5 Reasons Why I’ll Probably Never Vote Republican Again

roflbot41514In previous posts like “Why I left the Republican Party” and “I Didn’t Leave the GOP – It Left Me,” I’ve discussed my history and involvement with the Republican Party and why I changed my party affiliation over a decade ago.

Those were the days when I, as an impressionable teenager who was brainwashed by years of growing up in the religious right, mingled with the likes of Ralph Reed, Oliver North, Alan Keyes and others. I was even on a first name basis with people like George Allen and Bob Goodlatte while they slowly but surely injected the radical right ideology into the Grand Old Party. (Source)

As it stands now, I can’t see myself voting for a Republican again (barring a situation where a moderate Republican ends up against a Tea Party candidate after a Louisiana “jungle primary“) unless they drastically change these five things, among others.

5. Homophobia: I used to be a homophobe, thanks to the years of conservative Catholic brainwashing I endured. While the few mainstream Republicans that are left have started to accept that marriage equality is a Constitutional right, they’re reluctant to challenge the radical fringe which runs the party now. When individuals like Rick Santorum are allowed to go on rants about Christians being persecuted by gay people and spreading outright lies without being confronted by those who should be the adults in the room, it’s obvious who is calling the shots these days. Just look at E.W. Jackson, who was the Virginia GOP’s nominee for lieutenant governor last year. Fortunately for my home state he lost and lost big, but the fact that this guy was nominated alone is quite troubling.

4. Pandering to anti-government nuts: The fact that Bobby Jindal mentioned a “hostile takeover” of Washington, DC at a convention held recently by Ralph Reed shows how even politicians that were previously moderate in comparison are now willing to cater to those who harbor fantasies of shooting government officials and people they don’t agree with politically. The recent Cliven Bundy incident where Republican politicians and members of the conservative media embraced him and his supporters (well, right up until his racial remarks) is another example of how far overboard the GOP as a whole has gone.

3. The War On Science: Climate change IS happening, whether people want to listen to the vast majority of scientists or not. What’s worse is that Congressional Republicans engage in bizarre, anti-science denialism on the behalf of the fossil fuel companies that fund them. Lamar Smith (R-TX) is the Chairman of the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, and who is one of his biggest contributors? You guessed it, energy companies. So it’s no wonder behavior like this runs rampant:

At a March 26 hearing of the U.S. House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, Republican congressmen took turns attacking President Obama’s top science advisor, John Holdren. On climate change, their statements became increasingly heated, accusatory, and bizarre.

Southern California conservative Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.) challenged Holdren on the fact that about 97 percent of the world’s practicing climate scientists agree that human activity is responsible for climate change. “Why can’t anybody admit that you’ve got a group of people putting out a bogus figure here?” he charged. (Source)

2. The War On Education: The religious right, with the assistance of conservative lawmakers, has been trying to insert their religious agenda into school curricula across the country while also using the same lawmakers to divert public money to private religious schools via voucher programs. The people behind this movement include members of my own family, as much as it pains me to admit it. Yet, at the same time, many conservatives are also falsely claiming that Common Core testing standards are an attempt to brainwash kids. Hypocritical much?

1. The War On Healthcare: Whether it is blocking a woman’s access to reproductive healthcare or blocking Medicaid expansion, the Republican Party has been on an absolute crusade ever since the Tea Party “small government” folks took control. Many of the most conservative states have refused to participate in Medicaid expansion which would save lives and reduce wait times at emergency rooms for everyone. Louisiana alone has almost a quarter of a million people who do not currently qualify for Medicaid and don’t make enough to afford health insurance on their own, but conservatives have refused Medicaid expansion, while passing some of the most restrictive abortion legislation in the country under the reasoning that they are “pro-life.”

These aren’t all of the reasons why I am now registered as NPA (No Party Affiliation), but these are some of the biggest problems with the Republican Party today. At some point, they will have to either jettison the religious right and the gun nuts, or they can continue that slow walk into the sunset of political history.


