5 Takeaways On The Current State Of The Republican Party After Their Awful Fifth Debate

ted-cruz-sociopathI wouldn’t call the fifth and final Republican debate of 2015 the most difficult to watch, but it was easily the most ridiculous. I’ve never seen a stage with so many candidates who seem to think one president is an absolute failure fighting terrorists – yet they can’t even make up their minds how we should fight terrorism. From bans on all Muslims, to censoring the Internet all the way to possibly opening up the draft and monitoring the social media accounts of every American – this was the GOP embracing fascism on a grand stage.

And while I’ve already written my summary of what a sideshow the fifth debate was, I wanted to also list five takeaways on the current state of the Republican party after I had time to better process everything.

1. Donald Trump would get destroyed in a one-on-one debate against either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. I’ll give him this, he’s a great when it comes to manipulating crowds of his followers during a speech. He knows exactly how to play to a crowd that came to see him speak. But this is the third debate in a row where he’s been booed several times. Not only that, but when he can’t control what’s being said he falters fairly badly. While he’s on a debate stage with candidates who mostly seem afraid of going up against him (except Jeb Bush, apparently) that won’t be the case in the general election.

And those faces he makes when he’s booed, or when someone attacks his ridiculous rhetoric – wow. It’s like he’s a 7-year-old.

Oh, and his whining about CNN bringing up his name to the other candidates was just incredibly sad. Poor Donald, apparently he felt “picked on” because his idiocy was being mentioned repeatedly on a national stage.

2. Republicans have no idea how to fight terrorism. If you ask every single one of those candidates how we should fight ISIS, you’re going to get a different answer each time. I find it hilarious how they all say President Obama’s handling of terrorism has been a “disaster” – yet even they can’t figure out what we should do. In fact, if you listen to several of their “plans” – they’re essentially advocating for doing exactly what President Obama is already doing.

Even Ted Cruz, who wants to carpet bomb all of ISIS, said he wouldn’t target cities with large civilian populations.

Well, here’s a “fun fact” for Cruz: The reason why we can’t just “carpet bomb the hell” out of ISIS is because they’re using large populations of civilians as shields against air strikes.

The bottom line is, the last thing this country needs is a foreign policy spearheaded by the same party responsible for the chaos in the Middle East in the first place.

3. Ted Cruz is a very weak presidential candidate. Come on, Ted. If Marco Rubio can make you look like an absolute fool – several times – how in the world do you think you can handle Clinton or Sanders? For the first time, Cruz looked as if he couldn’t keep his talking points in order. On one hand, he’s trying to pander to the war-hungry, terrified-of-Muslims bigots that make up a large part of his support. On the other hand, he’s trying to pander to the isolationist types who don’t want any more war. Two groups of people in direct contrast of one another.

Though where he really got hammered was when Rubio not only mentioned Cruz’s support for a path to citizenship, but that his spending cuts would gut the military.

4. I couldn’t help but notice that, while the San Bernardino terrorist shooting carried out by two Muslims was mentioned at this last debate, there wasn’t a single mention of the Christian terrorist who opened fire on a Planned Parenthood just a few days earlier.

Let’s face it, the only difference between the two is that the two Muslim shooters were more accurate with guns. If the Planned Parenthood shooter had better aim, he would have killed far more than three people. Just a reminder, since Republicans failed to bring up this shooting at all, one of his victims was a police officer.

Here’s another fact: While Republicans want Americans to cower in fear at the thought that terrorists are plotting every minute to kill Americans – more Americans will be killed by ordinary gun violence today than died in San Bernardino.

Or, considering the time of year it is, let me put this radical fear-mongering in another way. Two Muslims kill 14 Americans and suddenly Republicans are in favor of bans on an entire religion; censoring the Internet; monitoring the social media accounts of every American; and going to war.

Yet, 27 people – most of them small children – get slaughtered at an elementary school three years ago – and Republicans did absolutely nothing.

Just let the “logic” of that sink in for a few moments. That, by itself, tells you almost everything you need to know about the current state of the party as a whole.

5. Republicans want you to be afraid of… everything. I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen fear-mongering like I witnessed Tuesday night. I was waiting for Lindsey Graham to start running around the debate hall shouting, “YOU’RE GOING TO DIE! YOU’RE ALL GOING TO DIE!” at any moment.

If there’s one thing, above all else, that Republicans want you to be – it’s afraid. They literally want Americans to be terrified to vote for Democrats. They really seem to perpetuate this idea that if a Democrat is elected, your entire family might very well be massacred because Democrats don’t care about protecting Americans.

A notion that’s absolutely insane.

As I’ve said plenty of times before, it’s amazing to me how simple-minded someone must be to buy into the bullshit these clowns are selling.

Oh, and as an “honorable mention” just because it’s now become comically absurd at this point: Dear Chris Christie: We get it, you were in New Jersey on 9/11, you don’t like Hillary Clinton and you were a prosecutor. You do not have to mention all three every single time you say something. It’s ridiculous.

The bottom line is, the current state of the Republican party is incredibly sad. After all these years, if these are the best candidates they can find to run for president, that’s saying something. It really does seem like with each presidential election, Republicans are determined to prove that their candidates can get worse.

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Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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