5 Stereotypes Liberals Need To Stop Using

kkkOn a regular basis, I see people commenting how “both sides are the same!” while browsing various news stories around the Internet. For the most part this is a steaming pile of bull manure, but the one thing both sides are guilty of is stereotyping. Sure, we’ve all seen the “LIBERALS ARE ALL COMMIE SOCIALIST MUSLIM FASCISTS WHO WANT TO MURDER BABIES” rabid rants often busted out in all caps with the token misspelling of at least a couple of words that aren’t monosyllabic. That’s standard fare for the Internet these days, and whether it’s just your elderly father who doesn’t understand how the caps lock works or paid trolls, you see it on the local news comments section or Yahoo! CONSTANTLY.

And then there are the liberals who comment back. Sometimes it’s a thing of beauty, and sometimes I just want to grab them by the shirt and scream at them “what in the hell is wrong with you?” Why? Because of stereotypes. Yes, liberals tend to use stereotypes just like the conservatives they look down on. In fact, we as humans all use stereotypes – whether we want to admit it or not. So here’s a list of the worst stereotypes liberals use, in my opinion.

5. All gun owners are redneck NRA nuts.

Seriously, as a gun owner who supports marriage equality, green energy and women’s rights, just knock it off. I know plenty of liberals, independents and conservatives who own guns for personal protection or hunting – and not for some delusional belief that their tricked out AR-15 is the only thing that stands between America and a UN invasion. In the wake of Sandy Hook, there was a time where we could have had a national conversation about universal background checks, registration of military style weapons and making it harder for a deranged person to massacre scores of children in their own classrooms. Instead we had too many people on the left screaming about banning all guns, then the NRA spin masters pointed to that as proof of a “liberal agenda to take away our guns” and absolutely nothing got done.

There’s a difference between a gun owner and a gun nut, and liberals need to differentiate between the two instead of making blanket statements that accomplish nothing except creating more NRA propaganda.

4. Everyone who lives in the South is a backwards redneck.

Almost every time I post something on my page about yet another asinine conservative politician introducing yet another asinine law here in Louisiana or elsewhere in a conservative state, chances are someone is going to make an ignorant statement about the KKK or how Louisiana or Texas should just secede already. Look, pandering right wing politicians and the idiots who vote for them exist in every single state in this country. Go to upstate New York, northern California or parts of Oregon and you’ll find plenty of people who believe that gay people are instruments of Satan or President Obama is an illegal Kenyan reptilian shape shifter sent from another dimension to destroy America and capitalism. Hell, it wasn’t a southern state that gave us Michele Bachmann or Paul Ryan, and it wasn’t a southern state that was the center of the media’s attention over a rancher and his supporters that were ready to kill federal agents over a land dispute.

Bigotry and mental illness aren’t confined to the southern side of the Mason-Dixon line. There are plenty of liberals down here, even if we aren’t the loudest voices and we’re often outnumbered.

3. Liberals are all wonderful people.

Some of the rudest, most sexist and dishonest people I’ve ever dealt with have called themselves liberals. As the saying goes, your beliefs don’t make you a good person, your actions do. During the run up to Election Day in 2012, I saw some pretty disgusting behavior by people who put themselves out there as great warriors against the rightwing. These were people who not only descended to the level of the angry conservatives they fought, they grabbed a shovel and dug a whole new level of sexism and vitriol. They made fun of Sarah Palin’s son for having Down’s Syndrome or made transphobic comments about Ann Coulter’s appearance, and sadly, a lot of people thought it was hilarious.

You know, it’s OK because “it’s about them and they deserve it” – that was the excuse of a lot of folks who would have written a dozen outraged blogs if a conservative had said the EXACT same things about a liberal personality or their families.

2. All Libertarians are Ayn Rand devotees who want to starve the poor.

There’s a joke that goes something like, “If you ask a thousand libertarians what Libertarianism is, you’ll get a thousand different answers” – and that’s not that far from the truth. Libertarians are very wrong in my opinion on some things, especially in the belief that if we just did away with most laws and regulations, the free market and the goodness of human nature would be free to make this nation the utopia that we’ve all been waiting for.

However, they’re not wrong on everything (especially the War on Drugs) and refusing to work with people on things you agree on because of the things you don’t agree on is probably the number one problem in our country right now.

