5 Reasons Why I Have Absolutely No Respect for Most Donald Trump Supporters

Like many reading this, since Donald Trump launched his campaign, I’ve lost friends over heated exchanges concerning the most incompetent person to ever be elected president in this nation’s history.

Usually I try to be more tactful in my political debates — but not when it comes to Trump. For me, there’s no “gray area” or “middle ground” when it comes to him. He’s a con man, a pathological liar, a racist, a bigot, a sexist, completely incompetent and extremely dangerous.

Donald Trump’s entire political existence has been such an absolute, disgusting circus that I’ve lost the ability to show those who support him any respect.

1. They’re supporting a man who’s proudly backed and praised by Nazis, white supremacists, the KKK, David Duke, a serial-killing Russian tyrant and a dictator who used chemical weapons on women and children: This is a point I’ve made on several occasions (I even made a video commenting on it). If you knew nothing about the 2016 election besides the fact that there was one candidate who was praised and supported by Nazis, a former Grand Wizard of the KKK, the actual KKK, a Russian tyrant who’s had people murdered, and a Syrian dictator who used chemical weapons on women and children — would you support that candidate? When have those types of people ever been on the right side of history? It simply doesn’t happen.

Yet, here his supporters are, proudly on that side of history with those types of horrific and disgusting individuals.

2. They deny facts and reality to an extent that I’ve only seen among people brainwashed by a cult: I’ve had countless political debates with people throughout my life, but I’ve never dealt with anything like the average Trump supporter. When using indisputable video or audio evidence to debunk one of Trump’s many lies has absolutely no impact on what someone believes, that’s borderline insanity. I’ve had Trump supporters deny that he’s said or done something that he’s literally on video saying or doing. That or they’ll claim I took it out of context — when I used his full quote verbatim.

It’s like I’m living in an episode of The Twilight Zone where the rules that normally govern society no longer exist.

3. He belittled veterans. bragged about being a sexual predator and mocked a man with disabilities: While there are any number of horrific and disgusting things Donald Trump said and did throughout his campaign which I feel disqualify him to be this nation’s leader, belittling POWs in a pathetic attempt to attack Sen. John McCain; mocking a disabled reporter as he tried to defend his blatant lie about 9/11; and bragging about being a creepy sexual predator are three things that should automatically prevent anyone from holding elected office — especially the presidency.

His supporters can spin those three things however they like (and they have), but he did all of that and they still proudly voted for him. That’s flat-out shameful and embarrassing.

4. Not only do they deny facts and reality, the truth is, many of them simply don’t care: While many Trump supporters I’ve encountered seem willfully ignorant about the many disgusting truths about him, there are some who simply don’t care. I’ve had quite a few tell me they don’t care if all these vile things about him are true, they support him anyway. They prove that Trump was right when he called his supporters mindless sheep who’d support him no matter what he did.

(To get an idea of exactly what I’m talking about, here’s a prime example of the type of person to which I’m referring.)

5. I refuse to respect anyone who supports a traitor to the United States of America: Our entire intelligence community has said that Vladimir Putin ordered an attack against the United States in a direct attempt to undermine our democracy, then used Wikileaks as his own personal political weapon to target Democrats and Hillary Clinton. The NSA, CIA, and FBI have all said that Russia was behind the hacking of the DNC and Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Yet, despite all of this, Donald Trump has gone after and criticized U.S. intelligence officials, while defending and praising the enemy who ordered an attack against us.

When you’re an American (especially a president) who believes and defends the lies of a Russian dictator, while doubting and attacking our own intelligence officials, that’s a betrayal of your country.

And I will not respect anyone who backs a traitor simply because they’re a member of the party they support.

While there are many… many more reasons I could have listed here, these are some of the main reasons why I simply cannot respect those who support one of the biggest mistakes this country has ever made. I will never call Donald Trump, a man who defends our enemies, President of the United States.

