognize and understand each other!!

  • FreeMuslim

    Suddenly it hits my mind, this maybe a hidden agenda of the world to attract US and it allies in to a trap when they are busy with the Freemason or Illuminati.. Maybe they didn’t realised that the muslim world has their broad hidden strategy as well.

  • btramms

    Quick note, John McCain doesn’t “jump into combat”. Check his history. The actual one. Not the one his campaign puts out. If he ever had “jumped into combat”, he wouldn’t be so eager to let other people’s kids get killed. By normal standards, he should not have ever qualified as a Navy pilot,…but that’s another rant.
    “Okay, Dick, but what’s our exit strategy?”
    “Mr. President, there is no exit strategy.”

    • rasslor56

      But he’s quick to “jump into combat” by proxy.

  • Walter Jones

    money for war no money for the poor

  • holyFUCKUPfullOFgrace

    who are we kidding…the only way to stop this crap…is to overthrow the US Government and start over with people who are serious about making a better future for AMERICA…fuck all the other countries with their retarded “religious beliefs” that make no difference anyway…you believe in God…fine…you believe in Allah…fine…you believe in green peanut butter sandwiches…fine…now let’s fix the REAL problems…the elderly not having enough money to survive, eat, or medicate…the homeless, jobless people on the streets thanks to G.W. BUSH…(dumb fucking mongoloid mother fucker) take your pick…there are thousands of real problems to solve…NOBODY GIVE A FLYING FUCK WHO YOU PRAY TO…JUST FIX SHIT!!!!!!

    • agiyo

      Whoever you are, you are my friend. Well done!

    • rasslor56

      Well said indeed–you keep it up, I’m right there!

    • brownp51

      I have grown weary of our love affair with Israel, and everything else you said.

    • Jossi G.

      LOL Smartest comment yet ! Who can disagree ?

    • stephen james

      That makes too much sense.

  • chris1

    We need to stay out of this long term trap!

    • playforme

      Or short term “crap”

  • Jerry

    Some form of significant military response is called for when nation states engage in use of WMDs such as here or genocide etc.

    That’s why it was right that we intervened in Bosnia and wrong that we did not in Rowanda etc

    If we do nothing – Assad and his handlers in Iran and his supporters in Hezbollah will see that they can use such tactics with impunity, and will therefore do so

    The real problem is the lack of identifiable “good guys” to support. Some military response is called for. Exactly what is the difficulty

    • jeffos

      If we listen to what is actually hapening and being considerd as a response, not that that should’nt be scurtinized, we find that if we send a message to those that are cuasing the situation, we might get some diplomacy going. So the U.S., G.B. and france lay waste to Assad’s toys and put his supporters on notice. This does’nt mean a larger regional confict won’t insue, but doing nothing is not an option. These are the facts. And yes you have the right to be scared, scared and angry. But unless we deal with this now it will get worse.

    • LL11

      Then the UN can handle it and put together a coalition. It does NOT have to be this country. We are not the world’s policeman.

    • Jossi G.

      I’d hate to burst your bubble, darlin’, but we’ve got our own WMDs right here, and we can’t seem to get a handle on it. They’re called DRUGS. Our young ones (and some old ones) are killing themselves and others with Heroin, Meth, Oxy, etc. Why doesn’t anyone care enough to “defend” us from that ? Genocide ? Have you NOTICED what’s happening to our elderly, or our Black men ? That’s some genocide right there, pal.
      We need to stay home and clean up our own streets, I think.

  • Spackles

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want us to go to war at ALL…but I thought it was clear that these would be long range missile strikes only.

  • Michele Wrenn

    We need to stop intervening around the world. Our military is not to “spread democracy”, or fight other countries battles, to secure spoils of war (oil)… it’s for National Defense… We can’t afford it (money/financially), our military is spent after 12 years of deployments. Our country reeling from the cost of it and suffering for it. It’s time to let the Arab countries police their own… We need to refrain and let the world court hold those responsible for the atrocities to account for their actions for war crimes.

  • commonsenseamerican

    No civilized society can allow the use of wmds. EVER. Period.

    • marysaunders

      Well that lets the U.S. out. You said civilized. The U.S. government has used depleted uranium around their own people, for crying out loud! And hexavalent chromium, that Erin Brokovich had to sue about! Our people may be civilized, some of them, but our government?