1. All conservatives are stupid.

Yes, I know I’ve said this before but it needs to be said again. Stop writing off everyone who is conservative as being stupid. If they were really that dumb, how is it that they took over the House of Representatives in 2010 and are threatening to do the same thing in 2014 to the Senate? John Boehner isn’t stupid (but perhaps incompetent as a leader), Eric Cantor isn’t stupid, Mitch McConnell isn’t stupid and Ted Cruz is actually a very smart guy. Remember, we can have all the good ideas and slogans we want, but as long as we delude ourselves into thinking that we’ll always win just by having better ideas and being better people, America will stay stuck in the political rut it currently finds itself in.

“If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat.”
Sun Tzu, The Art of War

And once again, here’s what’s in play this coming November:

—All 435 seats of the U.S. House of Representatives

—33 seats in the U.S. Senate

—46 State Legislatures

—38 State and Territorial Governorships.

Winning this election and in 2016 (and beyond) will depend on winning hearts and minds (in addition to getting off your couch and to the polls) – and relying on stereotypes is a horrible way to start.


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  • Sparks13

    Maybe instead of stupid, we should say evil. No competent person with reasonable intelligence and the least iota of morals could possibly think that the GOtP is doing ANYTHING good right now.

    • Jake Criss

      Ignorant of facts. They are ignorant of facts.

      • Cin5456

        In denial of facts. Refuting facts. Replacing facts with convenient lies.

    • DavidD

      But competent moral intelligent people do exactly that.What we have to do is figure out why and turn things around our way.
      Pity the Poor Billionaire by a fellow named Franks tells you how the far right did it while us supposly smarter lefties just stood there flat footed and let them do it.
      Jesus Built my Deer Stand was written by a Southern Social Democrat like myself telling why white working class vote the way they do.
      The GOP went out and worked with us using prejudice and dishonesty to be sure but they did something while middle class liberals stayed in their enclaves shouting insults about rednecks and white trash .
      We couldn’t hear you because we were getting marching orders from our preachers and the GOP Chamber of Commerce sound machine had the volume turned up to 10.
      It is magical thinking that working class people are going to just out of the blue “come up to your level.”It is also elitist .
      The left needs to learn how to listen ,find mutual ground and demonstrate competency.

      • scorand

        the left needs to learn how to listen?? really…. the right really needs to step up on that. all they do is decry anything a dem has to say, claim they’re taking away our rights, then claim GOD said so.. will deny facts, ignore reality, just to justify their stance, now I have seen a few liberals act a fool. but the majority of the incompetence and willfull ignorance comes from the far right

      • DavidD

        I would respectively submit that while your attitude is personally gratifying and I have often said and felt the same way we will not be able to advance the human condition with such attitudes.
        Isn’t that is why we got into politics in the first place?
        The left has no immunity from incompetency or willfull ignorance.These are human attributes not political ones.
        Both sides have advocates that obviously feel the ends justify the means.
        What has it gotten us?
        Both sides need to change their means of political discourse.

    • maxime1793

      Everyone you disagree with is “evil”?

      And then I’ll bet you’re a “skeptic” of organized religion.

      • Brad Rogers

        Put down the strawman. They said nothing about everyone they disagree with. They said the GOP. That’s one shitty party who has hijacked the country by pretending to be Christian and telling poor people they’re benefitted by their policies.

      • maxime1793

        Well most people then voted for “evil” at the last election and there is a good chance they’ll do so in 2016.

        The silliness is how basically mainstream Republicans and Democrats claim the other side is “evil” and ruining the country when they vote for people who are ideologically extremely similar. The Democrats are no social democrats (a few of their Congressmen are, perhaps, but not the higher-ranking ones), much less left-wing radicals, while the Republicans can certainly be extreme on economics or foreign policy, but only in a small degree difference from Democrats like Obama and Hillary – while they are accused of being extreme on issues like immigration where they are to the Left of John Q. Public. The GOP is not a classically conservative party, much less right-wing nationalist.

        As for “Christian”, most church-going Christians switched their votes to the GOP because the latter pretends to agree with them on social issues, or at least to not insult them culturally, while the Democrats have almost the same positions on economics and foreign policy as the GOP anyway – so what’s the point of being a Christian Democrat in the US? Conservative Democrats can’t even get elected anymore in a third of the country. Aside from minorities, nearly all Democrats elected come from the most secular areas. The Christians who make a big deal about being Democrats usually have views on a wide variety of issues that are indistinguishable from your average atheist liberal.

