5 Reasons Why Barack Obama Will Go Down as One of the Least Appreciated Presidents in U.S. History

barack-obama-readingI remember back in 2008, the night Barack Obama was elected, thinking to myself that this was as good as it was going to get. While I was happy to see him elected, I knew then that the expectations about what he was going to be able to do as president were so overly inflated that even if he turned out to be a great president, it wasn’t going to be enough.

And that’s pretty much been the case.

Republicans were never going to support him. That was obvious from the start. But even many far-left liberals have turned on him because he wasn’t “liberal enough.” Though I’ve yet to have any of them explain to me how he was going to push through this all-liberal agenda – with a Congress partially controlled by Republicans.

But that’s a topic for another day.

Though sitting around thinking today, it just hit me that when all is said and done, Barack Obama is going to go down as one of the least appreciated presidents in United States history. At least for the short-term. Decades from now the story might be different. But, for now, most Americans aren’t going to be able to appreciate how good he’s really been.

So I thought I’d lend a helping hand and give everybody a few reminders.

1) The Economy: I’m not old enough to have lived through the Great Depression or the Bay of Pigs, so I’m sure there have been more terrifying times in our nation’s history. That being said, I’ve personally never seen a country spinning out of control with fear like I did in 2008 when our economy fell apart. When he was sworn into office we were losing hundreds of thousands of jobs every month. Yet, in just a few months, he managed to cut those job losses by more than half. Not only that, but we’ve seen historic economic growth in just this year alone to go along with the almost 6 years of continuous private sector job growth. On Obama’s watch, we’ve created nearly 13 million private sector jobs in less than 7 years. And, again, this was all on the heels of one of the worst economic crashes in our nation’s history.

2) Combating Terrorism: When it comes to terrorist attacks, the lone go-to attack is the one that happened in Benghazi Libya where four Americans died. Though some may use the San Bernardino attack, it’s difficult to consider that shooting much different than the litany of other mass shootings we’ve seen over the last few years. Now, almost all loss of life is tragic, but the worst attack Obama can be saddled with is one that ended in four deaths? Have people forgotten that nearly 4,500 Americans died in Iraq? And that’s just in Iraq. That’s not including the 9/11 attacks where nearly 3,000 people died or the casualties we suffered in Afghanistan. During Bush’s 8 years nearly 10,000 Americans died either by terrorist attacks or by wars started by him. And what did it accomplish? He never found Osama bin Ladin and Iraq has turned into an absolute train wreck. Speaking of Osama bin Ladin, it only took President Obama two years to do what Bush couldn’t do in nearly 8 – find and kill him. Not only that, but President Obama managed to successfully get Syria to give up their chemical weapons… without firing a single shot. Tell me, what else could he have possibly done these last few years to “combat terrorism” that didn’t involve going full-on into at least one to two more wars?

3) Gay Rights: Without a doubt, and it’s not even close to disputable, Barack Obama has done more for homosexuals in this country than any other president in history. He was the first president to come out in support of same-sex marriage (though, of course, this was a couple of years after he defended “traditional marriage” – he is a politician after all) and he repealed “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.” That, of course, allowed gay members of our military to openly serve without fear of being kicked out due to their sexual orientation. And we can’t forget that while he’s been president, same-sex marriage became legal in this country.

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Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • dutch163

    Again, Allen, you have nailed it! the 2008 Crash was scary..and so many have forgotten..unfortunately some of the CAUSES have not been rectified, like deregulation on Wall St..(I recommend “Infectious Greed” by Frank Partnoy who labels “Patient Zero” in the crisis a derivative trader from the 80’s,Andrew Krieger ..calls for regulation on derivative trading, return of Glass Stegal , and more)
    also the Caucus Room conspiracy has obstructed Obama on so much..to me, they are unAmerican
    I hope history will reflect this and give Obama thee credit he deserves

    • Joy

      Unfortunately republicans minded will write the history books and he will go down to be not only unappreciative but worst president ever . It saddens me that he won’t get the credit for things he has done . The world is going crazy right now . Thank you president Obama got what you done so far .

      • Bea

        republicans writing the history books could be compared to the “white man” writing the history of “white (Christian) men settling this great country by taking the land from the folks who were all ready here — Native Americanas (or as once referred to as Indians). Those white men didn’t tell the whole truth and I don’t expect the Republicans writing this history will either. On the other hand I’d bet a few Democrates will write about this presidency also–again giving people the opportunity to decided which to believe.

      • Churchlady320

        Krugman has already begun writing the history for the good. The GOP don’t control ALL the message – we have a say, too.

  • Baby AL Sharpie

    6. He isn’t the same color as all the presidents before him.

    • Laura Hurt

      Which is I think exactly the reason of the previous 5 points….. could have been a lot shorter article

    • strayaway

      You forget that a majority of white voters helped elect president Obama in 2008. What’s changed?

      Liberal posting tips: Your posts will get more likes if you include ‘Fox’, ‘Koch’, and ‘because he’s black’ in the same sentence.

      • Joshua Mora

        no white president ever had his nationality questioned. no president ever saw so many fillibusters. we all have read racial slurs against him, calling him a monkey, etc. NOt to mention the horrible things mentioned about his wife and kids. a majority of “white voters” helped elect him simply because most white people vote and have the means to vote, we’re not effing talking about those people, clearly they are not racist. barack obama won the hispanic, youth, and female vote which is why he won. don’t go being lazy and thinking race isn’t a factor. remember that white men make up 30% of the population but have 68% of the seats in congress. blacks and minorities are more than 30% of the population but they have less than a 10% voice in congress.

        if you can’t get it around your head that many people are very racist then you’re simply not paying attention. quit being intellecutually lazy. there are many white people i know who know that his skin color plays a big difference

      • strayaway

        How lame. Even John McCain was questioned about being natural born. On this site, it’s common to have Senator Cruz’s natural born status questioned. Obama is the most reviled president since Bush. Bush was called all sorts of names too including “Chimpy”. Going back to some of our earliest presidents, they had the same problem with name calling. It goes with the job. Obama also won the white vote in 2008. I’m not denying the existence of racism. I’m calling out lame posters who blame the response to Obama’s performance “racism”.

