5 Reasons Bernie Sanders Would Be A Better President Than Hillary Clinton

Bernie Sanders 1As more Americans find out who Bernie Sanders is and that Hillary Clinton isn’t the only person running for the 2016 Democratic nomination, his poll numbers have begun to rise. If you’re like me, the thought of Hillary Clinton being the next president is better than any Republican, but at the same time, there are other candidates that are more appealing. Establishment Democrats are almost unanimously behind Hillary and many have told us that we should basically shut up and get behind her campaign – because any dissension in the ranks could cost her the general election.

While I fully intend to vote for her in the general election if she is the nominee, I firmly believe that Bernie Sanders is the better choice. Here are five reasons why.

5. He isn’t working with Super PACs: After the Citizens United ruling, unlimited sums of money could be spent on advertising supporting candidates via Super PACs. With the exception of Bernie Sanders, every candidate in the race from Jeb Bush to Carly Fiorina has at least one Super PAC backing their campaign. While candidates are not allowed to coordinate with Super PACs, there seems to be plenty of “wink and a nudge” communication going on anyhow. Candidates know who is spending that money, and they’re expected to reciprocate if elected. Bernie Sanders has decided to primarily solicit small private contributions, which he has done with a great deal of success so far.

4. He’s a real family values candidate: While Republicans claim to be for family values, there isn’t anything in their platform that supports families. Bernie Sanders supports the FAMILY Act which would guarantee every American worker 12 weeks of paid medical and family leave, as well as mandatory paid vacation time, something many private sector employees aren’t given by their employers.

3. Bernie Sanders is a socialist: Oh sure, we’ve heard that President Obama is a socialist Marxist boogeyman that was sent by George Soros to destroy the American economy and freedom as we know it. We already have socialism for corporations via tax credits and all sorts of subsidies – why not do the same for the American taxpayer? Why not ask Wall Street to fund free higher education, considering the fact that we bailed them out when they needed it?

2. Bernie Sanders is pro-Israel: The left has a problem with Israel, and it drives many American Jews to vote for Republicans instead. Whether it’s exaggerating stories to say that Israelis hate President Obama and want him to catch Ebola or painting Israel as a racist nation that should cease to exist, many people on the left are critical of the country in a way that is not helpful. Senator Sanders doesn’t feed into this all-or-nothing approach and has taken a position that you can both support the right of Israel to exist, as well as the ability to be critical of its government when it is wrong. Like myself, Bernie Sanders is a Jew who supports Israel and at the same time, doesn’t like Benjamin Netanyahu and the right-wing faction of their government. Now to be fair, Hillary Clinton is not anti-Israel, but she does have a murky record when it comes to actual policies. I feel Bernie Sanders would be better suited as a pro-Israel president with a no-nonsense approach to dealing with the nation.

1. Bernie Sanders is the real deal: Many people, myself included, are tired of politicians who get elected by saying one thing and then doing another once they’re in office. While Hillary Clinton identifies as a center-left Democrat, Bernie Sanders has a long history of being a true left politician who has stuck with his message from the very beginning.

Bernie Sanders has an uphill battle against the Hillary Clinton machine, there’s no question about that. However, I predict that as more people find out who is and what he stands for, he will give Hillary Clinton a serious challenge in the primaries. If you recall, nobody gave Barack Obama much credit early on and said that he didn’t have a chance against Hillary Clinton. Remember how that turned out?


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  • OMGface

    Bless you; the above speaks/delineates every
    single element of what I have come to about Bernie exactly. What brings me
    agony is having to face the reality which pervades in this nation at this
    juncture…that which has been allowed to take root, and, that it would make
    his election impossible. There are no words sufficient to express my
    sadness in that and what it bodes for the future restoration of all we’ve allowed to be taken away/compromised…all that once made America great.

    But none of it will stop me from continuing to support him with joy and passion. Settling is the beginning of the end of quality of life.

  • factswonthurtyou2

    Hillary seems to be a Repub in disguise.
    Nothing has hurt the economy more than Free Trades. 75% of it’s activity coming from the citizens and most of that is what we call the middle class, and if a majority of them can’t find stable, good paying jobs then that activity is diminished.
    The worst thing Bill Clinton did to American workers was awarding China with ‘Trade Authority’.
    Hillary supports TPP which will only allow for more offshoring and insourcing through HB-1 visas.
    America doesn’t have to become isolated. They have to revert to the pre Nafta rules.
    Bernie lived those times and wants Americans to relive them and we can only act to make sure he gets elected………

    • Harriet Stanton-Leaffer

      You’re delusional.

  • D’Marie Mulattieri

    If every person that says, “I’d vote for Bernie, but he doesn’t have a chance,” voted for Bernie he would win! It is very early in the election cycle to declare Shillary the winner. All Democrats need to be putting pressure on the DNC to give Bernie a fair shake. I for one, although being an Independent who will re-register as a Democrat to vote for Bernie in the primary, and I plan on being in Philadelphia at the Democratic Convention holding a NOMINATE BERNIE sign. Hundreds of thousands of us need to show up and make the DNC recognize Bernie. He is our only hope. Folks, with these insidious faux trade agreements knocking on our door, we cannot allow Hillary or a GOPer into the White House. We must have Bernie protecting Americans. #Bernie2016 all the way or the highway.

  • Farty Fartsalot

    Obama’s more of a celebrity than a President.

