5 Reasons Why Donald Trump Supporters are Extremely Dangerous

I’m a firm believer in understanding and knowing your opposition. For the 2016 election that meant engaging with far more supporters of Donald Trump than I would have liked. It didn’t take long before I realized most of these folks were completely different than any other group of people I had ever dealt with in politics — in a terrifying sort of way.

Donald Trump used fear, anger, hate and over-the-top nationalism to brainwash his supporters into believing anything he said. He vilified entire groups of people because he knew that was the type of rhetoric his supporters wanted to hear.

But the more I talked with many of these people, the more I realized how extremely dangerous they are.

1. Most of them are literally brainwashed: Throughout my years following politics I’ve dealt with plenty of hypocrisy and ignorance from Republicans, but I’ve never seen anything like this. They only believe what Trump or those backing him say. Even if you use indisputable video or audio evidence that completely debunks something he’s said, they’ll still think you’re a liar. From my experience interacting with these folks, to their core, they truly and honestly believe he’s going to “make America great again,” even if they don’t even know what that actually means.

2. They generally don’t know anything about how politics or our government work: The reason why #1 exists is because most Trump people I’ve interacted with have absolutely no idea how government works. It’s really easy for someone like him to make absurd promises he knows he’ll never follow through on when the people supporting you have absolutely no idea how government works. It also makes these folks incredibly pointless to try to reason with, because you can bust out a “Government 101” textbook and it won’t matter one bit — they’re going to believe him over any factual evidence you show them proving he’s a liar.

3. Not only do they buy into conspiracy theories, but they seek them out: It’s pointless to debate a conspiracy theorist because no matter what evidence you use to debunk whatever nonsense they believe, they’re simply going to claim that it’s “all part of the conspiracy.” Well, Trump supporters are probably the largest group of conspiracy theorists we’ve ever seen. These are folks who, because they believe any lie he tells them, will stoop to ridiculous levels to believe anything — and I do mean anything — to try to counter whatever evidence you’ve used to debunk some asinine thing they believe.

4. They thrive on hate, anger, and fear: While these traits are how conspiracy theories are generally concocted, these people seem to thrive on this upwelling of blind hate, anger, and fear that fuels their entire being. The truth is, no matter how good this country is doing, they’re always going to harbor hate, be angry, and remain fearful. I remember back during Bill Clinton’s presidency when our economy was reaching historically successful levels and the same type of people supporting Trump now were hateful, angry and afraid back then. The truth is, it really doesn’t matter what reality says; unless these folks are being told what they want to hear, they’re going to be filled with hate, anger and fear.

5. They simply don’t care: Above all else, they simply don’t care. They don’t care if Vladimir Putin was trying to help elect Donald Trump for Russia’s best interests. They don’t care if Donald Trump constantly feeds them almost nothing but lies. They don’t care if he shouldn’t have really been the “winner.” They don’t care that, for the second time in a row, a Republican was “elected president” despite losing the popular vote.

They. Simply. Don’t. Care.

To most of Trump’s supporters, as long as he “won,” they literally don’t care how it happens — just as long as it happened.

They have no respect for democracy, the voice of the people or ethical behavior — just as long as they get what they want.

And let me tell everyone this much, it’s a very dangerous situation in a country where you have millions of people who simply don’t care about how they win — just as long as “their side” emerges “victorious.” Especially when they’re driven by hate, paranoia, conspiracies, fear and have been brainwashed to such an extent that facts don’t matter if they conflict with the garbage being spewed from their favorite person’s Twitter feed.

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Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Carolyn Webb

    The Trump supporters just like most POST REAGAN republicans in this country have the same mentality as the GERMANS of 1933!

    Germany was depleted after the First World War and when a demagogue came along and said he would MAKE GERMANY GREAT AGAIN by driving out all the “Non Aryan” races from Germany and make the Germans PURE WHITE Again and appealed to the Hate and Bigotry and racism and Xenophobic fear mongering and it worked!

