5 Reasons Why I Have No Problem With People Calling Trump Supporters ‘Stupid’

I’ll be the first to admit that generalizing an entire group of people as some form of an insult is not the most effective method to create productive dialogue. I do my best to not be a hypocrite, but I know it’s absolutely hypocritical of me to be an advocate for always looking for the most “effective plan of action” when that’s not what I’m doing in this particular situation.

When I use the term “stupid,” I don’t mean they’re all lacking intelligence — though that’s clearly the case for many of Trump’s supporters. But I do personally know people who back him who, outside of politics, are incredibly bright and intelligent people. That’s even more maddening because I know they’re smart individuals, yet they’re still stupid enough to defend this idiot.

But when I use the word “stupid,” I often get more than a few negative messages from people calling me out for doing so, rightfully pointing out that it’s not overly productive to insult people whose minds you’re trying to change.

While I absolutely agree with that assessment, I’m not going to stop doing it. I’ll explain why.

1. It’s pointless to reason with people who aren’t reasonable: I’ve referred to Trump’s following as a cult on several occasions — because that’s exactly what it resembles. While I have spoken with a handful of reasonable Trump supporters, I can say without hesitation that I’ve never dealt with a more ignorant, irrational, hypocritical, and comically misinformed group of people as a whole than those who voted for and continue to defend him. It’s an absolute joke what they let him get away with that they’d be losing their minds over if someone like Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton had said or done it. There’s no point in me seeking out meaningful, constructive dialogue with people who refuse to believe in facts or reality.

2. They continue to defend him even though he’s broken many of his biggest campaign promises: I’m not going to list all of them, but here’s a quick rundown of several major campaign promises Trump made that he’s already proven were completely full of crap:

  • Mexico will not be paying for his border wall.
  • He’s not going to prosecute Hillary Clinton.
  • Still hasn’t released his tax returns.
  • Said he’d never play golf because he’d be too busy.
  • Claimed he’d almost never leave Washington D.C. because he’d be working too much.
  • Promised his health care plan would provide better coverage, cheaper premiums, and cover more Americans.
  • He’d run a very transparent administration.
  • Stated he’d order the secretary of the treasury to label China a currency manipulator.
  • Would have a plan to defeat ISIS drafted within his first 30 days in office.

Again, those aren’t even all of the promises he’s broken, yet most of his supporters simply don’t care. No matter what he does, or how many lies he gets busted telling, most of his supporters still jump through hoops to defend him. At this point it’s abundantly clear that his campaign was built on nothing more than telling people what they wanted to hear without any actual plan on how to do any of it. Now that reality is setting in that most of what he built his campaign on was total b.s., when his supporters should care that it’s obvious he was lying to them — they don’t.

3. The Russia scandal: Do we know, without a doubt, that Donald Trump committed treason? No. While I think he did, we still could have quite a ways to go before we find out any sort of definitive answer either way. But the way most Trump supporters act like all these allegations, along with his still strange avoidance of saying anything truly negative about Vladimir Putin or Russia, is all just “FAKE NEWS!” is absurd. A coincidence is a coincidence until you get a long list of them, then that becomes a pattern. If his supporters want to be skeptical of these allegations, that’s fine. However, for many of them to act as if they don’t think any of this should be investigated — especially considering how much they obsessed about Clinton’s emails — is laughable.

It’s fine if his supporters want to say they don’t think he’s guilty, but no rational person can look at everything we know about the long list of ties Trump has to Russia, along with his continued refusal to release his tax returns, and say that this doesn’t deserve to be investigated.

4. He’s already basically admitted that he’s incompetent and has no idea what he’s doing: A few weeks ago he said of passing health care reform, “Nobody knew health care could be so complicated.” Then recently, after a meeting with the president of China, Trump said of North Korea, “After listening for 10 minutes, I realized it’s not so easy. I felt pretty strongly that they had a tremendous power [over] North Korea. But it’s not what you would think.”

First, nobody knew health care could be so complicated? Yeah, they did — the Democratic Party and tens of millions of Americans knew. Not only does that comment prove that he never had a plan for health care other than empty promises built on pandering to what his supporters wanted to hear, but it shows how much of a moron he is that he really thought fixing our health care system would be easy.

Then his comments on North Korea, just… wow. Do Trump supporters really think these other world leaders respect Trump? They know he’s a buffoon who was “elected” because he got help from fake news and the Russian government. It’s an embarrassing time for this country when other foreign heads of state — especially those from rival countries such as China — are having to explain basic facts about crucial international situations because he obviously doesn’t know anything about them.

You don’t have to be a genius, or even a political expert, to understand that health care is complicated and that dealing with North Korea isn’t a simple solution. Those are two situations that basic common sense should tell a person aren’t easily dealt with.

It’s funny, Trump’s frequently called people like Obama, Clinton, and our government as a whole “stupid” for not being able to do all the big, bold promises he said he’d do if elected. The truth is, he’s the idiot who truly believed fixing these very complicated problems would be simple and easy.

5. He treats them like they’re complete idiots: You can tell how much respect someone has for your level of intelligence by how honest they are with you. If someone thinks you’re an idiot and doesn’t respect you at all, then they’re likely going to tell more outrageous lies because they believe you’re dumb enough to believe them.

Donald Trump wouldn’t blatantly lie or completely contradict himself as often as he does if he didn’t know those defending and supporting him were ignorant enough to believe him. Once upon a time, Trump essentially called his supporters mindless sheep who’d support him no matter what he did. Well, he couldn’t have been more right.

Why should I stop calling them stupid? They continue to support a man who, on a daily basis, treats them like they’re absolute morons.

If there are Trump supporters out there who are rational and reasonable who want to have factual discussions about political issues, I’m all ears. Unfortunately, I almost never get lucky enough to deal with any Trump supporters who are rational, reasonable, or care about facts.

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Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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