  • Reta Lane

    I have been listening or reading about McCain trying to drag us in to that civil war for months now and also many other republican senators. Every my pitiful senator from Oklahoma is now calling Obama names for not jumping in but now I keep reading comments from republicans that are trying to blame Obama for getting us involved in another war. It doesn’t matter what he does because he will be criticized by the right wing nuts..I don’t think we should get involved and we all need to start speaking up because it looks like we are going to be dragged into Syria’s civil war.

  • booker25

    McCain will forever be fighting the Viet Nam war, I don’t care what name it goes by. We don’t need to get involved in this latest one

  • Ray

    I truly feel sorry for you, the american public. It must be difficult to understand a situation when you have been so thoroughly brainwashed.
    Today it has been disclosed that the Syrian Rebels are responsible for the use of chemical weapons… this should makes you wonder…
    My advice to you would be this, turn off the TV and focus your efforts on issue’s closer to home. I assure you the rest of the world is more than capable of looking after themselves, they don’t want or need your government to interfere (mainly because your “government” is a farce and your country is controlled by psychopaths).
    Good luck!

  • jeczaja

    Anyone seen a headline>Congressman X says we can’t afford a war? Me neither. If chemicals weapons were used, they were probably used by the jihadi rebels, who sweetly posted a video of one of their cohorts eating a man’s heart. (Not making it up, no-not a metaphor either) EVEN IF the lies were true, why does that mean US must fix it by bombing them? Do you think no civilians will die then? Fools and blind.

  • Aptosian

    That money being spent doesn’t just evaporate into thin air. It’s going into the pockets of the likes of Dick Cheney and his evil doers. The military industrial complex has John McCain as their cheerleader and we have to refuse more war.

  • ally

    I do know that Assad is no saint however is there not an element of scapegoating by the govt and the media in order to justify an intervention by the US ? Just my own thoughts going by impartial articles I have read so please do correct me if I am wrong……..

  • Schuyler Thorpe

    Unfortunately, few people learn from their past mistakes. And the Republicans are rife with such examples. But they sure as hell are content to commit new ones–just for the sake of it.

    • Really!

      How did this become Republicans thing, from the facts the current admin is wanting to drop the bombs and the congress is saying wait. U r an a**

    • marysaunders

      Excuse me. The majority voting for war are D’s this time. If you are D, lean on your own. So far as I know, the point-man on staying out of quicksand is Justin Amash, an R. If there is a filibuster against this, it’s going to be R’s. The media likes the horror of splashing McCain’s face around because he does not represent the new R’s.

  • southsidemike

    if the right wants war and they really believe it’s needed; congress needs to declare war, vote on it, and raise taxes to pay for it.

  • iz wid open

    1.5Trillion. Is Usa involved in Syria because of oil supplies, eh? If there are 75 Million houses that qualify for solar photovoltaic and plug in electric cars, it would cost only a little more for the government to use taxpayer money to build and install AT NO CHARGE (except for the taxes already paid) photovoltaic solar o every available roof top. this would fuel the automobiles and provide about 80% of the energy we currently use. that would preempt the reason for preemptive resource wars.

  • Mitchell S. Gilbert

    One cannot be a credible ‘humanist’ and insist that the most powerful country on earth remain silent in the face of evil. There’s a difference between going to war and inflicting a harsh military strike that says: “people with a moral compass will not tolerate your inhumanity.”

  • Earl Jacob MacKenzie Netwal

    #2: Wars create jobs and stimulus, they are the opposite of the sequester.

  • Ed Gentner

    It’s simply not our fight…it’s time to follow the advice of Nancy Reagan and just say no…these people have been at each others throats for more than three thousand years, nothing we say or do will stop them…the only alternative is for the NATO alliance to stay out of it…

  • lawwatkins

    Is there EVER a time to fight for what is right? If the answer is “yes,” then where, exactly, is the operative point? I believe that the answer is an unqualified “yes.” What happened in Syria demands a response. I don’t want to be involved in another Iraq. But can’t we begin with a few strategic assassinations and then see how the ball bounces after that? Kill Assad now, rather than waiting for the War Crimes Tribunal to hang him years from now. One death compared to tens of thousand deaths if the status quo continues sounds pretty economical. I’m glad that Obama has the decision to make. We know what McCain’s solution would be! It isn’t a black and white decision that must be made. It is a true conundrum, and staying out of the matter may not be the right choice. Trust Obama to do what is “right.” I would rather have him doing something than to have any Republican making decisions about war.

