5 Things America Will Lose If Conservatives Win In 2016

President Obama's message to conservativesI recently wrote about how much trouble Democrats are in if they fail to vote in every election. There is no doubt about it, right-wing conservatives, backed by unlimited corporate funding, are successfully eroding rights and slashing regulations in every state they control. This is especially evident here in Louisiana where Bobby Jindal and right-wing conservatives have driven an already poor and struggling state into the ground.

If this momentum continues, decades of progress could be undone – and we have nobody to blame but ourselves if we don’t vote. We can make excuses about the amount of corporate money in politics and voter suppression, but failing to vote is exactly what conservatives are counting on.

Here are five things we’re going to lose horribly on if we just keep signing useless petitions and being outraged by the latest stupidity from the conservative media.

5. A woman’s right to choose:

Emboldened by the Tea Party wave in 2010, women’s reproductive health has been a huge target for right-wing conservatives across the United States. If Republicans continue to keep control of state governments, as well as Congress, it’s only going to get worse.

4. Worker’s rights:

In Texas and Oklahoma, companies can opt-out from worker’s compensation programs and determine their own payouts for workers who are injured or even killed while on the job. An investigation by NPR and ProPublica found that almost 1.5 million workers in those states are subject to compensation plans that are not regulated by the government, and usually offer less benefits to those who are injured. Other states are likely to adopt these opt-out programs and it will only benefit corporations, not the working class.

3. Planned Parenthood:

Even though abortion is legal and it is a small fraction of the services Planned Parenthood performs annually, the GOP wants to eliminate funding for the organization altogether. In Texas, Alabama and other states, conservative lawmakers have cut off Medicaid funding to the organization – in violation of federal law.

2. Voting rights:

As we’ve seen in Alabama, voting rights are under attack across the country. Conservatives know that their policies are unpopular with a majority of the population, so they have to do whatever it takes to make it hard for people to vote.

1. Government assistance programs:

Current GOP frontrunner Ben Carson has proposed eliminating Medicare and Medicaid if he is elected. Other candidates have proposed raising the retirement age and doing away with Social Security in favor of privately-run programs, because to Republicans, privatizing a government program is the answer to everything.

We are so worked up over the last OUTRAGEOUS and SHOCKING thing some conservative pundit who trolls liberals for a living says, we’ve forgotten to concentrate on the things that matter. Right-wing conservatives are afraid. They know that their grip on power is slowly slipping, so they’ll do anything they possibly can to keep their control in state legislatures and Congress.

Yes, the conservative media is shameless and often bigoted – but we shouldn’t allow ourselves to be distracted by their antics when so much is at stake. If we don’t get out and vote in state elections in 2015, as well as the 2016 elections, we’re going to be in big trouble.


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