        As a Christian Socialist myself, and being equally appalled by the obviously fake Christianity of many GOP politicians, I find nothing about the current Democratic Party appealing and I find any “Christians” who become Blue Team fanatics part of the problem.

      • John Hickman

        No but Evil is as evil does. If they don’t want to be thought of as “Evil”, maybe they should change their ways.

    • SmilingAhab

      They are holding Dianne Feinstein’s and her husband’s feet to the fire. Those two are a pox on American politics.

  • saganhill

    All conservative are not stupid but if you associate with this party and do nothing to stop the idiocy you are just as bad as all the rest of the stupid party.

  • Pipercat

    No argument here…

  • Patrick Moore

    An interesting thought: We all need to stop using conservative and liberal interchangeably with Republican and Democrat. I find most Republicans to be crazy, but consider myself conservative. Point being, it is possible to be conservative and be a Democrat, or be liberal and be a Republican. Those may make for odd combinations in today’s world, but to deny each exists is to deny the true complexity of the mess we are in. I realize that a vast majority of the time liberal=Democrat and conservative=Republican, but in the real world you have to consider all possibilities.

    I vote my conscience and my beliefs. Sometimes this means I vote for a Republican, sometimes a Democrat, and sometimes Independent or Libertarian. The answer to fixing this country is to vote on the candidate and not blindly along party lines. Unfortunately, we seem to have a severe lack of qualified people overall running, in my opinion, so we have a good way to go to fix this debacle in which we are living.

    I would never say that liberals and conservatives are exactly alike. This is mostly because their beliefs drive their methods. However, I strongly feel that when you get to the political professionals out there it doesn’t take long to see an astounding number of similarities. The side of each issue they land on may be different, but the tactics of both Democrats and Republicans are practically identical. Some of which are pointed out in this very post, such as selling their agenda based on stereotypes of the opposition.

    • dsjj251

      Methods being the same is not the same as the end result being the same.

      • maxime1793

        The end result is very nearly the same. Viewing the American political spectrum circa 2014 – gone are the days of serious ideological struggles (e.g., Catholicism vs. Communism; Republican Liberalism vs. Feudal Monarchism; Capitalism vs. Socialism; Nationalism vs. Imperialism; Fascism vs. Democracy….). Gone are even the substantive issues of US history’s past, because all major presidential candidates and possible Speakers of the House agree – no fights over the national bank, who coins the money, with what country/-ies do we align in geopolitics, should we even have non-defensive military forces, should we protect industry, etc.

        What you have left is one type of (classical) liberalism, extreme in economics and constitutionally-oriented, tinged with tolerance for traditionalism versus another type of liberalism, extreme on cultural issues and socially-oriented, tinged with an acceptance of the welfare/warfare/surveillance state. The grand compromise is extreme liberalism in economic and moral issues and otherwise a police state. However, this vision of America actually has extremely limited appeal, but the most unpopular elements are untouchable (low wage economy, free trade, mass surveillance, constant wars, hardly limited immigration) which shows how undemocratic the country is.

        The more “liberals” and “conservatives” are alike, the more they have to act like violent pack animals in order to justify the democratic facade of the system. In reality, it is basically the same result with a few constituencies on each side getting more gravy when their party is in power. For the GOP, it is small-to-medium-sized businesses, energy industries, hedge fund hyenas, weapons industries; for the Dems – large banks, the “entertainment” industry, lawyers, insurance companies, science/technology, inherited wealth.

        If you want to be a progressive, you have to work outside this system.

  • DoctorButler

    They’re not universally true, but they are overwhelmingly accurate.

    • DavidD

      They are not overwhelming accurate or true
      .I’m a Social Democrat living in the south and have lot’s of conservative friends.People are complex and much more than just their political beliefs.
      Many liberals pride themselves on their tolerence and intelligence then refuse to exercise either one of them in politics.
      That does not make them bad people.That just makes them human like everyone else.
      The left needs to come up with common stategy and tactics to win folks back.It hasn’t done it and it won’t fall from the sky.
      Most of us know in our working lives that if you want to achieve something you work with others towards a common goal.The same is true of politics.

      • David Lumin

        As an independent voter, I can see things from both sides, but more than often, I vote for a moderate than anything else. My biggest problem with liberals is that they tend to “force” social ideals down peoples throats, and my biggest problem with conservatives is that they tend to force “religious” ideals down people’s throats. That is the problem with both sides, they like to “force” people to believe the way they do.

        You can’t regulate morality, nor can you regulate thoughts. You can’t force people to accept behavior that they don’t condone, nor can you force people to stop behavior that you don’t condone.