  • Fool_me_twice_shame_on_ME

    The author starts his piece with a clueless admission that he has bought into the Hillary is the “lesser of two evils” scheme promoted by corporate greed to insure no matter who wins the election, their candidate is in the White House. The media manipulation is incredibly sneaky and very effective because too many people will intentionally disregard a candidate with a 30 year history of working in the people’s interest (Bernie Sanders) to blindly and obediently vote for the candidate Wall Street chooses (Hillary, Inc.), even in the primaries. The corporate media keeps banging the drum that “Bernie can’t win” so they obediently won’t vote for him. It’s like they don’t have a clue how elections work, or who has all the power in the primaries. And then they will have the audacity to moan and complain about how nothing ever changes after they put another Wall Street darling in power. I really wish these “pundits” would stop trying to inform the rest of us when they aren’t very well informed themselves.

    And on that note, Bernie Sanders is a democratic socialist, not a Socialist. There is a pretty big difference in the two philosophies. And Hillary doesn’t just have super-PACs. She has Wall Street funded super-PACs, so why anybody would even consider another George W. Bush, or Barack H. Obama (in a skirt this time) is beyond me. I intend to work as hard as possible to insure Senator Sanders is the Democratic nominee, despite all the resistance from the corporate media, the Wall Street owned party “leadership,” and the clueless ‘Ready for Hillary’ lemmings who are gullible enough to swallow their propaganda and do Wall Street’s bidding.

  • Joshua

    Bernie Sanders should be in the Whitehouse. The only thing I fear, is the Republican ran house and senate may make him a lame duck president. However, Sanders is a brawler on the issues that matter to the oppressed 99%. All of us are hard working people. Especially the homeless person that has to beg for change in the street and brave starvation, poverty and the elements, the mentally disabled worker that needs single payer health care to get health insurance. The minimum wage worker that works two jobs would love to see a pay increase, the student with a dead end diploma shouldn’t have to pay top dollar for his/her degree. The list of injustices from having the wrong element in the government goes on and on. While the right is for themselves (Hillary too). Bernie is for the people… I’ll support him in the primaries.

  • M. A. Franklin

    Seriously? I cannot believe that stuff that I am reading. Do the BS supporters realize BS wants to give everything to everyone? Do BS supports realize we have a $17T debt? Do BS supporters understand that at some point the house of cards are going to come crashing down? We need someone that cannot be bought by any special interest. We need someone who can improve our financials. I welcome comments … name calling seems to be the MO of ignorance, so I do hope that is not found here.

  • Harriet Stanton-Leaffer

    If you want to know about Hillary Clinton, her emotional strength, her determination, her ability, go to her Wiki page. It is very long indeed, but it tells her story. Bernie’s spreading fairy dust and his supporters think it’s going to be Magic From Day One. He will be working with a Congress he has worked in as an independent, distancing himself from both parties, but is suddenly running on the Democratic ticket. How convenient. He didn’t want to run but his friends persuaded him. Well, he’s got the disease now.

    The laws that will help him pass the programs he talks about do not exist. When questioned, he folds. He does not know what he does not know about Wall Street. He claims (through his campaign manager, Jeff Weaver) that HIllary is in the pocket of the gun lobby and they have ranted and raved against her. Apparently, they don’t know she’s on their side.

    Further, Hillary has been a target of the extreme right for 25 years and has weathered the mischief admirably. Republicans have been caught on tape saying that the Benghazi investigation is just to “get her”.

    Ask yourselves why you are so ready to believe the lies? When Obama was elected, I briefly allowed myself to think we had turned a corner on racism. Then the closet racists came out of the woodwork, so threatened by his presidency that they went ape. And suddenly many supposedly thoughtful citizens started to doubt him, beginning with he fact that his changes did not happen overnight. And they didn’t vote in the midterms in 2010 and we got the godawful fascists calling themselves the Tea Party. The religious nut jobs took over. I think the same dynamic is happening with Hillary. People have gender bias and don’t even know it.

    Speaking of change, and Bernie is certainly doing that, if you all were so all fired ready to jump on Obama for not performing miracles in his first term, wait till you get Bernie in the White House. You will see what real failure looks like. Also, Obama was younger and stronger and more talented than Bernie. The presidency ages a person.

    If Bernie had been attacked as relentlessly as Hillary has for the past 2 1/2 decades, he’d be curled up in the fetal position, sucking his thumb. He’s had a free ride. But the pressure is getting to him as witness his over-the-top response to something Hillary did not say, but was misrepresented to him by his staff. And he didn’t question them. (I am not confident his choice of a cabinet would be any better.) Hillary was asked three separate times in an interview on MSNBC if she thought Bernie was fit to lead and she said each time, let’s let the voters decide. Bernie doesn’t, apparently watch TV, and depends on his staff. So he got incensed and went on camera to say she was unfit to lead and was getting “nervous”. Well, she didn’t say it and he’s the one who’s nervous because the delegate numbers don’t favor him.

    And, finally, and this is really personal with me, Bernie is admirably and strongly in favor of abortion rights for women, but also said that this was “a distraction” and he wanted to concentrate on issues that matter. What a disconnect. Women were key in the defeat of Mitt Romney.

    Bernie is the wrong guy in the wrong place at the wrong time. He isn’t Jesus, he isn’t Santa Claus, and there is no free lunch.