5 Sad Reasons Why It’s Pointless to Try to Reason with Trump Supporters

Before getting started, let me begin by saying that while I know debating any supporter of Donald Trump is absolutely maddening, and usually completely pointless, I still think people should do it. Not because I believe many (if any) minds will be changed by presenting these folks with factual, rational arguments, but because I’ve found debating Trump supporters is a great way to better understand the way they think (or don’t think, rather) and prepare ourselves to counter the b.s. they use to defend him.

That said, anyone who’s dared to debate a “proud supporter of Donald Trump” is well aware of the fact that it’s pointless to try to reason with them. Not only do most of these individuals not seem to know much of anything factual — they don’t even seem to want to know. They seem perfectly happy living inside of this bubble they’ve created where their delusions are somehow true, while the truth is nothing but “fake news.”

While there are many reasons for this, I thought I’d run down my Top 5 reasons why it’s pointless to try to reason with Trump supporters.

1. They’re Trump supporters: I know this one might seem like I’m “cheating,” but it’s true. To be gullible enough to think a person like Donald Trump should be president takes an unprecedented level of ignorance. Even if you ignore every single comment he’s made about politics and only judge him based on his history as a businessman and human being — that alone should have disqualified him as a candidate. If I knew nothing else about Trump besides who he is as a person and businessman, that’s more than enough for me to realize he’s a shady, unethical con man who has no business being “president.”

The fact is, his political views aside, to even think for a brief moment that a person like Donald Trump might make for a great president takes a certain type of person who clearly isn’t well-informed or rational.

2. They’re uneducated: There’s a reason why the GOP is anti-education. They’re well aware that the less education someone has, the more likely they are to vote Republican. So it should come as no surprise that one of Trump’s most consistent voting demographics were people who lacked an education above a high school level. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the most dishonest and ridiculous candidate to ever win a major party’s presidential nomination was heavily supported by the least educated among us. It’s also not happenstance that many of the most strongly Republican states rank extremely poorly when it comes to education and health care for their citizens.

3. They’re brainwashed: Last year I wrote an article calling Trump’s presidential campaign more of a cult than anything else. From the get-go, Trump indoctrinated his supporters with propaganda, telling them that he was the only person they could trust, while dismissing anyone who’d expose his endless stream of lies as “fake news” or “part of some conspiracy out to get him.” One of the main tell-tale signs of any cult leader/conspiracy theorist is their insistence that they’re the only beacon of truth, the only person who can help the people they’re trying to con, while attacking any and all outside information as “part of the conspiracy against them and the truth.” Sadly, most of his supporters have fallen for this. They truly believe one of the most dishonest human beings I’ve ever seen is, in fact, the only honest person in Washington — and anyone who stands up to him is part of some nefarious conspiracy working against his “pure and only goal,” to make America great again.

4. Human nature: Let’s face it, as a species, humans are probably the smartest and dumbest creatures that will ever inhabit this planet. We’ll likely be the only species to cause our own extinction while knowing that we’re going to do so.

Well, one of the most common traits among humans is our inability to admit when we’re wrong. Even after many of us realize something we believed was true, in fact, wasn’t, it doesn’t matter. We’ll continue to argue that we were right, not because we actually believe it, but because we’re too proud to admit that we were wrong.

For some Trump supporters, I truly believe they know they were wrong, they just don’t want to admit it. They already know they were conned by someone who’s completely full of crap. They know those of us who spent the entire 2016 election telling them Trump was an unfit, mentally unstable imbecile who had no business being president were right.

Yet if they were to admit they were wrong, that would also mean that — gasp — liberals were right. And, let’s face it, most are never going to do that. They would rather watch this country get reduced to an ashy pile of rubble than simply admit they they were wrong and everyone else was right about Donald Trump.

5. They simply don’t care: A harsh reality many need to face is the fact that there are a good portion of Trump supporters who know he’s awful, incompetent, unfit for office, racist, and probably colluded with Russia — they just simply don’t care. They don’t care because, foolishly, they don’t think his incompetence is going to have much of an impact on their lives. They like Trump, they want him to be “president,” and no matter what he does, unless something he does has a direct negative impact on their lives (right, Caitlin Jenner?), they’re going to ignorantly stand by and defend him until the end. For these particular Trump supporters, he could come out and admit he’s a white nationalist who worked with Russia to undermine last year’s election and wants to turn the presidency into a dictatorship — and they wouldn’t care.

Obviously there are more reasons, but I feel, at least in my opinion, that these are the main five reasons why trying to reason with Trump supporters is absolutely pointless.

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Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • strayaway

    According to Pew Research, College graduates backed Clinton 52%-43% although Trump won whites with a college degree by a slim 49% to 45%. So, yes, college educated Americans voted more for Hillary but remember the days when the Democratic Party prided itself on its rapport with working Americans. Why would Americans vote for Hillary and Democrats when she calls them ‘deplorable’, ‘white’ is used as a slur by progressives(e.g. ‘white nationalist’), and, as in this article, Americans with less formal education are looked down on?