        My wife and I had a discussion on this tonight. Over the past 100 years, both parties have voted on laws in their individual states /federal government, which have “forced” beliefs on individuals or groups.

        Prohibition was forced on the public by religious zealots because they felt alcohol was evil. Marriage laws which prohibited interracial marriage was forced on people because they felt it was wrong. Sodomy laws were forced on people to stop the sexual activities of homosexuals and making them criminals. Pro and Anti-Abortion laws have been forced on everyone.

        Freedom of speech has been stifled by both sides. Freedom of the Press has been stifled by both sides.

        Here is a list of the arguments that have become common.

        If you support gay marriage then you are against God’s law.
        If you don’t support it, then you against civil rights.

        If you support abortion, then you are supporting the killing of babies.
        If you don’t support abortion, then you are against a woman’s right to choose over her own body.

        If you speak out against the President, you are a racist.
        If you don’t speak out against the President, then you are a sheep.

        If you don’t speak out for gun control, then you are a redneck, dumb, racist person, who doesn’t care if babies are killed.
        If you don’t speak out against gun control, then you are anti-constitutional and a sheep.

        If you are for raising taxes on the rich, then you are against job creation.
        If you aren’t for raising taxes on the rich, then you don’t care about the poor.

        If you speak out against green energy, then you don’t care about the planet.
        If you speak for green energy, then you are a tree hugging nutcase.

        These arguments are old, moldy and becoming outdated.

        As I get older, I notice that these arguments are being used for one purpose, and that is to divide us.

        These divides are what keep the elite in Washington, and the rest of us, struggling to make a dollar.

        While we are too busy arguing over these subjects, laws are passed in the middle of the night and signed into law.

        While we are too busy fighting each other over theological arguments, more and more of our rights to free speech are being trampled.

        While we are too busy calling each other names, our politicians are laughing all the way to the election.

        It doesn’t matter who controls the House, the Senate, or the Presidency. You have 238 elitists on both sides who control everything in the House and the Senate. Those elitists don’t give one damn about you or your problems. They just care about POWER and keeping their power.

        Think about it.

      • DavidD

        The only way lasting changes to the human condition can happen is when people are persuaded over long periods of time that changes in behavior are benificial.
        Often our subjective desires and frustration leads us to want to force change by various methods.
        We have to first reconize that the world was not set up to suit us and if we disrespect people who disagree with us over political matters this will often have the opposite effect than what we desired.
        I have been a Social Democrat of one form or another for over forty years now.I truly believe that if we are to survive as a species we have to shift away from production for profit to production for use.
        I’m not going to live to see that but I can try to use productive tactics that include really listening to what the other person is saying with respect and look for mutually benificial outcomes.
        Politics is an art and we need to pay attention to the process as much or more than the endgame.

      • David Lumin

        I would have figured in your 40 years, you would have seen by now, that this same game has been played since the day you became a Social Democrat. I agree SMALL advances have been made to help the “human” condition, but not on the grand scale. It took a 100 years for Civil Rights to be passed and it was only passed to change the minds of the African American community that the Northern Democrats weren’t racist like their southern counter parts. Even LBJ made a racist comment on Air Force One to another Governor. He said, “I’ll have those “n”s voting Democrat for the next 200 years in reference to the Civil Rights act.

        The point is, there are NO equitable debates anymore. It is all name calling and finger pointing on both sides.

        I certainly don’t want the religious groups in my bedroom anymore than I want the social groups in my living room.

        I like to make decisions for myself and my family without my neighbor butting their nose in and telling me how to do it. Benjamin Franklin wrote, “Love thy neighbor, but don’t take down your fence.”

  • John Clark

    The one constant in all of these points but not clearly addressed is classism. Liberals do tend to come from the middle class and these biases all come out of an inability to treat working people with proper respect. It is why I have never called myself a liberal. I use the term progressive because we are inclusive of all the oppressed.

  • rossbro


  • Del Wasso

    HELL NO.

    Q: What is the difference between a racist redneck, and a non-racist politician blowing the Klan dog whistle for simple political expediency?

    N: Nothing.

    We hold the getaway driver just as culpable as the man who robs a bank with a gun. Republicans ARE who they associate themselves with, cut and dry.

    Manny is asking us to unilaterally disarm, and I ain’t going to God-damn do it.

    • Sandy Greer

      Just what the NeoCons said about the Arms Race. And still say about our bloated Defense budget:

      Hell no! I ain’t a-gonna do it.