      • Guest

        I didn’t even know McCain was born in the Panama Zone until after the election so this wasn’t not a big talking point. Bush was called names for getting us into the Iraq War and lying about it. Obama hadn’t even been sworn in yet and republicans had a meeting to screw him no matter what. You may not want to admit it but while McCain and Bush got criticism for a reason, Obama took and continues to take criticism for NO REASON! And if you don’t see that, it’s because you don’t want to see it.

      • strayaway

        Bush was called names for many things some of which he deserved. NO REASON? you’ve got to be kidding. I could list twenty reasons off the top of my head but how about just one – LIBYA. Obama’s executive ordered war on Libya was an impeachable offense on two counts according to Dennis Kucinich. I could give you probably eight reasons why Obama’s war on Libya was a disaster if you wish.

      • Steve Brains

        Was that a 21 day or 28 day WAR on libya? how many REDS called for WAR on SYRIA without the courage to put it to a vote on the floor?

      • strayaway

        Neither matters. Only Congress is authorized to declare wars and the War Powers Act requires “imminent danger” as a condition for a president to engage in a war on his own. Neither condition was present.

      • Steve Brains

        I guess He is OFF the hook on the BEnghazi fantasy you hold so dear then.

      • strayaway

        You have a fantasy that I mention Benghazi. The reason I don’t bring it up is because Benghazi just just one of the unintended consequences of overthrowing Khadaffi. The successor government was too weak to prevent Behghazi, the racial attacks on sub-Saharan blacks, the Islamist attacks on Mali, or the the Islamist theft of a couple hundred state of the art US surface to air missiles that we were for some reason storing in Libya. The Islamists hd taken over the tripoli airport the last I’ve heard and the standard of living has gone down in Libya. Its a big mess. Libyans, for the most part, were better off with Khadaffi.

      • Steve Brains

        Obama didn’t overthrow Guaddafi.His own people did, just as Egyptians threw out their dictator. GHEE, do you think with American support they might have succeeded? Too bad we squandered 20 years of military might and economic power to get Dubya a joyride and a salute, 4000+ days ago.

        Obama has nothing to do with Mali.

        Ghee whiz!! Poverty in the desert after 40 years of an insanely greedy dictator took power….

        Give the boy a bubblegum cigar!

      • strayaway

        The US bombed Libya. The US provided spotters. The US provided weapons for rebels some of whom turned out to be Islamists. When Khadaffi collapsed, there was general disorder allowing Islamists to make off with Libyan weapons they took with them to conquer norther Mali.Under Khadaffi, Libyans were among the richest and best medically cared for Arabs. That is no longer the case.

      • Libero

        It was never a USA air-strike. It was a coalition airstrike with France and U.K. leading the way. Obama never said you are with us or you with the enemy.

      • strayaway

        No one claimed “Obama never said you are with us or you with the enemy”. The US did the majority of the bombing. Bombing is an act of war. No war was declared. Obama just dropped bombs, provided weapons, and spotting on his own. He had no authorization or power to do so.

      • George Nestico

        And yet when it came to ISIL Bonner said Obama needs to make a decision, hmmm which brings us to ISIL are we at war, if so then Obama has no Authorization, which then leads us to John ( I love anything that has to do with war) McCan’t who while on his trip to Syria met with ISIL and said we should arm them. Hmmmm .

      • strayaway

        I think I agree with you . Only Congress can declare war. I’m not against helping fight IS but there is a proper way to do it. Congress must authorize the President and set limits. He is the Commander in Chief but that only allows him to conduct war as prescribed by Congress. So far, Congress is content to let Obama take the blame for everything going wrong.

        The exception to this was that about an equal percentage of Democrats and Republicans did authorize $500M of aid to anti-Assad rebels.

      • Steve Brains

        America is about the freedom of religion. Most of Libya is Muslim. Did you expect Marines delivering arms to ask for
        SUPPLICANT ID and only hand out weapons to Christians?


        They were protecting AMERICAN INTERESTS under the same mandate BUSH was PROCURRING American interests with.

      • strayaway

        Oh? What mandate might that be? Can you find the word “mandate’ in the Constitution or is it something you sort of feel? Can Obama participate in bombing Ottawa too? I didn’t say marines handed out anything. I said the US, not specifically the Marines, provided weapons and spotting services for rebels. What “AMERICAN INTERESTS” in Libya was Khadaffi threatening…in your mind?

      • Steve Brains

        NO JACKASS. I found it in the dictionary. Learn the language when you immigrate to a new home!!

        an official order or commission to do something.
        “a mandate to seek the release of political prisoners”
        synonyms:instruction, directive, decree, command, order, injunction, edict,charge, commission, bidding, ruling, fiat;
        “a mandate from the UN”

        the authority to carry out a policy or course of action, regarded as given by the electorate to a candidate or party that is victorious in an election.
        “a sick leader living beyond his mandate”
        synonyms:authority, approval, acceptance, ratification, endorsement, sanction,authorization
        “they won a mandate to form the government”

        give (someone) authority to act in a certain way.
        “other colleges have mandated coed fraternities”
        synonyms:instruct, order, direct, command, tell, require, charge, call on
        “they were mandated to strike”

        Learn the language when you immigrate to a new home!

      • strayaway

        So…what mandate are you talking about, the imaginary one in your head?

      • Steve Brains

        If you are too stupid after you read it 4 times… I am done trying to help you.

      • Steve Brains

        Thanks to Congress during the Bush Regime, YES!!! IF terrorism leads our forces there.

      • George Nestico

        OOOO you mean like Reagan in Iran Right after holding the hostages hostage, you mean like supplying the Taliban with weapons right, or are you referring to Iraq who’s Army just gave ISIL all the weapons we supplied them without even firing a shot, or how we took out one dictator only to insert another. And do you think just maybe try thinking before you respond to you think that maybe just maybe we have spotters on the ground in the in pursue of ISIL.

      • strayaway

        Reagan supplying the Taliban without an act of Congress was unconstitutional too. Very good. You are getting my gist. When the US exercises unconstitutional interventionist foreign policy, we often create problems for ourselves. Obama seems intent on repeating in Libya and the Levant, what happened in Afghanistan with the Taliban. It has already substantially happened in Libya. You can do what you want with Reagan’s bones but our problem at hand is an out of control president and a Congress that is content to allow the executive to exercise congressional powers.