  • Albertzinho

    People!…we must identify the “real” reason we are going in this direction…remember how a magician works: call your attention to one hand, while doing something different with the other…think. I am against ANY war.

  • Outraged_Texan

    I really think we should examine our military. What is it for? To defend the USA, Against whom? The Mexicans? The Canadians? or some naval force? the Chinese? We really don’t need to spend a total of about 60% of government spending on the military, it’s just insane. We don’t have any credible enemies. A few goat herders with delusions? It isn’t that hard to defeat terrorists, just stop giving them a reason to hate us, then it’s just boring police work.

  • six6sixwitch

    So why wasn’t everyone freaking out this bad when we “intervened” in Egypt and Libya? Everybody take deep breaths and think for a bit…I’m not saying it COULDN’T get bad but it’s a little early to be worrying about World War III.

  • David Kahl

    We have been told a lot about Syria, but we haven’t been given the whole story. Context – granting that the Baathist regime of Assad is not a group of nice guys, Syria:

    1.Relative to other Arab countries, was pretty democratic.

    2. Was debt-free and gave its people access to food, healthcare, and education.

    3. Was reasonably stable and secure. Note the lack of serious issues on the Israeli border, in an area of serious contention (U.N. resolution 242).

    4. Had just signed an agreement to construct a natural gas pipeline with Iran and Iraq, connecting to the Mediterranean. Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Israel, and Turkey have their own plans – the city of Homs (“heart of the revolution”) sits at a critical nexus point. Add the recent discovery of a major gas field in that area.

    5. Has a president, Bashar Assad, who, until the violence, drove himself – unguarded – around the countryside and demanded no special treatment in hotels and restaurants, wishing to wait his turn.

    6. Had a long history of Muslim Brotherhood-instigated upheaval and violence that was dealt with in no uncertain terms.

    7. Has been, until recently, safe and secure for Christians.

    8. Could easily be seen as a False Flag operation.

  • KRoad

    #6 Chemical Attacks

    They used chemical attacks on their own people. They hate us a hell of a lot more than their own people and have already threatened us if we attempt to get involved. You bet your ass those chemicals will be unleashed on our troops.

    #7 The Voice of the People

    Over 60% of Americans do NOT want us to get involved in Syria. The government works for the people (funny joke I know…) then they should listen now and stay out of Syria.

  • Lawrence Devine

    I completely agree that unleashing US weapons against Syria is a serious mistake. John McCain lost the election but is apparently under the delusion he had won. He has sadly lost all credibility and will, in a knee-jerk manner, oppose everything President Obama says or does. That goes for his cronies in the Republican party as well. Have these members of our congress learned nothing since Viet Nam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya?

  • jring281

    But if the POTUS doesn’t attack Syria he will have to face questions about Benghazi, IRS, NSA, DHS, DOE, etc.

  • just sayin

    looks like we are about to have another civil war here in our own country

  • Daniel Moore

    McCain is a dim bulb, just look at his standing in college. He was a marginal pilot by most accounts too. I find it galling that a conservative Republican continues to make the case for war given the results of the last two fiascos initiated by a Republican president. Do they ever learn? Are they so beholden to military contractors that they find human life so easy to expend? Listening to all of the chicken hawks beating the drum for war, I say, put those flag waving fools up front and watch them run like the cowards they are.

  • Ted Hunter

    To answer the question, YES, we have learned something from the last war. We learned that big money interests control the government. Welcome to Corporate Fascism! BIG MONEY WILL DECIDE whether we go to war.

    Now patriots, let’s all sing “Proud To Be an American”, shall we?

  • Texie

    we didn’t intervene in other countries that committed atrocities .. why Syria? Its not logical and its none of our business. How bout we take care of our own country!!

  • jaik

    Obama hasn’t proposed going to war in the first place. This falsely titled over-reactionary BS is great for getting clicks for WebSites but its not helpful. Reagan made strikes against Libya, that wasn’t a War, it was a set of limited strikes to send a specific message, and it was heard loud and clear. Obama’s been clear that there is no regime change intended in Syria, there is no invasion in the works, and that our only goal is to send a message to Dictators about the use of WMD on civilians. We sat on our hands during Rwanda & that was not an ethical moral thing to do. I don’t necessarily agree with the scope of strikes proposed, but its not the same as declaring WAR

  • Lloyd N

    Yes John was a POW. Give him that credit. However he did not fatigues, you wear a flight suit when driving a A-4 jet. Never was a grunt on the ground and that means face to face with who ever your fighting.

