5 Ways Trump’s Wiretapping Nonsense Proves He Treats His Supporters Like Idiots

On Saturday, when Donald Trump accused Barack Obama of a massive crime he took things to another level. This isn’t something congressional Republicans can just tip-toe around like they have so many other scandals involving the leader of their party. Even if that’s what some of them appear desperate to do — again.

Luckily for Trump, he’s someone who lives in a world where his supporters believe any nonsense he says and never once request a shred of evidence for any of it. As long as he’s telling them what they want to hear — facts be damned — they’re going to support him.

This situation is so incredibly ridiculous that it’s exposed exactly how ignorant someone has to be to continue to support this pathologically-lying moron.

Let’s just cut to the chase.

1. A president cannot single-handedly order the surveillance of Americans: For Trump Tower to have been under any sort of legal surveillance, it would have required a FISA court order based on evidence proving probable cause to grant such a request. Meaning that the only way for Trump Tower to have been “bugged” would be if the FISA court was presented with enough evidence to allow that to happen. A simple Google search of “can a president order a wiretap” produces page after page of links to facts telling Trump supporters that it’s not possible for a president — any president — to have ordered such a thing, but that was apparently too much to ask.

2. Based on facts, there was no purpose for this to have happened: Considering we know President Obama knew about Russia attacking us before the election (something Trump’s actually attacked him for in his pathetic attempt to discredit U.S. intelligence about the cyber attack helping him get “elected”), yet he didn’t say much about it, what would have been the point of taking a huge risk to illegally monitor Trump’s campaign? If Obama was going to use unethical means to try to sabotage Trump’s campaign, he could have simply played up the Russia rumors as much as possible — but he didn’t.

3. Trump’s the “Commander-in-Chief”, yet he apparently made this claim based on a story from right-wing conspiracy site Breitbart: Are Donald Trump and his supporters trying to tell me that he doesn’t have a single ally working for him in the CIA, FBI, NSA, or State Department who could have told him about this months ago? How is it that a radical conservative radio host (Mark Levin) and Breitbart.com knew about this, yet the most powerful person in this country had not been told? Are these folks telling me that whatever source gave this information to Levin didn’t first think to contact Trump’s administration?


4. If Barack Obama was going to order something highly illegal to go after Trump, he would have probably gone after his tax returns: Let’s face it, if there’s something that most of us feel could sink Trump, it’s whatever’s hidden in his tax returns. If Obama really wanted to risk potential incarceration, and tarnish his legacy forever, it would have made much more sense to go after those rather than build some elaborate surveillance effort in a massive building requiring a lot of people.

Just sayin’.

5. He’s the one in charge, so he could prove this any time he wanted, but hasn’t: If he has the information he claims he does, the truth is, he doesn’t even need a congressional investigation to “find out anything” — he has the power to do that on his own. If he’s in possession of “proof” that Obama committed this extremely unethical, unconstitutional, and illegal wiretapping of Trump Tower (other than a Breitbart article, of course) then all he has to do is show it to Congress and/or the American people.

Yes, it’s really that simple.

When it comes to the ignorance of many Trump supporters, clearly I could have covered more things, but I think this is enough. This is not a complex, or even remotely complicated situation. Donald Trump is accusing Barack Obama of something extremely illegal that:

  • A president doesn’t have the ability to actually do.
  • There seems to be no real motive for doing so based on the fact Obama didn’t even discuss what he knew about the Russian cyber attack during the election.
  • All seems based off an article he read on a fringe conspiracy site on the Internet.
  • Doesn’t make a great deal of sense considering there are far more effective ways for Obama to have gone after Trump if he didn’t care about breaking the law.
  • If Trump has the proof to support his allegations against Obama, he could easily show it to Congress, or even declassify it, so that every American could see it — but he hasn’t.

This is basic logic and a simple understanding of facts. It serves as another prime example of Donald Trump treating his supporters like idiots because he knows they’re naive enough to believe anything he says.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


Facebook comments

  • Eg Kbbs

    On CNN today during the parade of trumpers for the press, bottom of screen was a banner indicating the WH hasn’t asked the FBI about the wiretaps.

    Now wouldn’t an incoming prez, as a prudent and rational individual, on finding evidence of being wiretapped, immediately go to the FBI and CIA and ask WTF?? (For that matter, even an irrational and psychotic individual on finding their Trump Towers penthouse bugged, do likewise?)

    So if I’m interpreting the banner correctly, why hasn’t Trump gone to the agencies of spying, clandestine operations, and law enforcement to ask about the taps that he has apparently found ??????

    • butteredcereal

      The agencies in question don’t really trust him (or so he thinks, though, some are holdovers of the Obama administration), and that he thinks the Dems may shut him down and call him a madman. The fact that he didn’t have screening/activity indicators of his calls boggles me, too.

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