      • Steve Brains

        Not in THIS conversation, but you still think there is some big hidden Nixionesque Watergate like, Reaganseque IRAN-Contra style conspiracy to BEnghazi and nothing will get you closer to the truth.

        there is a HUGE cnspiracy over Benghazi. Only it’s being run by mcCain, Issa, Boehner, Cruz, King, Smith and Lee.

      • strayaway

        Ummm, find a post of mine where I “still think there is some big hidden Nixionesque Watergate like, Reaganseque IRAN-Contra style conspiracy to BEnghazi and nothing will get you closer to the truth.” I’ll have to repeat myself but Benghazi to me is just one of the many unintended consequenses of toppling Khadaffi. It was a foolish and unconstitutional thing to do.

      • Steve Brains

        WithWorldwide WAR Authorization from Congress still in effect from right after 9/11, I don’t THINK you can be right.

        But if you really wanna know what RIGHT would LOOK like, try admitting that Bush had NO BUSINESS CREATING a WAR where ZERO REAL THREAT to more than the Embassy in Iraq existed on the FALSE AND MANUFACTURED CLAIM that “SADDAM HUSSEIN has 30,000 Weapons of Mass Destruction.”

        Admit that and I will still think you are mistaken.
        but at least you will KNOW what REALLY WRONG looks like.

      • strayaway

        There is no worldwide War authorization form Congress authorizing President Obama to bomb and help overthrow the elected leader and government of Libya who was not threatening the US let alone presenting an imminent threat. If fact, Khadaffi shut down his nuclear research program at the request/threat from the west. Bush did not have anything to do with Obama’s bombing of Tripoli. That does’t even qualify as a nice try. I know what wrong loos like every time I read your posts.

      • Steve Brains

        The Bush War Bill gives him world wide BORDERLESS permission to attack TERROR wherever it is found on earth.
        IF I were wrong, the Theater of Operations would be CLEARLY and GEOGRAPHICALLY limited in the document Bush signed.

      • strayaway

        There was no terror directed at the US by Khadaffi during the Obama presidency. Since dumping Khadaffi, Islamists have taken over much of Libya.

        “The President does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation.” -candidate Barack Obama

        “In its claim that the Libya operation doesn’t need congressional approval under the War Powers Act, the White House is saying United States is not engaged in hostilities. Defining the ongoing Libyan operation as something other than hostilities is equally puzzling.

        Using armed Predator drones against Libyan targets with the occasional defense suppression strike from manned aircraft, all the while being on call for more robust missions and with U.S. servicemen collecting imminent danger pay … all that certainly feels like hostilities.” CNN 6/24/11

        “A word means what I want it to mean, neither more nor less” -Humpty Dumpty to Alice

      • Steve Brains

        An you explain BEnghazi HOW?

      • strayaway

        I already did. Please reread my posts.

      • Steve Brains

        Not worth My time. I am interested in the Future of America and the reality of this next election. How many Kock Backed fugitives from justice do you think will survive the next reckoning?

      • Sandy Greer

        Not during Obama presidency. But prior:

        Pan Am #103, Lockerbie, Scotland, 1988

        I know he had his reasons (all acts of terror do) and that Libya paid billions in compensation. Also know it was never proved he had a direct hand in it – though I doubt any of us believe he didn’t.

      • strayaway

        1988? That’s water over the hill except for the victim’s families. Khadaffi was already punished for that. Besides the compensation, Khadaffi lost a son in US bombings. Khadaffi changed his ways and ended his nuclear development program at the request of the international community. That’s another reason it was stupid to take out Khadaffi. Why cooperate with the west if you bet bombed anyway? If there was anything the international bankers had against Khadaffi recently it might have been that he was trying to get African nations to stop using the dollar. But as far as violence is concerned, Khadaffi posed no imminent danger to the US and kept Islamists at bay.

      • Sandy Greer

        …”except for the victim’s families”. Nice. But he paid, and lost a son 20+ years later – so it’s all good.

        You count plenty of grievances against President Obama. Among them, Libya itself. But other’s grievances are over and done with.

        I was hesitant to bring it up – feared you’d see it as yet another challenge to debate. But lost in this convo was the fact he was no saint – so I reminded us. Other than
        that, I’ve nothing to add.

        My mistake to insert myself into your convo.

      • strayaway

        No problem Sandy. What you wrote was a fact. He wasn’t a nice guy to his enemies but his people fared better than they do now and fared better than in most Arab countries in terms of women’s rights, education, health care, and standard of living. That has all been reversed by his overthrow.

      • George Nestico

        You mean like Husein kept Iran and Isil at bay, tell me how Halliburton secured a Gov Contract that was never put up to bid, for Iraq 6 months before the attack on the twin Towers, and tell me how Georgie and trickie Dickie two pushed through the Patriots act while Americans were sleeping and how they were taping our solders phone calls home to their loved ones, there is no water over the bridge, and why do you not mention how Khadaffi was murdering his own people some how that is no where in any of your posts seems to me they were up rising and Khadaffi was having them Slaughtered and the people were asking for America’s help.

      • strayaway

        What Khaddafi was doing or alleged to be doing to his own people is not our business. Even if it was, committing war is the domain and decision of Congress.

        Trickie Dickie didn’t push through any Patriot Acts by the way – not that the Patriot Act or Halliburton is relevant to bombing Libya anyway.

      • Steve Brains

        Why don’t you just list the one’s in which you did not and waste more space in this blog. It’s OBVIOUSLY NOT one of those.

      • Steve Brains

        And they NEVER revoked it from when Bush went to war for oil companies under the FRAUD of WMD.

      • Marilyn Olsen Scheffler

        Then do it.

      • strayaway

        Average US income down, federal debt up, bombing seven countries, failed policies in North Africa, the Middile-East, and Ukraine, executive legislative actions, an executive war in Libya, trying to get support to bomb Syria, getting support to fund Syrian rebels again, continued open borders, a policy allowing liars to show up from Liberia during an epidemic, decreased racial harmony, blacks going down statistically relative to whites in home ownership, jobs, and savings, expanded attacks on the Fourth Amendment, government agencies used to attack presidential opponent, computers at those agencies suffering from lost emails, government heads lying to Congress without punishment, a billion dollar computer system that still doesn’t work, the 1% doing even better than under Bush. Today, the Washington Post declared the bombing strategy of IS a failure so far. How’s that?