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  • Lisa Opdell

    Don’t hold our breath on those. They’re more likely to start working with Obama than change any of those policies above.

  • Pipercat

    It’s really not a war on science, it’s a war on scientists.

    • Sean

      its both.

      • Pipercat

        Outwardly it would appear so, but entities in the hydrocarbon business (the biggest financiers of this smear) use science all the time such as: Geology, chemistry, seismology and heck, even meteorology; just to name a few. It’s not the science that bothers them, it’s the scientists that don’t know their place! If you haven’t heard of this prominent scientist and his recent encounters, look him up: Dr. Michael E. Mann. You’ll see why my original comment was not a cavalier one. It is quite precise!


  • MLR

    Never say never. I’ve said plenty of times I’ll never vote for a republican but what I really mean is I’ll never vote for a conservative whether he/ she is a republican or a democrat. Let’s face it, there are plenty of conservative democrats who might as well be republicans. That’s why I consider myself a liberal/ progressive and not necessarily a democrat. I will vote for the person who has the best ideas on how to grow the economy and create jobs, not infringe on a woman’s right to proper reproductive healthcare, progressive on LGBT issues, and progressive on education and immigration, regardless of their party affiliation or gender. Right now it just so happens that the republican party is the party of right-wing nut bags that have truly lost their mind and I really believe they are a danger to this country. So for right now I won’t be voting republican any time soon.

    • June Goetz Lynne

      so very true … Colin Peterson of MN claims to be a Democrat … however, he votes Republican almost all of the time …. he needs to change his party status! I won’t vote for Peterson ever again!

      • Stephen Barlow

        the DNC needs to fund challengers and DENY these guys a penny of the money pie.

    • Stephen Barlow

      And how soon do you anticipate that partywide aeschmic attack to last?

      • Sean

        last or begin?

  • Stephen Barlow

    That pretty much explains why I haven’t even considered a RED candidate in 34 years. I voted against Bush because he was just not the right guy for 101 reasons, but mainly when a silver spoon fed grandson of a thieving Nazi collaborator from Connecticut dons a Dumbass Hat and develops a drawl and buys dirt in Texas to FOOL the country…. You just friggin’ know better.

    Gore wasn’t the energy fount that Clinton was, but CONTINUING the Clinton success train in the face of ALL the Republican stagnation, the government shutdown in ’94 and the relentless “blowjob papparazzi” propaganda that Congress engaged in when important LEGISLATION should have been their agenda.

    I was pretty much done with the Sovietization of America when Reagan dealt drugs and sold arms to Terrorist ENEMIES of AMERICA.

    • Jill Marie Burger

      My memory of Reagan will always be Iran Contra. My mother watched the trial every day. It just stuck.

      • Being human

        The sad thing is that Republicans forgive Reagan, but they always say how horrible it is for Obama to trade five terrorists. Republicans are pretty hypocritical. They claim to be Christian when they say it’s alright for people to be held indefinitely without a trial. The day we don’t give our enemies trials is the day we become just as bad as the enemy themselves.

  • KJ

    What i don’t understand for example, in LA the conservatives are making it hard for these people to have health care and medicaid, but once elections start these people will vote conservative no matter what! To them, it’s all Obama’s fault. Why can’t they see the very people they are voting in office are out to hurt them?

    • DavidD

      Read Deer Hunting with Jesus by Joe Bagenant and he will tell you.A Southern Social Democrat whose writing style is a cross between Hunter S Thompson and Frank Zappa.
      As a Southern Socialist myself I can tell you he is dead on.Amazon has it used at around 3 bucks and it’s on Kindle.

    • Sean

      Bobby goat nut Jindals poor educational system..bottom 5 in country, which keeps people ignorant.Fox Noise and Rush “grand Pooba” Limbaugh which helps hide important issues with hate and racism.