    1.5 trill on is just the being. Add on all the cost of the VA will be paying out vets and their treatments. Think Vietnam Vets rising cost to the VA.

    We are sick with historical amnesia. We keep doing the same things over and over again and have the same results. That is behind stupid, it is insanity!

  • Mike Williams

    I love that you got “clusterfuck” past the censors, and editors.

    I don’t agree that this is a potential post-nuclear war.

    I have what I believe is reasonably accurate information that we have not had a nuclear war yet. Could it become a nuke fest? Sure any conflict could. Now that Iran, N. Korea, Pakistan, and Vlad The Emperor of Russia are in “control” of nukes.

    I do agree with the rest of your points though.
    The one that should stick out the most… Is who is the enemy. I can not abide by sending troops into a conflict where everyone has a gun and looks like the same. Is that an enemy combatant or some Joe just walking home after work? They both carry Ak’s, let’s wait till he shoots at us.

    During the last Iraq war we gave the citizens their weapons back.
    As an occupying force you don’t rearm anyone.

    That is why it took a decade to leave. Not win, leave.
    We did not win that war, we just did better there than in Vietnam and Korea.

    We are now getting ready to pull out of Afghanistan, were we are fighting against some of the very people we mind wind up fight alongside in Syria.
    Crazy. If we go in, we go all in. Take both sides out then make them form their own new government I think Russia would be hard pressed not to give US troops to meet that goal.

  • Gary O. D.

    Syria was on the list.

  • live2fish

    The number 1 reason for not going into Syria….I would hate to have more parents go through what I had to when my oldest son was killed in Iraq. These overseas wars with no long term results are BS and killing our sons and daughters.

  • debaug1

    It seems that during our Revolutionary War that the French helped the American Patriots… seems without them we would be a British colony still. During our Civil War…. other countries also took sides. Seems other countries always are asked to help. I know I heard a gentleman from So. Viet Nam and we was very, very happy to have our help or they would have simply been overrun by the north. Do I think we should get involved in Syria… No… it is plain and simple… we do not know who the “good” guy is and putting more guns in the hands of the Muslims Brotherhood is totally crazy.

  • Scott Sloan

    Assad is a murderous asshole, but if we depose him….then what? We tend to look at situations like this and Egypt and say ” Oh look at all those protestors. Everyone must hate him. Lets just replace him and we can all sing Kumbaya.” Then all the people who supported the regime come out and now there’s a whole new wave of anger and indignation. And we’ve got shit on our faces and don’t know what to do. Conservatives mindlessly beat the war drums, but liberals deny the fact that Islamist extremists are intolerant, violent religion crazed pricks. Liberals also deny the fact that the selfsame extremists are the only ones capable of overthrowing the old regime because they don’t have discussions or try to find common ground. They fight and they fight to win.

  • William Thornton

    The descendants of the Crusaders run the world what do you expect!

  • randolphgarrison1

    Strange, the WARHAWK who wanted go get into any war anywhere does not want to attack Syria? Was it the oil companies or the Arab League pulling his reigns.

  • Humanity Citizen

    A decade ago US attacked Iraq and Afghanistan without any UN call or authorization and faced its trillion dollar consequences. And if US, UK or any of its ally attacks Syria without any approval from UN and by breaking its international law, I dont see why UN should be running. It should immediately shut down as it doesnt have any power to control unnecessary wars and genocide on innocent lives. Let the UN inspectors do their job to investigate whosne behind the chemical attacks, why are the western powers so aggresive and greedy to shed blood. Do they have something to hide? Will they beefit from destroying Assads regime? Maybe for more Oil or undisclosed natural resources. Was it a purposeful attack on UN vehicles to delay the inspection and to make an excuse to trigger a war. The more UN team will delay, the more excuses will be made to declare the war. My sincere advice to US is to first look at your own country; Create Jobs, Remove poverty, Decrease Taxes, Pay your debts, let the soldiers stay with their families, many more. For UK; Same as above + Stop acting like you are a super power who can conquer the world again. Many more suggestions, but no use since your govt and your allies are professionals in destablizing whole middle east and helping to sshed more blood in the name of peace.

    • Charles Vincent

      Because we have idiots running this country.

  • Yenski

    This is pretty much all trite bullshit.