      • Ellis8118

        Oh my! I think someone needs a diaper change! But you did get all your little bitty tea-party/conservative talking point in. Good for you!

      • strayaway

        If I come across anyone else with an anal fetish, I will refer them to you.

      • George Nestico

        Boy you really haven’t a clue or you just throwing out Faux Talking points Obama did the right thing In Syria there are several factions fighting over there, helter Skelter, no one not even John McCan’t ( he wanted to arm ISIL LOL) knows who the good guys are or the bad so Obama did the right thing in Syria, and It seems to me that as much as Georgie and trickie Dickie two love to throw us into unwinable wars they did nothing when Polin invaded Georgia. Quote Rick Perry Obama needs to call out the National Guard and secure the boarder (That Was Priceless) Perry who will be running for President didn’t even know he is in Charge of the Texas National Guard,and to blame Obama for the crisis at the boarder when it’s been a crisis all during the Bush Admin, fact is Obama has deported more illegals just in the first two years than Bush in all 8, the Racial harmony you speak of never existed, here are some hard facts for you, in both of Obama’s Elections the only states Obama didn’t win were states that have had (and still do today) a long history of racism and civil rights violations.In Obama’s first three months in office white hate groups have risen 813%, 67% of the TEA PARTY are made up of those white Hate groups, so much for you Racial Harmony it’s the T-Publicans like Mitch McConnell, Ted Cruz,Bonner, and the T-Party Gov and T-publican state representatives, passing voter laws that just so happen to directly effect the people of color, the closing of voting polls just so happen to be in people of colors districts, and there is a running joke that goes if you want to know how many people of color work in a building count the floors, And I’m very fond of this one people of color owning homes is down,geezz you think that maybe the housing crunch had anything to do with that the only reason people of color were able to buy homes were due fradulent loans,And the 1% doing better than under bush yet another Faux news Talking point boy you are loaded with faux news Talking points any way the 1 percent are doing better today under Obama because of Georgie well because we with our tax dollars give 5-20 billion a year to subsidize oil company’s who on the average rack in 9 billion every three months, we with our tax dollars have to pay Wal-Mart to the tune of 900,000 to employ Americans, multiply that times every Wal_mart and fast food chain,we have to pay taxes while people like the draft dodger Romney get’s a 78,000 dollar tax break for a dancing pony,we have to pay taxes yet companies who ship jobs to third world countries and bring that product back here in the U.S. have to pay no taxes, and yet when we do buy it we get a sales tax, we pay taxes but the 1% have ( and this is a conservative estimate ) 21 TRILLION tucked away in off shore banks that they pay no taxes on, and the T-Publicans NOT OBAMA protect with there lives, but what you fail to mention as all brain dead T-Publicans is that Obama has cut the deficit in half Wall street is breaking records every day, 10 million private sector jobs in just 5 years, the Auto industry #1 in the world, the housing market is starting to rise, people are spending, and Obama care is a huge success, with over 10,000,000 enrolled in it. But here is the facts the hard core facts that you never mentioned. Not since Eisenhower has any Republican President ever balanced a budget, Not since Eisenhower has this country ever prospered under the leadership of a republican never it’s just a fact,Obama has done more than any republican president to move this country forward and that’s 50 years of republican leadership, want some more facts, evry right to work state that has a republican Gov is failing, they have the highest teen pregnancy,the highest unemployment, the highest poverty, they have the highest amount of people on Gov Programs ,, and get this there are more whites on food stamps than people of color lol 51 % white 49 % people of color and the right to work states take more from the federal Gov than they give back, so the bottom line is and has always been since the two party system the republicans just plainly suck, and here’s some more hard core facts for you, 5,000 plus dead, 70,000 wounded of which 87% percent will have a life time of health issues,37% have lost limbs and 22 veterans commit suicide every day, and Paul Ryan wants to hand our Brave men and women vouchers, the party you support refused to extend the health Benefits of the first responders twice it took a comedian (John Stewart) who embarrassed them then they went and cut Food stamps and housing assistance a few months back and the million military Families where effected another 6 million more elderly, in five years they have filibustered or would not bring to the floor 8 bills that would have benefited the Veteran they ran on Jobs but in 5 years not one single jobs bill have they put fourth. Obama single handedly brought unemployment down to 5.6 % and had they passed his job bill (which was loaded with T-Publican Idea’s and things they have always supported) they filibustered their own Idea’s 8 times lol unemployment would be in the 3% range. So you can blast Obama all you want with your Faux talking points but the fact remains the party you support has sold weapons to the enemy,sent Marines into a hot zone without ammo only to have their barracks
        bombed as they were unable to protect themselves and lost 260 plus
        Marines and had to watched their leader put his tail between his legs and run while their brothers in arms caskets were being loaded for transport back to their loved ones, another was impeached, who extended the Vietnam war by 5 years and 20,000 more lives and then pulled out and disgraced America,then there’s trickie Dickie 2 said deficits don’t matter lied and and gave us two unpaid for wars and a unpaid drug plan and just fell short of destroying this country, tell me did we ever find those ever elusive WMD and when those brave men and women came home they told them to go fuck themselves and they say they support the troops, see what a fucking Idiot you are can you sat Baaa bbaaa and in closing tell me if you could what has any republican President ever done to make your life better or move this country forward. here’s a hint Nothing. So if anyone has a anal fetish it’s you as you have been taking it up the A$$ for a long time. keep voting republican you idiot as it’s your best interests they have in mind.

      • strayaway

        Whether or not Obama did the right thing, he violated his oath of office. Most of your unfocused gibberish has nothing to do with bombing of Libya or IS. You do understand that “Trickie Dickie” is Nixon, not Bush, don’t you.

      • Steve Brains

        CHECKMATE: IF the Bush War Powers Act allows Obama to attack a nonsovereign group ISIS, and has been claimed by the REDS to be justification for him to attack SYRIAN leader Assad….

        Then HOW could it NOT POSSIBLY be absolute authority to protect American interests and secure weapons stockpiles to protect American citizens and property in Libya?

        Can’t have it both ways.