  • FMJ

    I was once a republican, chairman of the young republicans, worked for Reagan as well as some republican senators, and I will NEVER vote for one again as long as I live. I found out that they have to serve under the republican platform no matter what and I can not nor will not respect that ever again. They don’t tell you that right off, and when I found it all out, and saw how they sit and laugh at all the stupid women and minorities that think they are republicans, and how easy it is to fool the Christians because ‘ they will believe anything; was enough for me to say good bye. People need to learn these facts before they vote and learn history as to why the party was started to begin with, no one but the white male millionaires they are here for would ever vote for another one.

    • MLR

      Well that’s nothing new to me. What surprises me is how many women and minorities and good Christian people don’t realize this. It’s sad really.

  • Truth

    6) Insularity – War on Differing Opinions

    • Being human

      7) No problem with war in general.
      Republicans are extremely quick to go into war with any country. Vietnam, Iraq. Now, they want to go into Syria, Ukraine, and Iran, not to mention a host of other countries that they’ve talked about going to war with. George Washington said to stay out of other countries affairs, and we should have listened to him.

  • Curtis Scarbrough

    And they won’t be missed.

  • pennyson349

    we need a them to take a fast walk into the sunset. it is simply too costly to keep them around In their current form.

  • meonthissite

    perfect really this article not only explains what the writer means it includes video quotes from the crazies who’ve taken over the party. I think however there is still a problem because republican voters instead of seeing the overall picture have started to jump on the libertarian bandwagon (which in this context isn’t a good thing because the Libertarians in congress aren’t real libertarians they are republican shills put there to confuse the issues further by sounding exotic and speaking with conviction) so really there is only one choice in the matter and that’s liberal/moderate democrats. Until people on both sides become serious about implementing serious progressive changes like eliminating the filibuster removing the 60 vote requirement, eliminating the electoral college, and adding legislation for the labor party we’re going to see these problems continue endlessly.

    • Karl Dammann

      And let’s add to your list: corporations are not people, no more big business “donations”, No more big business lobbyists. But most importantly no more giant tax loopholes, we lose more money to tax loopholes every year then it would take to end world hunger, that’s actually not an over exaggeration! It is estimated that ending world hunger would cost about 30 billion a year, it’s estimated that we loose 100-150 billion a year in offshore tax loopholes alone.

  • Being human

    People always wonder why so many people vote Republican. Now, I finally understand why. One of the things is that Christianity is a huge propaganda machine for the Republican party. So, if you can make it look like liberals are attacking Christianity, then you can get people to vote Republican.

    Another issue is Fox News. Almost all Fox viewers vote Republican because they’re brainwashed by Fox. Most of the time, that’s all they will ever watch, and if they do watch another station, they will watch it to see how bad it is, because Fox told them so.

    I used to be an extreme Republican until I started questioning things for myself and now am more to the center, or side with democrats on most issues. Republicans claim to be for small government, when they are anything but. They claim that national healthcare, marriage equality, and abortion are wrong. However, Republicans try to impose their views of Christianity on everybody.

    Look at their war on abortion, stem cell research, and safe-sex education. The only reason that they’re against these things is because they believe them from a 2,000 year old book created by extremely ignorant people. Stem cell research and safe-sex education actually help people, but they refuse to have it. They claim to be pro-life when they don’t even try to change laws that will actually save people’s lives.

    Just trying to help people get more insight on why people are stupid enough to vote for today’s Republican Party. Most are just too ignorant to see through their lies.

  • Rich Tinker

    Another recovering Republican here, though I was a “gypsy moth” more liberal type (think John Anderson, sorta Susan Collins, etc.). In college I started the national organization “Republicans for Mondale” (3 of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet, btw).


    I’ve heard countless Republicans for at least a couple of decades claim “this is a center-right country” – last night I dug up 5 when I was looking around for a few minutes. I’ll believe they really feel that way when they nominate some center-right candidates.

  • Cargapalitos

    Good for you, Manny.

  • Sean

    did you leave out gay rights on purpose? or equal pay for women? or living wage increase?