      I take it you’re not a Peacenik?

      Name-calling – redneck NRA nuts, stupid Southern backwards rednecks who want to ‘starve the poor’ – are not the weapons we ‘wonderful’ Liberals need in our arsenals.

      We don’t win friends and influence people by looking down our noses at them. I suggest we lift, and encourage – rather than tear down.

      After all, The Right doesn’t call us Bleeding Heart Liberals for nothing – do they? They do it because we CARE.

      ^^^Empathy is our greatest Strength.

    • AQ

      So then, would it be fair to presume that you think it’s totally cool to call Ann Coulter “Mann Coulter” and make transmisogynist cracks about her, and make misogynist comments about other women on the “conservative” side of the aisle? And that it’s totally OK by you to make fun of a child with Down’s Syndrome just because his mother happens to be dumber than a box of hammers?

      If your answer to that is “yes”, then you’re not a liberal–you’re an asshole.

      There are PLENTY of ways to fight the NeoCons without resorting to ableism, sexism, and LGBTphobia. If you can’t figure that out, then please fuck off and stop calling yourself a liberal.

    • maxime1793

      The redneck is not a “getaway driver”. He’s unimporant, at most a single vote.

      You don’t hold regular people as responsible as mass manipulators with huge cash reserves. That’s an atrocious sort of moralising.

      Don’t you get that rednecks used to vote Democrat and I don’t mean before the mid-60s, I mean up until a few years ago?

  • Charles Vincent

    Is this some sort of trolling satire article?

    • Sandy Greer

      No. It’s a call to ‘better’ ourselves. Long overdue, in some quarters.

  • dante

    I know not one liberal who thinks any of those things.

    • AQ

      Really? Look at some of the comments above from people calling themselves liberal, and say that again.

  • MLR

    I read a lot of comments in different articles and I don’t know what you’re reading but I didn’t hear many liberals accusing gun owners of being NRA nuts. What I did read a lot of them saying is that the NRA is nuts and it is. I’m a liberal who grew up around guns and I know plenty of liberal gun owners. Maybe you should take your own advice and not assume that everyone posting these thing are all liberals. Also, most people do post blanket statements but what are we supposed to do? Do you want us to make a list of exceptions? I’ll give you one. Jon Huntsman and it’s a shame he’ll never be president because I think he’d be a good one and I absolutely admire Abby Huntsman, but the bad usually outweighs the good and the loudest conservatives are usually the stupid ones. Bill Maher is a libertarian and most liberals don’t think he wants to starve the poor. And we all know Ted “out for himself’ Cruz isn’t stupid but his base is, that’s why he is able to play them and boy does he do it good. Let’s be truthful, if conservatives really weren’t crazy and I’m sorry that I’m using a blanket statement to describe them, then explain to me why they didn’t even give Jon Hunstman a chance? Instead they went through all the nominees only to wind up with Mitt Romney and they wound up forcing him so far to the right that he wasn’t palatable to people who otherwise might have voted for him. So forgive us for using blanket statements. We know there are exceptions to everything but I guarantee you nobody, right or left, is going to take the time to list them.

    • maxime1793

      Perfect liberal élitism. You try to think of a Republican who is acceptable – you come up with Huntsman, a particularly extreme capitalist and free-trader, Mr Chamber of Commerce extraordinaire. So he doesn’t repeat populist slogans of the Right, is it those slogans or people like Huntsman who have actually caused mass economic inequality? Or do you really think pro-life and pro-gun groups cause America’s problems? And you think they forced Romney to the Right so he could not win? What planet are you on? Did Romney lose over gay rights and immigration? NO. He lost because he is a rich a-hole who goes around taunting poor people and promoted his own platform that would only help people like himself and promised more and more war – but that emanated from the “moderate” wing of the GOP, that which is 100% controlled by big business and hedge funds, flanked by the neocons who don’t give a damn if you are an illegal immigrant but want an oppressive police state for everyone!

      Polls show most self-identified liberals actually support “free trade” which has destroyed the livelihood of the middle and working class while most small-c conservatives are against. More liberals believe in “humanitarian war” and “nation-building” and supported staying in Iraq and Afghanistan to “not abandon our responsibility”, while most small-c conservatives are opposed to this, they are just gullible when it comes to hearing that some tiny country is a “threat”. Liberals are more brainwashed, and they are partly brainwashed by their education, just as Chomsky astutely notes.