        Either way YOU LOSE again.

      • strayaway

        The War Powers doesn’t give power to attack IS. Only Congress can do that so Obama is on his own. Congress should either support Obama or tell him to stop his new war.

        $500M was given by a bipartisan majority in the House and Senate to support moderate Syrian rebels. Those rebels are rebelling against Assad,not IS. I think that vote was a mistake. You might be interested in knowing that Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders voted No.

        What American interests in Libya were threatened while Khadaffi ruled? None. American interests and weapons only were threatened after Khadaffi was removed.

      • George Nestico

        I wish remember now we never had boots on the ground in Libya so please continue.

      • strayaway

        I never claimed Obama had boots on the ground except for reports of special forces types to direct bombings. Bombing another country’s capitol is an act of war.

      • Claregirl

        I didn’t even know McCain was born in the Panama Zone until after the
        election so this was not a big talking point. Bush was called names
        for getting us into the Iraq War and lying about it. Obama hadn’t even
        been sworn in yet and republicans had a meeting to screw him no matter
        what. You may not want to admit it but while McCain and Bush got
        criticism for a reason, Obama took and continues to take criticism for
        NO REASON! And if you don’t see that, it’s because you don’t want to
        see it.

      • Steve Brains

        It was American Territory by treaty.

        We called him ignorant and drunk BEFORE the first election was thrown.

        And your last point KILLS Claire.

      • Javafutter

        That’s because Bush was ignorant and he was a recovered alcoholic by his own admission. Obama is a devout Christian and an American citizen.

      • Steve Brains

        He was a killer coke fiend by many reports that got silent almost as soon as they came forward.
        Is that President OBAMA’s word describing his faith?

      • Spencer

        Not that being Christian should even matter…

      • George Nestico

        You left out he was also a coke head

      • Grand_Old_Partier


        HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! You are hilarious!!!

      • CCDRZ

        McCain and Cruz’s nationality were never questioned to the degree the Obama’s has.

      • Cemetery Girl

        I question the logic of those that still claim that Obama was born in another country to a parent that was an American citizen which makes him ineligible for President, yet it is OK for Cruz. Ignoring Obama was born here (so nonissue), how is it justified that the same circumstances would make one person ineligible and another eligible?

      • LMB

        Because one is a white republican and the other is a half black democrat. The republican party is just one hypocritical statement after another.

      • strayaway

        I haven’t seen anything near convincing to suggest that Obama was born in Kenya while there is some evidence he was born in Hawaii. I haven’t seen any evidence that Barry Sotoro, a name he used when he attended what was supposed to be an all Muslim school in Indonesia, ever had Indonesian citizenship, was ever a Muslim, or enrolled at Occidental College as a foreign student either. I am curious though about how he travelled to Pakistan when he was a student when US citizens could not travel to Pakistan. Regarding Cruz: its mostly Democrats who raise the issue of whether Cruz is a natural citizen. He did have a US mother which seems to be the going requirement.

      • Cemetery Girl

        While childish, there are going to be Democrats that severely question Cruz being able to be President. It will be a bit of tit for tat. Cruz meets the standard of eligibility, fine (I wouldn’t vote for him), but Obama did not because of claims of being born in the same situation. There should be an interesting song and dance that explains why one is ok and the other isn’t.

      • T.j. Thomas

        Cruz is a natural-born citizen, and Obama would still be even if he was born in Kenya, by virtue of a 1951 law that granted such citizenship to foreign-born children with one American parent that met certain qualifications (after a lot of people wondered the citizenship status of children born to soldiers overseas). In both cases they’re considered natural-born citizens through their mothers.

      • Cemetery Girl

        I know, not arguing that, but if he runs there is going to be crap about it. Considering some people are still arguing that Obama wasn’t eligible (typically those of Republican stance that still make this claim), if Cruz runs we are going to hear it also (but from Democrat stance). There is a childish nature to it, but it will happen.

      • Steve Brains

        But our main concern is his religious psychopathy brain banged into him by his zealot parents.

        they sEVERLY compromise his ability to LEAD a nation by LAW and Constitution.

      • Cemetery Girl

        I would be seriously surprised if he had a solid shot. It is more likely that he attempts to run (there will be some “he isn’t even a citizen” outrage), and it falls flat. He had worked hard to keep the extremely conservative base happy. He is the golden boy of the extreme right. Believe it or not, there are plenty of rational Republicans. They aren’t as vocal, but they’re out there. They also aren’t going to want him.

      • Steve Brains

        Some jackass filed papers to sue for his DEPORTATION last week!!!

      • Cemetery Girl

        I know. I kinda want to be deported to Hawaii. I mean, honestly, I live not far from where I was born and raised, and I really don’t want to uproot my kids, but Hawaii!

      • Steve Brains

        For 12 seconds or 12 minutes, once in 1980? 1988?

      • strayaway

        Not sure what you first sentence is in reference to. What lies?

      • Steve Brains

        Even John McCain was questioned about being natural born.

        ????For 12 seconds or 12 minutes? Once in 1980? or 1988?

      • Marilyn Olsen Scheffler

        John McCain didn’t have the hatred coming at him that Obama had and still has and there are still people who don’t believe that he is an American, and people still believe he is a Muslim. I followed that whole campaign and speeches etc and the questions about John McCain’s status was a drop in the bucket compared how Obama was treated.

      • strayaway

        You’re right. Obama is treated worse than McCain because he is president. He beat McCain though so McCain was treated worse by voters. For the record, I am glad Obama beat McCain.

      • Javafutter

        That’s because George W. Bush lied to get us into a war then collapsed our economy.

        But the day he gave that speech after 9-11 he was embraced by Democrats and Republicans. If it had been on Obama’s watch they would have said he deliberately allowed it to happen.

        And yes there were some conspiracy theorists talking the same garbage about Cheney, but there wasn’t an entire TV network or political devoted to making people believe such a conspiracy.

      • strayaway

        Bush did lie and get us into a war. Republicans and Democrats including Hilary and Kerry supported Bush by voting for his War Powers Resolution. Are you saying that Hillary is as gullible as the average Fox viewer?