  • Dr Cure

    Screw the rest of the world, it’s time to get our boys home, secure our borders and start nation building at home all over again. And oh yeah, gov’t needs to make banks and wall st more “loan friendly” in the process…America is not supposed to be about just supporting one class not named “middle”.

  • Paula Mersing

    Why don’t we just let the entire Middle East destroy themselves? I mean, this whole thing is over oil. We are sending the oil from the Alaskan pipeline to Japan. Why can we not use our own supplies and stop depending on others?

  • lolo

    Just reading the comments……don’t think I noticed anything about why we have been picking apart middle eastern countries one at a time..well how about oil aka black gold. Do you think this or any administration past or current gives a shit about creating democracy in impoverished and/or middle eastern counties. Or perhaps you are still trying to convince yourself this is a war on terror. Please people wake the hell up already. Wake up and smell the oil !

  • Amust

    One word ——-RWANDA———–
    The US was one of the last countries to enter WWII, started in Afghanistan but left Canada hanging while off to Iraq and Clinton refused to call Rwanda a genocide because international law compels the UN to act in the event of a genocide. How many times will the world permit the massacre of people based on their faith or race. Assad must be stopped and the world must act, period.

  • red_dragon_hawk

    well maybe a new tack should be taken….bomb the F outta them and then don’t
    stick around….if they get out of line again….repeat and rinse

  • zealotron

    James needs to do his homework and take off the liberal, commie blinders,. I too am against going into Syria, both all sides are evil but Hillary told us Assad was a great guy, she defends him. as to the debt of Iraq and Afghanistan… yes war is expensive…just look at the costs to us in Libya, Egypt and the massive amount of weapons sunk in the ocean that Barak Obummer was sending over without congressional approval. BUT!!! war is good for the economy and innovation and has caused major economic improvements after they are over. Before his term is over I would not be surprised to find race wars in America and several states leaving through the sovereignty movements, Alaska and Texas are already pressing for it, as are most of the states west of the Mississippi River and at least one east of it.

  • NeitherRightorLeft

    Why is the U.S. always the planet’s “police” force? Let another country take a stand for once.

  • feministbitch.

    not to disagree with any of your points, but I am sure that when the archduke ferdinand was shot, no one realized it would start world war 1. After studying the WWII i am convinced that in the global politics at this point, anything is enough to kick start another massive war.

  • Michael Souza

    If the republicans want to go to war let them send THEIR KIDS or put on a uniform THEMSELVES!!

  • Rick Turnbow

    I think those reasons are pretty good. Now, will anyone take heed?

  • zee

    Mclunk needs to retire allready.

  • LaPao

    5, 2 and 1 were valid at the time of this article, but given the latest statements by the White House and the provisions in the resolution passed by the Committee of Foreign Relations, I think that these points are rather null. 3 is sort of stupid and doesn’t really take into account Israel’s actual interests. 4 is the only one that still remains worrisome.

  • Randy8213

    I think the number 1 reason should be oil. If we attack Syria the price of oil will skyrocket. The number 2 reason should be Israel. Israel doesn’t want their neighbor to have the ability to toss chemical weapons at them. Israel has already handed out gas masks to it’s people. If Israel doesn’t like it, let Israel take care of it!

  • kevingt

    Everything about this article is wrong!!
    #1 We avoid doing anything just because John McCain is for war?? What kind of a reason is that? That’s like the Republican reasoning to avoid anything that Obama likes. Don’t be as dumb as them Obama is not asking for or declaring war. He is not invading a country like Bush invaded Iraq. He will make strategic hits of permanent military installations like radar arrays, landing strips, etc. Not places where civilians are.
    #2 We are not picking sides. We aren’t partnering with anyone. In fact, the jihadists in Syria are just as afraid of Obama as they are of Assad. They think that they are Obama’s real target. Once again, we will make strategic hits of permanent military installations like radar arrays, landing strips, etc. We are not going in and fighting for either side. We are taking out Assad’s air capabilities and that is it.
    #3 Putin has already said that he will NOT retaliate if the US makes strikes inside of Syria. He may be dismayed about the strikes, but he understands international laws.
    #4 We are NOT going into war. We will fire a few Tomahawk missiles and that’s it. It is not going to cost a trillion like Iraq or even a billion. And getting Congress to pass a jobs bill has been impossible for 5 years. Do you think ignoring Syria is going to change that either way? Obama won’t stop doing his job here just because of limited military action in Syria. We will do the same thing in Syria that we did in Libya. The world didn’t stop for that conflict either.
    #5 NOT, NOT, NOT, NOT Iraq. This is NOT like Iraq. Bush was beating the drum to go to war against Iraq since 9/11 – a year and half. The Syrian War was been going on for 2 years and Obama has been saying we need to stay out – not get in. Now that Assad is gassing his people, Obama will take limited action to stop that. Obama is not going to invade Iraq like Bush did. This is completely different from Iraq.
    Was Saddam bombing his people in Iraq in 2003? No.
    Was there a war going on in Iraq in 2003? No
    Did Saddam have weapons of mass destruction in 2003? No
    Are we going to invade Syria with troops & tanks and shock & awe? No
    Will any troops at all be going into Syria? No
    Are we trying to take out Assad? No
    Has Obama made any false claims against Syria? No
    Is Obama trying to declare war on Syria? No
    Were UN inspectors allowed to go in and do their job? Yes
    Almost the exact opposite of Iraq. Bad comparison but I see it being made a lot.