Feel free to hit me up on Twitter or Facebook and let me know if you agree.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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    And those are Trump’s good points!! /s

  • strayaway

    5 Reasons Why I Wonder about Hillary Supporters. I don’t disrespect them generally. That would be hateful.

    1. They supported someone who was proudly backed and praised by the Communist Party USA, the Mexican government, and was funded by Saudi billionaires and George Soros and whose immigration policies were those of the US Chamber of Commerce.
    2. They deny facts and reality to an extent that I’ve only seen among people brainwashed by a cult. Yes, Hillary lied, cheated, was ‘excessively careless’ with national security matters when using her computer illegally. Given the choice between knowing about illegalities, no matter the source, or sticking their heads in the sand, they choose the latter.
    3. Hillary belittled one quarter of the US population as “deplorables”and “dark” among other things, facilitated her rapist husband, lied, and introduced foreign policies leading to MILLIONS of deaths and refugees.
    4. Not only do they deny facts and reality, the truth is, many of them simply don’t care about those deaths or US workers.
    5. I shake my head at those who are trying to resurrect the cold war and supported that fool Hillary who expressed support for downing Russian military planes over Syria, gave neocons a new home in the Democratic Party, and support neo-McCarthyism as voiced in this article.

    • FD Brian

      1. Trump is supported by communists too and also funded by billionaires and I’m sure the Chamber of Commerce is pro trump.

      2. Trump lies, cheats and excessively careless as well. Republicans have used on .gov computer servers, deleted millions of emails and violated laws too. And they don’t deny and yet republicans don’t care either.

      3. Trump belittles the US population, Mexico, a whole religion, he’s actually facilitated sexual assult his self, and he’s lied. You all of the sudden seem to care about refugees and their deaths, I am perplexed on that point.

      4. Trump supporters don’t care about those deaths and you’re telling me the guy who used Chinese steel in his buildings, screwed people out of money they had coming to them all of the sudden cares about US workers?

      5. resurrect the cold war, freaking republicans have been talking about having actual war with Russia. Come on man.

      just come out and tell us you’re enamored with Trump because you like his hair.

      • strayaway

        1. Please specify which communist organization supports Trump as you claim.
        2. Are you planning expanding the topic to everything Republicans have done since the Civil War?
        3 Trump did insult brown people. Obama bombs and kills them.
        4. I care about the millions of people Obama and Hillary killed with their stupid foreign policies whether or not some Republicans don’t. It may come back to haunt us. Trump, unlike a community organizer and Hillary actually did build things in a competitive environment. Trump, unlike Hillary and Obama does seem more dedicated to getting jobs back here. Carrier, Ford… Obama said their was nothing that could be done about getting those jobs back and supported the TPP.
        5 Getting back to the recent election. Hillary was the hawk although her buddy, McCain, is a Republican.

      • Denise Pattison

        Dude, you need a refresher course on how to stay current with the news.

        However, I’m not going to do what I normally do by pointing out and referencing sources.

        Why? Because I can see the writing on the wall with you. One piece of advice, that I’m sure will make you angry, get new articles to read. You need to read more than the rags spewing Hillary hatred.

        As an example, the jobs you say President Obama made no attempt to save.

        Yeah, that particular point that you THINK you know– totally wrong. Find a better news source.

      • strayaway

        Denise, I’ll just quote President Obama speaking directly to Carrier employees since you seem to be living in your imagination. In response to a Carrier employee’s question, Pres. Obama said this in June of this year about his ability to save those Carrier jobs:

        “when somebody says, like (Trump), that he’s going to bring all these jobs back, well how exactly are you going to do that? What are you going to do?”

        “There’s — there’s no answer to it. He just says, ‘Well, I’m going to negotiate a better deal.’ Well, how — what — how exactly are you going to negotiate that? What magic wand do you have? And usually, the answer is he doesn’t have an answer.”

        Guess what? Carrier has since decided to bring 700-1,000 of those jobs back depending on who is telling the story. President Obama had time though to be promoting the TPP.

      • Kathleen G.

        Guess you missed the update – carrier is still moving jobs to Mexico. Trump lied, again.

      • strayaway

        How come Democrats always side with the Mexican government against US workers? The good news is that Trump retrieved 700 jobs (by Democratic statistics downplaying this) That’s 700 more jobs for Americans than Obama said there was nothing he could do about and Trump isn’t even President yet. Don’t you just hate being shown up?

      • Mark Mazza

        You conveniently forgot who got us into those two unnecessary wars. You trumpy’s memories only go back eight years. This world was changed for the worse by the actions of Bush/Cheney. Now son how can you refute that?

      • strayaway

        Which wars?
        WWI: Wilson (D),
        WWII: FDR(D),
        Korea: Truman(D),
        Gulf War: BushI(R),
        Iraq:BushII(R) with the enthusiastic support of Sen. Clinton and Sen. Kerry,
        Libya, Syria, Ukraine: Obama/SOS Clinton

      • Mark Mazza

        Your stupidity knows no bounds. Ukraine? What US troops are involved? WW2? We were attacked. WW1? We were attacked. Iraq War? How about Afghanastan? Enthusiastic support? Bush LIED.