      Bill Maher probably does want to starve the poor. He makes jokes about killing off the excess population. He is where faux libertarianism and a Hipster-nihilistic strand of Green progressivism meet.

      You picked awful examples which lead me to believe you think social liberalism is enlightened progressivism but have no clue about real political matters – issues of finance and geopolitics.

  • thelittlefyre

    Can we also discuss the twin stereotypes of “All Christians are religious right bigots” and “Christians are just stupid for believing in fairy tales, smart people know there is no God” … (Yes Im a liberal, in fact half my family thinks Im a socialist, and Im a christian, and yes Ive been told those things)

    • maxime1793

      Unfortunately, the media are partly to blame. “Christian” has come to mean evangelical-fundamentalist nutjob. “Muslim” has come to mean Wahabbi/Salafi Jihadi. Supposedly, these groups want to kill each other despite their deep similarities (even theologically).

      There is no need for history to be determined by 10-20% minorities of the main religions. I think this is done because it serves the “Clash of Civilizations” BS, plus atheist liberals go along with it for reasons you inferred.

  • shawn_von_socialist

    Civility wins nothing with Conservatives

    Bashem smashem do not let them get away with anything

    nothing is fair in politics look at the last 60 years of conservatives criminalizing anyone other than them

    Conservatives truly believe their welfare is divine and everyone else’s is theft

    Tell me to be civil with the people who have killed millions of Americans and imprisoned millions of others over their moral laws

    any progressive who wants civility with Conservatives are not progressive

    When we get into power
    We will deny conservative jobs
    We will criminalize conservatives as they’ve criminalized us
    We will ban them from all Gooberment entitlements

    then we will tell them to pull themselves up via their own bootstraps

    As they treated anyone different than them


    • AQ

      You go on with your bad self, then.

      • shawn_von_socialist

        oh you will just sit there and let conservatives create muslim terrorism “Reagan created the taliban” then let conservatives have their- war to stay in power

        you will sit there and let conservatives fund death squads in socialist countries- and do nothing

        you will sit there and let conservatives collapse whole nation states harming hundreds of millions of lives

        you are no liberal

      • AQ

        And you got this from my statement….how?

        If you are so incompetent and stupid as to be incapable of beating the GOtP without sinking to their level and being just as horrible as they are (and by that I refer specifically to the misogyny, racism, and LGBTphobia that you’re defending), then tbqh you’re no liberal–you’re just an asshole.

      • shawn_von_socialist

        conservatives up to the last five years were criminalizing and murdering gays- and still trying to criminalize them

        same goes for racism “including today” they are doing it

        sit there and be a moderate-

        allow them to do it

        us real progressive liberals will Fight-Them


      • AQ

        You did not address my statement in any way, shape, form, or fashion. You also did not tell me how you I am magically sitting by and doing nothing, based on a snarky statement.

        Please try your call again–preferably when you’ve put the bong down and have sobered up.

      • maxime1793

        But what happens then when Blacks beat up gays?

      • maxime1793

        Support for Islamic extremists in Afghanistan began under Zbig Brzezinski (Carter admin.) six months before the Soviet invasion. I guess you sat there and let it happen.

        Or maybe you didn’t, but the point is this – if you oppose US foreign policy at a basic level, you need to look beyond American “liberalism”, because it is inseparable from the capitalist/imperialist system.

    • maxime1793

      “Conservatives truly believe their welfare is divine and everyone else’s is theft”
      —Most small-c conservatives support Social Security and Medicare and oppose corporate welfare. Perhaps you should not confuse people who claim to hold an ideology with those who manipulate them.

      “We will deny conservative jobs”
      —So you can create a class of fake bootlickers who mouth slogans to get jobs. And conservatives will go where? To concentration camps?

  • Andrew

    “If they were really that dumb, how is it that they took over the House of Representatives in 2010 and are threatening to do the same thing in 2014 to the Senate?”

    Because voting doesn’t require intelligence.

  • Live_Peace

    Thanks for list.

  • Tom Reilly

    I couldn’t agree more! I consider myself a moderate although I do lean more towards the left and some people on both sides are just as bad as one another. The problem with politics isn’t peoples beliefs, it’s refusing to compromise with people who believe differently. In one of my classes we did a group game sort of where we had to come to a decision on numerous issues as if we were Congress. I had almost no problem not getting my way as long as some of the things I believed were included in the final decision. For example I believe in a full assault rifle ban but came to a compromise to let people own them with extensive backround checks and having some kind of agency continue to watch people who own them. Also in my voting days, although it’s only been two years I’ve voted in every election I could, I’ve voted for both parties candidates. I wish people would stop just siding with one side and start actually learning what a candidate’s platform is before voting.

