5 Reasons Why, If Elected, Hillary Clinton Will Be Considered One of Our Greatest Presidents

Without a doubt, Hillary Clinton is one of the most polarizing political figures in the country. Then again, when you’ve had hundreds of millions of dollars spent attacking and slandering your character for nearly a quarter century, it’s actually quite remarkable she’s managed to be as successful as she’s been. I’m always amazed at the anti-Clinton hate emails and messages I get from people who criticize her for things that aren’t even true. While President Obama has had his share of conspiracies pushed against him, nothing comes close to the number of outrageous conspiracies millions of people actually believe about Hillary Clinton.

This is not a joke: There are people in this country (lots of them), who literally believe the Clintons are serial killers who created a charity as a front for an international pay-for-play scheme that helped facilitate the sale of uranium to Russia.

None of that is true, but it’s shocking how many people out there actually believe that it is.

Unfortunately, years and years of propaganda has taken its toll and, currently, Hillary Clinton would become one of the least popular presidents ever elected if she happens to win in November.

However, it’s my opinion that, if elected, Hillary Clinton will go down as one of our greatest presidents ever. I’m sure many will disagree with that, but let me explain.

1. Being somewhat unpopular when elected is not entirely a bad thing: Generally speaking, a president is never more popular than their first day in office. After that, it’s usually all downhill with a few peaks and valleys mixed in until they finally leave office. Typically voters have extremely high expectations for an incoming president, meaning that they’ll never live up to lofty and ultimately unrealistic expectations.

Right now there are many people out there who think Hillary Clinton is flat-out terrible. They’ve bought into the anti-Clinton conspiracies, propaganda and flat-out lies. So, going into office, expectations from many Americans for Clinton aren’t going to be very high — which will actually help her.

You see, when many on the left who aren’t crazy about her finally see her supporting progressive policies, and the moderate independents and Republicans see she’s not Satan, that’s when rational views of Hillary will likely emerge, causing her numbers to improve as people realize she’s a very intelligent women, good at her job and not nearly the evil villain her critics have made her out to be.

2. As First Lady, a senator from New York and Secretary of State, she was incredibly popular: No matter what public position she’s been in, she’s always turned out to be someone who many people admired and respected. She helped redefine what the role of the First Lady was, became New York’s first female senator and when she left as Secretary of State her approval numbers were incredibly high. After four years of almost nothing but negative press, her fantastic career as a public servant gets forgotten by many. Well, if she’s inaugurated in January, they’ll be reminded as to why she’s been one of the most admired women of the last 25 years.

3. She’s probably the most qualified candidate to ever run for president: I think a lot of younger voters don’t quite realize how successful Bill Clinton’s presidency was. Well, she’s his wife and, by all accounts, is actually the more intelligent one. Not only did she have a long career fighting for women’s rights and education before Bill was elected in 1992, but she was a very hands-on First Lady. Add that with a very successful career as a senator from New York, along with four years as Secretary of State, and you have a woman whose resume is incredibly impressive.

Am I saying she’s perfect? No, not at all.

Think about it this way: She has all this experience and the worst thing hundreds of millions of dollars spent trying to slander her can come up with is a Benghazi incident where even Republicans concluded she wasn’t at fault; an email “scandal” that has produced exactly zero evidence of any actual corrupt behavior; and fear-mongering about a foundation with an A-rating that spends 88 percent of its funds on charitable causes.

If that’s all they’ve got — along with a long list of absurd conspiracies — that only proves how effective she’s been.

4. The fact that both the far-left and far-right loathe her: I make no secret that I can’t stand extremists on either the left or the right. Far-leaning radicals are often irrational, hostile, hypocritical and frequently factually devoid. They usually lack big-picture thinking, live by a set of political purity standards that are completely unrealistic and, quite honestly, they’re the reason why our government is so inefficient. Both the far-left and the far-right have made the words “compromise” and “bipartisan” negative terms. They’re all-or-nothing people who don’t understand that getting 60 percent of what you want is not only more realistic, but it’s better than getting almost none of it.

Furthermore, it’s funny how the far-left accuses her of being no better than a Republican while the far-right accuses her of being a socialist. Since she can’t be both, that’s a pretty good sign that she’s probably pretty close to where she needs to be.

5. Bernie Sanders: The campaign Senator Sanders ran for the Democratic nomination had a profound impact on the Democratic party and Hillary Clinton as a candidate. She’s been much more liberal than many on the far-left will give her credit for, but Sanders helped pull her further to the left on a few issues on which she definitely needed to be more progressive.

Not only that, but because of his success during the primary, progressives all over the country will hold her accountable for the promises she made during her campaign. Unless she wants to create a massive uprising within the Democratic party against her in 2020, she has no choice but to keep most of her more progressive promises.

And whether she likes it or not, because of his increased influence over the party, Sanders will be a “progressive thorn” in her side if she tries to go back on her word.

But it’s undeniable that because of the intense battle she had with Bernie Sanders, she became a better, more progressive candidate and hopefully president.

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Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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