  • Road

    Funny he voted yes yesterday!

  • valhalladeath

    I agree that the civil war in Syria is no one’s business except for Syria’s. That is, until the chemical weapons came out. Whether you like it or not, a line was crossed and this is now a global problem. Anyone willing to use chemical weapons on their own people will not hesitate to use it elsewhere.

  • Van M Snyder

    All good points, James. However, can’t we all stop writing like we are speaking?; and speaking like a teenager. “Seriously” should not be used in writing.

  • Mark

    The claim that the Assad government used chemical weapons is a straight up lie. Syria called for UN inspection teams itself as a pre-emptive measure against this exact media crap. Why would then then drop chem weapons on top of them? They’re not *that* nuts.

    Not to mention, it’s a nonsense reason to start with. The American Government doesn’t actually care about the horrors of chemical weapons. They just figured it could be spun effectively to suck people in.

    Think about it: The US used Agent Orange resulting in, according to estimates from Vietnam, 400,000 dead or maimed, and 500,000 birth defects. Makes this false flag crap in Syria look like a game of marbles.

    So this whole spin about taking the moral high ground is simply another lie.

  • toonus

    Most idiotic article ever.
    How about spending some time learning world history and listening to other points of view instead of following the herd of lemmings off the cliff.

  • Name

    I don’t think John McCain has a hard on for war, he just recognizes that Obama should have a plan already, Assad was warned about using chemical warfare less than two years ago. McCain’s point is, if the U.S. is going to follow through on that warning, an airstrike will do nothing but destroy property (that America would probably end up providing aid for reconstruction and clean up, sheesh) and take more lives in Syria, as well as add fuel to the fire…without a military presense on the ground, what is the message??? It HAS to be all or nothing at this point. That said, I vote for peaceful resolution. 🙂

  • theoldsheepherder

    The shelf life of McCain doing a photo op with terrorists in Syria went away after it was verified through multiple sources. Our policy with Syria is definitely on the wrong track.

  • KLB

    5 Quick Reasons We Need to Get Involved in Syria
    5) John McCain Has Been to War
    He’s a nut, but he has seen war up close. Any person who has been to war, know that war sucks ass. However, despite this, Senator McCain recognizes that because we have the ability to do something about this, we have the moral obligation to do something! Seeing atrocities, then saying “Sorry, not our problem,” especially when we have the ability to prevent them, makes us complicit in them. Maybe you’ve heard of Rwanda? We could have stopped that travesty early on, chose not too, and 800,000+ people were butchered. In addition to this, anyone who has studied global geopolitics knows that we are in fact the only nation on the planet that has the means and ability to do something about it. Name one other nations that has the ability to project it’s power globally? Great Britain? Not since 1947. France? Maybe if we are talking about 1878.

    4) We Do Know Our Enemy
    It’s the insane, genocidal asshole Bashir al-Assad. In this post 9-11/War on Terror world, do you really think that the CIA is going to fund and train groups linked to al-Qaeda? Are there Islamist/Salafist/al-Qaeda linked groups battling in Syria? Certainly. However, have you considered that if we do not step in, maybe you’re right someone else will? What if that someone else IS a group sharing ideology with al-Qaeda? Then we have no choice by to go boots to the ground. A well-armed, heavily populated country ruled by an al-Qaeda like group would almost certainly cause a broader conflict in the Middle East, and would leave us with no option but direct, full-scale military intervention. Finally, who is calling for boots on the ground? If you listen to President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry, this is going to be a limited strike, most likely involving precision guided cruise missiles launched against command-and-control targets, i.e. the Syrian General Staff.