      • George Nestico

        SMH Fact 58% of the Draft Dodger Romney’s votes came from White males so please tell me again how it was the white vote that put Obama in Office into office, what put Obama into Office was the women and people of color vote, when speaking of lame poster please include yourself, thank you and have Chippy day 🙂

      • strayaway

        Ok, first of all, I said that in 2008, the majority of whites voted for Obama. Romney ran in 2012. Need I go further?

      • Churchlady320

        It was the Dems who ended the query about McCain’s citizenship. The GOP has yet to end it about this president’s. Cruz’s status is discussed ONLY because of what birthers said about President Obama who was born in the US. They opened the door.

      • Eugene Berkovich

        Wait a second, I do not recall McCain’s birth certificate questioned. EVER. I also do not recall McCain being called Panamanian, or anything of that nature. Do you?

      • strayaway

        I don’t either but doubt that Ted Olson was doing pro bono work for Obama.

      • darren young

        Yeah, because all the uncle tom comments about clarence thomas, condoleeza rice, Ben carson, Michael steele, Alan West highlight the tolerance of the overwhelmingly racist progressive movement. As far as disrrsoecting presidents, feel free to go to google. Type in
        zombietimes kill bush. No president in the last 100 years has taken the mainstream abuse GWB took. No other president has been coddled and protected like Obama.

      • Javafutter

        This white, pro-Obama voter, knows damn well that he’s been met with viscous racism. The birther movement alone confirms that. At my high school reunion in 2009 one former friend actually expressed utter disgust that a black family was moving into the white House. He’s believed every lie told about Obama ever since.

      • JamieHaman

        It’s not the white voters, or any of the voters who are the problem. The problem is the House of Representatives, who have decided to refuse to cooperate, not forgetting to mention the Senate’s own holdouts.

      • ccgabe

        You are not likely to get any likes with such nonsense as that.

      • strayaway

        If I wanted likes. i could probably find a different venue. Which point do you find to be nonsense and why?

      • Libero

        Ok, the majority of white voters voted for him. We all know that.
        However, the great numbers of those who opposed his presidency(his policies and vision) did that only because they did not want a black president.

      • strayaway

        Do you have any substantiation, a link, or something to back up your statement or do you read minds? I didn’t vote for Obama or McCain or Romney. Since I didn’t vote for twice as many white guys, does that mean i did not want a white president? I think its a huge refutation of racism that the majority of whites voted for a black even a half black guy. Today his record has grown so there is more to respond tothan promises and skin color so only 39%, or so, of all races are still with him.

      • Ellis8118

        You people just can’t help yourselves. What you fail to truthfully acknowledge is that the majority (not all) of the bigots, racists, homophobes, and pro-gun totin’ s**t-kickers reside on the conservative right side of the aisle. You may be all, some or none of those things. If you’re the last one, quit bellyaching and just deal with it. It’s the soup you swim in. If you’re in the first category, then just embrace it and be proud. Jesus wouldn’t have it any other way! ;^)

      • strayaway

        All I said was that there was more documentation to support Obama being a naturalized citizen born in Hawaii than anything birthers could muster to support their position. I would think that supports Obama.

        But there is this: Since Obama got in, black family wealth has declined almost 20% while white family wealth has increased 1%. The average family wealth of whites was 7 times greater than the average family wealth of blacks when Obama got in. Now it is 8 times as great. If racist rednecks would have known that, they would have voted for Obama to do to blacks what black people did to themselves by voting for Democrats for the last 50 years in Detroit. To be fair, Republicans keep promising the sky to social conservatives without helping them much either.

      • Cinque Cashell

        “The reason I don’t bring it up is because Benghazi just just one of the unintended consequences of overthrowing Khadaffi.”

        And I suppose ISIS “ISN’T” “one of the unintended consequences” of overthrowing Saddam huh….way to cherry pick your talking points…smdh

      • strayaway

        I did acknowledge Behghazi in the post you cherry picked my quote from and mentioned three other unintended consequences of the President’s executive action war on Khaddafi contributed to.

        IS is an unintended consequence of the Bush and Obama war on Iraq, Obama’s idiotic policy of arming Syrian rebels whose weapons were abandoned by friendly rebels and taken by IS friendly rebels to use for their own purposes.

        I think Bush should be in jail if that satisfies you but that doesn’t mean I think Obama is better. Bringing up Bush to distract from Obama is lame.

    • Steve Brains

      HALF of him isn’t the same color as the guys with 25-20+ years in Congress who is outsmarting on a daily basis. Their ONLY resort is to NOT put anything on the floor for debate or a vote. All they manage is press conferences, Sunday yap yap claptrap shows, pure political attack ‘investigations’ (More than 300?) and $200 million dollars a year in propaganda paid for by Mysterious sources. LOL

      Why are they so afraid of the WHITE half of him?

  • whotookmymittens?

    Yep. He isn’t white enough.

  • lerrikutta

    Thank you for this article. You have expressed my sentiments clearly.

    • Betty Martinez

      This article nails the ugly side of prejudice and how ugly and dangerous it can be , The ones who do the hating are so sick in the head and unstable ,they would bring a whole nation down to dust. I have watched and listened to the hate mongers in Washington D.C. who are part of our government for the last 6 hears and those people are certified totally CRAZY !!! Thank you for a great and very truthful article !!!!

  • SinHalo27

    As they say,”history favors the winners” and in the future when they look back on all the good he did for this country it will be twice as remarkable considering all of the obstacles and hindrances he has faced!

  • Steve Brains

    This is biographical journalism Mr Clifton. Nothing accusatory, manufactured or semi explained nor partially left out.

    This is a President, who unlike Roosevelt who had almost 3 1/2 years of relative stabilization after the crash in ’29 and THEN walked on stage to do his magic act, walked right into a burning building and started solving the problem.

    WITHOUT an extra three years BEFORE his presidency, to come up with a frame work, a plan or even the ghost of a plan,, Obama had the economy stabilized within 90 days, even though the National Obamahate was started long before he was sworn in.

    He was backstabbed by 10% of his party in the form of Blue Dog Dems in the House AND senate. then the indignity of having NOT solved the Recession within 18 months, which made voters bail on him and believing propaganda paid for by secret money from the KocH Bros.

    I am sure that the grand children of today REDS Congress will grow up in a minority WHITE Nation, and the history books will remember President Barack Obama as we do jackie Robinson. I said it THEN, and I say that NOW.