      • strayaway

        You might consider reading up on the history of the overthrow of the democratically elected pro-Russian government of Ukraine that was replaced with pro-Washington fascists. Read, for instance, the Counterpunch article, “Chronology of the Ukranian Coup’. This is not to excuse Putin for taking advantage of the situation. Rather, it is another fumble of failed Obama/SOS Clinton foreign policy in this case contributing to the renewal of the cold war. This policy attracted neocons to the Democratic Party like flies to dung. Did I say US troops were involved? Answer: No.

        I made no judgments about WWII. Again, try not to insinuate things I didn’t claim. I only listed which Presidents were at the helm and their party affiliation.

        I thought I mentioned the Iraq war. Bush lied and warmonger Hillary supported Bush enthusiastically and , as Senator voted for the Iraq war. Maybe this is why Democrats voted for her. In her own words: “I believe the facts that have brought us to this fateful vote are not in doubt.
        Saddam Hussein is a tyrant who has tortured and killed his own people … [I]ntelligence reports show that Saddam Hussein has worked to rebuild his chemical and biological weapons stock, his missile delivery capability and his nuclear program. He has also given aid, comfort and sanctuary to terrorists including Al Qaeda members.” -Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY), October 10, 2002.

        I forgot Afghanistan. Bush retaliated for 9/11 in response to Osama Bin Laden and his Taliban protectors. More US troops died under Obama in Afghanistan then under Bush by the way.

      • Raddison

        Look, it’s over. What’s done is done. Conservatives have lowered themselves to electing a vulgarian who eagerly pandered to the very worst human qualities. Conservatives have stuck themselves with that and they cannot take it back or ever live it down.

        What they did was deplorable and shameful. And it told us everything we need to know about them. They HAVE NO SHAME. They have shown themselves to be deplorable, rotten people.

      • strayaway

        No, the worst human quality is killing people which Hillary has a record of doing. It seems that you have no shame for championing a candidate, I presume you favored Hillary, who created so much death and destruction.

      • strayaway

        Your comment had a lot of feeling but wasn’t at all substantive. Try harder.

      • Mark Mazza

        Where is you mention that Bush lied? You said “I thought I mentioned the Iraq war. Bush lied and warmonger Hillary supported Bush enthusiastically and , as Senator voted for the Iraq war.” And you don’t see the hypocrisy that more people under Obama died than under Bush? Bush started the war. Obama was left to deal with it including the agreement Bush signed on when US troops HAD to leave by. And he lied about weapons of mass destruction. Your memory only goes back 8 years I guess.

      • strayaway

        This isn’t a thread about Bush. Some Democrats like Kucinich were smart enough to figure out that Bush was lying. Hillary was a fool and taken in Bush’s lies. In 2007, Obama promised that if elected, he would immediately remove the troops from Iraq. He said we could “take that to the bank”. He lied.

      • Mark Mazza

        No it was a response to your bullshit.

      • Lorraine Wheatley

        He Trump saved nothing,he bribed them with cash!

      • Gregory771

        Another Liar

      • Lorraine Wheatley

        To late to help you,so sorry you carry so much hate.OH BY THE WAY,RETHUGS STARTED THE WARS ON LIES AND GREED. TRUMP IS A MAGGOT!

    • Raddison

      But despite everything you listed you cannot say that she is a deplorable, vulgar, crude, mean-spirited, bullying, exceptionally juvenile person who plays to the very worst in human nature and brazenly benefits from fear-driven and ignorance driven bigotry. All of which is true for Trump.

      • strayaway

        So, in your mind, being “vulgar, crude”, etc is worse than Hillary supporting wars and policies which killed millions and turned additional millions into refugees? We disagree on that point.

    • Gregory771

      And she was right, LoL

    • EarthaB

      and who sold 20% of our uranium to the Russians and whose foundation then received a very sinkable donation? who was caught on a hot mic saying “tell Vlad I’ll have more flexibility in 2012.” Democrats.