    It’s not just TRUMP it’s the whole 21st Century Republican Party!

    BUSH did the same thing when he ran against Al Gore in 2000, got less than Gore in the popular vote and MALICIOUSLY BLOCKED the re-count vote in Florida!

    And in 2004 he POISONED John Kerry’s chances of winning by spreading around fear mongering LIES about Kerry’s service record in Vietnam (SWIFTBOAT attacks)

    He and his supporters DID NOT CARE how he won! They just wanted his BIGOTED AGENDA to prevail in This country!

    It did not start with TRUMP and the WHOLE Republican Party is just as bad as TRUMP. They all have the same ideology but they appear to be less offensive on the surface! MIKE PENCE is a perfect example of this.

    It actually started with REAGAN.

    The White working class people of this country never voted against their interests before REAGAN the friendly-looking FIRST FASCIST started brainwashing them and what started with REAGAN has brought us to not only TRUMP but a whole major political party of Fascists.

    Now I fear it is TOO LATE to stop the Re-THUG-Lican party from turning America into the same nightmare that Germany was in 1933-1945

  • vera
  • Steve Temke

    Hateful, fearful and paranoid…and about 99% of these folks own multiple firearms. NOT a good combination.

    • Carolyn Webb

      Thanks to the Whole 21st century Republican Party who are ALL just as bad as T-RUMP we have to be faced with the fourth REICH and world war three

  • .
    To reshare here, I find that it doesn’t matter to anti-liberals that they are wrong, and many know that they are wrong.

    They believe that it’s the way things should be, and that’s enough for them to form their Kro-magnon Konservative Kollective.

    • Carolyn Webb

      It’s the whole republican-THUG-Lucan fascist party we have to fight back again. T-Rump is just the tip of the iceberg. They are ALL just as bad as he is just like the 2001-2008 republicans were ALL just as bad as BUSH!

      Back in the days of Eisenhower and Ford and even Nixon most republicans were good moderately right wing people who would listen to and work WITH democrats together for the good of the country.

      But ever since REAGAN the whole Republican Party has been steadily turning FASCIST and over the last 36 years they have driven the good moderate people out of their party.

      They have also violated the constitutional provision of SEPARATION of church and state and now CRUEL, FUNDANENTALIST Fanatical Chrusto-FASCISM is big business and a driving force in the 21st Century Republican agenda, turning the USA into a Christo-Fascist dictatorship which will be just as bad as the Islamic dictatorship that exists in Saudi Arabia. All extreme fundamentalist religious fanatics are equally horrible which is why a Christo-Fascist Country is no better to live in than an Islamic Fascist Country.

      • .
        And faux-conservative anti-liberal Republicans think T-Rump cares about them and their jobs, and their moral outrage at immigrants, at LGBT people, at abortion.


        All T-Rump wants to do is get richer and famouser.

        At our expense.

        And he can’t do that unless he institutes an authoritarian regime of corporations and military — see his appointees.

        By the way, the other thing they have in common is multiple divorces and adultery and children out of wedlock.

        So much for the religious right, Evangelical holiness, and the moral majority … well, 3 million votes shy of the competition, majority wise.

        Heck, T-Rump doesn’t pay taxes, so you and I have a greater burden to pay for our country that he excruciatingly lucratively reaps the benefits from.

        T-Rump gets us fighting each other so we don’t see him stealing our money.

        And Putin gets us fighting each other so we don’t see him stealing our Constitutional democratic republic.

      • .
        Bannon via Breitbart eta lia has been drumming up a powerful undercurrent of racist white supremacist white nationalist propaganda, supported by Putin taking advantage of free-speech here ( only ) coupled with those zero-think white nationalists, all piggybacking onto Republican gerrymandering and voter suppression, and carefully timed hacks and leaks.

        It didn’t help that Hillary Clinton couldn’t find a reason of her own for voters to be excited about her, other than ( a ) she’s a woman, and ( b ) she’s not T-Rump.

        Still, the results were ~19% FOR T-Rump, ~24% AGAINST T-Rump.