  • 6: Unemployment below 6% in two years LESS than what Mitt Romney promised he could do.

    • Ta-Kuan Fuan

      Part of that reason is because the labor force is at a 32 year low of 62.8%. If no one is looking for a job, unemployment would be at 0%.

      • Ivan Renko

        The 60% of Americans who disapprove of his handling of the economy just don’t appreciate this President.

      • Hail Eris!

        Considering that he’s gotten the deficit down to around a half trillion, and official unemployment to under 6%, while saddled, since November 2010, with a Congress of idiots who aim at treason, but only achieve obstruction and farcical comedy, he’s done amazingly well.

        Ducky ducky in the sky, dropped a poopie in my eye. I didn’t weep, I didn’t cry! I just thanked God that cows don’t fly!

      • U6 is down to 11.8% from a high of 17.4%. Also down from President Bush’s last of 14.2%. Baby Boomers are retiring 10,000 PER DAY and this will continue for the next 19 YEARS.

    • Charles Vincent

      The Government changed how unemployment was calculated the 6% number is not accurate.

      • Up until 2013 the guy in charge of that was appointed by President Bush. Did he switch ‘sides’?

      • Charles Vincent

        It doesn’t matter who appointed him the numbers are not accurately representing the true unemployment rate.

      • Were they ‘accurate’ and just ‘normally’ accepted up until, oh, I don’t know, January 2009?

      • Charles Vincent

        Like I said it doesn’t matter but since you insist. It wasn’t a bush appointee it was changed under the Clinton administration.

        “Not Bush, not Obama, but Clinton’s administration changed the rules.

        In 1994 the BLS, Bureau of Labor Statistics U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, changed the way unemployment was calculated. Methods were changed, renamed, and removed.”

        The full text can be read here;
        http://www DOT bls DOT gov/mlr/1995/10/art3full DOT pdf

      • Sigh. Never mind.

  • Ivan Renko

    (though, of course, this was a couple of years after he defended “traditional marriage” – he is a politician after all)

    Oh, ok, hey, it’s all good. He’s a politician.


    • Hail Eris!

      Oh, please. If he walked on water, you’d condemn him for not being able to swim. Anyway, supporting SSM would not have resulted in legislation repealing DOMA, unless someone in Congress felt like doing that, and passing the PPACA was the higher priority. Besides, SSM is an issue which properly belongs in court. No one should be deciding who should have rights with the ballot box — would you want _your_ marriage rights decided on by voting? In Uganda, say.

      In the deepest hour of the night, confess to yourself that you would die
      if you were forbidden to write. And look deep into your heart where it
      spreads its roots, the answer, and ask yourself, must I write?

  • MsJennieC

    This is something I have been preaching for the last 6-7 yrs. and the others with comments on his Race, ect.. are on TARGET!! Between the Republicans, Billionaires & Racists, he never stood a chance. Yet, Dems, liberals, n-lovers, ( yes, I’ve been called that for voting for him) and even those who refuse to vote, still won’t give him the credit he deserves. Brilliant article!!

  • Debra Elaine Christopher

    I patiently wait for time to past. President Obama has done an exceptional job. Future presidents will be hard pressed to either move forward or correct the errors of their predecessors as well as President Obama.

    The title, the leader of the free world, is becoming more and more relevant. Climate change, health care, religious strife, diversity, economic management, and all political challenges future presidents will face must be handled in the context of global implications.

    The intellect, skill, and breathe of knowledge that is required to be an effective president is daunting to say the least.

    People believe congress has been ineffective because of we, the people, elected representatives who are more focused on their personal bigotries. I believe the issue is worst then that. The majority of individuals in congress today are incapable of being part of the global stage. I could go on and on.

    Instead, I pose this question – Can you think of one person who has wants to be president who has demonstrated world leadership? Name one.

  • Terrie Watkins

    Ronald Reagan has been called the “teflon president”. If that’s true, than Barack Obama is the “fly-paper president”- so much negative and untrue mud has been slung, that too much has stuck. “Scandals” ?? including the IRS doing their job, questioning tax free organizations, the NSA continuing surveillance to protect us from terrorists, Benghazi , of course, where a diplomatic out post in the volatile Middle East was overrun – on and on trying to paint the President as incompetent, un-American, and subversive. This avalanche of derisive and vicious attacks has “colored” (pardon the pun) the President’s actions and led to a worthy man emerging from the fray stained and spattered and facing low approval scores. History and time will tell how truly outstanding he was.

    • Marilyn Olsen Scheffler

      And not a day goes by that I don’t get hateful emails from people thinking that they are really going to prove that he is no good. I have debunked every single one of the claims sent to me and yet they go on and pass everything along that they get from someone else about how bad Obama is and the horrible mess he’s made. It makes me sick. I am 75 years old and have followed politics for a very long time and I can promise you that no presidential hopeful or president has EVER been treated the way he was and continues to be. I am embarrassed by the people in Washington who would rather bring our country down than try to help it, all in the name of hatred. Any group of supposedly respectable people who would come right out and say that they were going to do everything possible to bring him down is not worth a damn.

    • Big Goober

      “Scandals” ?? including the IRS doing their job, questioning tax free organizations”. Do you really think it’s the IRS job to break the law and send donor lists to political operatives? Or is it their job to ask someone seeking a tax exempt status the content of their prayers? Because they did that too. Or how about approving 0bama’s brother’s tax exempt organization without an investigation? Is that part of their job too? Just wondering.

  • Juniper Rue

    Thank you for saying what many of us are thinking. I would like to add that this shunning and distancing of Obama by even members of his own party in their cowardly pursuit of being elected is the height of offenses against this president. Who are they fooling? If these Democratic cowards are by chance elected in a Republican state, it will only be for how repugnant the opposition Republican candidate is, and there is no other choice. This is an election in which any decent Independent candidate could easily scoop up votes.

  • Matthew Reece

    Nevermind that Obama has ordered the murder of hundreds of civilians with drone strikes.

  • Nancy

    Agreed. President Obama has done much, despite the Republican obstruction. There is much more I’d like to see him do regarding protecting our food, land, & water but with corporations having their current impact, I’m worried.