  • Carolyn Webb

    ALL the republicans POST REAGAN are just as horrible as DONALD TRUMP. It showed plainly enough during the BUSH-CHENEY years and became even more Full blown MALICIOUS starting in AUGUST of 2009 when the foot soldiers of the republicans, RACIST, HOMOPHOBIC, MISOGYNIST TEA PARTY “PATRIOT” STORM TROOPERS first ran wild all over America, and DESTROYED every single one of President Obama’s town hall meetings on healthcare reform because those TEA PARTY “PATRIOTS” (All of whom were WHITE SUPREMACISTS who could not tolerate a Non-White President) were the SAME PEOPLE a BIGOT like TRUMP could easily tap into!

    The sad failure of the whole Democratic Party to realize how dangerous those Tea Baggers were back then (and Still are) led them to under-estimate the worst domestic enemy this country has, the right wing Wite Supremacist CHRISTO-FASCIST RACIST REPBLICANS!

    Evil flourished in Germany 1933 because the “Good German democrats if the Weimar Republic failed to see how dangerous THEIR DOMESTIC ENEMIES WERE (the NAZIS)

    Evil flourishes when good people fail to fight back in time.

    Now it’s TOO LATE to stop not only TRUMP but ALL of the equally horrible Jack Booted Re-THUG-Licans from turning America into the same nightmare GERMANY was in 1933-1945!

    • Denise Pattison

      We’re too darn nice, Carolyn. We want to get things fixed, bring the poor up out of poverty with education and better paying jobs. We don’t want every female popping out babies every 10 months once puberty has arrived.

      We want better for all, not a few.

      • Carolyn Webb

        But it is now TOOO LAAATE! The whole Republican Party has been so full blown SUCCESSFUL ever since they VICIOUSLY wrecked Jummy Carter back in 1980 and lack of strong enough FIGHT BACK from the democrats ever since REAGAN has so full blown DESTROYED every progressive move this country made since 1964 it is NOW HOPELESSLY TOOOO LAAAATE to stop the damn Republicans from doing to the USA what the ORIGINAL 1930’S REPUBLICANS did to GERMANY in 1933-1945. YES, TRUMP IS THE REINCARNATION of HITLER and ALL of the 21st Century REPUBLICANS are the REINCARNATED THUGS of HITLER’S LOYAL GESTAPO CHIEFS

    • no name

      i am afraid you are right…too may coincidences to be coincidental!

      • Jillhmorgan

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  • puzzled1

    Mr. Clifton: As I have said before, the issue is NOT Mr. Trump.

    The issue is the failed policies, lies, and in many cases the hatred coming from progressives.

    I don’t have five reasons, I have 1,072 reasons.

    The 1,072 progressive demokrat (spelling intentional) seats lost in the past eight years in state and national elections. The electorate has been speaking, consistently. Only the elitist, nomenklatura progressives refuse to listen.

    Then these progressive elitetist demokrats label people “deplorable”.

    1,072. Keep going Mr. Clifton. Doing the same thing. Over, and over, and over again.

    Expecting a different result.

    1,072. Going up?

  • Pingy

    Twilight Zone says it all. I totally agree with you Mr. Clifton.

  • highway dreamer

    Instead of booing at the UNauguration, when trump speaks…imagine 100,000+ people simply turning their backs to him. Holding signs to the back of their heads that read “This is not normal”.
    I’d like a photograph of that. Too those who would say, oh no, we have to take the higher ground…this is about as high as I can get. He and all of his treasonous crew deserves to be shamed.

  • Alec Sevins

    Trump’s brain-dead angle on global warming needs to be added to that list. His EPA/Energy appointments are among his most reckless.

  • Raddison

    Since Trump’s victory many Conservative media figures have been mocking Liberals for failing to see the Trump victory coming. But the reason that Liberals failed to see it coming is that Liberals thought TOO HIGHLY of Conservatives and failed to anticipate just how truly deplorable much of the American populace is. So when Conservatives mock over how Libs failed to see the Trump win coming those Conservatives are mocking Libs for failing to see the scope and depth of RW deplorableness.

    ‘Ha ha, you didn’t realize how depraved and twisted we are.’

  • WampusKat

    Um, Bernie forgot to mention Trump’s Koch-sponsored Tea Party agenda: http://www.sanders.senate.gov/koch-brothers

    “Trump’s Koch administration” http://www.politico.com/story/2016/11/trump-koch-brothers-231863

    Bad crazy coming (the Religious Right is the reason Trumpsters don’t do facts): “Trump’s evangelical advisory board features Bachmann, Falwell”

    “Ralph Reed lines up evangelical voters to back Trump”

    • Diana Hawkins

      Read a book called Revolt in 2100