  • Guest

    This article is stupid.

  • God Almighty

    everyone who lives in the south is a backwards redneck, other then that you make valid points

    • AQ

      And why are Manny and I (and for that matter, any other Southern liberal) backwards rednecks? Just curious.

  • Wesman Todd Shaw

    I just want to say to the author – Nice Scribe!

  • joe

    well said

  • Scott Weber

    Agree with all points in this generally well-reasoned article save this: While I’m sure there were people calling for an all-out gun ban after SH, this is decidedly NOT why the NRA went into war-mode. They went into war-mode when reasonable background checks and assault weapons bans were suggested. Weapons and ammo were flying off the shelves before the conversation even got started.

  • DannyVee

    You didn’t mention racism which (along with fearful greed) is the main motivating factor for Republicans. Is that a stereotype or is it not? Every Republican I know dislikes people of color and blames them for all of society’s problems. Any public figure who spews racial slurs and any private citizen who shoots a person of color becomes a hero to the right wing and is vociferously defended in every corner of the Republican world. The R is for RACIST.

  • SmilingAhab

    As a conservative socialist, I approve of this message.


    And once again, here’s what’s in play this coming November:

    —All 435 seats of the U.S. House of Representatives

    —33 seats in the U.S. Senate

    —46 State Legislatures

    —38 State and Territorial Governorships.”


  • Brandon Broze

    It IS a shame that moderates and liberals (and perhaps a few conservatives, even) who own guns or are ‘pro-gun’ but AREN’T crazies who buy into propaganda of the kind Wayne LaPierre spouts constantly HAVE NO WHERE TO GO!

    I’m liberal, and I’m all for CC and moderate gun control, so… wtf? Where’s MY voice in the debate? It seems like the THREE MAIN PRO-GUN GROUPS are all pretty crazy- NRA (at least Wayne never went on Alex Jones’ show… I think), GOA (whose leader makes LaPierre look “sane”), and Jews for the Preservation of Firearms (I’m not Jewish, so that’s out).

    And I HATE how they constantly hide behind the 2nd Amendment! GUN OWNERSHIP as a right for stuff like SELF-DEFENSE does NOT need a “constitutional argument”, at least when it comes to the MORAL case for it. Of course, when talking about KEEPING IT LEGAL, that’s gonna have to be used here and there, perhaps. But too many conservative gun-nuts seem to confuse a LEGALISTIC argument for a moral one w/ regard to the 2nd.

  • Kmeares

    Forgot a big one:
    Just because a Republican does not worship the ground President Obama walks on that does NOT make him a racist. Seriously at this point liberals have screamed racist so many times you have to wonder if even the ones doing it aren’t laughing at themselves.

  • Jim Hird

    What one mustn’t forget is that we really do need both parties, because each keeps the other from going over their version of the deep end.Corruption will always insinuate itself into whichever administration is current, and needs to be ‘flushed’ ever so often.

  • Charles Zuckerman

    I am reading some of the comments here and I think in some ways many are missing the basic premise of the article. Coherent conversation and reasoned thought in opposition to one another are perfectly legitimate methodologies. However when we resort to sloganeering and stereotype based bashing: a) we won’t move the needle and b) we look as stupid as those of opposing view points who do the same. When I read comments that say things such as “well you have to be evil to be a republican” than you have done nothing to convince someone who is a republican to enter a meaningful dialog to make things better, rather you have identified yourself as someone with whom that republican has no reason to even talk to.

