5 Sad Realities About Trump Supporters They Refuse to Believe are True (Video)

When it comes to dealing with Donald Trump supporters, you’re often dealing with folks who really do seem to live in some alternate version of reality that doesn’t exist. Though as I’ve said many times before, facts are real whether or not Trump supporters want to believe in them.

Whether his supporters want to believe it or not, Trump’s already proven his critics were right about him being unqualified and too incompetent to be president. Look no further than comments he made on April 27th where he said, “This [the presidency] is more work than in my previous life. I thought it would be easier.” That goes along with previous statements where he admitted that he didn’t understand how complicated fixing health care would be and he needed the president of China to explain to him how difficult dealing with North Korea is.

Let that sink in for a moment. That’s our current POTUS admitting that he was completely ignorant about how difficult the presidency would be, that his big promises on health care were based entirely on ignorance, and that he doesn’t know anything about one of the most well-known and complex international problems facing this country.

Yet none of this seems to faze the vast majority of Trump supporters.

So in the spirit of this delusional reality in which these Trumpsters have wrapped themselves, I thought I’d run down 5 sad realities these folks simply don’t want to believe are true.

1. Donald Trump is a con man who blatantly lied to them throughout his entire campaign: Without getting into the massive list of lies Trump has told both before and after the election, I’ll run down a few of his campaign promises we already know were total lies:

  • Mexico is never going to pay for his border wall.
  • His health care plan isn’t going to make coverage cheaper, better, or cover more Americans.
  • He’s not going to prosecute Hillary Clinton.
  • His administration would be very open and transparent.
  • He’d never have time to go golfing or go on vacation because he’d be in Washington working so much.
  • As soon as his audit was over he’d release his tax returns.
  • We’re well past 30 days and he still hasn’t produced a plan to defeat ISIS.
  • Both attempts to implement a Muslim ban have failed.
  • He didn’t pass a single meaningful piece of legislation in his first 100 days in office.

For those of you who might not notice, those promises make up the bulk of Trump’s main talking points throughout his campaign that, in less than his first 100 days in office, we found out were nothing but lies.

2. He continues to treat them like they’re morons: A person who respects the intelligence of the people supporting them doesn’t lie as often as Trump doeshow he does it. Raise your hand if you remember him calling the monthly jobs reports “fake” and “phony” throughout his campaign? I know I certainly do. Funny how now that he’s living in the White House, he’s trying to brag about the economic data reported in those very same monthly jobs reports — even though he has almost nothing to do with any of it.

You know how little respect someone must have for his supporters to more or less admit that he’s counting on their ignorance to get away with this sort of nonsense?

3. The rest of the world, both our allies and enemies alike, are laughing at us right now: Trump supporters don’t seem to grasp how humiliating it is when a current “President” of the United States says things like he didn’t know the job would be so difficult, or admits that he essentially needed the president of China to explain North Korea to him. Let alone the sad reality that the leaders of these other nations are having to be updated on the social media habits of our “Commander-in-Chief” to keep up with whatever idiocy he spewed during his latest Twitter meltdown.

Trump supporters can deny it all they want, but our allies don’t trust him, our enemies don’t fear him, and almost nobody aside from them respects him.

4. The United States is weaker than we’ve been in decades: This is sort of a continuation from #3 because the fact that the rest of the world is laughing at us puts our nation in a very weak position. Seeing as nobody can trust anything Trump says, and it’s brutally obvious that he has no idea what he’s doing, as I just said, there’s no reason for our allies to trust him or our enemies to fear him.

After all, don’t many Trump supporters often defend his lies by saying they don’t take a lot of what he says literally?

While that’s all well and good for a bunch of mindless sheep gullible enough to believe him, every single thing a president says — and how they say it — matters.

So when Trump says that an “armada” of naval ships has been sent in the direction of North Korea, when they were actually headed in the opposite direction to take part in military exercises with the Australian Navy over 3,500 miles away, that looks incredibly bad. Sure, Trump supporters will make excuses for him, but the rest of the world isn’t buying them. When Trump says something like this, then the truth comes out exposing it was a lie, it makes the United States look incompetent.

When the rest of the world doesn’t believe most of what Trump says, or know when to take a “threat” seriously, that’s a huge problem. Especially from someone who seems to like to “talk tough” just to sound like he’s some strong, confident leader — which we know isn’t remotely true.

At some point his empty threats and incompetent rhetoric are going to put this country in a position where we’re either going to have to back up what he says, which could very well lead to a nuclear war with North Korea, or Trump’s going to erode the credibility of the United States to such a low level that we may never be able to get it back.

5. They’re on the wrong side of history: This one is really simple and one I’ve discussed before. At no time in human history have vile, horrific bottom-feeders such as former Grand Wizard of the KKK and white supremacist David Duke; the KKK; neo-Nazis; white nationalists; serial-killing Russian tyrants who back dictators who use chemical weapons on civilians; anti-immigrant bigots; or fear-mongering religious fanatics ever been on the right side of history. Yet those are the people and groups who proudly and enthusiastically support Donald Trump.

Meaning that when Trump supporters eagerly talk about how amazing they think he is, and how glad they were to vote for him, what they’re really saying is that they believe when history looks back on this time, creatures like David Duke, the KKK, Nazis, serial-killing tyrants, hate-filled religious radicals, and anti-immigrant bigots are going to be on the right side of history — while people like Stephen Hawking, Neil deGrasse Tyson, humanitarians trying to help women and children fleeing for their lives from war-torn Syria, and the vast majority of the world are wrong.

One thing I know for certain is this: Opposing and fighting against the dangerous policies and behavior of Donald Trump is one of the proudest moments of my life. And it’s a battle I’ll fight every single day he’s in office or attempts to influence our political process or government with his never-ending stream of lies, propaganda, and mentally-unhinged social media meltdowns.

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Also, if you have a few more minutes to spare, check out the two videos below. The first shows comments recently made by a Trump supporter that are absolutely maddening, while the other is a video I made where I went more in-depth on my feelings concerning Trump supporters being on the wrong side of history.

Trump supporter via CNN:

My video:

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