  • Steve Brains

    About #4. “Because while Republicans say they want to repeal the law, they’re out of their minds. If they repealed the law right now, tens of millions of Americans would either see their health care costs skyrocket or lose their insurance entirely. And if you think 5 million Americans having to switch insurance plans caused an uproar, see what happens when 3 or 4 times that many lose their insurance. Then, honestly, no matter how you slice the arguments against “Obamacare” (health care costs, confusing plans, ability to keep doctor) they would nearly all be solved by one simple solution – true socialized health care. Medicare for all. Which is the next step after “Obamacare.”

    I STILL have yet to see even one PAGE of that “REPLACEMENT PLAN” ghost the REDS have been selling the suckers that vote for them. I have a neighbor who says he heard a speech given by President Obama where he says outright that his goal is a Private Military and a 3rd term. The idiots are out there…. They are right next door and everywhere! The REALLY crazy thing is, he is a complete and total Christian and Abe Lincoln honest about about EVERYTHING except Barack obama.

    He SWEARS he doesn’t believe blogs and doesn’t own a TV. The latter know is true, but if the former is as well, WHERE is his insanity coming from?

    • Spencer

      Either his friends and family, or his own deranged mind?

  • tiresias

    If nothing else, Obama has shown that Repugnicants are the part of the rich.

  • tiresias

    If nothing else, Obama has shown that Repugnicants are the party of the rich

  • Javafutter

    I know…it’s as if some people have no memory of…SIX YEARS AGO! Before and After the Bush/Cheney/GOP Great Recession are two completely different worlds.

  • Big Goober

    I”l give you 5 reasons.

    1. “The ACA will reduce the average family’s premiums by $2500.00
    2. “If you like your health care you can keep your health care, period!”
    3. “My plan will necessarily cause the price of energy to skyrocket.”
    4. “In the IRS there’s not a smidgen of corruption.”
    5. “ISIS is the JV team.”

    I have plenty more.

  • Sir Real

    Nate Silver’s statistical model predicts that Obama will be ranked as the 17th. best President, but most scholars rank him as the 15th. best.

  • John Rovenolt

    I promise to read this article. My biggest gripe about this POTUS is not manifesting a lack of intelligence—he shows off too much intelligence. I like a public servant who intelligent, but not someone who talks DOWN to all of America. Folks who have sharp dissent with this POTUS are right on the money when the say, to this effect, “he is too smart for the size pants he wears”. Mr. Obama needs to come down just a few notches in his conveyance level, his delivery methods, and vocabulary and speak to all of America, not just the men and women who voted for him. The last President who attempted to be a common everyday person in his presentation and words was President Harry Truman (“Give ’em Hell Harry!”)

  • Mark Schmidt

    If this country is still a democracy in another 50 years, history will wonder what the hell we were thinking by allowing drooling idiots to take over our news media and communications and much of our government. I am afraid we are on the verge of losing what little real freedom we have to the big money – led Stupid Party. We no longer have an actual “left”, we have cowardly polite moderate “liberals” and insane brainless extreme fascist liars. Not a great choice, is it…

  • Kasandra Maidmentt

    I agree. I think he is one of the best presidents you’ve ever had. He has accomplished so much in spite of what appears to be insurmountable opposition. He’s up there in the top 5, but sadly, people won’t realize that for many, many years.

  • ann cadbury

    Thank You, that was uplifting ( :

  • Jeff Anspach

    Excellent article. When I compare where we were in January of 2009 to where we are today, what Obama has done is nothing short of a miracle. People have short memories when it comes to remembering where we were then. The auto industry was on the brink of extinction. Yet he has a 40% approval rating? You cut unemployment by 2%, you end losing nearly 800 thousand jobs a month, you preside over numerous all time highs of the DOW, you get bin laden? 40%??? Seriously?? Had this been a republican president, the right would be CLAMORING for his name to added to Mr . Rushmore. I would also add he is a champion for womens rights – the Lilly Ledbetter act was the first one he signed as president. In 2016 if dems are smart, they will run with, not away from, President Obama. They need to remind people of all his successes, as they dont seem to remember them.

  • Shirley Phipps

    My eyes opened to the Conservative Party’s agenda after Geo. Bush invaded Iraq to line the pockets for the Haliburton profiteers, etc. etc. I welcomed Obama and have been a supporter of his and believe he will be recognized for not being a Warmonger, a thoughtful person, and doing a good job in spite of all the obstacles presented from his opposition. I am now a Centrist and hope more will be center line politically than extreme right or left.

  • Denise Porter

    republicans had already plan not to work with this president before he even got started. they refuse to except any invite from the president to get together for cocktails or dinners. every time they said no. for the past 6 years it’s been all about Obama, no one has really ask republicans why they decided day one not to work with this president, what was it he had done to them or the country that was so bad that they could not bring them selves to do the work of the people of this country.maybe it’s because he is black or maybe it’s because they don’t want change for the better for everybody. because even when the president agreed to their ideas they still said no.republicans get a pass from the media, the media uses the republicans talking points and spin. Democrats barely supported him, but think about this, people say they don’t want to elect a Washington insider, Obama sure isn’t one. maybe thats the reason,because he is not one of them, and they don’t want him to be. so we are to believe that it’s Obama fault that republicans refuse to govern, and the American people rewarded them for it.

  • Antony

    RE #1 I don’t see Obama as not “liberal enough”. He’s not liberal at all. Passed himself off as liberal and I fell for it. And it’s worth noting when he took office Democrats had control of both sides of congress. Obama is a wall street guy, plain and simple. There’s no reasonable other way to see it. From Healthcare to mortgage crisis to foreign policy its all been handled wiith Wall street profits as goal #1

  • William Foster

    I voted for him both times! Everybody seems to be concerned over past issues. What about arresting US citizens for whistle blowing on the governments’ misconducts? I am not an isolationists but I do believe that we should be concerned how our country is run before we go bankrupt policing the world against how the founding fathers framed the powers of the 3 parts of government to avoid getting entangled in foreign wars.

  • Grand_Old_Partier

    Whenever I need a good laugh, all I have to do is visit this site and read about ten comments from you progs.

  • Michelle Wells

    I AGREE, only I truly believe he will eventually be seen as a terrific president. The hatred shown against him appalls me; I think the Congress has been absolutely traitorous toward our country.