  • MoodyCreator

    This is kind of a side note, I guess. I really love your articles, and link to this page from FB almost every time I read a new post. One thing I’ve noticed, however, is that it often feels like you (or someone else writing on the same behalf), tends to throw around the term “mental illness” as something you don’t take seriously *AS* an illness. I could be wrong, and correct me if I am, but it’s what I see every once in awhile. I’m not sure if it’s intentional or not, because I believe the writer/s here are highly intelligent, but when it comes to the issue of mental illness, unfortunately it often seems like this page (and FB page) is a bit callous, and often insensitive, including over the issue of background checks and gun legislation. The widespread panic that only the mentally ill commit the kind of carnage that’s done through mass shootings or other extremely heinous crimes has caused an already unfairly stigmatized group to be further ostracized due to stereotyping that is at the very least equally committed by Liberals, especially those who are otherwise respected for their intellect and social consciousness. Yes, many of these shooters have been mentally ill, but *most* mentally ill people are NOT dangerous. Most would never be denied the purchase of a gun under either the current or the proposed restrictions, because most haven’t been adjucated by a judge who has determined that they are a danger to themselves or others. MOST are more likely to be victims (and repeat victims) of violent crimes than they are perpetrators. All statistics on mental illness support this. Please understand that I actually dislike criticizing you or your page/s. Normally I find them to be some of the most informative and well-written currently available. On this matter though, please accept this more as a plea than a criticism. I wouldn’t bother mentioning it if I didn’t think it would do any good.

  • disqus_LHbNFrf4o7


    this article is horrible…. “Stereotypes liberals need to stop using?” Have you ever been to a Republican site? Most republican committers use more
    stereotypes in republican chat then any lib site. Where is the section labeled “Stereotypes Republicans need to stop using?” I bet you will have more than 5. Then you can follow it up by republican champions that
    perpetuate these stereotypes and beliefs.

    Jim wheeler, Ron Paul, Trump, Carson, Ted negunent, Phil Roberson, duggers, Cliven Bundy, Bill O’Reilly, Ann Coulter, Michele Beckmann, Marsha Blackburn, Stan Soloman, Sarah Plain, Kim Davis (now a republican), tea party hate, ), John Cornyn (Tea party), Rafael Cruz, John Derbyshire and some many more….

    I can’t speak for anyone else but for me, I don’t believe the Republican Party is called the party of hate just because lib sites or the media are against them. It is because of their actions or lack of actions when confronting those within the Republican Party.

    I mean come ‘on, “””””The right to discriminate””” which was voted ok by a lot of republicans to include Bush, Ron (aka K k k money). Furthermore, the right to discriminate wasn’t only against gays (in the beginning before they rewrote it). Republican on republican website were talking about
    discriminating against Blacks, Muslims and one they decided they didn’t like
    that day. Republicans, can you tell more how many republican were for this Jim Crow law….

    Republicans ,do you realized it took the NAACP to tell the Tea party “ Hey you are getting a little racist. You might want to look at your party.” Before the Tea Party did something about its racist section leaders. Where was the republican party??? Why couldn’t a republican party member say something, do anything…. Something beside say “we are not racist”.
    The same go for many of the Republicans I mention above. Again, where are you republicans, Whay are you yelling as loud as the dems? where are the republican against hate? Why are you speaking up? Why haven’t you fire Ron Paul for his K K K money or Bush for his voter and election fraud? Where are you Black tea party??? What do you all do beside site on your hands?

    The push for the hate flag… enough said

    The removal of voter rights then saying racism is over. If you watch any type of current events, you’d know that’s not true. Then we have Alabama’s making sure THE “undesired voters” can’t get a voter ID. Right after the Republican Party screamed and yelled about Voter fraud. The only people committing voter fraud are republicans. Bush Voter and Election fraud. Did anything happen to him??? Nope….. Wait, yes something did happen to them, they got to run for president.

    What election fraud: In the mid turns more Dem/libs voted. How is it more reps won seats. O, I forgot Gerrymandering. Never Mind….

    What about all the hate speech that come from Republican Party site. You can go on almost any republican web site and find someone yelling “black this or Muslim that, and Mexicans this…. In fact top conserve links to racist sites. Politichicks (a site I liked at first) had a racist yelling, white soldiers are
    better than Black. (They are all soldiers protecting your freedom to be a
    bigot. A little respect please…..) Man, if you go to an O’Reilly site, you feel the hate ooze from your screen.

    On to the topic of this article, “””I”” have never said ALL conservative are stupid but I have seen Republican say “ALL Liberals” are. I never said everyone who lives in the South is a backwards redneck and I have debates with some republican who can hold an argument without bring in FOX BS. In fact, most republican that can hold an argument, have said they did not watch fox.

    The belief that ALL republicans are stupid, does not come from debating with smart republicans. It’s the republican’s trolls that come to lib sites ill equipped to actually debate. Instead they start name calling followed but KOOLAID, followed by Libtards.

    Again “Actions” are to blame.

    No, these stereotypes aren’t true statement about ALL republicans, but neither is a republican party member going against and fixing their own party…..

    • disqus_LHbNFrf4o7

      lol 2014 🙁