    3) You’re Overestimating Russia
    Yeah, Vladimir Putin likes to talk a good game, and it is pretty obvious that the Russians like to think of themselves as being as powerful as they were in 1983. In reality, Russia is but a shadow of it’s former self, and a pretty small shadow at that. If Russia is really as powerful as you suppose, do you think we’d even be having this conversation about intervening in a civil war involving one of their close allies? Go back thirty years, and we would not be having this conversation, because you’d be right. It would lead to a global catastrophe involving global thermonuclear war. In regards to Israel, it seems pretty clear that despite Netanyahu’s assholeishness, the Israeli’s really do not want this to involve them. Yeah, they may hit Chemical Weapons depots if it seems they are being passed onto Hezbollah, but other than that, they are trying to avoid being involved. You’re also assuming that Israel cannot take care of themselves. How many times have they rolled the Syrians? Three times? Four times? They hardly need our help with direct intervention on their behalf.

    2) Jobs, jobs, jobs
    You are correct in that war is extremely expensive. However, you’re also ignoring the fact that war is extremely helpful in creating jobs. While the New Deal kicked ass, it didn’t end the Great Depression. That would be World War Two. Now, clearly, based on the President’s proposals, this would not be a long-term fight such as the Second World War. Still, as I stated previously, trying to dislodge a al-Qaeda like organization from power in a place like Syria would be. So, we can spend a few hundred million dollars on cruise missiles and humanitarian aid, or we can spend a trillion dollars on trying to dislodge an well-equipped, heavily armed, entrenched foe in five to ten years.

    1) Syria is not Iraq
    Again, look at what the President is proposing and what Secretary Kerry is elaborating on. We’re talking a limited strike, most-likely using cruise missiles launched from hundreds of miles away. This was not Bush’s plan in regards to Iraq. In addition to this, Syria has much different demographics then Iraq does. The Assad family are members of the small Alawite sect of Shi’a Islam. They compose less than 13% of Syria’s population. Syria is overwhelmingly Sunni, however it has been a largely secular country since it gained independence from France in 1946. Yes, they are militant Sunni groups operating in Syria, but again, this is a very good reason to be involved, so those militant Sunnis do not turn Syria into Iraq.

    This is not a good situation, and certainly I do not think we should rush into anything the way we did in Iraq. However, I think the fact that Sarin Gas is being used to murder innocent civilians, and extremist groups are becoming more and more prominent. We must get involved in a limited way. The consequences of not doing so, seem to far out weight the consequences of doing so.

  • #1. What’s the difference with McCain and Obama? Hillary wants to go too. There is no way we should go over over there. No reason whatsoever. They’ve already killed over 100,000 and we’ve done nothing so why go now. The UN says no so that’s telling the world, the governing body says you can gas whoever you want and we won’t do a thing. Just ignore the problem and it will go away. Live and let live. We don’t need to send our youth over there. I can say this now after serving almost 8 years. The VA system is horrible. I’ve left the Republicans and have joined the Democrats and have come up with the new mantra, “It’s everyone else’s fault and I’m here to get mine.” Love this Union mentality. To the hell with customers – ha ..Love it!!

  • stephen james

    I agree with this and all the great comments below. A sentimental side of me, that acknowledges our responsibility as a world power as a force for good, wants to still believe naivly, that we could intervene, like Clinton did for Kosovo/Bosnia, for humanitarian reasons, to stop a genocide, or in this case to lessen the miltary power of Assad to kill his citizens, to hasten his exit so a process for positive change can begin…but It’s way past time to keep thinking that violence is the solution to violence, especially in the middle east…as someone said, even good intentions are not enough.
    I’d be in favor of bombing the whole country with cannabis vapor bombs and food and medicine packages.

  • I laid out better reasons than these yesterday at a rally. If we attack and the opposition, made up partly of al-Queda types, will launch major offensive. If the Assad regime collapses, the al-Queda types could attain Syria’s chemical weapons. It’s what Obama called “modest risk” in his speech Tuesday night.

    • Todd A Scheller

      Still thinking that having a private profile keeps you hidden?