    It isn’t only arrogance that kept Hillary from being crowned. She voted to give Bush her congressional power to declare war on Iraq, developed policies to overthrow Khaddafi and Assad leading to hundreds of thousands of Arab deaths and millions of refugees, and helped rekindle the cold war. She couldn’t even be trusted with top secrets on her illegally used and inept computer server. It was therefore possible to not like Trump but vote for him anyway because Hillary’s foreign policy was a known danger. Voting Trump was in many ways a long pass, a desperate attempt to avoid stave off more of Hillary’s contempt and disasters.

    • Steve Temke

      Uh huh. OK

    • Hubert Fridge

      Both of the GOP Secretaries of State used the same type of computer servers and admitted to some breaches. Maybe she should have kept to the official server in the first place.

    • Debbie Lee Brown

      So you bought into the “e-mail” hype? While ignoring all of the reports of his bankruptcies, his lies, his grand-standing and his racism. Even when many of us pointed out how his FEC filings were inadequate, and that it was clear he had debt he wasn’t disclosing? How loudly did you yell “Benghazi” every time they cued you? Did you figure out which one of the above categories you fall into? What you are suggesting is something along the lines of voting for Hitler, because you can’t trust Nixon? And that makes sense to you?

      • strayaway

        “In May 2016, the Department’s Office of the Inspector General Steve Linick released an 83-page report about the State Department’s email practices. The Inspector General was unable to find evidence that Clinton had ever sought approval from the State Department staff for her use of a private email server, determining that if Clinton had sought approval, Department staff would have declined her setup because of the “security risks in doing so”. Aside from security risks, the report stated that “she did not comply with the Department’s policies that were implemented in accordance with the Federal Records Act.” Each of these findings contradicted what Clinton and her aides had been saying up to that point. The report also stated that Clinton and her senior aides declined to speak with the investigators, while the previous four Secretaries of State did so.” -wikipedia. And then there were the problems that somehow over 100 top secret emails went out over Hillary’s private server and somehow wikileaks wound up with some of her correspondence. So much for e-mail hype. The woman was at best incompetent.

        Where did I write the word “Benghazi”? You are delusional on that point and go downhill from there (“Hitler”, “Nixon”, rant, rant, pant, pant). Republicans who supported Kerry/Hillary/Obama’s unconstitutional war in Libya are the people using that word. There would never have been a Benghazi moment if Khaddafi would have been left alone. Benghazi is just a footnote of Hillary’s murderous and failed foreign policy

    • Marcia Walden

      Hahaha, and they thought trump would keep us safe? Good lord, he’s a lunatic. He doesn’t listen worth shit, he fights with the NFL and makes enemies with his own party. He’s a terrible businessman, he has absolutely no empathy, kindness, and a vocabulary of a second grader. He just called a Gold Star widow a liar. I’ll take Hillary Clinton over trump any day of the week. She has a tendency to listen to people and take the advice of professionals. She wouldn’t dismantle the EPA, and every other government institution.

  • disqus_ZBXJDbYJHe

    Even if the Trump voters were highly educated, they let their emotions and the blind loyathly to their conservatie idealogy override their logical and analyistical reasoning.

    • Lauriehl

      I say this as someone who did not vote for Trump. Please get spell check. You may be the most intelligent person in the world, however your writing and spellings skills would belie that.

      • disqus_ZBXJDbYJHe

        Yeah and we have CEOs who can’t make things work even though they are highly educated, so what is your point?

      • Lauriehl

        Good answer. I stand down.

  • johnnyboyjohn

    Being uneducated may have something to do with it. However, I have only a high school diploma and am a staunch democrat/liberal. So it stands to reason that perhaps there are some fairly intelligent non-college-degree republicans out there as well who simply voted for their party’s candidate, much like I voted for mine.

    The extremely sad thing to all of this is: We actually had a very qualified candidate who was in touch with the working class and had a strong plan for our country, and, had he been the nominee, would have most likely succeeded. (I know there are some who will scream “But the polls! The polls!” Turns out the polls didn’t know jack.) But instead, a bunch of highly-educated democrats with college degrees in the DNC decided long before Sanders was even a candidate that they’d crown HRC and nobody would get in their way, no matter what underhanded tactics they’d need to use.

    And now we have Trump. Gee, that seems smart, huh?

    • Alan Sentz

      johnnyboyjohn, you say: “Being uneducated may have something to do with it. However, I have only a high school diploma and am a staunch democrat/liberal.” in response to point #2. They’re uneducated: “…So it should come as no surprise that one of Trump’s most consistent voting demographics were people who lacked an education above a high school level.”. The author and democrats who believe that do not understand that their elitist attitude is why Clinton and her “Whole Foods Tribe” lost what used to be a steadfast block of Democrat voters… the non-college blue collar “Cracker Barrel Tribe”. They look down their noses at the working class to their detriment and with no change in their smugness, they will make no gains in the mid-terms and loose again in 2020. Do not be embarrassed by who you are, you have as much worth as every citizen. Peace

      • johnnyboyjohn

        I did not state that I was embarrassed by who I am. To the contrary, I’m actually rather proud of who I am, I’ve built a great business and own two homes and have zero debt. Not bad for a guy with a high school education.

  • johnnyboyjohn

    Reading is all that need happen to educate, that is pretty much all college is anyway: reading / retention. I agree with what you state and have seen other similar studies.