        Gotta love our non-democratic republic, eh?

        Perhaps Obama will spend 4 years undoing gerrymandering, and then run again, if Michelle will let him run again.

        Wouldn’t it be nice for the US if someone ran for president who we actually experienced as inspiration of our best possible qualities?

        Sadly, even Tim Kaine and Cory Booker seem so … well, where’s the inspiration?

      • Mary Briggs

        “They have turned fascist ” they haven’t turned, voters put them there to be fascist, that is what is disturbing.
        This attitude has been fed by the notion that the USA is so great and strong it has the right to impose their will on anyone if it serves their purpose but the problem with this is when other nations become close to their hold on world economic and military power they feel threatened and weak. As this happens scapegoats have to be found and of course at this moment in the world there are plenty of those.

  • .
    We need an attitude of each one teach one, one person at a time, otherwise, their voting block will stay gerrymandered beyond reach.

    I scan a thread and end up dialoging with one person and often get compliments on how unlike the usual ad hominem I am.

    We have to start someplace.

    Geesh, even 3 million votes more against T-Rump did not have the desired democratic effect.

    We have a lot of work to do …

    … and it’s not just getting Constitutional liberals to vote …

    … but also getting unConstitutional conservatives to loosen their fear and terror at the thought of “other”.

  • .
    No conservatives post here have any dialogical specifics, only ad hominem.

    The must know by now that T-Rump couldn’t care less about them except for their applause and their vote …

    — as he stocks the heads of government with the corporate 1% and military … that’s the definition of fascism, where no one was left unscathed,

    — and with his Twitter-hand, he distracts everyone and the press to chase his meaningless diversions so no one looks at his other hand taking more and more of our money and stuffing it in his pockets at any cost to us.

    Since T-Rumps pays no taxes, you and I have more of a burden, and that’s a lot, and there are more just like T-Rump, tax avoidance wise.

    And look at the example of him hiding in his hotel …

    — he gets to charge the Secret Service a profit to stay and guard him, that yours and my tax money going into his pocket again …

    — and he gets to charge state agents to stay and meet with the president elect, that’s yours and my tax money going into his pocket again.

    Proud of your thrownaway votes yet, faux-conservatives?

  • .
    I look forward to faux-conservative’s suggestion that T-Rump can and will personally — “sua sponte” — gather and escort 20 million people to any border to push them over the line, and now including flag burners as well, let alone personally finding and prosecuting 20 million undocumented residents.

    In law, sua sponte, Latin for “of their own accord”, is authority taken without prompting from others, usually a judge taking action without a motion from adversarial parties on trial.

    Faux-conservatives complain about “activist” judges overstepping their unchecked authority whenever faux-conservatives don’t like our Constitution applying to everyone equally.

    Yet faux-conservatives want T-Rump as president to be police, prosecutor, judge, jury, penal system, and, flag-burners wise, faux-conservatives want T-Rump to be a legislator in the process, Constitutional law be damned.

    Putingate, as faux-conservatives call it ( Reagan would be horrified at Republican’s love affair with Putin ), is a consensus of CIA and FBI.

    Birtherism has no official backing whatsoever.

    Yet faux-conservatives think they are identical … because … because faux-conservatives want them to be, facts be damned.

    But none of that matters, because that’s the way faux-conservatives want it to be, even though they know it’s wrong.

    • bill gorrell

      Any dealings Trump has had with Russia pale in comparison with the Reagan campaign promising weapons to Iran if they kept the hostages until Carter was out of office. Before that, untold numbers lost their lives because Nixon made contact with the North Vietnamese during the 68 election, telling them to hold out until the election because he would give them a better deal. Then he escalated and extended the war when he attained the presidency.

  • .
    16+ years ago, Bill Clinton explained that people will have 5 careers from now on.

    And that fell on as deaf a population of stuck-in-the “take America back, -w-a-y- back” faux-conservatives as any other message of self responsibility.

