5 Reasons Bernie Sanders Would Be A Better President Than Hillary Clinton

Bernie Sanders 1As more Americans find out who Bernie Sanders is and that Hillary Clinton isn’t the only person running for the 2016 Democratic nomination, his poll numbers have begun to rise. If you’re like me, the thought of Hillary Clinton being the next president is better than any Republican, but at the same time, there are other candidates that are more appealing. Establishment Democrats are almost unanimously behind Hillary and many have told us that we should basically shut up and get behind her campaign – because any dissension in the ranks could cost her the general election.

While I fully intend to vote for her in the general election if she is the nominee, I firmly believe that Bernie Sanders is the better choice. Here are five reasons why.

5. He isn’t working with Super PACs: After the Citizens United ruling, unlimited sums of money could be spent on advertising supporting candidates via Super PACs. With the exception of Bernie Sanders, every candidate in the race from Jeb Bush to Carly Fiorina has at least one Super PAC backing their campaign. While candidates are not allowed to coordinate with Super PACs, there seems to be plenty of “wink and a nudge” communication going on anyhow. Candidates know who is spending that money, and they’re expected to reciprocate if elected. Bernie Sanders has decided to primarily solicit small private contributions, which he has done with a great deal of success so far.

4. He’s a real family values candidate: While Republicans claim to be for family values, there isn’t anything in their platform that supports families. Bernie Sanders supports the FAMILY Act which would guarantee every American worker 12 weeks of paid medical and family leave, as well as mandatory paid vacation time, something many private sector employees aren’t given by their employers.

3. Bernie Sanders is a socialist: Oh sure, we’ve heard that President Obama is a socialist Marxist boogeyman that was sent by George Soros to destroy the American economy and freedom as we know it. We already have socialism for corporations via tax credits and all sorts of subsidies – why not do the same for the American taxpayer? Why not ask Wall Street to fund free higher education, considering the fact that we bailed them out when they needed it?

2. Bernie Sanders is pro-Israel: The left has a problem with Israel, and it drives many American Jews to vote for Republicans instead. Whether it’s exaggerating stories to say that Israelis hate President Obama and want him to catch Ebola or painting Israel as a racist nation that should cease to exist, many people on the left are critical of the country in a way that is not helpful. Senator Sanders doesn’t feed into this all-or-nothing approach and has taken a position that you can both support the right of Israel to exist, as well as the ability to be critical of its government when it is wrong. Like myself, Bernie Sanders is a Jew who supports Israel and at the same time, doesn’t like Benjamin Netanyahu and the right-wing faction of their government. Now to be fair, Hillary Clinton is not anti-Israel, but she does have a murky record when it comes to actual policies. I feel Bernie Sanders would be better suited as a pro-Israel president with a no-nonsense approach to dealing with the nation.

1. Bernie Sanders is the real deal: Many people, myself included, are tired of politicians who get elected by saying one thing and then doing another once they’re in office. While Hillary Clinton identifies as a center-left Democrat, Bernie Sanders has a long history of being a true left politician who has stuck with his message from the very beginning.

Bernie Sanders has an uphill battle against the Hillary Clinton machine, there’s no question about that. However, I predict that as more people find out who is and what he stands for, he will give Hillary Clinton a serious challenge in the primaries. If you recall, nobody gave Barack Obama much credit early onĀ and said that he didn’t have a chance against Hillary Clinton. Remember how that turned out?


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