    It’s funny that conservatives are supposedly outraged at government securing jobs for who they think of as no-account liberals … until it comes time for conservatives to take self-responsibility for getting jobs for themselves, and then suddenly it’s “Hey, what’s MY government ( that I’ve been trying to shrink and drown and make ineffective ) doing for ME?”.

    Again, faux-conservatives illustrate and prove the accuracy of the opening article.

    T-Rump voters are absolutely incapable of taking responsibility for themselves and playing by the rules and being happy with everyone doing well.

    They want the government to carve out special privileges and benefits and giveaways and protections and contracts and tax relief and kickbacks and monopolies for them and only them at the expense of excluding the people they disapprove of — liberals, LGBT, immigrants, blacks, browns, reds, women, children, non-Christians, the handicapped …

    I’d challenge conservative T-Rump voters to prove us wrong about them, but it would be a waste of time, since they cannot.

  • .
    T-Rump appointing Rick Perry to Secretary of Energy after Perry vowed to eliminate the Energy Department is T-Rump just trolling his audience keep them dancing and distracted from what is really going on behind the scenes, “ignore the man behind the green curtain”.

    T-Rump has a plan … a plan that’s never changed since before he got daddy’s million bucks to start playing with, and that plan is:

    — make T-Rump himself richer and famouser.

    That’s it.

    And he can’t do that without an authoritarian power to preoccupy the masses, accomplished by appointing the like-minded super-egos of the 1% corporations and military generals to run rampant over everyone.

    It’s called fascism.

    And before, Mussolini played up to Hitler just as T-Rump is playing up to Putin.

    Does no one study history but Machiavellian shysters?

  • Tyrsca

    It’s going to take 2 years minimum before the hard core supporters start wavering. It will take the loss of insurance, or seeing their taxes go up or something along those lines. It will take something that’s only going to happen to the “snowflakes” happening to them before they start to even question anything. The only good thing I see that might come out of this year is that when the impeachment happens it may splinter the Republican party quite a bit when a large amount of Republicans vote Yes.

  • Lila Joseph

    This is the sort of people who Always form the core groep around a dictator for the first time in their lives they are special and in controle!

  • Tina

    An egomaniac with his yappy, lapdog religious bigot ideologue Pence- one is only in this for himself, the other justifies any action as ‘divine governance’.

    His supporters do NOT care about facts. i had a heated discussion with a friend’s husband- an ardent Republican partisan. “I don’t care about his tax returns…” The dual standards are beyond logic and defy logic. I pointed out that Trump is using his own server and personal email. They don’t care!

    I mentioned that Obama presided over a massive economic recovery- we are all doing well, good stock portfolios etc- he said it was in spite of Obama.

    All that is good is because of ‘his side’. All that is bad is because of Dems.

    I actually welcome the cabinet appointees of military- they may be the ONLY internal check on trump’s delusion and collaboration with Putin. (Exclude Flynn from this, obviously, as he is an appointee).

    Re Flynn- i hope that Congress, the media and the nation do not settle on Flynn being removed- that amounts to an Ollie North conviction, while leaving the real culprit, trump, free to continue.

    US Intel, i think, is leaking the information- Flynn’s transcripts with Russian ambassador, as this information fell on deaf ears in Congress. I bet there is much much more and trump has no clue just how fried he will be. Its not just Flynn, its also Manafort, who lives in Trump Tower, and the coup de grace-

    Carter Page- foreign policy adviser to trump. The story is that he met with ‘Russian oil’ last summer, discussed US sanctions being lifted.. and discussed trump’s “interest” in Russian oil (rumor is 19% interest)…

    This is beyond just a stretch of rules of engagement. This is collusion with a foreign entity to adversely influence our election.

  • Maureen

    Everything Trump said about Hillary Clinton was actually what was going on with him! Psychological projection: She lies… she’s corrupt… she sought favors from foreign governments….the election was “rigged”….she mishandled classified information…. ALL THINGS HE, HIMSELF IS GUILTY OF!